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Chapter 2279: Im Good

Jiang Yaos ability to remain calm astounded even Lu Xingzhi, so when Professor Ouyang saw it, he could not help but click his tongue.

He expected Jiang Yao to be bold after witnessing such a dramatic scene, but he was still surprised.

Professor Ouyang did not pay much attention to Jiang Yao because everyone who studied medicine had to have made that trip.

After they entered, Liu Chao and the others began to frown and pinch their noses.

As his name was called, Wu Boyan did not look good, but he braced himself and stepped forward.

That practice was far more difficult than conducting laboratory experiments.

Professor Ouyang had a bad temper.

He scolded almost all of them as they took turns trying it.

It was not until Jiang Yao went to the table that Professor Ouyangs style changed slightly.

Professor Ouyang only had praises for her.

It was like he was trying his best to compliment her.

Even though they were treated differently, Jiang Yaos skillful technique still left them speechless.

At that time, they understood why the professor hired Jiang Yao as his assistant.

Even though Jiang Yao was younger than them, she was light years ahead of them in terms of academics.

Jiang Yao remained in the specimen room until three in the afternoon.

She finished early and left the specimen room on time.

Jiang Yao was not afraid of the things in the specimen room because she had been there before.

Jiang Yao felt much more at ease when she stood in the sun and breathed fresh air.

After leaving the specimen room, Jiang Yao called Big Ke and Ah Lu and asked them to meet her at the university gate.

Jiang Yao carried her bag and walked to the university gate after that.

She remembered Jiang Leis words about halfway through and pulled out her phone to call Lu Xiaoxiao.

Lu Xiaoxiao picked up the call very quickly, probably because she was not busy.

A crisp voice came through the phone.

Her cheerful disposition was apparent.

“Why are you calling me Have you been feeling better recently I heard Jiang Lei went to the army base to see you.”

“I am good.” Jiang Yao mentioned the recent situation between her and Lu


Then, she asked, “I heard you have been seeing someone recently”

“Did Jiang Lei tell you that” Lu Xiaoxiao snorted.

‘”Is there anything that that guy doesnt know Im so angry.

My dad doesnt even care if Im seeing someone, but hes always staring at me.”

So that was an admission

Jiang Yao was also a little surprised.

“It looks like youre really seeing someone Is it the singer that your company just signed”

“Not yet.” Lu Xiaoxiao curled her lips and smiled a little embarrassedly.

“‘But I kind of like him.

If Im dating someone, Ill definitely tell you about it.”

Lu Xiaoxiao was not the type of person who would hide things, so when she said she was not dating anyone, she meant it.

However, she also sounded like a young girl in love.

It was a fact that she liked the new singer in the company..

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