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Chapter 25: Killing Wang Feng

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Lu Yans Corpse Stealth could not be discovered with ordinary detection methods, but there was an exception.

That was the high level detection methods produced by auxiliary professions that mainly focused on detection, such as the detection formation and the talisman in front of him.

However, such items were all very valuable and ordinary people could not afford to use them.

Lu Yan had expected Wang Feng to have such an item. After all, with Wang Fengs status, she could still afford such an item.

Lu Yans Black Bone Scythe directly slashed apart the flames formed by the talisman in front of him. At the same time, his figure appeared.

This kind of talisman was not powerful. It mainly investigated hidden objects and could only block them slightly.

The two of them on the bed instantly woke up. Only then did Lu Yan see that the people on the bed were Wang Feng and Liu Feng.

As expected of a level 23 warrior, Liu Feng suddenly opened his eyes when he discovered the situation. He directly slapped the bed frame and jumped up.

At the same time, Liu Feng took out a pear blossom mountain-splitting axe from the storage necklace on his chest and held it in his hand.

At the same time, a set of equipment appeared on his body. Liu Feng directly put it on.

Lu Yan frowned. He had expected to be discovered, but Liu Fengs presence here was unexpected.

Lu Yan originally planned to quickly kill Wang Feng even if he was discovered and then use the Corpse Stealth to leave.

However, who would have thought that this bodyguard Liu Feng was even protecting Wang Feng in bed

At this moment, Wang Feng looked at Lu Yan, who was holding a black scythe and wearing armor that could not be seen clearly. She was so frightened that she hid behind Liu Feng.

The people outside had also heard the commotion here. Footsteps sounded and they were rushing over.

Lu Yan summoned two skeleton elites and got one of them to deal with the people outside the door. The remaining one rushed towards Liu Feng with him.

Although he did not expect Liu Feng and Wang Feng to be in the same room, he could only take on the other party forcefully.

At this moment, Liu Feng had only put on an armor and two wrist guards before Lu Yan arrived.

“How dare you! How dare you assassinate Singa members here!” Liu Feng roared and directly headed towards Lu Yan with the Pear Blossom Mountain Splitting Axe in hand.

“Undead Netherworld Armor! Netherworld Soul Scythe!”

Lu Yan roared as the pitch-black undead dark armor covered the Wind Spirit Armor on his body.

Then, the Black Bone Scythe in his hand was also covered in the effect of the Netherworld Soul Scythe, emitting a dense undead aura.

Facing Liu Feng, Lu Yan directly got into his current strongest state and did not hold back at all.


The Black Bone Scythe that covered the Netherworld Soul Scythe came into contact with the Pear Blossom Mountain Splitting Axe in Liu Fengs hand and instantly emitted a muffled sound.

Liu Feng felt his wrist turn numb as a huge force transmitted over. His body took two steps back.

A strange expression flashed in his eyes. Liu Feng looked at Lu Yan in front of him, and his expression became solemn.

This guy had an undead aura and should be a necromancer. However, why was the other party so powerful

Although he had not used any skills, he was still a level 23 warrior!

Lu Yan also took two steps back and stabilized the Black Bone Scythe in his hand.

He had basically spent all his attribute points on his strength. With the enhancement of his equipment, he was barely able to fight Liu Feng to a draw.

It was still somewhat difficult for him to compete in strength with a level 23 warrior.

Wang Feng, who was behind Liu Feng, also reacted and hurriedly used her strength.

Black vines crawled out from the surrounding rooms and quickly attacked Lu Yan.

Wang Feng was able to summon plant-type creatures.

These pitch-black vines were poisonous and would be very troublesome once they entangled Lu Yan.

He could not delay here for too long!

“Undead Berserk!”

Lu Yan frowned and rushed forward again. As for the surrounding pitch-black vines, they were blocked and severed by the violent skeleton elites at the side.


Liu Fengs eyes revealed a cold light. He could sense that the other partys strength was not very powerful. If he was given three minutes, he would definitely be able to kill this guy!

With a sinking foot, Liu Feng mobilized the strength of his body. The Pear Blossom Mountain Splitting Axe in his hand was covered in a fiery red aura.

At the same time, a fiery red color also surged from Liu Fengs body, instantly increasing his aura by a lot.

He raised the Pear Blossom Mountain Splitting Axe from below and directly swung it towards Lu Yan.

Lu Yan also raised the Black Bone Scythe that was covered in the Netherworld Soul Scythe in his hand. His body jumped up and slashed down from above.

One of them was in the air and the other was on the ground before their weapons came into contact again.


A huge force instantly surged out, directly collapsing the walls on both sides.

This time, Lu Yan was unable to resist Liu Fengs strength and was instantly sent flying.

However, at the same time, Liu Feng also saw several black figures attack him.

When he focused, he saw corpses.

What was going on

The other party had summoned corpses

No matter what it was, he would just kill it!

Liu Feng turned around and slashed at these corpses with the Pear Blossom Mountain Splitting Axe in his hand.

However, just as the Pear Blossom Mountain-Opening Axe in Liu Fengs hand touched these corpses, a huge force bloomed from it, blasting the corpses apart.




As Lu Yan used the power of the Corpse Explosion, the corpses flying towards Liu Feng exploded. The huge force instantly enveloped Liu Feng in front of him.

[Corpse Explosion (Grandmaster): Use a corpse to cause an explosion, causing damage to an area of one cubic meter. The damage output is the combined value of 50% of the users intelligence and 50% of the users strength.]

Lu Yans Corpse Explosion had a strength enhancement. Coupled with the enhancement of the Wind Spirit Set on Lu Yans body, the might of the explosion was still very impressive.

Moreover, so many corpses had exploded together!

The moment the explosion sounded, Lu Yan had already stabilized his body.

Without any hesitation, Lu Yan suddenly took a step and quickly rushed out.

The undead power covered his body and instantly etherealized Lu Yans body.

At the same time, Lu Yans speed increased greatly and he directly passed the explosion area in front of him and arrived at Wang Feng, who was far away from the corpse explosion area.

His body appeared again, and a black wave instantly rushed out from the Black Bone Scythe in his hand.

Spirit Tide!

The black wave rushed over, directly making Wang Feng, who was about to react, stiffen.

Although it was only for a moment, it was already enough for Lu Yan.

The Black Bone Scythe in his hand that was covered by the Netherworld Soul Scythe slashed across Wang Fengs neck and directly severed her head.

The entire set of actions was smooth and natural.

Wang Feng widened her eyes and looked unwillingly as her vision spun before she fell into darkness.

Wang Feng was protected very well and basically did not have any actual combat experience. Otherwise, she would not have been stuck at level 10 for so long.

If it were an ordinary summoner, they would not have been killed by Lu Yan so easily.

The corpse explosion at the side slowly dissipated at this moment, revealing Liu Fengs figure.

At this moment, Liu Feng was in a somewhat sorry state, but he was not injured much. Only his unprotected leg was slightly injured.

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The fiery red layer on his body had dimmed a lot, and only some of it was still wrapped around his body.

Liu Feng held the Pear Blossom Mountain Splitting Axe tightly in his hand and was about to continue fighting when he was directly stunned.

The guy with the black scythe disappeared, and even the skeleton elites disappeared.

Only Wang Fengs headless corpse was left on the ground.


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