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Just then, three people arrived.

“Chen Ziyun,” one of them said.

Chen Ziyun turned around and saw he knew two of the three people.

One was Senior Brother Min, who had explained to him how the competition worked.

The other one was Senior Sister Lan, that unfriendly graduate.

He didnt know the third person, but that person held a sword and behaved rather aloof.

However, Senior Sister Lan respected him, and he seemed to think very highly of himself.

Chen Ziyun walked up to them.

He soon came back and asked Feng Wu, “Xiao Wu, theyre holding a hunt.

Would you like to join us”

“A hunt” Feng Wus first reaction was to say no.

She didnt have that kind of time now.

Chen Ziyun said, “Its not what you think.

Were hunting the people of the Dongsang Kingdom.”

“What” Feng Wu was perplexed.

Chen Ziyun said, “We usually go in teams of five.

A little to the west of the border is the Dayless Woods.

“Do you remember the arena Its in the middle of the borders.”

Feng Wu nodded.

Chen Ziyun said, “To the left of the arena is the vast grassland, and the Dayless Woods is on the right.”

Feng Wu thought about it.

Why did that name sound so familiar Where had she heard it before

It sounded like an important name.

Feng Wu searched her memory.

Chen Ziyun didnt notice her reaction and went on with the explanation.

“At the center of the Dayless Woods is an erupting volcano.

The crater is small, but the eruption is quite powerful.

“The Dayless Woods is about 6,000 square kilometers in size.

Half of it is in the Junwu Empire, and the other half is in the Dongsang Kingdom.”

Six thousand square kilometers was about the size of a city.

“Because its a good place to hide, teams of both sides often fight there, ambushing and assassinating one another.

“Its a great opportunity to win rewards.

“The Dayless Woods is divided into three circles.

Current students like us can only stay in the outer circle, but look.”

Chen Ziyun pointed at the three people.

“Their previous teammates are injured, and they need more people.

If we go with them, we can enter the middle ring.

“Most people fighting there are Spiritual Kings.

Xiao Wu, shall we give it a go”

Feng Wu wasnt interested in hunting the Dongsang people.

After all, she hadnt been there during the war 14 years ago.

A thought suddenly struck her.

The Dayless Woods!

That name!

She finally remembered where she had heard it.

She had caught five spies in the Secret Essence Mine, and when she interrogated them with her potion, they mentioned the Immortal Spiritual Fruit.

That was right!

They had been mumbling a little, but Feng Wu recalled it now.

It was the Dayless Woods!

The second Immortal Spiritual Fruit was in the Dayless Woods!

Feng Wus eyes lit up.

She forgot about the living quarters and told Chen Ziyun, “Lets go to the Dayless Woods right now!”

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