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“Grand Master Xia, if you dont mind, why dont you sit down and rest for a while” Deep Flame said tentatively.

With his strength, he was qualified to speak to Grand Master Xia.

However, he didnt know what the latter was thinking.

It seemed that the latter didnt intend to leave.


Grand Master Xia heaved a sigh of relief and sat at the main table with a smile.

Excited, the disciples of the Deep Valley arranged for the people he had brought here to other seats.

The superior and mighty Grand Master Xia was extremely mysterious.

To their surprise, he was having dinner with them.

They felt that their sect was quite impressive.

“I heard that the Deep Valley plans on moving to the location of the previous Wind Snow Temple” Grand Master Xia asked as he looked at Deep Flame.

“Its just a temporary plan.

You also know that the geographical location of the Wind Snow Temple and the mountain range there are great.

Maybe there are other forces who…” Deep Flame replied.

However, before he could finish his words, Grand Master Xia snorted.

“Bro, you can rest assured about this matter.

The location of the previous Wind Snow Temple belongs to the Deep Valley.

Whoever does not agree on it will become my enemy.”

“Well, thank you for your kindness.”

Deep Flame pretended to gasp in astonishment and thanked him in a hurry.

At the same time, he looked at Zhang Han and Zi Yan with emotion.

It was all because of them.

They were really impressive.

“I was in the inferior world of the Kunlun Mountain Range when I first heard of you, Zhang Hanyang.

I was surprised to know that you could be so powerful in a place suppressed by world rules.

The second time I heard of you was because of your fight with Li Qingyan.

As soon as you entered the Kunlun Immortal World, you were like a fierce dragon.

I was more surprised to know that when the eight masters of the East Domain gathered, they also talked about this matter and thought that you were a threat.

Later, you destroyed the Wind Snow Temple and suppressed the three experts, including Nan Qinghai.

It was… shocking.”

Grand Master Xia looked at Zhang Han and continued to praise him.

“Im shocked.

Youve just entered the Kunlun Immortal World but have done such great things.

What will you do in the future Whats more shocking is that your wife is powerful too.

May I have your name, maam”

When he asked the question, he looked cautious and was testing the other partys attitude.

If they were too lazy to say anything, he would not talk to them.

If they were willing to communicate, it would be better to make small talk.

What was more, they had accepted his gift and had to show him some respect.

“Huh I didnt seem to be treated with respect just now,” he muttered to himself.

He felt a little uncomfortable when he thought that they hadnt even invited him to sit down.

“Alas, I have to swallow my pride under the circumstances,” he thought.

“My Taoist name”

Zi Yan was taken aback at first, and then replied, “Purple Moon.”

“Good name!”

Grand Master Xia smiled and added, “You are as beautiful as a fairy.

We cultivators in the Kunlun Immortal World should call you… Moon Fairy, oh no, its not honorable enough.

Moon King No, that sounds more like the one-word name of a Real King in the Ancient Mine.

I think… Moon Empress is not bad.”

As soon as he said that, the whole audience was shocked.

Then, the people led by Grand Master Xia cupped their hands and shouted, “Greetings, Moon Empress!”


“Greetings, Moon Emperor!”

The disciples of the Deep Valley followed and shouted, “Greetings, Moon Empress.”


The sound waves rushed in all directions.

Some disciples from other sects watching from afar were shocked, and quite a few of them muttered in a low voice, “Moon Empress.


“The most honorable person in the world!

“Shes the greatest and most supreme!”

“Boom! Boom!”

Everyone was stunned.

Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, Dong Chen, and the others looked at each other and found that they were all astonished inside, but they smiled and said nothing.

Moon Empress

Grand Master Xia was nothing more than following the trend.

Now that Zi Yan could suppress Grand Masters in the Yuan Ying Realm, she should have the most distinguished status in the world.

He made such a proposal without asking Zhang Hanyang for advice.

In his view, Zhang Hanyang was powerful, and he had to be cautious against him.

But Zhang Hanyang was no match for Grand Masters in the Yuan Ying Realm currently.

So, he didnt think he should play up to him.

He was realistic.

He was even observing Zi Yans expression all the time.

She already had a husband and a daughter.

Would she have other thoughts after she got such an identity

Sometimes in the face of strength, love was nothing.

If she was the kind of person who valued friendship and righteousness or someone who simply pursued power, they would change the way they communicated.

But he didnt expect…

Hearing this title, Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

She covered her mouth and chuckled.

Then she took Zhang Hans arm and whispered, “Honey, isnt the title a bit too exaggerated”

“I dont think so.

Its nice.

Hurry up and thank him for that,” Zhang Han said, laughing.

“Oh, thank you, Grand Master Xia.”

Zi Yan was stunned at first, and then her eyes lit up.

Usually, Zhang Han didnt bother to say such things.

But now, he clearly wanted to show others how docile she looked when she was with him.

As a result, she got closer to Zhang Han, looking like a lovable little woman.

Grand Master Xia was at a loss for words.

He was a little confused.

How could the invincible Moon Empress be so obedient

“Zhang Hanyang is really capable,” he thought.


Mengmeng was silent for a while before she asked in confusion, “Daddy, Mummy, you all have Taoist names.

What about mine”


Zi Yan reached out her hand with a smile and pinched Mengmengs tender face.

“Naughty girl.

Why bother”

“You all have one.

I want one, too,” Mengmeng pouted and answered in an unhappy tone.

Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “Well, a Taoist name is only used in the martial arts world.

Dear, what name do you want Little Fairy Mengmeng”

“Little Fairy No!”

Mengmeng refused.

“I want one like Mummys.”

“How about one like Daddys Well, what do you think of Cute Fairy Mengmeng,” Zhang Han said, smiling.

“Hmph!” Mengmeng snorted.

“How about Fairy Mengmeng It resembles your Mummys.”

Mengmeng looked a little annoyed after Zhang Han finished speaking.

“I dont want to talk to you.

Ill think of a name on my own, hmph.”

The way they talked and laughed gave Grand Master Xia a taste of what a family was like.

He had experienced many ups and downs, but he changed the way he behaved normally.

He told them about places that were interesting, thrilling, and suitable for a family trip in the East Domain.

They chatted for half an hour.

“Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!”

Several people quickly flew over from the northern horizon.

“Grand Master Wang!”

“Greetings, Grand Master Wang,” Deep Flame shouted.

Many people greeted Grand Master Wang one after another.

“Why did you arrive first”

Grand Master Wang landed with his men and shot Grand Master Xia a strange look.

Grand Master Xia replied in a calm voice, “Im the closest, so Im able to arrive quickly.

Youre here to pay your respects to the Moon Empress, arent you Cut the crap.

Take out your gift as soon as possible.”

Grand Master Wang was speechless.

He had an impulse to curse but was not allowed to do so on this occasion.


“What the hell is the Moon Empress

“Hold on!

“Moon Empress!”

Grand Master Wang was taken aback before he cupped his hands to Zi Yan honestly.

“Im Wang Xin.

Im here to greet the Moon Empress.”

“Er… Im not used to it.” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han and stuck out her tongue awkwardly.

“Well, with your strength, you deserve such a title,” Grand Master Xia said with a smile.

Grand Master Wangs face darkened.

“Hmph, it turns out that you were the one who called her that.

“You really have nothing to do!”

Grand Master Wang did not say much.

He took out a Space Ring and said, “This is our first meeting.

Please take my gift.”

The various treasures that this fellow gave Zi Yan were worth around ten million crystals, roughly the same as Grand Master Xias.

He sat down, and they chatted for a while.

“Another Grand Master Grand Master Ye is here as well.

Could it be that the eight, oh no, the five Grand Masters of the East Domain, will all be here to pay their respects to the Moon Empress”


There were more and more onlookers.

At the sight of that, they felt immensely shocked and could not calm down.


As expected, a dozen minutes later, the other two Grand Masters arrived together.

They all sent Zi Yan valuable treasures.

Almost all the presents given by each Grand Master were worth about ten million crystals.

In just a few hours, the treasures Zhang Han had got were worth 50 million low-grade crystals.

If they were seen by Ye Longyuan or Shi Fenghou, they would definitely cry out in grief.

“Zhang Hanyang, youre so rich.

Please dont squeeze us for crystals.”

They had difficulty in obtaining even one million crystals.

It could be imagined how generous these Grand Masters were.

Although Zhang Han was not short of top-grade crystals, there were not many such crystals in the Kunlun Immortal World or the Kings Domain.

The chat lasted until 11 p.m.

After a whole day, Mengmeng yawned and felt a little sleepy.

However, the disciples and Grand Masters nearby were chatting happily.

So Zhang Han stood up decisively.

“My daughter is sleepy.

Well go to rest now.”

“Well, dad, grandpa, we shall go to bed first,” Zi Yan said.

Deep Flame and the five Grand Masters all stood up and said their farewells.

Under the gaze of these people, Zhang Han and his family walked into the guest room area.

“Daddy, Mummy, I dont want to sleep alone.

Im a little scared here,” Mengmeng muttered, holding their hands.


Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han and said, “Lets sleep in one room.

Mengmeng, didnt you bring a bed Its spacious enough for the three of us.”

“Okay!” Mengmeng immediately laughed.

“Then Ill let you, the third wheel, sleep with us for a night.” Zhang Han smiled and continued, “Go in and change into your pajamas first.

Ill take a walk there.”

Zhang Han pointed in the direction of the corridor of the main hall.

“Okay.” Zi Yan nodded slightly and entered the room with Mengmeng to arrange the sleeping place.

Zhang Han walked around, took out dozens of medium-grade crystals, and set up a formation to block the soul sense of others.

It didnt matter if they were outside, but the resting places, such as the big castle on Mount New Moon, had to be able to block the soul sense.

No one liked to be checked by others about their privacy, whether it was intentional or not.

However, Zhang Han didnt expect that it would take the mother and daughter more than half an hour to tidy up.

When he was invited in…

The guest room had turned into a pink princess room.

“Lets sleep.”

Mengmeng lay on the bed with her parents beside her.

This way, she felt safe and soon fell asleep in this strange environment.

After the main characters left, the people outside also took their leave one after another.

Both Grand Master Xia and the other four had achieved their purpose.

After communicating with each other, they found that Zhang Hanyang and the Moon Empress were not interested in the Kunlun Immortal World and that they were going to head for the inferior world tomorrow.

Maybe the Moon Empress would not come here after the passages were closed.

The four Grand Masters were also surprised.

They didnt expect that the Moon Empress, who could suppress Grand Masters in the Yuan Ying Realm and defeat them, was so obedient in front of Zhang Hanyang.


In fact, Zhang Mu and the others also had something in their minds.

Having Zi Yan was equivalent to having the whole world.

They couldnt figure out why Zi Yan was so mighty since she didnt mention anything about the awakening of her power to others.

She had changed from an ordinary person to someone awesome in a few hours.

Perhaps no one would believe her if she did say so.

In the small hours, the news of the five Grand Masters going to the Deep Valley to visit Zi Yan spread.

Even the matter of Grand Master Xia respectfully addressing Ms.

Zhang as the Moon Empress was widely spread.

“Moon Empress Does that mean she is the most powerful in the Kunlun Immortal World”

“Being able to suppress three Grand Masters in the Yuan Ying Realm, she is indeed the most powerful person in this world.”

“Moon Empress, from now on, becomes the most unique being in the Kunlun Immortal World.

The legend of the immortality of Grand Masters in the Yuan Ying Realm has become the past.”


The news quickly spread throughout the East Domain.

It even spread to the South Domain, the North Domain, and the West Domain at an exaggerated speed.

It would not take long for the entire Kunlun Immortal World to know about the Moon Empress!

However, neither Zhang Han nor Zi Yan paid attention to it.

Early the next morning, Zhang Mu and the others were escorted to the closest passage to the border of the South Domain by those from the Deep Valley.

“Goodbye, Zhang Mu! Zhang Hanyang, Moon Empress, you are welcome to visit us at any time,” Deep Flame said warmly.

After that, Zhang Mu and the others were ready to enter the passage.


Mengmeng muttered, “Daddy, Mummy, no one seems to notice my presence.

Nobody says goodbye to me.”

“Haha.” Deep Flame laughed and said in a loud voice, “My lovely and beautiful princess, you are welcome to come here when you are free.”

“Well, Ill come back when I can,” Mengmeng answered seriously.



After that, the family of three jumped into the passage.

The view ahead of them changed.

They appeared in a dense forest, surrounded by many martial artists.

Those martial artists at the border of Dith grew cautious when they saw some people coming out at this time.

Then someone walked up to exchange a few words with Dong Chen and then sent them away.

The sun had risen from the east and lit up the earth.

The jungle seemed peaceful.

When they returned to Xiangjiang and felt the prosperity of the city, Zi Yan and Mengmeng had a strange feeling.

“Phew… Im back!” they exclaimed inwardly.

The two days journey seemed like many days to them.

“Im going to play games with my classmates for an afternoon!”

Mengmeng ran quickly to the castle.

Zi Yans voice sounded from behind.

“Have you finished your homework You have had an extra week off.

Your teacher has assigned you some extra homework.”


Thunderstruck, Mengmeng stood where she was.

After a while, she said bitterly, “Mummy, why did you say such a horrible thing on such a happy day My good mood is ruined!”

“Oh” Zi Yan pursed her lips, walked up to Mengmeng, and pinched her soft face.

“When we were about to depart, did you claim that even if you went out to play, you could still get the first place when you came back How can you live up to your word without doing your homework”

“Humph! I dont like you anymore.” Mengmeng snorted, ran back to the castle in dismay, and worked hard on her homework.

She was fast, but it still took her an entire afternoon.

The homework assigned to her when she was in junior high school was much more than before.

It was already 9 p.m.

after she finished her homework, had dinner, played for some time, and went upstairs to turn on her computer.

After playing games for more than two hours, she went to bed.

“Well, I feel more comfortable at home!”

She stretched herself and fell asleep.

The holiday was always short.

Soon, the school day arrived.

“Im going to go to school again.”

Mengmeng looked outside the window at the school and added, “The boring school life is awaiting me.”

“Boring school life” Zi Yan said angrily, “Look, I told you not to cultivate at such a young age.

Youre now distracted and cannot focus on your studies.

That wont do.

Its time to lock you up and forbid you from going to those relics.”

“Huh What are you talking about, Mummy” Mengmeng played dumb and said, “I mean that my favorite school life is awaiting me.”

“Do you think I didnt hear you” Zi Yan snorted.

“My ears are sharp.”

“Well, I didnt mean that.

If I dont like studying, how can I get the first place Dont you think so, Daddy”

“Im with you on that.”

“Haha.” Mengmeng laughed and added, “I love learning.

Besides, Mummy, to cultivate, I also need to learn the knowledge related to cultivation.

Its the same.

Its all about learning.”


You have good grades, after all.

What about the final exam this time Lets do it the old way.

If you do well in the exam, youll be rewarded.

As for the reward, its different from the previous ones.

Well take you out to play.

This time, the three of us can go to the relics together.”

Speaking of this, Zi Yan was quite interested, and even her eyes lit up.

Mengmeng opened the car door and said, “Then Ill have to take the first place.

Im going to school.”

She skipped into the school without wearing a hat.

On the way, she attracted the attention of many students.

When they saw her, they couldnt help but talk about her.

“Isnt that Zhang Yumeng of Class 8 First Grade The song she sang at the school arts festival is all popular on the Internet.”

“Its her.

Shes so lovely.

Who else could it be other than her” A bold student said in a daze, “Shes my goddess! Shes so charming.”

“Bro, dont drool over her.

She is the president of the Cloud Shadow Club, and she is amazing.

All the members of her club are girls, and there are so many of them.

If you provoke her, Im sure that you will be beaten up after school.”


It seemed that the Cloud Shadow Club was quite famous.

“What is the Cloud Shadow Club” Zi Yan suddenly asked.

Zhang Han replied subconsciously, “Ah, its Mengmengs… Ahem… Have you forgotten about that Study Club Didnt I tell you about it”

“Is it the one you mentioned” Zi Yan asked in a weird tone.

Zhang Han smiled embarrassedly and rolled his eyes.

“Honey, shouldnt we hurry back to the castle I havent served you for days.”

“Pshaw!” Zi Yan suddenly laughed and rolled her eyes at him.

“Dont be giddy!”

Although she said so, her expression showed that she was playing hard to get.


Zhang Han laughed awkwardly, stepped on the gas, and drove back to Mount New Moon.

He was in a hurry.


But as soon as they arrived at the gate, they saw Mu Xue stand in the middle of the road and wave at the car.

“Whats wrong”

Zhang Han stopped the car and rolled down the window.

“Master, an old man has come.”

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