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208 Chapter 208.

Walking Into The Trap

The media might be waiting for them toWalk into the trap! Zhuang Xian guessed that Ye Xin would think this was the signal for the Ye Group to strike back at Ming En!

As she thought about Ye Xins current self-righteous attitude, the corners of Zhuang Xians lips slowly curved into a disdainful smile.

She put down the documents in her hand and looked up at Ya Jing.

“In a while,Yan An wont appear at noon.

Ill find someone to help you!”

Masaharu was stunned and asked in confusion, “Boss, arent you coming over”

“They have a trap waiting for me! How can I walk right into the trap”

As Zhuang Xian spoke, she briefly explained to Ya Jing, “Theres a high chance that theyll use this contract with Xian Du to create momentum and use this as the first step to retaliate against Ming En.

So, I cant let them have their way! Yan An wont go over, but Ill find someone to help you.

Dont have stage fright; give them a hard time!”

When Masaharu heard this, she nodded and replied with bright eyes, “Boss, youre so thoughtful.

I didnt even consider this!”

Zhuang Xian looked at Ya Jing and chuckled.

“In the future, Ill have to go through you for any communication with the Ye Group.

I believe you can do it well! Now, I have another matter for you to excel.”

When Ya Jing saw that her Bosss expression was becoming more serious, she calmed down and listened to Zhuang Xians instructions!

As Zhuang Xian had expected, the entire Ye Groups building was filled with reporters.

Ye Xin arrived at the office early in the morning; all dressed up.

Today was very different for her.

First, her suggestion had already been accepted by the Ye Groups board of directors.

They had unanimously approved the letter of intent to become a shareholder of silky soft.

Secondly, it was the start of the semester at Saint Capital University today, and she was about to start her life at a prestigious University!

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Ye Zhengs Secretary was a wonderful woman.

She looked at Ye Xin respectfully and greeted, “Miss! CEO Ye said its better if you dont attend the press conference today!”

Ye Xin was taken aback.

She looked at the secretary with confusion and impatience.

“What did you say Is this my Dads idea Move aside; Ill go in and talk to him.”

As Ye Xin spoke, she pushed the secretary aside in her high heels and strode into Ye Zhengs office.

“Dad! Didnt we have an agreement Ill attend the press conference to liaise with the people from silky soft.

How can you go back on your word”

She looked at Ye Zheng, behind the table, in confusion.

Her tone was not very pleasant either.

Ye Zheng lifted his head from his computer screen and narrowed his eyes at the indignant Ye Xin.

“Dont you have to start school today Why are you meddling in the companys affairs Im doing this for your good.

How can you delay your registration Your mother is going to scold me to death!”

“I know my limits! Weve made ample preparations over the past few days, and the collaboration with Xian du is already set in stone.

There wont be any more slip-ups, so how can it delay me” Ye Xin looked at Ye Zheng in disagreement.

She took two steps forward and stood in front of Ye Zheng.

Ye Zheng glanced at his daughter and sighed helplessly.

He didnt know if he should be happy or worried about his young daughters competitive nature!

Ye Xin had a particular talent for business, but it was only a little.

Shen Min taught her to be proud and arrogant since she was young.

Ye Zheng felt that one day, Ye Xin would be at a disadvantage because of her personality!

In his heart, girls should be well-educated and reasonable, supporting their husbands and raising their children.

Things like competing in the business world should be what men should do!

As Ye Xin was his only child left, Ye Zheng had always been very indulgent towards her.

In the past, Ye Zheng had always been able to let go of all the small matters.

However, this matter had already involved distributing Ye Groups shares! It was no longer childs play.

Ye Zheng kept feeling an inexplicable sense of uneasiness in his heart!

However, he didnt expect the board of directors to get involved.

He felt that this matter still needed to be discussed, but the shareholders of the board of directors had already decided on the cooperation.

They didnt care about him at all!

In fact, after the previous failures in Ye Zheng and Ming Ens competition, the people on the board of directors of Ye Group already had many complaints about Ye Zheng!

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