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Chapter 26: Host Yang Qian

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Ten minutes away from the villa area, Lu Yans figure quietly appeared beside the car parked by the roadside.

The rain was still falling, and it was getting heavier.

After returning to the car, Lu Yan panted heavily and felt that the strength in his body was about to be exhausted.

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After driving to a small river in the west of the city, Lu Yan directly drove into the river ahead that had soared because of the rain.

After sending the car into the river, Lu Yan quickly returned. When he was about to reach home, he used Corpse Stealth again and quietly returned home.

After removing the Corpse Stealth and removing the armor, Lu Yan put it and the weapon into his storage necklace and fell onto the bed.

At this moment, he was already exhausted.

Killing Hu Wei and Wang Feng did not consume much of Lu Yans strength.

Even when Liu Feng surprised Lu Yan on Wang Fengs bed, Lu Yan did not fight him much.

The main consumption was on the Corpse Stealth.

This ability was very powerful in hiding ones figure, but it also consumed a lot of energy.

“That Liu Feng is very powerful. Hes not a good-for-nothing like Hu Wei. If that continued on, I would have probably died.”

“However, the effect of the corpse explosion is even better than I imagined. The might of the explosion is very powerful and can also be superimposed. The strength consumed to cause the Corpse Explosion is also very small.

“This battle has increased my combat experience a lot.

“Indeed, its much harder to fight people than demons.”

Some thoughts appeared in Lu Yans mind before he fell asleep.

An hour after Lu Yan fell asleep, a figure arrived opposite Lu Yans building and took out various equipment and aimed it at Lu Yans room.

After a while, the figure made a call. “Boss, this guy is sleeping soundly. Hes just an examinee who has just finished the university entrance examination. You should be thinking too much.”

With that said, the figure put away the equipment and quickly left.

At ten in the morning, Lu Yan opened his eyes, but his head was still somewhat dizzy.

It seemed like he had to add more free attribute points to his intelligence in the future.

Although he was an undead monarch and his strength also had an enhancement effect on the skill, the consumption of strength and mental strength when using the skill was basically physical and mental strength.

Intelligence was still very important to him.

The reason why he increased his strength by so much during the university entrance examination was because at that time, only strength could maximize the effectiveness of his methods.

In the future, his attribute points should mainly be added to his intelligence and physique.

If there were more, he would think about it later.

Lu Yan took a shower and was about to drink some water when someone knocked on the door.

Raising his eyebrows, Lu Yan quickly opened the door.

Outside the door stood a woman in a professional outfit. She held a microphone in her hand and was followed by a cameraman.

“Hello, are you Student Lu Yan Im the host of Linan TV, Yang Qian. May I do an interview with you”

Lu Yan sized up Yang Qian in front of him. She was still relatively famous in Linan.

She was reputed to be the number one beauty in Linan. Yang Wei was still infatuated with her for a while, but he quickly turned his attention to the sexy teachers after that.

Yang Qian was even better-looking than on TV. Lu Yan did not reveal any surprise at the other partys appearance.

His performance in the university entrance examination had definitely attracted the attention of many people.

After all, he had quickly passed the nightmare level university entrance examination as a necromancer.

It could be said that this news was very shocking when others did not know about the hidden profession of the undead monarch.

If he said that he did not have any secrets, no one would believe him.

Be it his speed at clearing the nightmare level or his identity as a necromancer, these reporters and hosts would definitely come and look for him.

This was also an important reason why Lu Yan attacked Hu Wei and Wang Feng last night.

Lu Yan retracted his thoughts and looked at Yang Qian in front of him. “Whats in it for me to accept your interview”

Yang Qian was stunned for a moment. She did not expect Lu Yan, who was able to pass the nightmare level test in a short amount of time, to say this.

“Lu Yan, you should also know about Linan TV. Our interview can increase your reputation and help you obtain the attention of the university. Look…”

Before Yang Qian could finish, Lu Yan directly interrupted her.

“Although the university entrance examination results are not out yet, with my university entrance examination situation, Im sure Im already able to attract the attention of the various universities, right”

“Moreover, you guys probably want to know why a necromancer was able to clear the nightmare level so quickly, right This is something many people care about, is it not”

“I believe the various media outlets in Linan have already targeted me. Its just that you guys arrived earlier.”

Lu Yan narrowed his eyes as he looked at Yang Qian in front of him. In order to kill Hu Wei and Wang Feng, he had basically spent all his school rewards.

They had to give them something in return, right

Yang Qian understood what Lu Yan meant and frowned slightly. “Then I wonder what conditions we have to meet for you to accept our interview”

A necromancer clearing the nightmare level was extremely explosive news.

If not for the fact that the video of the candidate had been released last night, when the rain was pouring, she would have rushed over last night.

However, he did not expect Lu Yan to ask for compensation.

However, if she could interview the other party, she could also pay some compensation.

Lu Yan stretched out his palm and said, “500,000 energy coins.”

“What!” Yang Qian exclaimed, “Impossible!”

500,000 energy coins was equivalent to 5 million in ordinary currency.

As the top-notch host of Linan TV, her annual salary was only 100,000 energy coins. However, this guy actually asked for 500,000 energy coins.

Lu Yan smiled and said, “You can consider it carefully. I believe that not only Linan City, but the entire country and even the entire world will pay attention to the story behind the Necromancers rapid clearing of the nightmare level.

“This is big international news. Seeing that youre the first to come, Ive given you a friendly price. In a while, when other reporters and hosts come, the price wont be this low.

“If you agree, I can guarantee that your interview will definitely be exclusive. Moreover, I wont hide anything from you.”

Hearing Lu Yans words, Yang Qians expression changed several times. Then, she looked at Lu Yan with a complicated expression and said, “I want to ask the leader. Wait a moment.”

Then, Yang Qian turned around and called her superior.

Soon, Yang Qian returned and looked at Lu Yan. “At most 300,000 energy coins, no more.”

Lu Yan looked at Yang Qian and smiled. “You can ask your leader again, but be quick. The other reporter friends should be arriving soon.”

Yang Qian bit her lip and then looked at Lu Yan. “Alright! 500,000 energy coins it is. Ill give you the remaining 200,000 energy coins myself!”


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