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2545 First Encounter with A Mine Demon

The shop assistant glanced at Han Fei.

A Devil Vine was worth a thousand ultra-quality spiritual stones.

If Han Fei asked for a hundred thousand of them, it would be a hundred million ultra-quality spiritual stones.

Yes, in this place, ultra-quality spiritual stones were still one of the main currencies, because too many people needed ultra-quality spiritual stones.

And the Infinite Mining Area was abundant with ultra-quality spiritual stones, so many people used it as the currency in the Infinite Mining Area.

In fact, there were not many people in the eight camps.

Many people were mining in the Infinite Mining Area.

If all of them were gathered, there would be five billion people in the Infinite Mining Area.

In fact, when Han Fei saw the price for the first time, he was also shocked.

When he was in the Yin-Yang World, he had never thought that the Devil Vine could be so valuable.

Now, because of the different environment, in the Infinite Mining Area, the Devil Vine had more room to grow, so its effect was greater.

And 100 million ultra-quality spiritual stones could only be exchanged for 10,000 kilometers of resources, which wasnt much.

Han Fei said, “A hundred thousand Devil Vines, a hundred thousand Heritage Searching Roots, a hundred thousand Essence Gathering Grasses, a hundred thousand Mine Swallowing Millstone Flowers, a hundred thousand…”

Han Fei mentioned more than 30 kinds of seeds in one breath, each 100,000 pieces.

However, different seeds had different prices.

In the end, the shop assistant was shocked.

This person actually exchanged for seeds worth 250,000 kilometers of resources at once.

If he went to the Hundred Alliance City once, he would make a huge profit!

The shop assistants heart stirred.

“Okay, please wait a moment.”

After a while, Han Fei exchanged supplies with the shop assistant in the secret room.

When Han Fei left, the shop assistant immediately said to someone via voice transmission, “Boss, someone bought the seeds of 250,000 kilometers of resources in one go…”

A mere 250,000 kilometers of resources was not a lot of money for Han Fei at all.

Han Fei didnt really want to sell these seeds in the Hundred Alliance City.

He thought that he might be able to use these seeds in the future.

Because it was a green safety mission, the team was soon full.

Among the 20 people in the Sky Opening Realm, the strongest was in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm.

In addition to the Sky Openers, they also brought 2,000 peak-level Sea Establishers.

These Sea Establishment realm cultivators were mostly itinerant cultivators.

After paying a certain amount of resources, they would follow the Sky Opening Realm powerhouses to the Hundred Alliance City to find an opportunity to join a powerful force.

These 2,000 people were all led by the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator.

As for why, it was naturally because the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator didnt trust them.

Although the seed transportation mission was just the most common transportation mission, the pirates were not picky.

They didnt like to loot the seed transportation teams, but it didnt mean that they wouldnt do it.

After all, if they robbed them, they would still make some money.

No matter how worthless the seeds were, it would be valuable if there were a lot of them.

Two hour later.

This peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm powerhouse summoned Han Fei and the others and said, “My name is Qin Cheng.

I initiated this seed transportation mission.

There are a lot of mine demons along the way.

Lets defend against them together.

I wont take a single cent of what we get from the mine demons.

However, I need a 1% commission for this mission.

This is already the lowest commission now.

Does anyone have any objections”

For a moment, everyone was refreshed.

Someone was surprised.

“Only 1%”

Everybody looked at him speechlessly, wondering if he was out of his mind.

Was 1% not good enough Did he need 2% or 3%, or even 4% or 5% They could only earn less than 10% in total, and they had made the advance payment.

If Qin Cheng wanted too high a commission, who would be willing to team up with him again After a few times, Qin Cheng would definitely lose face and no one would cooperate with him.

However, according to Han Feis understanding, the commission Qin Cheng wanted was indeed not much.

Generally speaking, it was normal for a peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator to take a commission of 2% or even 3%.

But if it was a perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator, the lowest commission would be 3%.

This was because a perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator was very powerful and could almost guarantee your safety.

This was the fundamental reason why many people would rather give so much commission, because the mission would be easy to complete.

Of course, it wasnt like that a seed transportation mission could be issued by just anyone.

This was a matter of credibility.

In the Hundred Alliance City, there was a group of people who specially transported goods.

These people often had one characteristic, which was that they were about to break through from the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm to the perfected Star Transformation Realm.

At such a critical juncture, they hoped to obtain resources more safely to help themselves make a breakthrough, instead of going to fight the mine demons.

It was not that they were afraid to fight.

Sometimes, a breakthrough required battle, but sometimes not.

Anyway, these people were good at using the rules of the Hundred Alliance City.

According to the credibility token they obtained from the Hundred Alliance City, they would issue missions.

The more credibility they had, the more popular they would be, and the more people would follow them to transport goods.

At this moment, Qin Cheng glanced at the people he brought and didnt look at Han Fei for long, because at this moment, Han Fei had just entered the Star Transformation Realm in his eyes, which was still far away from the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm.

However, after being glanced at by Qin Cheng, Han Fei realized that something was wrong, because Qin Chengs eyes were strangely cold.


Han Fei recalled that when he accepted the mission, he saw that Qin Cheng was the kind of person with excellent credibility! With such credibility, it should be very safe to follow him in transportation.

However, the look in Qin Chengs eyes was indeed strange.

Han Fei glanced at the people around him.

They were all in the Star Transformation realm.

Yes, all of them were in the Star Transformation realm.

Suddenly, he seemed to have guessed something.

He wanted to kill these people and snatch their Origin Stars

Han Fei remained calm.

At this moment, everyone had already stepped on the air and set off.

In everyones opinion, it was very safe for twenty Sky Openers to carry out a simple transportation mission.

No pirate would be stupid to hunt such a team, right

After three years, Han Fei was ready to enter the Infinite Mining Area.

In the past three years, he had accumulated a lot.

There were still 86,684 people left in the Seven Kill Army.

Compared to three years ago, more than 30,000 people had died.

However, the Seven Kill Army at this moment was completely different from the Seven Kill Army three years ago.

In a place like the Sea Realm, it was very easy for strong masters who had walked out of death to make a breakthrough.

In just three years, because of the time acceleration, they had spent almost 500 years in Han Feis Origin Star.

There were already no Explorers.

In the Venerable realm, most of the peak-level Venerables had already established the sea.

Those who hadnt established the sea mostly died in battle.

As for the remaining people, as long as they had resources, corresponding trials, and battles, their growth was fast.

Now there were only twelve thousand Venerables left, and the rest were all at least Sea Establishers, the extremely ferocious kind of Sea Establishers.

As for the Sky Opening Realm, 33 had been born in the past three years.

This meant that the Sky Openers among Han Feis subordinates had officially exceeded a hundred.

Including the old turtle, there were a total of 110.

Of course, this was the number of the Sky Openers among his subordinates.

The pirates who surrendered to him were not included.

Whether these people could survive depended on their luck.

Traveling at the speed of light for less than half a month, Han Fei and the others finally saw mine demons one after another.

What Han Fei saw was a group of stone monsters.

Yes, black stone monsters, white stone monsters, red stone monsters, and colorful stone monsters.

Although Han Fei had long known the classification of ordinary mine demons, black, white, and red were the three worst qualities, he was speechless when he saw the stupid and cute appearance of these mine demons.

Their heads were very big.

One head could be a hundred meters long, but their bodies were only dozens of meters long, looking like super bobblehead dolls.

Their bodies were full of corresponding mineral deposits.

After killing the mine demons, the essence of their mineral deposits could be collected.

For example, even the black stone monsters with the worst quality had enough minerals to forge Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures.

Of course, that was only if their level was very high.

Otherwise, they could only be used as auxiliary materials for Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures.

At first, these mine demons couldnt catch up with Han Fei and the others.

Three days later, when they officially crossed the border of the Infinite Mining Area, some mine demons that were not stone men appeared.

For example, at this moment, Han Fei and the others encountered a group of fish mine demons with flat heads and small bodies.

This school of fish was made of mineral essence and was digging a mine to absorb the essence of the mine.

But when they saw Han Fei and the others, they immediately rushed over.

Qin Cheng shouted, “Its Black Iron Head.

Enter combat.

This fish wont retreat until its population is reduced by half.

Lets solve it quickly.”

“Black Iron Head”

Han Fei was dumbfounded.

Before he had time to think, the two parties had collided.

Information popped up in his eyes:

Iron-Head Mineral Spirit

A kind of Fish Mine Demon, low quality, low intelligence, but born with the power to control the Great Dao of Strength.

The Iron-Head Mine Spirit grows stronger by absorbing the essence of the mine and swallowing the bones of strong masters.

Its soul power is weak, so it uses the Great Dao of Strength to protect its soul.

To kill the Iron-Head Mine Spirit, you have to break its armor and destroy its soul first before you can kill it quickly.



Star Transformation

Great Dao of Strength

Strength Immunity, Soul Barrier, Explosive Speed Impact

Level-two Mineral, Power Mineral

A rock with low intelligence that can only fight instinctively.

For a moment, a great battle broke out.

Han Fei casually clenched his fist and controlled his strength to the level of star transformation.

Boom ~

The Black Iron Head was embedded into the seabed by Han Feis punch, but with a swing of its tail, it rushed towards Han Fei again.

Han Feis face slightly changed.

What a strong defense! Although he simulated a blow from a regular Star Transformation powerhouse, he didnt expect that this punch couldnt even kill a stone!

Besides, Han Fei felt that even if his strength was doubled, he couldnt break their defense.

Han Fei immediately looked around.

These people were all experienced.

Han Fei took a look and found that they all practiced some piercing armor-piercing techniques based on the Great Dao.

Seeing that Han Feis attack failed to penetrate a Black Iron Head, someone shouted at Han Fei, “Is this the first time youve entered a mining area You cant fight like this.

Most mine demons have extraordinary defense power.

Their talent is immunity to strength and are very resistant to physical attacks.

You have to break their armor in an instant and then kill them with a soul technique in an instant.

Otherwise, even if you are in the late-stage Star Transformation Realm, you dare not say that you can kill a Black Iron Head with strength alone.”

The person who spoke was a hale and hearty old man.

Seeing Han Fei fighting with fist techniques, he casually pierced through a Black Iron Head and flew to Han Fei.

He pierced through the invisible Dao runes of an Iron-Head Mineral Spirit with a finger.

The moment the Dao runes were shattered, the old man activated a Soul Killing Technique and the Black Iron Head exploded into a pile of mineral stones.

Han Fei: “Thank you.”

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