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Chapter 6: Something Is Wrong with the Succubus

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After hesitating for a moment, Lu Yan rushed towards Yang Weis house.

There were no summoners among the teachers in the school, so Lu Yan also wanted to see the ability of a sSummoner.

Soon, Lu Yan arrived at Yang Weis neighborhood.

Yang Weis family background should be pretty good. This neighborhood was considered a mid-range neighborhood. Moreover, Yang Wei had bought it to make it easier for him to go to school.

Usually, he was the only one here. He often invited Lu Yan to his house to play and would watch movies with Lu Yan from time to time. Therefore, Lu Yan was still relatively familiar with Yang Weis house.

He arrived at Yang Weis neighborhood building with familiarity and took the elevator to the third floor. Lu Yan knocked on the door.

The door opened. Yang Wei, who was covered in sweat, looked at Lu Yan with an excited expression.

However, Lu Yan acutely sensed a trace of fear from Yang Weis excited expression.

Before Lu Yan could think carefully, Yang Wei pulled Lu Yan in.

“Lu Yan, come in quickly!”

After closing the door, Yang Wei wiped the sweat from his forehead and took a deep breath.

“Whats wrong with you Are you watching something dirty” Lu Yan looked at Yang Wei and asked in confusion.

Yang Weis expression changed a few times. Then, he looked at Lu Yan and said, “Something happened to me. I wont be able to explain it to you in a while. Ill let you see what I summoned first.”

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As he spoke, Yang Wei pulled Lu Yan towards the bedroom.

Lu Yan sensed the sweat on Yang Weis palm and asked suspiciously, “Could it be that your sexual orientation has switched and now you want to make a move on me”

“Get lost, get lost. Even if I die, its impossible for me to change my sexual orientation.” Yang Wei rolled his eyes at Lu Yan. Then, he arrived at the bedroom door and opened it.


As soon as the bedroom door opened, a pink light sound spread out. Against this pink light, Yang Weis bedroom seemed very charming.

Was this a joke Why were the mood lights on

“Master, youre back.”

Before Lu Yan could react, a figure in front of him pounced towards Yang Wei.

This figure had a beautiful face and a demon-like figure. The black wings on her back were very small.

Behind her, a pink tail curled up, forming a heart at the end.


A succubus!

A succubus pounced towards Yang Wei and directly pounced on him. Her large red eyes stared fixedly at Yang Wei, extremely charming.

“Lu Yan! Quick! Quickly pull this woman off me.”

After being pounced by this succubus, Yang Wei trembled and hurriedly shouted at Lu Yan.

At this moment, Lu Yan was still immersed in the shock after finding out that Yang Wei had summoned a succubus. Hearing Yang Weis words, he hurriedly went forward and grabbed the succubus arm.


The succubus turned around and stared at Lu Yan with her charming eyes. Her tongue brushed past her lips. “Do you also want to play with me”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lu Yan felt a dense charm surge towards him.

In an instant, Lu Yans face turned red, as if he was facing a sexy foreign teacher. It was somewhat unbearable.

At the same time, Lu Yan felt as if something in his body was flowing towards the succubus in front of him.

Lu Yan began to sweat as if he had done a very intense exercise.


At this moment, a dark green aura surged out of Lu Yans body and instantly circulated around his body.


The succubus in front of him seemed to have been attacked by something. Her body directly flew out and smashed onto the big bed in front of her.

Looking at Lu Yan again, this succubus eyes were filled with fear, as if she had seen something terrifying.

At the same time, Lu Yan felt the redness in his face quickly disappear.

Beside him, Yang Wei also suddenly panted. Then, the sweat on his body quickly disappeared.

“Yang Wei, whats going on You summoned a succubus But somethings wrong with this succubus.”

Lu Yan looked at the succubus on the big bed. Although the other party was very charming, a lingering fear rose in his heart.

The other party had definitely attacked him just now, although he did not know what methods the other party had used.

However, for some reason, the attack was suddenly interrupted.

However, didnt summoned creatures have to listen to the orders of the summoner

Could it be Yang Weis order

No, Yang Weis situation was also somewhat wrong, as if he was also affected by this succubus attack.

Yang Wei looked at Lu Yan and said, “Im not sure whats going on either. The thing I summoned seems to be somewhat abnormal.”

“Other summoners can only summon one creature at a time. As their ability increases, they can summon stronger creatures.”

“However, I seem to be able to summon different creatures. I just summoned a huge golden python. When I saw that it was not the demong girl, I was somewhat disappointed and directly canceled the summoning.”

“When I wanted to check the attributes of the golden python, I summoned this succubus again.”

“Although its not a demon girl, a succubus is still very awesome, alright I just wanted you to see it.”

“But not long after I sent you the message, I realized that something was wrong. This succubus seems to be somewhat out of my control.”

“Out of your control” Lu Yan frowned and said, “How is this possible How can a summoner not control his summoned creature”

“I think its strange too. Since youre here, I wanted to show you. I didnt expect her to even attack you.”

At this moment, the succubus on the big bed curled her body and looked at Lu Yan and Yang Wei with a smile. “What attack I just want the two of you to play with me.”

Yang Wei pointed at the succubus on the bed and directly jumped up. “Look, damn it. This succubuss consciousness is completely independent. If not for the fact that I summoned it myself, I would have thought that some wild succubus was coming to suck me dry.”

The succubus on the bed licked her lips and looked at Yang Wei. “I didnt know that Master likes it that way. Come here, Ill suck you dry.”

As she spoke, the succubus on the bed wanted to continue heading towards Yang Wei.

Seeing this, Lu Yan directly blocked in front of Yang Wei.

Although he did not know what was going on, he seemed to have blocked the other partys charm just now.

If he guessed correctly, it should be because of his hidden profession.

There was a suppression between demons and foreign races. With his identity as the undead monarch, he should be able to intimidate the other party.

Indeed, seeing Lu Yan block in front of Yang Wei, the succubus in front of him stopped, her eyes revealing a trace of fear.

Lu Yan thought for a moment and said to Yang Wei, “Did you check the attributes of this succubus”

Yang Wei was stunned for a moment before hurriedly saying, “Not yet. I was too excited. Let me take a look.”

In the next second, Yang Weis scream sounded.

“What! This is a level 20 succubus!”


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