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In the room, Yu Wushuang spoke slowly, “32 high rank Half-Saints, 150 mid rank Half-Saints, and over 230 ordinary Half-Saints.

As for the cultivators below the Half-Saint Realm, there are around 200,000 at the Monarch Realm and over 3 million at the Exalt Realm.

The rest are at the Spirit Realm and King Realm.”

There was a deck chair not too far away from her, and Yang Ye who was lying on it opened his eyes slowly, “What about the experts of the academy”

She replied, “The academy has 10 high rank Half-Saints, 100 mid rank Half-Saints, and over 200 ordinary Half-Saints.

The rest are the army of the city and the students of the outer court.

The army of the city can be considered to be a force thats directly subordinate to the academy, and its strength isnt bad.” Yu Wushuang paused for a moment when she spoke up to here, and then she continued, “All in all, our strength should be superior to Welkin Wolf Mountain Range.

However, we might not be able to defeat their army in actual battle!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why”

She explained, “While we have a huge number of experts and most of their strengths arent bad, they are independent cultivators in the end.

Moreover, many of them have quite a bit of enmity between each other.

So, theyll scheme against each other, and its absolutely impossible for them to truly work together.

However, the wolf army is different.

They would even give their lives away if the Welkin Wolf Demon King ordered it! Besides that, the mountain range is their lair, so they are familiar with every single corner of it.

But we arent very familiar with the terrain there, so well be disadvantaged once we enter the mountain range.

“Another problem is that well definitely have to split up upon entering the mountain range, and thats even more disadvantageous to us.

Because the strength of human cultivators is usually weaker than demon beasts, and there are numerous dangerous places throughout the mountain range like swamps, poison gas, and so on and so forth.

So, its not impossible to launch a counterattack, its just extremely difficult, and the slightest mistake might cause us to suffer a huge blow!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a long time and said, “Youre right.

However, you should realize that the situation will get worse if we just adopt a passive stance and continue defending the city.

Especially when the city has been breached.

If the demon beasts are allowed to recuperate and stage a comeback, then well suffer an even greater disadvantage.

Moreover, the demon beasts have retreated, so many people and powers throughout the city have definitely started to become eager to act.

However, youre right, it really isnt a good idea to launch a counterattack right now! Alas, its such a headache!”

Yang Ye had a huge headache when it came to things like this.

Because he was never one to scheme and plot.

He liked to just use his fists.

Fight if he could win and run if he couldnt.

It was just that simple.

Now, making him manage the overall situation and devise a strategy was a huge problem to him.

Yu Wushuang grinned and said, “Actually, the situation isnt bad at all.

At the very least, weve succeeded at gathering the strength of everyone within the city.

Moreover, the temptation of the compensation you promised has caused many to be unwilling to leave even if we try to drive them away.

The important matter at hand isnt to counterattack but to make arrangements for all the residents of the city, including organizing all the experts properly so they dont fight like a bunch of disbanded soldiers.”

Yang Ye nodded, “You deal with that.

Ill tell the experts of the academy to work together with you.”

Yu Wushuang nodded slightly, and then she suddenly seemed to have thought of something and frowned a little, “Logically speaking, the experts of the Ancient Sword School should be here by now.

However, theres still no sign of them.

I suspect that they might have encountered some sort of trouble.”

Yang Yes brows knit together slightly, “Send someone to investigate.

Right, investigate Sky Divine Hall as well.

They havent made a move until now, and thats truly quite unusual.”

She nodded and replied, “Just rest at ease and recuperate.

Ill manage the citys affairs well.

Presently, the dean and the others arent here, so youre our pillar of support.

Thus, you must recover as soon as possible.

Only then can you strengthen their morale and confidence!” As soon as she finished speaking, Yu Wushuang left.

Yang Ye fell into deep thought once she left.

His strength could be said to have risen greatly.

Not only had his cultivation risen to the high rank of the Monarch Realm, hed even attained the Quasi Void Rank in slaughter intent.

With 2 Quasi Void Rank intents at his disposal, he could be said to be capable of killing high rank Half-Saints with ease.

However, Yang Ye was clearly aware that it was far from sufficient!

How strong was the gold robed man Very strong! Even though hed killed the gold robed man, hed paid a horrible price for his success.

However, the gold robed mans strength was definitely still slightly inferior to Lou Qianxiao, Lu Waner, and the others.

After all, even if he hadnt witnessed Lou Qianxiaos strength, hed witnessed Lu Waner and Qing Daofus strength!

He had no doubt that Lu Waners strength was superior to the gold robed man.

Because Lu Waners Sword Soul technique ignored all defenses….

As for Qing Daofu, while Yang Ye had merely exchanged a single blow with him that day, Yang Ye was able to sense how strong Qing Daofu was.

No matter if it was Lu Waner or Qing Daofu, both of them felt very dangerous to him, and they even felt unfathomable to him!

Of course, he didnt fear Lu Waner and the other 4 top geniuses of the prefecture, but he refused to underestimate anyone.

I must attain the Half-Saint Realm as soon as possible! Yang Ye decided in his heart.

Presently, he didnt have much lifespan left, and only by accomplishing a breakthrough in his cultivation could he obtain more.

Besides that, he had to attain the Half-Saint Realm to realize a qualitative improvement in his strength.

Not only would his Sword Domain improve upon attaining the Half-Saint Realm, his body would be strengthened greatly as well.

After all, hed cultivated the Nine Rebirth Technique.

Of course, he had something even more important to do right now.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and waved his right hand.

The gold robed mans corpse appeared in front of him.

Hed very rarely created Sword Servants since arriving at the Radiance Dimension because there werent many who possessed strength which he approved of.

Now, hed encountered 2.

One was the gold robed man, and the other was You Wuying.

He hadnt summoned You Wuying to help him kill the gold robed man because he wanted to kill the gold robed man on his own.

After all, doing so could improve the morale of the citys forces, and it could strengthen the human armys confidence.

Besides that, he didnt want to reveal You Wuying and his ability to create puppets.

If he used You Wuying well, then he could take his enemies by surprise.

After all, the Laws of Darkness was extremely mysterious, and an ordinary person couldnt resist it at all!

Just like that, time trickled by, and around 4 hours passed before the gold robed man started to move again.

He walked over to Yang Yes side, and then knelt down on one knee, “Master!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath while sweat covered his forehead.

He noticed that the fewer formidable experts he transformed into Sword Servants, the more it exhausted his mind and energy.

Fortunately, both You Wuying and the gold robed man were weaker to him.

So, while it was quite exhausting, that was all it was!

Yang Ye regulated his breathing for a while, and then he gazed at the gold robed man, “Can you transform back to your original form”

The gold robed man nodded, and then he instantly transformed into a gold wolf that was covered in golden scales.

At this moment, the golden wolf was much smaller than before, and it was like the size of a normal wolf.

But even though it was small, it emanated a terrifying aura, and the ferocious glow in its golden eyes simply made it seem like it was ready to devour its prey.

Yang Ye gazed at the golden wolf before drawing his sword and striking the wolfs head.


A string of sparks sprayed from the point of collision, but the golden wolf was completely unharmed.

It hadnt even left a mark on the golden wolf.

Moreover, the Dao Rank sword in Yang Yes grasp was covered in cracks.

“What powerful defenses!” Yang Ye had a solemn expression in his eyes.

His sword had been enhanced by 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent and slaughter intent! However, he was still unable to pierce through its defenses.

If he fought me in such a state just now, then Im afraid even my Quasi Void Rank sword intent wouldnt have been able to kill him with just a single strike! The defenses of the golden wolf standing before him could be described as being the most terrifying defenses hed ever seen, and even he was far inferior to it.

It could be said that if he hadnt relied on the Laws of Speed to completely overwhelm the gold robed man with his speed, then even his Quasi Void Rank sword intent might have been incapable of killing the gold robed man, and it might have even ended in his own death instead!

After all, hed relied on his Quasi Void Rank sword intent to pierce through the gold robed mans defenses.

However, the gold robed man could break through his defenses with ease.

However, as it stands now, it was better for Yang Ye the more terrifying the golden wolf was! Moreover, the gold wolf was the Welkin Wolf Demon Kings son, so he possessed an extremely high status in Welkin Wolf Mountain Range.

He could use that status to accomplish many things.

Yang Ye placed the golden wolf and You Wuying within the ancient sheath, and then his gaze descended onto the ancient sheath.

There was a trace of bewilderment in his eyes as he gazed at it.

Because he possessed Primordial Violet Energy now, and its restorative effects should have allowed the Sword Spirit to wake up by now.

However, the Sword Spirit showed no signs of waking up at all, and Yang Ye couldnt help but feel quite worried by that.

“Im sorry!” A strand of guilt arose in Yang Yes heart as he gazed at the ancient sheath.

Because the Sword Spirit could be said to have fallen into such deep sleep because of him.

If he was strong enough, then executing the true form of Heavenrend wouldnt have been a problem.

However, he wasnt strong enough and had executed it by force, so it hadnt just harmed him, it had harmed the Sword Spirit as well!

A long time passed before Yang Ye sighed softly and put the ancient sheath away.

Presently, it was pointless no matter how much he blamed himself, and instead of doing that, it was better to work hard on becoming stronger so that he wouldnt have to rely on the strength of others in the future.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he flipped his palm, and the Unfettered Ones painting which the dean gave him appeared before him.

As he gazed at it, Yang Ye couldnt help but become immersed within it.

Just like that, 3 days and 3 nights passed.

At dawn on the 4th day, Yu Wushuang suddenly walked into his room, and she spoke seriously, “The 3,000 plus experts of the Ancient Sword School who were coming to help us are in trouble!”

Yang Ye immediately opened his eyes when he heard her, and his gaze was calm like the surface of a lake.

However, the space before his eyes was instantly split apart!


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