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Chapter 1049: Please Dont Vent Your Anger

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The reason Old Madam He wanted to report Lu Xingzhi was not only because she disliked Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao, but also because she felt that Lu Xingzhi had a good relationship with Colonel Lin, that Lu Xingzhis family was wealthy, and that he had a college-bound wife.

She was afraid that Lu Xingzhi would become her sons biggest competitor in the army in the future, so she reported Lu Xingzhi.

The previous morning, when she learned that Lu Xingzhi had been promoted to captain, she felt that she had done the right thing.

Her son had not been promoted that year, but Lu Xingzhi got one.

It meant that the man was her sons rival.

After she reported Lu Xingzhi, Old Madam He gathered information.

When she found out that Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao had been called for some questions, she felt smug about it.

She felt even better when Jiang Yao said that she would divorce Lu Xingzhi.

She had done a great deed, but she could not talk about it.

“Sergeant Lu, Im sorry.

Its my wifes fault; she was not sensible and had listened to the rumors.

We have gone to the chief to retract the report, and were here to apologize to you.

It is my wifes fault.” Perhaps Lu Xingzhi had a cold expression on his face, Old Master He was very nervous when he spoke.

His voice even trembled.

He immediately got into a fight with his wife when she claimed credit for what she did.

Old Master He was a farmer from the countryside, and he had been an honest and dutiful farmer all his life.

He had raised his children properly, and he had never done any wrong to anyone.

When he heard his wifes words, he knew that she had done something wrong.

Even if one disregarded the fact that they were neighbors, Old Madam He had no evidence for her report.

She only based it on the rumors that she had heard.

Old Master He immediately called his son and told him about it.

No one expected Major He would go into a rage at home when he heard about that.

He was the familys eldest son, and he had always been a filial son.

He had taken on many responsibilities at home.

That was the first time his wife had seen the good-tempered man rage at his mother.

Old Master He only realized that it was not only their neighborly relationship that was at stake.

That matter might even affect Major Hes future.

After Old Master He was done with his apologies, he nudged the older woman beside him.

Old Madam He stood forward with a bitter expression and bowed; it seemed strange to see her humble attitude.

“Sergeant Lu, Im sorry.

I was muddle-headed when I did that.

Please dont blame my son.

You may scold or beat me if I have wronged you.

Please dont vent your anger on my son; this has nothing to do with him.

He didnt even know that Id done that.”

Old Madam He got even more afraid as she begged.

She was at a loss when she saw Lu Xingzhis expressionless face.

She swore that she was willing to kneel and beg for mercy if that could get the man to forgive her.

She knew that Sergeant Lu was wealthy, but she did not know that he was that rich, and she also did not know that Sergeant Lu had a strong backing.

She thought that Sergeant Lu was only a little luckier than her son.

He had a father and mother who had some money, but he was only a little better than her son.

They had studied in the same military academy for a few more years, but she did not expect that Sergeant Lu, whom she had always treated as her sons subordinate, was Lu familys third young master.

Many people in Jindo City even had to address Lu Xingzhi as Third Young Master Lu.

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