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Chapter 27: Chapter 27 B-level Talent, Blood Vampir

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Chapter 27 B-level Talent, Blood Vampir

Cai Heng was taken aback by Lu Yus words.

He hastily withdrew, putting distance between himself and Lu Yu.

“Damn it, why arent my attacks working”

After pondering for a moment, he consoled himself, “You must be focusing on defense. That must be the case.”

“If thats the case, then you must be very weak in other aspects. Your attack, speed, and health are definitely worse than mine.”

“If thats the case, then Ill slowly break through your defense!”

Cai Heng revealed a confident expression once again. He believes that he could slowly shave Lu Yus defense away with his fast speed.

At that moment, Lu Yus figure suddenly flickered and disappeared!


In an instant, Lu Yu arrived before Cai Heng.

Cai Hengs eyes widened as he watched Lu Yu suddenly appear before him. His mouth was gaping open.

Lu Yus speed was faster than his!


Lu Yu raised his right hand, and his entire arm transformed into a dragon claw.

The muscles on his arm expanded explosively, with scales protruding out.

The five sharp claws buzzed, and their razor-sharp tips glinted coldly.

Cai Heng was dumbfounded by what he was seeing. How was such a fierce-looking dragon claw classified as the weakest F-level talent, Claw Attack

He swallowed his throat and hurriedly explained, “Bro, I am sorry. I shouldnt have said those just now...”

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Lu Yu calmly said, “I said, I will defeat you without you suffering.”

Cai Hengs entire body trembled as he nodded. He accepted his fate at that point. He was well aware that he was no longer a match for Lu Yu.

His dream of attending a good university had naturally been dashed.

If he had to blame someone, he could only blame his own decision for choosing to face someone this strong.

The next moment, Lu Yu raised his right hand and backhanded Cai Heng.

The back of his hand smashed heavily onto Cai Hengs body, and the tremendous force shook Cai Hengs entire body so hard that it was seemingly about to fall apart.

Cai Heng fell to the ground and fainted as a result of this attack.

Lu Yu exhaled a sigh. He had knocked him unconscious with a simple slap before he could even use his full strength, so Cai Heng shouldnt have experienced any pain with that blow.

Fortunately, Lu Yu didnt attack with the front of his hand. Otherwise, Cai Heng might have lost his life.

At that time, the other students matches were coming to an end one after the other.

Many people noticed Lu Yu and began talking about him.

“Am I seeing things Lu Yu won”

“Why is Cai Heng lying down Wasnt he very pretentious just now”

“Bloody hell, he cant even seize an opportunity when its handed to him on a silver platter.”

“Is this guy here to make a joke”

“What exactly is Lu Yus strength When Cai Heng is actually no match for him.”

“Thats not right. Doesnt Lu Yu have the weakest talent”

Everyone falls into deep thought.

Very soon, someone made a bold guess.

“I recall Cai Heng having a good relationship with Lu Yu when he was in school.”

“Thats right, they frequently went out to work together.”

“I see. Could it be...”

“Isnt this Cai Heng pretending to be unconscious in order to allow his friend to enter a university It must be difficult for him.”

“Looks like thats the case. The weakest F-level talent would never be able to beat a C-level talent.”

They came to a new conclusion after some deliberation.

Hence, another large group of people came up to Lu Yu.

“Lu Yu, fight me in the second round!”

“Lets compete. I dont believe that you really beat Cai Heng!”

“Lu Yu, let me see your true strength!”

Everyone walked over and tried to get Lu Yu to fight them.

At that moment, an arrogant voice attracted everyones attention.

“Everyone, get out of the way. Let me fight him next!”

After everyone looked over, they all made way for him.

Following that, a figure in a black suit emerged.

“Its Chen Ying. This is going to be a good show.”

“I heard that he has been displeased with Lu Yu for a long time.”

“Yeah, he is Su Qings pursuer, and Su Qing was always kind to Lu Yu. He must be angry because of that.”

“Its going to be hard for Lu Yu. Chen Ying seems to have B-level talent. The higher the level, the greater the gap. The strength of a B-level talent is enough to easily crush someone with a C-level talent.”

“If thats the case, wouldnt Lu Yus be even more doomed with his F-level talent”

At that moment, someone spoke out, “Chen Ying, theres too much of a difference in strength between the two of you. What if you inadvertently slipped your hand”

Chen Ying chuckled, “That would be easy then. I already contacted the cemetery in advance.”

Everyone was silent. They were helpless in the face of Chen Yings arrogance.

They were all concerned about Lu Yu at the same time. This match was bound to end in disaster.

“Lu Yu, why dont you forfeit” someone suggested to Lu Yu. “Youre not going to beat him.”

“Thats right, hurry up and leave. If you really take this fight, youll definitely leave in bad shape!”

“This person wants to take this opportunity to kill you. This exam is less important than staying alive!”

Lu Yu turned to face Chen Ying. This guy had a cold expression on his face and a cold glint in his eyes. He appeared to be very aggressive.

Most importantly, this guys face was a little pale, as if he was malnourished.

“Since you want to fight with me, then come. I wont run away.”

Chen Ying gave a cold smile. “Heh, you have the guts, but you will regret it!”

The atmosphere hardened. Both parties stared at each other, neither giving way to the other.

Lu Yu activated his Eye of Truth and looked at Chen Ying.

He quickly received Chen Yings information.

[ Chen Ying ]

[ Talent: Blood Vampir, B-level ]

[ Attack: 110 ]

[ Speed: 100 ]

[ Health: 270 ]

[ Mana: 230 ]

[ Defense: 120 ]

Lu Yu took a quick look and noticed his health and mana were of somewhat decent values.

Chen Yings mana was probably exceptional because he possessed a skill-based talent, and his Blood Vampir talent most likely contributed to his exceptional health stats.

However, even with these attributes, it was still far inferior to Lu Yu.

Lu Yus attack was 260, while Chen Yings defense was only 120. Even if Lu Yu does not use his Armor Penetration skill, just two attacks would be enough to cripple Chen Ying.

As for speed, the difference between them was astronomical.

It seemed that this guy was also a joke, Lu Yu thought to himself as he prepared himself for the battle.

Chen Ying took a step forward and raised his hands.

A surge of blood-colored energy surged from the centre of his palms.

Following that, bats flew out of his palms.

“I really want to taste the fresh blood in your body. Come.”

He licked his lips, and over a dozen vampire bats flew out of his palms.

The bats encircled and engulfed Lu Yu.

Lu Yus arms had transformed into Dragon Claws at that point. As his sharp claws flashed out, his muscles expanded explosively.

Everyone was a little surprised when they saw this.

“Is this really the F-level Claw Attack It looks so fierce!”

“Damn, it looks just like a dragons claws. Did it evolve”

“Are you kidding Its only been a few days since he awakened. How can he evolve so soon”

While everyone was talking, Chen Ying waved his hand, and a dozen bats flew toward Lu Yu.

Lu Yu raised his hands, ready to unleash his abilities.

Everyone was excited. The battle between the two of them has finally begun!

Lu Yus arms charged for a split second before he swung both claws!

The razor-sharp claws swung out, followed by several air blades.

Lu Yu used Split Claw!


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