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194 Chapter 194.

Tattletale Again

In the past, Xiang Nan was just a mascot who only dared to act cute and muddle-headed, a mascot specially used to make Mo Qian happy.

Of course, Mo Qian had received the information from his good friend.

He looked at the picture on his phone and didnt care about Xiang Nans random analysis and gossip.

He thought this was what Zhuang Xian had said about Madam Zhuangsbusiness with her.

It is evident that Zhuang Xian did not want to have lunch with him, so she just made an excuse to brush him off.

Ultimately, she went to a restaurant to have lunch with another man!

Mo Qian felt an inexplicable sense of anger in his heart.

When he returned to his senses, he thought he had been getting jealous for some reason recently.

First, it was the man at the auction.

Now, it was another young and handsome man.

Zhuang Xian was good at attracting men!

Mo Qian had made up his mind.

He felt he could no longer pursue Zhuang Xian like a frog boiled in warm water.

He had to use potent drugs on Zhuang Xian and force her to react positively.

Thinking of this, Mo Qian did not even raise his head as he instructed Mo Xi, “Go and check the license plate carefully.

Find out the owners information and the person in the photo! Shes going to start school soon.

Ill send her off on that day.”

“Yes, young master,” maxi nodded.

On the other hand, Mo Qian was adjusting his way of pursuing Zhuang Xian.

On the other hand, Zhuang Xian had no idea that she had beenbetrayed by Xiang Nan.

Although the houses in the vast sea Villa area were not as good as those in the Dingcheng District in the city center, it was also a real estate development zone worth a lot of money.

Zhuang Xian took the bag from Yan Zuo and carried it in her hands without even looking at it.

“How is it Has the matter with the Soul Devouring Bureau been resolved If you need my help, remember to tell me.”

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“Its done, dont worry.” Yan Zuo replied with a smile.

Zhuang Xian nodded.

“Thats good.”

Yan Zuo looked at Zhuang Xians faint smile that didnt reach her eyes.

He furrowed his brows and asked worriedly, “Whats wrong You dont look pleased!”

Zhuang Xian raised her head and looked at Yan Zuo.

Her brows suddenly furrowed with worry.

She sighed slightly and said, “When can master come to city H I have some medical matters that I want to consult him about!”

Yan Zuo smiled and asked gently, “Whats wrong Is there a problem that even your senior brother couldnt solve And it must be master!”

Yan Zuo thought about it and realized that something was wrong.

He asked, “Thats not right! What kind of medical problem can stump you Youre the Holy maiden Qing Yi.

If you cant solve the problem, who else can So, whats the problem”

Zhuang Xian raised her brows slightly and looked at Yan Zuo.

She said dejectedly, “Yeah, thats why I wanted to ask master! Senior brother”

Zhuang Xian called out softly, almost causing Yan Zuos bones to go soft.

Yan Zuo smiled indulgently and replied, “Speak,” he said.

“Senior brother, do you know about brittle bones and nerve spasms His condition has already reached the late stage, and he cant even stand up!” Zhuang Xian turned around and sat on the bench behind her as she said worriedly.

Yan Zuo was stunned when he heard that.

Then, he asked in surprise, “What Brittle bones This illness is sporadic.

There might not be one in a few hundred million people.

Why are you asking about this Are you interested”

Zhuang Xian shook her head, “Its one of my friends.

He has a strange illness, and he dragged people to search for Saint Valley Medicine to find Qing Yi to treat him! Ive read about this strange disease in ancient records, but theres no real cure.

I have an idea in my heart, and I want to ask the master if its feasible!”

Zhuang Xians words contained considerable information, and he took it all in.

Thefriend Junior Sister was talking about should be the man who had been sitting in a wheelchair the other day! The one who treated her so special The head of the Mo Corporation- Mo Qian.

Yan Zuo stayed in city H for two days.

Naturally, he had not waited for anything.

The relationship between Mo Qian and his Junior Sister had been so strange that he had always been curious.

Hence, he got someone to investigate it.

He wouldnt have known if he hadnt checked, but he was shocked when he did!

The man who specially treated Junior Sister was the Mo familys head, Mo Qian, whose wealth was comparable to a countrys.

Yan Zuo had been secretly shocked for a while, but on second thought, he also felt that the two of them were a good match!

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