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Chapter 25: Chapter 25 Exams Begins, The Weakest One

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Chapter 25 Exams Begins, The Weakest One

Lu Yu arrived last and arrived just in time for the exams.

The homeroom teacher looked at Lu Yu and heaved a sigh of relief, “Just get ready for the exams, since your capabilities are limited. You must work extra hard during the exams!”

“Dont worry,worry teacher, I have already made preparations.”

Lu Yu nodded and entered the classroom.

“Lu Yu, you can do it!”

“Although your talent is average, your hard work is obvious to all of us. You can do it!”

“Dont give up. Some of us dont even have talent and are still insisting on going through the process.”

“Dont worry. Even if we go to a bad university, there are still opportunities for future development.”

“Thats right. There have been cases where the weak have made a comeback.”

Many students gathered to console Lu Yu.

Lu Yu smiled and replied, “Everyone, lets work hard for a good result.”

“Next, Ill present you with the rules,” the homeroom teacher said as he cleared his throat.


“Our country has two major divisions. One is the Ministry of War, and the other is the Ministry of Culture.”

“Education was previously overseen by the Ministry of Culture. However, as ferocious beasts proliferated, the Ministry of War appointed a new leader in the Ministry of Literature.”

“In the current situation, we require strength. As a result, the Ministry of Cultures education field must also include the Ministry of Wars ideology.”

“The new head who took over the education field is a young military officer named Wan Guliu.”

“It is rumored that he has an unruly personality and is a cold-blooded war machine. He has numerous military accomplishments.”

“The new head started to revamp the education sector after taking over, and he changed the previous college entrance exam system!”

“In addition, he will personally come to Riverdale City to supervise our exam!”

The students were a little nervous after hearing this.

Being supervised by the Minister of Education would not be a good thing.

The homeroom teacher continued, “In the past, the rules were to fight monsters first, then spar against your peers.”

“But this year, it will be the other way around.”

“This year, we will allow you to form teams and compete against one another three times to determine the winner. Only about an eighth of you will be left.”

“Then well move on to the next stage. I also have no idea what the next round will be.”

“We will first complete the three rounds, and then we will decide based on the situation.”

As he said that, the homeroom teacher frowned. “Im confused, and even the school board as well. Whats with all the secrecy”

“If they had told us sooner, we would have made preparations earlier.”

“With them messing around like this, we dont even know what to do!”

“Sign, Im not sure if this newcomer taking over the Ministry of Culture is right or wrong...”

“Thats right, cant he announce it earlier” complained the students below.

“Why are they being so mysterious Its just adding to our difficulties for no reason.”

“Thats right, thats right!”

“From what I can tell, that new guy just wants to show off!”

“Why cant he just obediently return to the Ministry of War instead of tormenting us!”

Amongst the crowd, only Lu Yu remained calm.

Wan Guliu was the one who made the rules, and it appeared that everyone had to follow the rules of those in power. What was the point of complaining in this situation

Unless you were stronger than them, you could only obediently abide by their orders.

Lu Yu might as well take a short nap instead of wasting his energy complaining.

Lu Yu couldnt be bothered by the commotion on the side and began to close his eyes to rest.

After complaining about the rules, the students began to pray that the opponents they faced were the weaker ones.

“I hope I can face off against a weaker opponent so that I can get a better ranking.”

“Please dont pit me against Su Qing. I dont want to be eliminated in the first round.”

“Yo, didnt you want to train with Su Qing earlier”

“Hey, which guy in class doesnt want to spar with Su Qing The point is, now is not the time for that!”

“This isnt ordinary sparring; the outcome of this exam will determine the rest of our lives!”

“Ill be in big trouble if I face Su Qing...”

“I hope I get Lu Yu. That way, itll be an easier battle.”

“I hope I get Lu Yu too. After all, he would be eliminated in the first round. Why cant he do me a favor”

“Lu Yu, if I get picked as your opponent, Ill definitely give you a big gift after this is over!” that person said as he looked at Lu Yu excitedly.

Lu Yu was feeling a little annoyed. He had not previously formed a team with his classmates, so no one was aware of his current prowess.

However, Lu Yu did not plan to say anything. After all, no one would believe him.

These people would naturally see the difference when the battle starts.

Lu Yu looked at Su Qing, and he was a little curious. What were Su Qings current attributes

[ Attack: 140 ]

[ Speed: 130 ]

[ Health: 230 ]

[ Mana: 150 ]

[ Defense: 150 ]

Her attributes were not bad. Although it was significantly worse than his, it was sufficient for her to be the best in the class when compared to the other students.

Most importantly, her pieces of equipment were pretty good. There were a few pieces of Blue quality equipment.

This was the advantage of coming from a decent family background. He only managed to obtain the same level of equipment by clearing dungeons continuously.

Moreover, most of his were of Green quality...

Lu Yu opened his personal panel. The reward for the daily quests he completed over the past few days was exchanged for attribute points.

It totalled up to about 30 points and was not distributed yet.

After tinkering with his personal attributes, Lu Yu finally completed allocating all his points.

[ Attack: 260 ]

[ Speed: 190 ]

[ Health: 330 ]

[ Mana: 160 ]

[ Defense: 220 ]

Lu Yu allocated another 20 points to his attack. Most of the students in his class had 60 to 70 defense, and their health did not exceed 200 points.

Now, just an attack from Lu Yus could instantly kill them!

At this moment, the homeroom teacher shouted, “Everyone, the exam is starting!”

Under the homeroom teachers lead, everyone walked out of the classroom and arrived at a field outside.

On the field, dozens of array mages had already set up their arrays and organized the competition grounds.

A tall and majestic figure stood at the center of the array.

Everyone turned to see that it was none other than Wan Guliu!

Scars of varying sizes covered his stern face.

His pair of sharp eyes seemed to be able to pierce through everyone.

He exuded a pressuring aura with his hands behind his back, making everyone nervous.

“Hello, everyone.”

“The sparring match will begin immediately. However, the matches this time will be different from the previous ones!”

Wan Gulius deep voice boomed throughout the field.

He crushed the ballot from which he would draw the names and scattered it in the air.

“By now, everyone should understand. The matches will no longer be decided by drawing lots to determine your opponent.”

“Next, you will choose your own team and also choose the opponent you want to fight!”

All the students revealed shocked expressions, expressing disbelief.

This new rule was too ridiculous. Choosing their opponent themselves Everyone would definitely go for the weakest one!

They couldnt help but look at Lu Yu.

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Without a doubt, Lu Yu was recognized as the weakest one here!


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