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Chapter 1596: Feeling Sorry For The Kitchen Knife

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A neurotoxin had attracted some negative attention from YN.

A drug to treat high blood pressure had also attracted Qian Zhibin, a ruthless person.

Her life in her hometown was not peaceful at all.

When she lived a somewhat isolated life in Shu City, many people had moved so close to her, and when she did not know, they had their eyes on her.

Jiang Yao leaned on the marble table and looked up at the sky with a sense of relief.

Did those who wanted to scheme against her think that she was so weak that others could control her easily

One wanted to snatch her things openly, and the other tried to steal her things.

Those people were jokers.

Jiang Yao went downstairs when she heard Mr.

Lu and Mrs.

Lu returning home after buying some vegetables.

The two of them purchased so many that the refrigerator was full.

When Jiang Yao walked in with her slippers clacking, second uncle Lu happened to take out the box of lobsters from the refrigerator to make room for other dishes.

Jiang Yao was bored, so when she noticed Second Uncle Lu opened the box, she went over to take a look.

There were a lot of broken ice cubes in the box.

Even after such a long time, the lobster was still well preserved at a cool temperature.

Jiang Yao had just eaten lobster the previous day, so she had lost most of her interest in it.

When Second Uncle Lu started to handle the lobster, she watched from the side as if she was watching a show.

Seeing Second Uncle Lu chopping with the kitchen knife in a disorderly manner, it was a little hard for her to hold back her laughter.

“I feel sorry for our kitchen knife.” Mr.

Lu shook his head.

“I also feel sorry for the chopping board.”

“Why dont you feel sorry for me” Second, Uncle Lu wiped the sweat off his forehead.

“The chef could cut it very easily.

Why is it so difficult for me”

Jiang Yao and Mrs.

Lu looked at each other.

They smiled bitterly and left the kitchen.

For the whole morning, Jiang Yao did not have time to talk to Mrs.


Since she had time, Jiang Yao asked, “Mom, are your knees better this morning It will rain in a few days.

Ill help you do some acupuncture at night.

You can soak your feet again.

It should feel much better in a few days.”

“Actually, last night—” Mrs.

Lus words were interrupted when the phone in Second Uncle Lus jacket rang.


Lu listened to the clanging sounds in the kitchen, then walked over to the kitchen and shouted, “Haixing, your phone is ringing.”

“Can you get that The phone is in my coat pocket.

Answer it and see who is calling me.

Dont they know that Im resting today” Second Uncle Lu complained.

He was venting his anger for not cooking the lobster perfectly on the person who was calling him.


Lu smiled.

She went back to the sofa and picked Second Uncle Lus phone.

As Jiang Yao was sitting next to Mrs.

Lu, she could see the change in Mrs.

Lus expression even if she did not listen carefully to what the person on the phone was saying.

After Mrs.

Lu listened for about a minute, she ran back to the kitchen and said, “Stop! The call is from your driver.

He sold the lobster you gave him to a relative who owns a restaurant.

That relative prepared the lobster 20 minutes ago and brought it to the guests.

Ten minutes ago, all the guests were sent to the hospital.

Their lips were blue, and they were foaming at the mouth.

Police officers have locked down the restaurant..

They have also taken the leftover food, including the lobster, for testing.”

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