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“Im not afraid of you laughing at me.

I thought he was good in every way.

I thought Jiang Lei was trying to anger me when he said he was not a good person.

I was so angry then.

However, ever since I went to Jindo City, I realized that I have to observe him more.” Lu Xiaoxiao sighed.

“I went to see him when I was there.

I knew that he was already dating someone else, but he didnt tell me anything.

When I tried to ask him about it, he denied it.

He said that it was all a misunderstanding.”Support our bennovel.com

“And then”

Jiang Yao felt that Lu Xiaoxiao was happy to let things go was not entirely because she knew that he had a girlfriend and had deliberately hidden it.

‘Jiang Lei was helping me look for acting classes in Jindo City.

I went there whenever I was free, and I learned a lot about acting.

I learned how to observe and perform expressions.

When I had coffee with him, I observed his expressions—small movements and so on.

His expressions were very natural, and they indicated that he was not a person who could focus.

Naturally, he wouldnt be able to focus on his feelings.

“Hes also always looking at other people when he talks to me.

He likes to look at the accessories on their hands.

He would always notice someone wearing a luxurious watch.

I think it means that he is a hypocrite and a vain person.

After observing him for about 20 minutes, I felt as if I had been blinded.”

Lu Xiaoxiao shrugged with a calm face as she finished speaking.

“So, I am glad I traveled to Jindo City and tried my hands at acting.

Even though I didnt thank Jiang Lei, I appreciate his assistance in helping me to register for the acting class.

I might not have been able to see through that man if I hadnt learned all that.

But dont tell Jiang lei.

I hate his smug face!”

After Lu Xiaoxiao finished speaking, Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi looked at each other tacitly.

It was indeed a great surprise that Lu Xiaoxiao had learned all that while working as an actress in Jindo City.

Lu Xiaoxiao had become much more sensible.

That was something that made those who cared about her feel very gratified.

So Ive decided that if I cant be an actress, Ill study psychology.

Ive accepted a script.

Although it was an unremarkable supporting role for two episodes, the role is for a female psychologist who has just returned from overseas.

I really like that role!”

Lu Xiaoxiao even rearranged her plans for the future.

“Its not bad to be a psychologist.

After all, Ill still be a doctor.

ItS the same profession as Jiang Yao..

Oh, right! The lady that Brother Chen likes seems to be a psychology graduate from a very impressive university abroad!”

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