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Chapter 23: Battle Corpse Explosion

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When Hu Wei heard the alarm, he directly shook off the woman in his arms and grabbed the long sword on the table.

Then, he got his lackey to turn off the music.

Although Hu Wei liked to enjoy himself, he was still more concerned about his safety.

Someone had quietly barged into the third floor, directly waking him up.

With the long sword in hand, Hu Wei was still relatively calm. After all, he was a level twenty swordsman and was not weak.

After rushing out of the room, Hu Wei was about to go next door to get his armor when he saw a person in armor and holding a black scythe rush towards him.

Sensing the pressure from the other party, Hu Wei knew that it was impossible for him to put on his equipment. He could only draw his sword to welcome the enemy.

Lu Yan only saw Hu Wei in front of him.

At this moment, Hu Wei was still drunk. Although he had gotten much more sober, his movements were definitely not as agile as usual.

Moreover, he was not equipped and it was a good opportunity for Lu Yan to kill him.

The skeleton elites behind him followed behind Lu Yan with the goal of stopping the others beside Hu Wei.

Hu Wei bit his lip fiercely, and a trace of blood seeped out, making him sober up a little more. The long sword in his hand was like a silver snake as it headed towards the gap in Lu Yans neck armor.

For Hu Wei to be able to advance to level 20, he could be considered to have very rich combat experience. His attacks were very ruthless.

The Black Bone Scythe in Lu Yans hand welcomed the attack, and the two directly emitted a crisp sound.

A huge force came from his wrist, making Lu Yans right hand slightly numb.

This Hu Wei had clearly used a skill. The strength of this attack was very powerful.

The only two combat-type hooligans beside Hu Wei were about to intervene when they were directly stopped by the two skeleton elites.

Lu Yan did not hesitate. He raised the Black Bone Scythe and directly used the accompanying skill, Spirit Tide.

With the strength in his body exhausted, Lu Yan mobilized a large amount of undead power, forming a pitch-black tide substance that directly rushed forward.

Seeing this, Hu Wei suddenly retreated. He waved the long sword in his hand, forming a sword beam shield in front of him, wanting to block the pitch-black tide.

The spirit wave rushed over and instantly sent several lackeys beside Hu Wei flying, making them hug their heads and cry as their bodies distorted on the ground.

The Spirit Tide could cause intimidation and stiffness to people with combat professions. It would also cause pain to ordinary peoples souls.

The sword beam shield in front of Hu Wei blocked a portion of the black tide, but some of it still entered Hu Weis body.

The Spirit TIde was considered a soul attack and was relatively difficult to resist.

Hu Weis body suddenly froze. Lu Yan instantly pounced forward, and the Black Bone Scythe in his hand directly slashed towards Hu Weis neck.

After freezing up for a short moment, Hu Wei still raised his left arm to block in front of him.

The Black Bone Scythe slashed across and Hu Weis left arm was directly severed. However, his body quickly retreated and dodged Lu Yans subsequent attack.

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The bone-piercing pain made Hu Wei groan and he had gotten completely sober.

“You dare to cut off my arm Ill make you pay!” Hu Wei stared fiercely at Lu Yan and gritted his teeth.

Lu Yan did not waste his breath and pounced forward again to take advantage of the other partys weakness!

Hu Wei raised the long sword in his hand, and sword lights suddenly lit up.

Although using this move would injure his body, he couldnt care less at this moment.

Several sword lights appeared and surrounded Hu Wei, emitting a sharp aura. Under Hu Weis control, they directly headed towards Lu Yan.

Lu Yan did not care, but two white figures quickly blocked Hu Weis sword lights.

It was the two skeleton elites.

“Undead Berserk!”

Lu Yan shouted softly, and red light appeared in the bodies of the two skeleton elites. Their various attributes instantly doubled, and they directly blocked Hu Weis attack.

If not for the skeleton elites being enhanced by Undead Rage, they would probably be directly shattered by these sword lights.

However, after Lu Yan used Undead Rage, the attributes of these two skeleton elites doubled, and they were able to block Hu Weis furious attack.

However, these two skeleton elites were also covered in cracks at this moment, as if they would shatter in the next moment.

Lu Yan got the two skeleton elites to move aside and quickly arrived in front of Hu Wei. Then, he raised the Black Bone Scythe in his hand.

Hu Wei gritted his teeth and raised the sword in his right hand, wanting to resist for one last time.

However, Hu Wei then saw a black figure attack him.

It seemed to be a corpse.

What was this guy trying to do Was he using corpses as hidden weapons

Before Hu Wei could react, the corpse in front of him suddenly exploded, and a powerful energy instantly bloomed in front of him.

At the same time, the two corpses under Hu Weis feet suddenly exploded. The explosion directly enveloped Hu Weis body.

[Corpse Explosion (Grandmaster): Use a corpse to cause an explosion, causing damage to an area of one cubic meter. The damage output is the combined value of 50% of the users intelligence and 50% of the users strength.]

Lu Yan had waited until now to use the Corpse Explosion skill because he wanted to catch Hu Wei off guard.

The huge explosion directly flipped Hu Weis body over, and the long sword in his hand fell to the ground.

Before Hu Weis body landed, Lu Yan had already arrived beside him. A cold light flashed, and Hu Weis head was directly severed.

Hu Wei was still hot in the air, but he had already turned cold when he smashed onto the ground.

Lu Yan panted slightly, although it seemed that he had killed Hu Wei very easily and cleanly.

In fact, it was indeed very simple.

It could not be helped. Lu Yan was covered in gold equipment and had various powerful skills. Moreover, Hu Wei was caught off guard and was easily killed.

It didnt matter even if Hu Wei was at level 20.

Sometimes, level was not everything.

The other hooligans in the surroundings had long been dealt with by the skeleton elites. Lu Yan removed the two skeleton elites and let them recover from their injuries.

Then, Lu Yan began to clean the surroundings.

These corpses were all materials for corpse explosions. Lu Yan did not miss a single one and put them all into the necklace storage space.

Other people used storage items to store precious items, but Lu Yan directly used them to store corpses.

After cleaning up the surroundings, Lu Yan pushed open the door Hu Wei had left and checked. Other than a few prostitutes, there was no one else inside.

Ignoring the screams from inside, Lu Yan began to check the rooms one by one.

No matter what, Hu Wei was still a level twenty swordsman and should have some wealth.

Soon, Lu Yan discovered a set of equipment in another room.

It was a set of equipment that mainly increased strength and agility. Its attributes were still passable. It was a silver-grade equipment and was not a full set.

This was the last room. Lu Yan had only discovered this set of equipment so far.

Lu Yan frowned slightly. Was this guy that poor

Was this all the equipment he had

Suddenly, Lu Yan thought of something and released Hu Weis corpse. He checked and found a ring on his finger.

It was a storage ring.


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