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Chapter 22: Discovered

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In a dilapidated villa in the west, the lights were lit.

Hu Wei and several lackeys were drinking and singing in the villa.

As a member of Singa, Hu Wei could be considered to be doing well.

However, his position in Singa was not very high and he could not obtain much resources. It was very difficult for him to advance in terms of strength.

Basically, he had to be frugal and exchange all his money for resources.

However, Hu Wei was not the kind of person who could endure hardship. Moreover, even if he used all his resources to increase his cultivation, it would not increase by much. He might as well give up.

Usually, when he did not have any missions, he would live a drunken life and spend all his money on pleasure.

He especially liked rainy days. Once it rained, he would definitely party all night.

As a matter of fact, his subordinate had brought eight new beauties with him tonight. Hu Wei was hugging one with his left arm and another with his right arm. He was eating, drinking, and singing happily.

What he did not know was that a bright black car had already stopped not far from the villa like a ghost.

After Lu Yan stopped the car, he directly got out and looked at the villa in front of him. He clenched the Black Bone Scythe in his hand.

Without any hesitation, Lu Yan directly headed for the old villa in front of him.

The equipment of the Wind Spirit Set increased Lu Yans agility by a lot, allowing him to walk without much noise.

Coupled with the majestic rain, it directly covered all the sounds.

When he arrived at the outside wall of the villa, Lu Yan heard deafening music from inside.

There were no other buildings around here, so it was a good place for people to enjoy themselves.

However, to Lu Yan, it was also a good place to kill.

The moon was dark and the wind was high. Coupled with the heavy rain, there was no better time than today.

Crossing the wall, Lu Yan directly entered the courtyard of the villa.

Because of the heavy rain, there was no defensive strength in the surroundings. There was only a light in a security booth not far ahead, and a few figures could be seen moving around.

However, the sound of them playing games made it clear to Lu Yan that the people inside were basically unguarded.

Lu Yan quietly approached this security pavilion and summoned two skeleton elites.

After carefully checking the situation inside, Lu Yan discovered that there were only three people playing games and drinking. They were not vigilant at all.

With the Black Bone Scythe in hand, Lu Yan slowly opened the door to the security pavilion and rushed in.

The two skeleton elites behind him quickly followed and surged into the security booth in front of him.

“Whos there”

The three people inside had just heard the commotion when they saw the flickering black scythe enter their sight.

The sound of flesh being cut sounded. The three heads directly flew up and spun before landing on the ground.

Lu Yan supported one of the corpses and did not let it fall. The two skeleton elites supported the other two corpses.

Although the current Lu Yan was only level ten, with the increase in his strength and his equipment, it was still relatively easy for him to instantly kill three fellows who were caught off guard.

Among the three of them, only one had awakened a combat profession, but his reaction was only a little faster.

The necklace in front of his chest flickered. Then, the corpse Lu Yan was holding disappeared and was put into the necklaces storage space by Lu Yan.

Then, Lu Yan came into contact with the other two corpses and put them into his storage space as well.

After leaving the security booth, Lu Yan closed the door considerately.

Compared to before, the security booth had only gotten quieter.

Then, Lu Yan brought the two skeleton elites to the main building of the villa.

This was a small three-story villa. The lights were on on every floor. The singing and various noises came from the third floor.

The first and second floors were relatively quiet.

Lu Yan slowly pushed open the door and walked in.

The first floor was a hall with an exquisite sofa. Four to five people were sleeping on it. Clearly, they had drunk a lot.

Lu Yan quickly brought the two skeleton elites beside him forward and directly killed the few of them before collecting their corpses.

These four to five people were killed in their sleep without any pain.

Although it was his first time doing such a thing, Lu Yan was very professional.

Compared to demon beasts, humans were more difficult to kill. However, they could also be easier to kill.

However, these people clearly belonged to the latter.

Without making a sound, Lu Yan brought the two skeleton elites to the second floor.

There were several rooms on the second floor, and there was a long corridor in the middle.

On the two sides of the long corridor, two hooligans in suits were smoking and chatting.

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“Whos there”

The moment Lu Yan went upstairs, the two of them saw Lu Yan.

The two of them couldnt help but take a moment to wonder why they werent warned by the people downstairs.

However, during this daze, Lu Yan had already rushed in front of them. He raised the black scythe in his hand and directly slashed their bodies in half.

Looking at the corpses that were separated on the ground, Lu Yan frowned. “Its better to behead them as much as possible. This is too ugly.”

After gathering the corpses, a few people in the surrounding rooms who were not asleep opened the door when they heard the commotion.

Looking at the blood on the ground, the people who came out did not hesitate and directly rushed fiercely towards Lu Yan with their weapons.

“How dare you!”

Lu Yan shook his head, shook the blood off the Black Bone Scythe, and directly welcomed them.

The two skeleton elites behind him also rushed out and protected Lu Yan.

The black scythe in his hand kept slashing down. Screams sounded from ahead, and the people who rushed over were killed by Lu Yan as expected.

They did not even last a second in front of Lu Yan!

These were all ordinary people. After all, it was impossible for Hu Wei to have a group of combat profession subordinates.

These guys could scare ordinary people and people with low level auxiliary professions, but when facing people who had awakened a combat profession, there was basically only one outcome.

They were completely unable to resist..

Lu Yan carefully gathered the corpses of everyone.

Then, Lu Yan began to open the doors one by one and enter to kill the remaining people.

Screams constantly sounded, but the singing and dancing on the third floor was really too loud. It was simply deafening. The noise coming from the second floor could not be heard at all.

Even after killing everyone on the second floor, the singing and dancing on the third floor still continued and was not affected at all.

Lu Yan quickly headed to the third floor.

However, as soon as he arrived at the third floor, an ear-piercing alarm sounded, directly suppressing the deafening singing and dancing.

Lu Yan frowned and looked at the infrared alarm at the side.

He had been careless. He did not expect this guy to have set up a warning system on the third floor.

Although he would have been able to use Corpse Stealth to avoid such a device, it would still consume a lot of energy.

Although the skill did not state the cooldown time, Lu Yan tested it at home. With his current strength, he could at most maintain it for three minutes before his strength was exhausted.

This was even after Lu Yan used all five essence tonics on his physique.

A good physique not only increased ones defensive strength, but it also increased ones physical strength.

Although Corpse Stealth consumed the undead power, Lu Yan still needed to use his physical strength to consume the undead power.

Actually, with the enhancement of Lu Yans equipment, his physique was still not bad, but the consumption of Corpse Stealth was too high.

Therefore, Lu Yan did not plan to use Corpse Stealth to deal with Hu Wei.

As the ear-piercing alarm sounded, the singing and dancing instantly stopped. Hu Wei rushed out from a large private room in front of him with his subordinates.

Lu Yan held the Black Bone Scythe and directly welcomed them.

Since he had been discovered, he would directly kill them!


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