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Chapter 1482: Already Decided

“You dont seem surprised at all to hear that Luo Ruoran is going to remarry.” As Lu Xingzhi tried to figure it out, he adjusted his body so that Jiang Yao would be comfortable.

Lu Xingzhi had discovered that problem from the start.

Zhou Weiqi was still around, so Lu Xingzhi did not ask about it.

“I cant hide anything from you.” Jiang Yao acknowledged it.

She knew that Luo Ruoran would get married again in a short time, so when she heard that news, she did not feel surprised.

Lu Xingzhi was good at observing everyones expressions, so he could tell what she felt.

“I hope Big Brother can bring her back from overseas,” Jiang Yao said very frankly, but she could not be honest.

She had promised Luo Ruoran that she would not tell anyone, so she had to respect her promise.

She might think that her advice was for Luo Ruoran and Liang Yuezes sake, but it was their personal issue.

She might not understand the whole picture since she was not involved.

Good intentions might lead to bad things, and she was also afraid that her thoughts might complicate things for them.

When it was about love, other peoples opinions should not matter.

It was always up to the people involved to resolve it.

“A fake marriage” Lu Xingzhi raised his eyebrows.

“Is it something that she deliberately provoked my brother to do”

Jiang Yao was speechless and broke into a sweat.

“Is she someone who would act so impulsively”

However, he was not entirely wrong about the first sentence.

Whether it was a real or fake marriage would depend on whether Liang Yueze was willing to bring her back.

If Liang Yueze did not want to do that, then it would not make any difference whether the marriage was real or fake.

In any case, another man would be Luo Ruorans husband in the future and also the father of her child.

“Call Luo Ruoran tonight and ask when the wedding is.

Then, Ill go and talk to Big Brother.” Lu Xingzhi knew that Jiang Yao definitely knew more about it, but she must have her reasons and considerations to keep quiet about it.

Therefore, Lu Xingzhi would not ask her, nor would he insist that she stand on Liang Yuezes side.

Jiang Yao yawned and nodded.

Then, she laid on Lu Xingzhis shoulder and rested.

The following day, Lu Xingzhi reported to his duty at the army after breakfast.

Jiang Yao calculated the time difference before she called Luo Ruoran.

It should be around ten at night at Luo Ruorans place.

She was ten hours behind her.

Luo Ruoran was surprised when she heard Jiang Yao ask about the wedding date.

“Youve heard about it already I was planning to tell you about it after weve confirmed the date.

Im still waiting for my parents to meet him before talking about it.

His parents passed away a long time ago, so my parents will come to my place personally to meet him.

When they meet, they will set the wedding date then.”

“Have you really decided to do that” Jiang Yao asked.

“Yes.” Luo Ruoran smiled faintly.

“Otherwise, what else can I do I cant look for him shamelessly just so that he can take responsibility for my baby, right Why bother Its not like I cant afford to raise the child.”

Luo Ruoran had already confessed to her father about her pregnancy.

Unsurprisingly, they scolded her all the way over the ocean.

Luo Ruorans parents had wanted her to return to the country and remarry Liang Yueze.

They wanted her to do it for the sake of that childs future.

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