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Chapter 1731: Go In And Talk

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When she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was the washed-clean peach.

No wonder she kept smelling the scent of that fruit.

She had taken it out the previous night and put it in Lu Xingzhis coat pocket.

She did not know when he had put it back by her pillow.

Perhaps he knew that she did not like it and kept it for her.

Or was it for her to smell

Jiang Yao grinned, touched the fruit, and tossed it into the distance.

She got out of the tent and went outside to wash up by the lake.

She had intended to wait for Lu Xingzhi to assist her in taking a bath the previous day, but the water temperature in the pond was simply too cold for her at midnight.

So Jiang Yao pondered it and gave up.

It was better to suffer a little longer than to become ill in the mountains.

After washing her hands, Jiang Yao returned to the tent to find Xiao Gao and Old Yang waiting for her at the tents entrance.

She thought that Old Yang had gone out with Lu Xingzhi.

She did not think he was at the command center.

“Miss Jiang, we have something important to tell you!” Xiao Gao looked solemn, as if he was attending some important meeting.

“Lets go in and talk.” Old Yang pointed at Lu Xingzhis tent.

“The matter is a little important, so we have to talk to you alone.”

Jiang Yao looked at the two of them with a grave expression, as if she had something important to talk about with them.

So, she nodded and entered the tent before letting the two of them in.

Xiao Gao and Old Yang followed her in and subconsciously glanced at the bed in the tent.

Fortunately, they did not find anything unsightly.

“Miss Jiang, Old Yang and I saw you and Colonel Lu by the pond last night!” Xiao Gao said.

Jiang Yao bent over to push the bed to the side when she suddenly heard Xiao Gaos words.

She almost dropped the thing in her hand.

“We saw you and Colonel Lu hugging and kissing each other.

Miss Jiang, thats wrong! “Xiao Gao clenched his fists in righteous indignation and said, “Colonel Lu is married.

He has a wife.

You guys are not allowed to do that!”

Jiang Yao was utterly stunned.

She did not know someone had peeked at them when she was with Lu Xingzhi last night.

That was why she said that Lu Xingzhi was a scourge.

She would focus all her attention on him as long as he was around.

She was probably a scourge like him.

Old Yang looked at the young woman in front of him and knew that Xiao Gaos words might have scared her.

Old Yang thought,Perhaps Miss Jiang didnt know Colonel Lu is married.

Did he trick her

Old Yang thought it was possible.

“Miss Jiang, Colonel Lu is indeed married.

Has he mentioned that to you How long have you maintained such a relationship with him” Old Yang was furious.

He was also a little worried.

He was angry at his colonel and concerned for Miss Jiang.

“To put it more seriously, that can be considered as breaking a military marriage.

A military marriage is protected by the law.

If you do that, youll be going to the military court,” Old Yang said earnestly.

“I dont know if our colonel lied to you or what.

No matter what, you should break up with him.

Xiao Gao and I will pretend that we dont know about that.”

“I advise you not to think about snatching him from his wife! He is just playing with you..

He is very good to his wife!” Xiao Gao said as if to threaten her.

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