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Chapter 24: Intertwined

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Lu Yan nodded as he looked at the storage ring in his hand.

Although Hu Wei had enjoyed himself endlessly and spent a lot, it was still impossible for him to only have a set of armor and a longsword.

After checking, Lu Yan discovered that there were not many items in this storage ring. However,there were 500,000 energy crystals and some gold and silver.

The space in the storage ring was very small, but it was already filled.

No wonder Lu Yan was puzzled why Hu Wei did not put the equipment in his storage item. It turned out that the storage ring he used was too small.

However, it was also true that the price of a storage ring was not low. A slacker like Hu Wei naturally would not spend a lot of money to buy a storage ring with a large space.

It was already enough for Hu Wei as long as he could store some precious items.

After stuffing Hu Weis equipment and the storage ring into his storage necklace, Lu Yan directly left this villa.

Before he left, Lu Yan destroyed all the electronic equipment inside, including the devices of those girls.

Even if they were willing to brave the rain and go out to call the police, there was still enough time for Lu Yan to do what he needed to do.

After starting the car, Lu Yan headed straight for the Singa members villa area.

The Singa members villa area was located in the eastern suburbs. This was a newly developed area. The villa area where the Singa members lived was considered a rich area.

Of course, those who could live in this villa area were basically all Singas trusted members.

The security of the villa area was very tight. Lu Yan directly got out of the car when he was ten minutes away from the villa area.

Then, Lu Yan walked forward quickly in the rain.

At this moment, Lu Yan, who was wearing the Wind Spirit Armor Set, was very agile and fast. In fifteen minutes, he arrived at his destination.

Lu Yans eyes flickered as he looked at the magnificent villa area in front of him.

The security here was still very powerful. There were security pavilions at every intersection. Moreover, even on such a heavy night, there were still security teams constantly patrolling. There were even more people than usual.

Moreover, there were various electronic warning devices inside. It was still relatively difficult to sneak in quietly.

Even though Lu Yan had the information given by that old man about the defense loophole in the villa area, that would only help him once he was inside. Breaking through the first layer of defense was still a difficult problem.

Lu Yan did not hesitate and directly mobilized the undead power to quickly cover his body.

[Corpse Stealth (Master Level)]

[Mobilize the undead power to cover your body. It can hide your figure and allow you to pass through objects. The stronger the undead power, the better the effect.]

After using Corpse Stealth, Lu Yan instantly felt his body turn cold. Then, his entire body directly turned incorporeal, as if he had disappeared from the entire world.

In this state, Lu Yan felt his speed increase several times.

At the same time, Lu Yan could clearly sense the strength in his body being quickly consumed.

Without hesitation, Lu Yan rushed forward.

In an instant, Lu Yan rushed past the outermost defense line and entered the villa area.

No alarm sounded from any equipment. Lu Yan directly passed through a security booth and did not attract any attention.

As long as one did not have certain special investigative methods, such as investigative array formations built by high level array masters, they would be unable to discover Lu Yan under the Corpse Stealth.

The area Wang Feng lived in was located in the middle of this villa area.

Thirty seconds later, Lu Yans figure quietly appeared from behind the courtyard wall of a villa.

The heavy rain fell, making the surroundings silent.

Although he could directly enter Wang Fengs villa with the Corpse Stealth, that would consume too much strength. The consumption of the Corpse Stealth was still very high.

Moreover, after succeeding, Lu Yan still needed to use Corpse Stealth to escape.

He had to conserve his strength and not completely consume it.

However, the 100,000 he had spent on the information was not wasted.

Lu Yans gaze landed on a sewer entrance not far from the roadside. He directly went forward to open it and quickly entered.

Rain kept pouring into the sewer. If ordinary people entered, not to mention walking inside, they might even be washed away before they could even take a step.

Lu Yan naturally did not have to worry. The armor on his body blocked all the rain.

Lu Yan quickly advanced along the sewer and quickly arrived at another sewer.

Sensing that the footsteps of the patrolmen above were gradually disappearing, Lu Yan directly opened this sewer entrance.

After closing the sewer door, Lu Yan looked at a small pink villa in front of him, his eyes slightly cold.

This was where Wang Feng lived.

Although the villa was not big, the location was very good. In the central area of the villa area, the security was the best.

The undead power covered his entire body again, and Lu Yans body directly disappeared.

Then, Lu Yan entered the small villa in front.

According to the information, Wang Fengs small villa only had two floors. Wang Feng usually lived on the second floor and the first floor was occupied by bodyguards and nannies.

In addition, there was an additional person mentioned in the information.

Liu Feng.

The head of Wang Fengs bodyguards was also a combat professional and a level 23 warrior. He was very powerful.

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With the help of the Corpse Stealth, Lu Yan directly entered the small villa. There was a security booth at the entrance. Four bodyguards sat upright on the first floor and sized up the surroundings warily.

It was obvious that these bodyguards were completely different from Hu Weis subordinates. They were very professional.

However, no matter how professional they were, they would not be able to discover Lu Yan.

There should be other bodyguards in the room on the first floor. Lu Yan directly went upstairs.

When he arrived at the second floor, Lu Yan swept his gaze and discovered several warning devices.

If anyone barged in, these warning devices would immediately sound. However, to the current Lu Yan, these things were useless.

There were also a few security guards in the hall on the second floor who had guns.

It was worth mentioning that ordinary firearms were not much of a threat to combat professionals, except for special firearms.

For example, firearms that had been enchanted.

The guns in these security guards hands were clearly enchanted, and each of them was expensive.

It had to be said that although Wang Fengs strength was not powerful, she was still quite well off. After all, she was a high level official of Singa.

After hesitating for a moment, Lu Yan still did not choose to kill these security guards with enchanted firearms first.

After all, his goal was Wang Feng. If he was exposed, it would increase the risk.

Lu Yan walked straight into Wang Fengs bedroom. The door was completely unable to stop the current Lu Yan.

As soon as he entered, Lu Yan saw the two of them intertwined on the bed.

Two people

Before Lu Yan could see the two of them clearly, a flame suddenly lit up. A faint red talisman appeared in midair and transformed into a flame that spread towards Lu Yan.

Lu Yan had been discovered!


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