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Chapter 24: Chapter 24 Gold Skill, Uppercut

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Chapter 24 Gold Skill, Uppercut

Hu Yan looked at Lu Yu in surprise. “Are you really a student”

Lu Yu shrugged. “Do I need to lie about this”

Hu Yan rubbed his forehead and let out a long breath of air. He realized that he had met a genius.

The talent of this Erebus person was definitely terrifying!

He sighed with relief. He appeared to have made the right decision in the auction!

Then, he revealed a brilliant smile. “Mr. Erebus, follow me. Ill bring you to take the golden skill stone tablet.”

Without another word, Lu Yu followed him.

Hu Yan brought Lu Yu to an ancient stone door.

A futuristic scanner was unexpectedly installed on the thick and heavy stone door. After scanning Hu Yan, the heavy stone door began to open.

Then, a brilliant golden light was projected out of the room.

“Go in and pick a skill that you like.”

Lu Yu walked in, and the golden light gradually faded.

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After entering, Lu Yu saw that his surroundings were all tall display cabinets.

Inside the cabinets were all kinds of skill tablets, and each one was made of gold.

Lu Yu looked at them individually, suddenly overwhelmed and not knowing which one to choose.

He started to consider the kinds of abilities hed need moving forward.

Very soon, he realized that he lacked control skills.

Thus, he saw a control skill that was very suitable for him, [ Uppercut ]

This was a knockback skill with a pretty good control effect.

He was able to perform a string of attacks because of the power of the four symbols. However, he needed one skill to be an initiator.

This Uppercut skill was undoubtedly the most suitable skill to start his combo with.

He would Uppercut the opponent, and then follow up with a barrage of devastating abilities!

Lu Yu reached out and took down the golden stone tablet, sensing the skills within it.

Very soon, a surge of energy gushed into Lu Yus body, allowing him to quickly learn the skill, Uppercut!

After making his choice, Lu Yu walked out of the room.

“Ive already made my choice.”

Hu Yan smiled and nodded, “Very well. Then, what are your plans next Do you want to accept a quest”

Lu Yu shook his head, “Ive already taken too long undertaking the previous few quests. Its time for me to return to school and prepare for my college entrance examination.”

Hu Yan nodded and did not say anything else.

As a result of his rapid strength growth, Lu Yu stopped taking on new quests.

He needed to get used to his newfound strength and train his combos.

Lu Yu left the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets after saying goodbye to Hu Yan.

After getting home, Lu Yu started working on his combos again.

Lu Yu now had several effective skill combinations at his disposal after learning this new ability.

Over the next few days, he practiced his combos and familiarized himself with the evolved Dragon Claw.

Soon, the last week of training time was up.

The students of Class Two gathered at school and waited for their homeroom teachers order.

The classroom was as rowdy as usual. As the homeroom teacher entered, the noise finally quieted down.

“Students, the college entrance examination is about to begin. I believe that everyone is very nervous.”

“This college entrance examination will no longer be held after the last week of training. The exam will officially begin in the afternoon!”

The students immediately began to discuss amongst themselves after this was mentioned.

“Whats going on Its about to begin”

“I cant say that Im prepared just yet.”

“Its too fast, but its still fine. The longer we drag it out, those with good talent will become even stronger.”

“Whether holding it now or later shouldnt have much difference...”

After the homeroom teacher announced it, the students began sharing their training results.

“After entering a dungeon for the first time two days ago, I was terrified. Its too terrifying to be around those vicious beasts.”

“Ive been down in the dungeon once, too. Given that my actual combat abilities will be greatly diminished if I dont enter a dungeon, it seems foolish not to do so.”

“Heh, I specialize in defense. My defense is in the seventies now. Your attacks would just tickle me.”

“Tsk, I specialize in armor-penetration. My speciality is countering someone like you!”

“Speed is the best. My speed is already at a hundred. You guys are finished!”

“I wonder what Su Qings attributes are at. She will definitely crush us.”

“With the Goddesss talent, isnt it given that she will crush us”

“Oh right, wheres Lu Yu”

At that moment, everyone looked at each other and realized that everyone was here except for Lu Yu.

“Whats going on Didnt anyone inform him”

“I did. Why didnt he come”

Everyone was perplexed, but someone quickly revealed an understanding look.

“Oh, I get it. Lu Yu probably couldnt take the blow and give up on himself.”

“Thats possible. If I were in his position, I couldnt handle it either.”

“How sad. He worked so hard...”

At that moment, the homeroom teacher stood up. “Everyone, its almost time. Ill finalize the name list and pass it to the examiner.”

While he was talking, he whipped out a list of everyones names in the class and started reading them off.

Very soon, Lu Yu was called out.

“Lu Yu!”

“Is Lu Yu around”

The homeroom teacher asked someone, and he shook his head helplessly.

It looks like Lu Yu has given up. Since thats the case, Ill cross his name off.”

Just as the homeroom teacher was about to cross Lu Yus name off, Su Qing stood up.

“Teacher, Lu Yu will definitely come over. Hes not that kind of person.”

The homeroom teacher looked at Su Qing and asked, “Do you know him well”

Su Qing nodded slightly. “No, but Im familiar with the circumstances surrounding his family.”

“His aunt raised him since he was young and had a difficult upbringing.”

“Because his aunt is so sick, the entire family is counting on Lu Yu to support them financially.”

“Lu Yu is a very filial person.”

“Given his circumstances, he wouldnt give up!”

She had faith in Lu Yu because she knew he would keep fighting for his aunt.

Otherwise, he would have failed to live up to his upbringing.

When Su Qings homeroom teacher witnessed her firm stance, he nodded for the sake of her reputation as a top student.

“Okay, then Ill wait a little longer.”

Everyone fell into silence and began to wait quietly.

The college entrance exam was about to begin, and the homeroom teacher was so anxious that his forehead was covered in sweat.

“I think he wont be coming. The time is almost up.”

The homeroom teacher glanced at his watch.

Su Qing frowned slightly, but she was still confident. She believed that Lu Yu would definitely come.

Finally, the time was up…

The homeroom teacher stood up and picked up the name list.

“Alright, everyone, get ready for the college entrance exam. Everyone, brace yourselves. There has never been a more important time in your life than right now!”

The entire place was silent. Su Qing was a little flustered.

She did not expect that Lu Yu would actually be absent!

She let out a long sigh and could only console herself that she had misjudged a person.

Everyone stood up and prepared to gather for the exam.

At this precise moment, the door to the classroom was pushed open, and a familiar face filled the room.

The homeroom teacher looked over and heaved a sigh of relief. “Lu Yu! Why are you only here now! You kept us waiting for a very long time!”


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