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Chapter 12: Hack! Investigate Strictly!

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As early as when Lu Yan entered the mystic realm, many students had already paid attention. After all, this guy had chosen the nightmare level.

However, most of the teachers and students only treated Lu Yan as a clown trying to attract attention and did not pay much attention to him. Instead, they focused their attention on Zhou Xinghao, who had also chosen the nightmare level difficulty.

After all, Zhou Xinghao was rich and had enough resources to increase his strength. Coupled with the fact that he was a warrior, it was very likely for him to pass the nightmare level.

Zhou Xinghaos performance was also commendable. He kept moving around in the swamp tunnel to dodge the attacks of the surrounding skeleton soldiers and then counterattacked.

Before the upgrade, Zhou Xinghao was still in a sorry state.

He rolled, slid, and moved his limbs forward…

Zhou Xinghao pushed his strength to the limit to dodge the attacks of the surrounding skeleton soldiers. His body was quickly covered in dust.

Every dodge made people tremble in fear. He always barely dodged the attack before attacking again.

However, Zhou Xinghao was still injured and blood began to appear on his body.

However, after killing a few skeleton soldiers, Zhou Xinghao began to level up. His physical strength increased, and it was much easier for him to deal with them.

According to this trend, although the process might be relatively dangerous, Zhou Xinghao still had a high chance of passing the nightmare level test.

The corner of Zhou Xinghaos mouth also curled into a smile. Clearly, he was very confident in himself.

This was the normal performance one should have in a nightmare level assessment.

Every step was dangerous, but it also contained hope. One needed to fight their way through the layers of difficulties.

However, as a cry of “Damn! That Lu Yan has already passed the nightmare level skeleton soldier area” sounded, everyones gazes shifted.

A group of peoples gazes landed on the shocked student, making him hurriedly explain that he had said something wrong in his excitement.

No, damn!

However, when everyones gazes landed on the screen that displayed Lu Yans situation, they were directly shocked.


This! How was this possible!

A necromancer was actually faster than Zhou Xinghao in the nightmare level assessment!

Moreover, the other party was not just a little faster!

“Is this really the necromancer with the weakest combat strength Why do I feel that this guys combat strength is so powerful”

“Say it with more certainty. Its not that you feel that hes powerful, but that hes freaking ridiculously powerful!”

“Can someone explain to me how he was able to summon a skeleton elite after just awakening the necromancer profession”

“Is summoning a skeleton elite a big deal Who can tell me why he is able to kill a skeleton soldier with a wooden staff”

“Hes rushing forward with a wooden staff Could this be the legendary combat mage Wait, thats not right, doesnt that make him a combat necromancer”

“Damn! This guy is definitely cheating. Investigate strictly! We have to investigate strictly!”

“Teacher, are necromancers that powerful I want to become a necromancer in the future too.”

Looking at Lu Yans ridiculous performance, some students even started to aspire to become necromancers.

The teacher who was questioned had an awkward expression. It was publicly acknowledged that necromancer was the weakest combat profession, right In front of Lu Yans performance, it was as if this was a lie.

However, there was no such thing as a powerful necromancer.

The surrounding noise entered Principal Zhang Fengyus ears, making him frown.

There were even people who wanted to become necromancers

How stupid!

Hadnt that Lu Yan taught them a lesson

Zhang Fengyu shifted his gaze to the screen that displayed Lu Yans situation, wanting to use him as a negative example to teach the first and second-year students how trashy necromancers were.

However, when his gaze landed on Lu Yans figure on the screen, Zhang Fengyu was directly stunned.


He had already reached the second area of the Undead Swamp

Damn, was this guy really a necromancer How could he charge forward when all he had was a wooden staff


He could directly kill a skeleton captain with a staff

Zhang Fengyus eyes almost popped out, and he directly swallowed the words he was about to say.

Wang Mude looked at Lu Yans performance and his expression directly became excited.

“What a good student. His comprehension is so high that he directly comprehended the basic skill, Skeleton Soldier, to Skeleton Elite.”

“And that strength. He must have trained a lot usually. He probably trained day and night. I can imagine how hard he works.”

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“What a good seedling. What a good seedling. Why didnt I discover him in the past Otherwise, I would have done everything I could to replenish his blood essence and help him advance even further.”

Almost all the teachers and students gazes turned to Lu Yans screen. As they watched Lu Yans performance, exclamations sounded.

“Awesome! Even a level ten warrior probably cant compare to this strength, right Is this guy really a necromancer”

“That move just now was so smooth. He killed a skeleton captain with a wooden staff. This guys strength is simply terrifying.”

“Did you guys see that Senior Lu Yans movements are also very elegant. Even now, theres no dust on his body. Wuwuwu, hes so handsome. I cant take it anymore.”

“Get lost. Senior Lu Yan is mine. I paid attention to Senior Lu Yan first.”

Lu Yans performance had not only increased their impression of him, but it had also directly subverted their impression of necromancers.

Lu Yan held the wooden staff like a battle axe. In order to speed up the clearing, he kept charging forward and slashing.

Even the skeleton elites he summoned were left behind.

He could kill a skeleton captain by just hitting them once with his wooden staff. It was satisfying to watch.

“Senior Lu Yan is really awesome. Hes so awesome. He should be the first person in history to pass the nightmare level assessment like this, right”

“Thats right. Insta-killing skeleton captains with a staff is simply too ridiculous. Coupled with the contrast formed by the fact that hes a necromancer, its simply perfect how ridiculous it is.”

“How satisfying. If only I could also pass the university entrance examination to my hearts content. It doesnt even have to be the nightmare difficulty. Ill be satisfied if I can pass the ordinary difficulty like this.”

All the students were excited, as if they had been brought into Lu Yans perspective. It was simply too satisfying to see undead creatures get insta-killed one by one.

Lu Yans actions had already blinded them, making them somewhat excited.

“If Senior Lu Yan cleared the entire level like this, it would really be too impressive.”

“If he does end up clearing the entire level like this, it will simply be too impressive!”

“Stop talking. Senior Lu Yans current performance has already made me crazy.”

Everyone stared fixedly at the screen, wanting to see if Lu Yan could pass the level like this.

If he could really do it, it would simply be too impressive.

It would be ridiculously impressive!


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