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Chapter 197: A Great Body

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Therefore, Lu Xingzhi wanted to know what Jiang Yao had done during the first few days at school.

“Just assume I am a weak person!” Jiang Yao was almost reduced to tears.

She had brought this upon herself.

Out of so many people, why did she have to provoke him

Could it be that every man in the world had such great physical strength like Lu Xingzhi

“It is fine.

You cannot breathe like that!” Lu Xingzhi pulled Jiang Yao out from under the blanket and snuggled with her.

Just as quickly, they were once again enclosed in the blanket, covering his muscular body.

Jiang Yao breathed a sigh of relief.

She did not know where to place her eyes when looking at the exposed body of Lu Xingzhi.

Even though they had done much more intimate things together, she still felt a little anxious when looking at a naked body.

Besides, she could also see his erect manhood in full view…

“What did you do recently” Lu Xingzhi hugged her closely and asked.

He looked down and saw a pair of eyes glimmering, looking right back at him with a pitiful expression.

He raised his hands to cover her eyes, then he threatened, “Stop looking at me like that!”

Jiang Yao scowled and pulled the blanket across herself, covering her head from his view.

“You are going to suffocate yourself again.” Lu Xingzhi rubbed her head and teased.

His question was repeated.

“What did you do during the first few days at school”

Jiang Yao understood what Lu Xingzhi was asking.

Even though she had given up and conceded, she knew that her improved physical strength was too obvious to be played down.

That day, back at school, she had felt perfectly alright while evading Qi Xiangs pursuit, and yet, Qi Xiang had been panting and gasping for air all the way.

It was much more tiring to tussle in bed than getting chased after, and Jiang Yao knew that Lu Xingzhi must have noticed her change.

She remembered the System Admin saying something about activating her Force when her Physical Strength Value had reached a certain threshold.

The fact that she knew how to use martial arts was something she could not hide from Lu Xingzhi.

After some contemplation, she said, “I joined our schools martial arts troupe.

To improve my basics, Ive been jogging twice every day to improve my physical strength.

Our president said I am a rare martial arts genius.

He even mentioned that I have a great body, adept at picking up martial arts skills instantly.”

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Jiang Yao responded with flair and confidence although somehow, it sounded like a dialogue script from a soap opera.

Lu Xingzhi raised his eyebrows.

He could not believe what he had just heard.

Even the soldiers under his command would not have achieved the same improvement over just a few days.

Yet, Jiang Yao had no reason to lie.

Before this, she was a nerdy person who disliked exercise and could not, for the life of her, run.

Maybe she had just been lazy, but now that she had started her training, it might just do the trick in stimulating her potential.

After all, plenty of individuals in the world succeeded because of their innate talent, like him, who had a natural affinity toward firearms.

He had felt a strong resonance when he first touched a gun, almost as though his hands were destined to operate firearms.

“That sounds great to me.

Practicing martial arts is, after all, great for your body.” Lu Xingzhi was pleased that Jiang Yao had had that realization.

“Youve improved so much.

I am very excited for our next battle this coming Nationals Day, which I think is half a month away.”

Jiang Yao laid there ignoring Lu Xingzhi.

She did not look forward to another tussle of strength with him.

“Go take a shower, I am going to order some supper for us.” Lu Xingzhi patted the little bun next to him and walked toward the bathroom.

The moment he was done bathing, Jiang Yao ran straight past him into the bathroom and slammed the door shut in one fluid motion, looking just like she was being chased after by ghosts.

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