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Chapter 395: Where are You Going

“Right here!” Wu Pengxin handed the documents over to Jiang Yao.

“After he was sent here, they did another examination.

The results are similar.

I overheard the doctors saying that they may have to do an open brain surgery on him.”

Jiang Yao immediately looked at the documents and found out that Sergeant Ges condition was indeed critical.

There was internal bleeding in his brain.

If the extravasated blood—blood leaked into the surrounding tissues—was not removed in time, they would compress the nerves in the brain, causing a lower-body paralysis.

He dislocated his left hand, fractured his right thumb, and further aggravated his existent injury.

Looking at the scanned results, the broken bones had almost protruded out of his skin, including his kneecap, which was found to be in a state of comminuted fracture—bone shattered into three or more pieces.

Jiang Yao swiftly returned the documents to Wu Pengxin, and told Mrs.

Lin, “Let Zhou Junmin and Wu Pengxin stand guard here.

You cannot leave Colonel Lin alone for too long, he needs constant care.

Can you help me look after Xingzhi as well In case he wakes up and asks for me, just say that I went home to get some of his things.

You know how his condition is, his body cannot take anymore stress, please help me hide what is going on here from him.”

“Where are you going” Mrs.

Lin asked.

“I need to see Director Lee immediately; I have some matters to discuss with him.” Jiang Yao left immediately and went to a secluded spot.

She dialed up Director Lees office, explained her intention to participate in Sergeant Ges surgery, and asked for his help in arranging her immediate involvement.

Jiang Yao knew full well that if she were not there handling the operation, Sergeant Ge would become a cripple.

This was not including the risks associated with his open brain surgery.

Director Lee was aware of the fact that a patient was transferred here from the hospital in Jin City.

Knowing that he was a military personnel and hearing Jiang Yaos request to participate in the operation, Director Lee had no good reason to refuse her offer, having recognized her capabilities.

He quickly called for the head nurse to prepare a set of sterilized surgical scrubs for Jiang Yao.

When Jiang Yao entered the operating room, the doctors were working on the open brain surgery.

Two orthopedic surgeons were preparing for the surgery on Sergeant Ges leg.

She immediately stopped their approach of fixing the fractures with metal plates but allowed the open brain surgery to continue.

After it was done, she had all the surgeons leave the operating room while she resumed the rest of the operation.

Fortunately, Sergeant Ge was sent here with time to spare.

The open brain surgery was a success, with the extravasated blood cleaned and removed, paralysis of the lower body was mitigated.

With Colonel Lins surgery as a precedent, Jiang Yao completed the rest of the operation rapidly.

Jiang Yao came out of the operating room after an hour and a half.

She was still energetic, with no signs of exhaustion on her face.

She was surprised, could it be that the more she worked on higher-level surgeries, the better she was at resisting the exhaustion that came with it

After finishing all she could do, she had the doctors and the nurses handle the rest.

Removing her scrub, she came out to see Sergeant Ge being wheeled to the care ward, along with Zhou Junmin and Wu Pengxin.

She first returned to Lu Xingzhis room.

Seeing him fast asleep, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Sergeant Ges incident would no doubt infuriate Lu Xingzhi, necessitating the need to hide all related information from him.

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