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Chapter 909: Are You Nervous

When she heard Jiang Yao mentioned anemia, Mrs Jiang was puzzled.

“Isnt it only anemia Cant he drink some tonic to nourish his qi and blood How is it serious”

“Mom, this autoimmune hemolytic anemia is different from common anemia.

This disease is very complicated.” Even if Jiang Yao explained it to them, they would not understand.

Therefore, she did not waste her breath.

When the aunt heard that Jiang Yao understood the disease, she quickly called her little grandson, who was playing at the side.

Then, she said to Jiang Yao, “Please help me see if my child is sick or in good health.”

That grandson was probably scared by his grandmothers choice of words.

He looked at Jiang Yao timidly; she did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Auntie, my eyes are not a piece of equipment in the hospital, nor are they similar to the Monkey Gods eyes.

How can I see through them with just one look I could tell Chen Lanyings child is sick because his complexion and condition did not look right.

Thats why I told her to bring him for an examination.

The results arent out yet, and I didnt hear what you said, so I dont know what exactly is wrong with her child.”

After she said that, Jiang Yao patted the childs head.

Under that aunts suspicious and doubtful gaze, she turned around and went back to look for Jiang Jie.

Even though she had the system to do a scan, she did not have an obligation to check them out one by one.

If she set precedence at home, she would not be able to step out of the door for the next few days.

Furthermore, even if she gave them medical advice, those people might scold her for pretending and spouting nonsense as she walked out of the door.

Jiang Lei stayed in his room as soon as he was back.

Jiang Jie had wanted to ask Jiang Yao about the situation.

He thought that the two of them had a quarrel when they went to the city.

“So, Second Brother is no longer with Yang Gaoshu, right” Jiang Jie rubbed the space between his eyebrows.

“Why would Yang Gaoshu do that Second Brother gave all that he could to her.

Is that how she treats him”

“He is upset right now, so I told him to stay in his room today.

Dont talk to him about family matters for now.” Jiang Yao did not know when Jiang Lei would be able to leave his room, so she decided to let him be.

After she walked around the courtyard and realized that there was nothing that needed her help, Jiang Yao went back to her room to think about her own matters.

She wanted to scratch her brain.

She still did not know what gift to give Lu Xingzhi.

The next morning before dawn, the Jiang family was up, and their home bustled with activity.

When Jiang Yao got up and went out, Jiang Lei was already in the courtyard to help out.

He looked like a person who had nothing to do, and he even joked around with his relatives.

Jiang Yao ran to Jiang Jies room and saw that Jiang Lei was in a suit; his spirit seemed lifted.

He had worked on that suit since morning; that was not what Jiang Yao had bought him from Nanjiang City.

However, he looked great in it.

“The groom is especially handsome today! Eldest Brother, youre going to marry my sister-in-law soon.

Are you nervous” Jiang Yao teased Jiang Jie, who was tying his tie in front of the mirror.

“Were you nervous when you married your husband” Jiang Jie did not answer her but threw the question back to Jiang Yao.

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