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Chapter 26: Chapter 26 Your Attacks Are Ineffective, My Turn

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Chapter 26 Your Attacks Are Ineffective, My Turn

Wan Guliu, in the centre of the formation, swept his gaze across everyone and yelled, “Start now! Find your respective opponents! I will only give you one minute!”

Following that, more than half of the male students in Class Two locked their gaze on Lu Yu.

They then trod simultaneously toward Lu Yu.

Someone dashed toward Lu Yu and yelled, “Lu Yu! Allow me to be your opponent!”

The others panicked when they heard that. They all wanted to face off against Lu Yu, and they didnt expect this guy to cut the queue.

Everyone rushed toward Lu Yu the next moment.

“Lu Yu, come and fight me. I will be very gentle!”

“Lu Yu, we used to be friends. Let me have this opportunity!”

“Give me this chance and I will definitely make it up to you!”

Everyone rushed toward Lu Yu at the same time. It was an odd scene.

Lu Yu only gave a faint smile. He realized the irony and ridiculousness as he remembered how they had just comforted him in class.

Their hypocrisy seemed to emerge quickly in the face of temptation.


At that moment, one of the students with quick feet arrived in front of Lu Yu.

“Im the first to arrive. Im Lu Yus opponent. Youre all too late!”

That person turned his head and proudly announced it. He was confident that his match ranking would rise by one level quickly.

When everyone saw that, they all came to a halt, their faces filled with regret.

“This guy sure runs fast!”

“I missed it. What a pity...”

“Sigh, I hope the person Im up against is a wimp like Lu Yu...”

“Please dont let me fight with Su Qing, Please...”

“Also the class president, he has a B-level talent. He is definitely not someone to be trifled with.”

Everyone sighed and began to choose their respective opponents seriously.

The student who took the lead and ran in front of Lu Yu looked at Lu Yu with an embarrassed smile.

“Lu Yu, Im really sorry. My dream ever since I was young was to go to a decent Awakeners university.I would be grateful if you could assist me in quickly moving up a level in this exam.”

Lu Yu only chuckled. This guys dream was about to be destroyed, yet he was still rejoicing.

The people around Lu Yu and that person were staring at them. Some of them looked envious, while others looked worried.

The homeroom teacher sighed as he looked at Lu Yu. “Being eliminated from the start would be devastating for him.”

Su Qing looked at Lu Yu with apprehension.

“If he is eliminated in the first round, he will have no chance of even getting into a bad university...”

Su Qing glanced at the homeroom teacher. She wanted to plead with the homeroom teacher to change Lu Yus opponent, even if it was only to win the first round.

However, she knew in her heart that with Wan Guliu personally supervising the examination, he would not allow the rules he had established to be broken.

Lu Yu used the Eye of Truth to look at the opponent in front of him seriously and obtain his attributes.

[ Cai Heng ]

[ Attack: 90 ]

[ Speed: 160 ]

[ Health: 130 ]

[ Mana: 120 ]

[ Defense: 70 ]

Among all his attributes, only his speed was decent-looking.

This was also why he could get ahead of the rest.

Lu Yu continued reading and saw his talent.

[ Lightning Spirit, C-level talent: A body thats enshrouded with lightning, granting swift movement speed ]

With his attributes this low, despite C-level talent, he was definitely considered average.

Even his most outstanding attribute, speed, was inferior to Lu Yu. His attack and defense stats were even more laughable.

His attacks couldnt even break through Lu Yus defenses. If Cai Heng had no means to break through his defenses, it wouldnt matter even if Lu Yu stood there and let Cai Heng hit him.

Lu Yu looked at him and said, “You dream of going to a good university, but you want to use me as a stepping stone. Then, you have made a wrong decision.”

“Your decision will ruin your chances of even getting into a university!!”

Everyone was taken aback by Lu Yus words.

Cai Heng had C-level talent and was a very hard-working person. He stayed and trained at the schools training ground from morning to night.

How could someone with the lowest F-level talent say such a thing

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Cai Heng chuckled. “Are you kidding me Where is your confidence coming from”

Lu Yu persuaded him further. “Theres still hope. Youd better find someone else if you want to win.”

“If you dont, youll lose badly.” This was the ultimatum issued by Lu Yu.

Cai Heng burst out laughing when he heard this. “You really know how to make me laugh, hahaha.” Who here doesnt know you have the worst F-level talent”

“Even if I let you train for another month, you wouldnt be a match for me with your weakest talent!”

“Now, youre still saying such things, even in such a position. Oh, I understand. Youre trying to keep your cool one more time before I make a fool of you. I cant say I blame you. I do sympathize with your situation.”

In the next moment, crackling electricity emitted from Cai Hengs body.

Lu Yu was too lazy to reply. If this boy before him would not cherish his last chance, then Lu Yu could not be held responsible for what happened next.

“Alright, since thats the case, I will defeat you without suffering.” Lu Yu stated.

“Stop pretending!” yelled Cai Heng.

He flashed and rushed towards Lu Yu at an extremely fast speed, leaving afterimages behind him.

The other students found their opponents and began their battles as well.

Lu Yu, on the other hand, stood perfectly still. He did not attempt to avoid or defend himself.

“Flash Shadow Step!” exclaimed Cai Heng.

After that, he would leave an extra afterimage every time he accelerated, making it impossible for others to distinguish the real him.

However, in Lu Yus opinion, this was just a normal speed.

“Can you keep up with my speed” Cai Heng boasted arrogantly. “Can you even tell which of us is the real me It doesnt matter; I will play with you more and let you face reality!”

Following that, he charged directly at Lu Yu, saying, “Haha, and thats a lie. Im too tired to keep up with this farce of a battle!”

He raised his fists and threw them at Lu Yus chest after a loud laugh.

Lu Yu remained motionless, not even bothering to look at the person in front of him.

Bang, Wham, Slam!

After a series of muffled loud slams, the initially arrogant Cai Heng raised his head and looked at Lu Yu with widened eyes.

He was shocked when he saw Lu Yus calm and composed demeanor.

“Whats going on My attacks... why arent they doing anything”

He thought he was hallucinating and quickly swung his fists again, aiming for Lu Yus abdomen!

Lu Yu calmly placed his hands behind his back.

Cai Heng was panting heavily after a series of attacks. He was completely taken aback when he looked up at Lu Yu.

Lu Yus body was as tough as a steel plate. No matter how he struck, it was ineffective.

He couldnt stop himself from swallowing. He realised Lu Yus defence was much higher than his attack power!

But... that was impossible!

Lu Yu looked down at the terrified Cai Heng and asked calmly, “Are you done My turn.”


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