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Chapter 2294: Mess Around With What

Jiang Yaos actions were adorable.

She looked in the direction of Lu Xingzhi, who could not help but chuckle.

Only then did she realize that Lu Xingzhi had witnessed her actions, so she stood up straight and turned around.

Lu Xingzhi walked over to Jiang Yao and wrapped his arms around her waist, teasing her in a low voice, “Very sour How sour Let me taste it.”

Jiang Yao nudged Lu Xingzhi with her elbow and threatened him in a low voice, “There are so many people watching, dont mess around!”

“Mess around” Lu Xingzhi looked shocked.

“Mess around with what”

When Jiang Yao heard Lu Xingzhi say that he wanted to taste it, she subconsciously thought of the kiss in the mountains when he snatched the peach from her mouth.

So, when she heard Lu Xingzhi say that he wanted to taste it, she assumed he wanted to kiss her in front of many family members.

However, she did not expect Lu Xingzhi to look at her with a puzzled expression.

“I just wanted you to give me a small piece to try.

Why are you acting so recklessly Cant I eat it too”

Jiang Yao was staring at Lu Xingzhi.

She felt as if he did not mean that seriously.

However, the expression on his face was solemn, so she did not see anything else.

She decided to ignore him.

When Jiang Yao lowered her head, the man hugging her could not help but smile.

However, before he could take back his smile, Lu Xingzhi did not expect Jiang Yao to raise her head and look at him suddenly.

His smile, which had a little mischief, naturally fell into Jiang Yaos line of sight.

Jiang Yao waved her fist at Lu Xingzhi, but in the end, she still felt sorry for his injuries, so she did not punch him.

Instead, she poked the back of his hand to vent her anger.

They sat down to eat.

Jiang Yao was surprised to discover that Cheng Jinyan, who appeared to be from beyond the heavens, was an excellent cook.

Cheng Jinyans cooking skills were even better than Lu Xingzhis.


Jiang kept praising Cheng Jinyan.

Before she witnessed Cheng Jinyans action in the afternoon, Mrs.

Jiang thought Lu Xingzhi was a rare son-in-law.

Most men in the south were somewhat chauvinistic; they advocated the idea of the male leading from outside the home while the female did the opposite.

Those men would never enter the kitchen to cook at all.

They would not even think about washing the dishes or the spoon, let alone cooking a meal for their wife and children.

Jiang Yao married Lu Xingzhi, and he cooked for his mother-in-law.

They had been married for a while, and Lu Xingzhi was a good cook.


Jiang felt that her daughter was blessed with such a good husband, and Lu Xingzhi had learned a lot of dishes for Jiang Yao.

The couple led a fruitful life independently, and Lu Xingzhi took such good care of Jiang Yao that she gained a lot of weight.Continue read full chapters on our website:Bon n o v e l.com


Jiang was even more surprised when she tasted Cheng Jinyans cooking.

After all, the Cheng family was well-off.

How could she not be surprised that a young master like Cheng Jinyan could cook

“Actually, Xiaoyan learned to cook when he was very young, but he rarely did it after that,” Madam Cheng explained in a gentle tone.

“Before I went overseas to take care of him, he lived alone.

He did a lot of things himself.

At that time, although he had a servant, those people were always lazy because they didnt have an adult to supervise them..”

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