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Chapter 1610: The Two Reporters

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“It looks like it.

Were just waiting for the right time.” Jiang Yao nodded with a smile.

“Then you should quickly go upstairs and rest.

You must be so tired this morning because of all the messy things.

Youre not even sitting properly.

If it were any other time, you would have already woken up from your afternoon nap.” Mrs.

Lu was heartbroken.

She walked over and patted the back of Jiang Yaos hand as she led her upstairs.

Jiang Yao returned to her room and took a shower.

She had been busy the whole day.

Then, she lay back on her soft bed; she felt refreshed.

Spring in the south was a rainy season.

The sky, which did not see much of the sun in the morning, had started to drizzle.

In the small town in the south, the rainy air would have a unique smell.

The fragrance of the soil and grass mixed was delightful.

Jiang Yao lay down and ate the medicine she had prepared for herself in the medical system.

After that, she lay back on her bed and closed her eyes.

Then, she spread her attention and checked for any suspicious people within a four-kilometer radius of the Lu familys home.

Jiang Yao was a little puzzled about Pan Peng.

Master Zhu and Master Sen had already arranged for two people to monitor her.

Why would they put Pan Peng there

It seemed that Pan Peng did not know about the existence of the other two people, and the other two people did not know about Pan Peng either.

Pan Pengs people were not even in the small town.

If Pan Peng was meant to trap her, why did the two people spy on her and go to the Lu family to rummage through her things It seemed unnecessary.

If Pan Peng was meant to lure the Divine Doctor out, Master Sen and Master Zhu should be able to find the method to make the neurotoxin from the Divine Doctor if they captured him.

There must be a reason for the contradiction since there was a contradiction in the matter.

However, Jiang Yao did not want to know.

As long as everyone knew that the Divine Doctor was dead, they would have nothing.

She would be at ease in the future.

If anyone asked her about the neurotoxin, she would say that it was given to her by the teacher.

She only knew how to use it; she did not know how to make it.

After all, she was only a student who had been in university for more than half a year.

It was very believable, was it not

As for the Divine Doctors identity, she only needed to say that she did not know her teachers name.

If anyone wanted to know, they could go and check it out for themselves.

Capable people always had a big temper and a strange personality.

It was normal for them not to tell others their names.

Furthermore, she had previously announced that she did not know her teachers identity or name.

Master Sen and Master Zhu should have found out about that matter.

Otherwise, they would not have set up a trap to force the Divine Doctor to show herself.

Instead of capturing her and forcing her to ask about the Divine Doctors identity, they would sneak into the Divine Doctors life and take her away.

Jiang Yao saw two people on an obscure path.

She had also seen the same two people at the hospital entrance.

The squad leader said that they were reporters from a newspaper in the city.

Ah Lu put a caterpillar onto their clothes, scaring the two people so much that they cried aloud.

Yes, those two reporters were two young girls.

Jiang Yao burst into laughter.

When it came to dealing with people, Big Ke and Ah Lu did not differentiate between men and women.

“What are the two of you doing here Dont think that we dont know that youre a reporter!” Ah Lu shook the cloth bag in his hand.

“If you dont tell us, Ill put some more insects on you!”

“These ladies might not have seen those insects before; lets show them,” Big Ke said.

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