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Chapter 278: Weakness

After enrolling in the army, Chen Feibai saw Lu Xingzhi in person for the first time.

At first glance, Lu Xingzhi was as the world had described him, a silent man who never smiled.

The only difference that was out of Chen Feibais expectation was probably his looks.

Chen Feibai had investigated Lu Xingzhi before that, and knew that Lu Xingzhi had close relations with the Liang family, calling each other brothers, and were as close as blood siblings.

However, Chen Feibai also knew that Lu Xingzhi was just a kid from a small country town.

Although there was no shortage of money in the Lu family, from Chen Feibais point of view, Lu Xingzhi was nothing more than an upstart in the world of wealth and power.

That was why, before meeting Lu Xingzhi in person, his investigation combined with the rumors that he had heard, Chen Feibai had expected that Lu Xingzhi would be someone with unremarkable looks, or even ugly, resembling a bear with no education, a vulgar and rough person.

This impression changed after Chen Feibai saw Lu Xingzhi.

The cold, expressionless face, it was hard to deny that it was handsome.

It was no wonder that many girls in the compound had wistful looks of longing and lust when they talked about him.

“Sergeant Lu, it looks like shes your weak spot!” It was difficult to describe his feelings right now, erasing the impression that Lu Xingzhi was just another upstart, Chen Feibai had never admitted that Lu Xingzhi was a strong man.

However, it was clear in his heart, Lu Xingzhi was indeed a strong man, and one that he grudgingly respected.

“Thats right.” Lu Xingzhi admitted without any hesitation whatsoever, “Since you understand that now, get out of my sight!”

Chen Feibai sneered, “Cant believe that you have a weak spot, as such a strong man.”

“As long as youre human, you will have a weak spot.

Its no different if youre strong or weak.” Lu Xingzhi knew what Chen Feibai was thinking, and his notion made Lu Xingzhi want to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of it.

Lu Xingzhi had seen many kinds of people, what type had he not seen before

Even those criminals who could kill without blinking an eye had weaknesses, no one could escape from emotions or desires.

No one could easily let go of family or friendship or love!

Without these passions, would they even be human beings They would be machines, of course.

Although Lu Xingzhi wanted to be strong, he had never thought of being a strong man without weaknesses.

On the contrary, he held many people close to his heart.

For example, several of his brothers, his family, and the love of his life, Jiang Yao.

He could not let it go, and he could not put it down.

That was the reason he was willing to shoulder all these weaknesses, and he would bear it all happily.

Lu Xingzhi watched Chen Feibai walk away from him with an air of reluctance and resentment, but the stiffness in his body remained unchanged.

“Why dont you come out here instead of standing there” The nonchalant words that tumbled out of his mouth made the young man who had been standing a way back for a long while shiver slightly at the tone.

The young man opened his mouth, looking as though he would start crying.

“Sergeant, I… I met Chen Feibai on the way here.

He knew that I was coming, and he insisted on following me.” The young mans eyes were red, and it was not because he was tormented or anything, but because of pure fear of Lu Xingzhi.

“Havent you been weaned off yet Do you still need to go home and be nursed before returning to the platoon” Lu Xingzhis expression was an ugly one, and his tone was not friendly either.

The young man shook his head hurriedly before understanding what he meant, “Supreme Commander asked for you to drop by to see him after seeing to Sister-in-Law.”

“If you dont want to be chased out of the platoon by Chen Feibais attitude, then you should smarten up.” Lu Xingzhi spat before turning around and heading upstairs.

He did not care whether the youth who looked close to tears understood his advice or not.

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