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Chapter 2135: Admit It

Jiang Yao was most likely exhausted from crying.

She eventually fell asleep in Lu Xingzhis arms.

Lu Xingzhi carried Jiang Yao back to the bedroom from the sofa after noticing she had fallen asleep.

Jiang Yao felt so small in his arms that she was as light as a child.

She had lost a lot of weight during her pregnancy.

Her face still had traces of tears on it, and the tiredness on her small face was difficult to conceal.

Just looking at her made his heart hurt.

Lu Xingzhi lingered in the bedroom with Jiang Yao before leaving.

“She is asleep,” Lu Xingzhi said when he saw his worried-looking in-laws standing at the door.

“Its okay.

She knows what to do.

It happened unexpectedly, so she is bound to be sad.

She cried and fell asleep.

She will adjust her emotions for the sake of the child.”

Lu Xingzhi knew how much Jiang Yao loved their baby, and he trusted that Jiang Yao would look after herself for the childs sake.

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Jiang exhaled deeply.

“Xiaoxia and her family are too pitiful.”


Jiang was still haunted by what had happened to Zhou Xiaoxias family.

Jiang Yao found out about it at her elder brothers wedding.

The next day, she went to Yuan City to look for Zhou Xiaoxia.

Besides Wen Xuehui, Mr.

and Mrs.

Jiang remembered Jiang Yaos roommates the most.

“Please keep an eye on her, Mom, Dad.

I have to go on a mission tomorrow.

I will see if I can postpone it.” Lu

Xingzhi was concerned about leaving Jiang Yao alone at home.

He wanted to stay with her.

“All right.

If you cant postpone it, dont be angry with your superiors.

We will stay here and take care of her.” Mrs.

Jiang agreed with a nod.

Lu Xingzhi thanked her and went to the study to get some things before leaving.

Jiang Yao woke up at around 4 oclock.

She opened her eyes and looked at the phone on the bedside table, which was ringing.

Her response was still a little slow.

She peered out the window, unsure whether what was pressing on her heart was real or a nightmare.

“Hello.” The phone call was from an unknown number, so Jiang Yao casually answered it.

“Hello, are you Miss Jiang” The voice of an unfamiliar woman came from the phone.

Listening to the voice, one could tell that the person who spoke was a little nervous and cautious.

“I am.

May I ask who you are” Jiang Yao rubbed her eyes, sat up, and leaned against the beds headboard.


Jiang, who had been watching the bedroom from the living room, heard a sound in the bedroom and went to investigate.

She did not say anything to disturb Jiang Yao while she was on the phone.

She turned around and went outside to get some water for Jiang Yao.

“Miss Jiang, I am Li Hongs mother.” Mrs.

Li licked her lips while holding the phone.

“Her father and I are aware of her situation.

I sincerely apologize.

This happened because we did not discipline her properly.

Li Hong knows that she has made a mistake.

May I speak with you candidly”

Jiang Yao scowled.

How long had it been Had Li Hong admitted to it It was precisely as Ah Lu had predicted.

She was so young that she could not stand the questioning.


Li heard Jiang Yao sneer, but she did not hear her say anything.

So, under the gaze of the police officer, she passed the phone to her daughter beside her and whispered, “You are classmates, so you should speak properly.

If you change your attitude a little, people might forgive you.”

With tears in her eyes, Li Hongs gaze swept across the handcuffs on the table.

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