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“No, it has nothing to do with you.

Im leaving.

You can continue to go round and round in the maze if you like,” Mengmeng muttered.

Riding on Tiny Tot, Mengmeng headed straight forward.

Seeing this, Ma Di smiled.

He waited for a minute before heading in the same direction as she did.


And he crashed into a mirror.

“Huh Didnt she just leave in this way”

Ma Di was a little suspicious.

He reached out and touched the mirror.

“The surface is a little curved.

She should be heading this way.”

Just like that, Mengmeng kept going forward.

Soon, Ma Dis figure could not be seen.

Later, another group came into Mengmengs sight.

It was a group of five.

When the five people saw Mengmeng riding on a fish, they could not believe their eyes.

Bewildered, they spoke to Mengmeng, but she couldnt hear them.

After crossing this group of people, Mengmeng encountered another three groups.


Mengmeng didnt know where she was.

But when she suddenly heard the sound of sea waves, she knew that she was leaving the mirror maze.

She continued going for two more minutes.

A new group of people was reflected in the mirrors.

This group only had three people.

Two were adults in black, and the third one was a boy of 16 or 17 years old.


Mengmeng noticed that when the boy saw her, he was suddenly stunned.

The avarice in his eyes made Mengmeng feel a little annoying.

“Why are you staring at me” Mengmeng said out loud.


The boy actually laughed.

What was more, his expression had already expressed his inner thoughts.

He even licked his lips and reached out to touch the mirror.

“Tiny Tot, lets go.”

Mengmeng rolled her eyes at the boy with distaste.

She really looked down upon this kind of person.

However, as they didnt meet face-to-face, Mengmeng had no way to teach him a lesson.

Thus, she and Tiny Tot departed at once.

By passing through the mirrors, they continued to move forward.

“Wow! Did you see that Did you see that”

Hundreds of meters away, Yin Hao, the son of Sect Leader Yin Shan of the Silver Star Sect, was too excited to maintain his composure.

In a clear voice, he yelled, “That little girl is so pretty.

Uncle Left Eagle, Uncle Right Eagle, go catch her.

Dont mind me.

We wont explore the relic any longer.

Well go out once we catch her!”

“This may not be appropriate.”

With a frown, Left Eagle said, “Things have changed these days.

Before we went down to the inferior world, the Sect Leader told us that we should be careful with everything we do.

After all, this is the place where Zhang Hanyang and Moon Empress live.”

“What does that little girl have to do with them” Yin Hao shouted discontentedly, “Didnt they say that all the powerful people are busy searching for treasures that fall from the sky How can they have time to explore this d*mn relic”

“Zhang Hanyang has a daughter.

Its said that she is very beautiful.

Many people in the Kunlun Immortal World have seen her.” Right Eagle said calmly, “That little girl we saw is still too young.

Young Lord, youd better pick someone else.”

“Someone else No way!” Yin Hao seemed to be angry.

He said loudly, “I want her, only her! As long as you catch her, I will go back to the sect and start to cultivate in seclusion at once! I will also ask my father to give you treasures.

I wont screw around in the sect.

Besides, Zhang Hanyangs daughter is not my target.

Didnt people say that the spirit beasts guarding her were a gorilla, a black dog, and a penguin But the little girl we saw was riding on a marine spirit beast!”


Left Eagle pondered for two seconds and remarked, “Could the girl we just saw be someone from the Beast-reining Sect in the South Domain Generally, only the people of the Beast-reining Sect in the South Domain would capture spirit beasts on the golden shores of the Boundless Sea and the Northernmost Sea and tame them.”


Its okay as long as she has nothing to do with Zhang Hanyang.” Right Eagle looked less tense.

It was not that they spoiled Yin Hao very much, but that this boy was too good at making mischief.

In the past, once they went against Yin Haos wish, Yin Hao immediately made up some stories to blacken their names in front of his parents.

Yin Shan might not tell them off, but they could not stand up to Yin Haos mother, who was a lord at home.

As time went by, Left Eagle and Right Eagle gave up resisting Yin Hao.

They were not kind people in the first place and did not care much about wrong and right.

When they got an order, they would follow it through without asking any questions.

Seeing their hesitant look, Yin Hao adopted a more humble tone and said, “As long as you catch her for me, I will cultivate hard in the future.

I will definitely not fool around in the sect.

If anyone gets the kind of treasure my father described, I will try my best to let you have a share.”

“Well then, dont forget this promise.”

Left Eagle suddenly smiled.

No matter how wildly Yin Hao played, he still treated his henchmen and backers very well.

He often bribed them with treasures.

If the sect obtained only one such treasure, they were unlikely to get a portion.

But if there were two or three, Yin Hao might really get his father to give them some.

“To catch her, we gotta leave this place first.

We can go to the next spot and wait for her.

Weve found a fourth-tier stone, which can take us out of this maze,” Right Eagle said with a sneer.

“Hurry up, dont let her get away!”

Yin Hao‘s insides were burning with craving.

It was the first time he had seen such a beautiful girl.

Seeing that the two had made up their minds, the little resistance Left Eagle had also dissipated.

He had searched his memory for quite a while.

He didnt think that he had heard any descendant of those Grand Masters from the other three domains who was a cute girl that excelled in taming marine beasts.

“In that case, nobody could do anything to us if we captured that girl, right”

The three of them quickly walked in the direction of the margin of the maze.

About 20 minutes later, they walked past two mirrors, one on the left and the other on the right.

There was nothing in front of them.

It turned out that they had come to the edge of a cliff.

A hundred meters below them was a vast sea.

On the horizon ahead of them, dense clouds had lined up neatly, forming several roads of clouds.

They looked like passages built with a rainbow.

Each passage was 30 meters wide.

The clouds were packed in the passages.

It could be seen that the clouds were for people to step on.

As for which one people could step on and which not, people could only know the answer after giving it a try.

The cloud passages stretched several miles into the distance.

They went up and down like the winding track of a roller coaster.

Everyone on the edge of the cliff knew that this was another maze.

At the end of the maze was a city floating in the sky.

It was sparkling, looking quite mysterious.

Dozens of people were already walking on the clouds.

Every time they safely landed on a cloud, they would use their energy to test the next one.

These people were being so cautious because they should have seen someone fall into the sea before.

“Shes over there!” Yin Hao abruptly shouted.

Mengmeng, who was not far away, also heard his voice.

She looked over her shoulder and puckered her delicate brows when she saw that it was that boy.

Before she could say anything, Left Eagle conjured up a large hand made of energy with a stir of his mind.

The large hand swiftly grabbed at Mengmeng.

Left Eagle was at the peak of the Elixir Realm.

He believed he would have no trouble catching this little girl.


“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

In an instant, the defensive treasures that Mengmeng had activated before materialized.


Left Eagle was taken aback.

Then, a long sword appeared in his left hand, which instantly cut through these defensive treasures.

When the imposing aura of the sword was only 10 meters away from Mengmeng, more than 10 beams of light suddenly darted out from her.


Suddenly, the long sword bounced away when it touched the golden defensive cover.

“A defensive supreme treasure”

Left Eagle narrowed his eyes.

“Get her!” Yin Hao bawled again.

“How dare you…”

“Capture her now and deal with the rest later!” Right Eagles eyes flashed with a green light.

Gusts of strong aura swept through the place.

A chain emerged in his right hand.

With a gentle swing, it instantly cast a glittering net with a radius of dozens of meters, trapping Mengmeng and Tiny Tot in it.

Although the net couldnt penetrate the golden defensive cover, it still caught Mengmeng.


Left Eagle took out the fourth-tier gem.

Their figures suddenly flickered and then disappeared from the relic.

When they landed outside the relic, the abductors didnt pause at all.

Left Eagle and Right Eagle went ahead to clear the way as the boy dragging the net rapidly flew to the nearby passage leading to the Kunlun Immortal World.


Lei Tiannan, who was standing not far away, suddenly stiffened.

This scene really caught him off guard.

When he saw that it was Mengmeng who was kidnapped, his face paled drastically.

However, just in the few seconds when he was in shock, those people had already flown away.

“Stop! Stop right now!” Lei Tiannan thundered.

He wanted to chase after them, yet he suddenly found that those people were already nowhere to be seen.


Lei Tiannans face turned grave.

He hurriedly took out his mobile phone and dialed Zhang Hans number.

“Bad news.

Mengmengs been kidnapped in the relic of the Breeze Lake.


“Im already on my way.”

Zhang Hans cold voice came from the phone.

Next, Zhang Han hung up.


Lei Tiannan looked deeply troubled.

“Some people were digging their own graves, werent they”

Mengmeng, however, was not flustered at all.

She was holding the pearl given by Zhang Han in her right hand.

Once she crushed it, she would be safe.

Thus, she knew there was nothing to be afraid of.

It was just that she was a little angry.

Mengmengs interest was aroused when she saw the cloud maze.

But just as she wanted to take a tour in the floating city, she got caught and was forced out of the relic.

“What did you catch me for”


Looking at Mengmeng inside the defensive cover, Yin Hao felt as if he was being roasted by the fire of desire.

Hearing this, he couldnt help laughing.

“Little girl, youre very pretty, and even your voice is so melodious.

Dont worry.

I didnt catch you to hurt you.

In fact, I want to grant you a great opportunity!”

“Ha” Mengmeng laughed scornfully and asked, “What kind of opportunity can you offer me”

“Ill let you be the wife of the young master of the Silver Star Sect!” Yin Hao said proudly.

“As my wife, you will not only have a lot of resources to cultivate but also be able to do anything you want in the East Domain…”

“How shameless you are!” Mengmeng was stunned.

Then, she said with a sneer, “Im warning you, let me go, or youll all be screwed.”

“Let you go Thats not gonna happen.

You can either cooperate or give in after a failed struggle.

Which one would you choose Its fine if you choose the latter.

I like the rebellious type,” Yin Hao said beamingly.

“My father will come soon.

Also, I have this.” Mengmeng spread out her palm and showed them the pearl she could use to contact Yue Wuwei.

“As long as I crush it gently, none of you can escape.”

“Are you kidding Your resistance will be in vain.

Even if a god came here, he couldnt take you away.

Do you see that That passage ahead leads to the Kunlun Immortal World,” Yin Hao said in a loud voice.

The ecstasy of the imminent victory was already shining in his eyes.

“Who is your father” Left Eagle abruptly asked.


Mengmeng replied with pride, “Zhang Hanyang.”


Left Eagle and Right Eagle suddenly heard a buzz in their heads.

Their hearts seemed to have skipped a beat at that moment.

The passage was right in front of them, but they stopped dead in their tracks.

“Uncle Left Eagle, dont listen to her nonsense.”

Yin Hao was staggered at first.

He was a little uncertain about what to do.

But the raging fire of desire inside him burnt most of his rationality.

He retorted, “Zhang Hanyangs daughter doesnt have the fish youre riding on.

The pets she usually has around her are a gorilla, a black dog, and a penguin.

Do you think we dont know anything about Zhang Hanyangs daughter Do you really think that you can fool us with your lie You are really smart, but you used your smartness in the wrong place.

Uncle Left Eagle, Uncle Right Eagle, dont be in two minds.

Lets go back to the Kunlun Immortal World first.”

Left Eagle and Right Eagle looked at each other.

They already felt a tinge of regret.

They were supposed to act with caution in this troubled time.

But by this time, Yin Hao had already pointed out that they were from the Silver Star Sect…

“Lets go back first.”

Frowning, Right Eagle decided not to hesitate anymore and took the lead to enter the passage.

As they appeared in the Kunlun Immortal World, they quickly headed in the direction of the Silver Star Sect.

“Haha, Ive already told you the consequence.

If you dont believe me, there is nothing I can do.”

Sitting on Tiny Tots back, Mengmeng did not seem anxious at all.

Seeing her reaction, Left Eagle and Right Eagle started to get… a little worried.

“Why is this girl not afraid at all”

“Uncle Left Eagle, break her defense!”

Since they were now in the Kunlun Immortal World and their strength was no longer under suppression, Yin Hao urged Left Eagle to have another try in a loud voice.


At the order, Left Eagle nodded.

A long spear appeared in his hand, and he thrust it at Mengmeng.


Layers of ripples appeared on the outermost tier of the golden light cover around Mengmeng.


Left Eagle furrowed his brow.

“A top sixth-tier defensive treasure!”

He shot a look at Right Eagle again.

They both knew that this kind of treasure was not something that anyone could have.

“Even if she isnt Zhang Hanyangs daughter, she might have some strong background.”

“Uncle Left Eagle, Uncle Right Eagle, if our Silver Star Sect really gets that kind of treasure, Ill also get one for you even if there are only two!” Yin Hao once again reminded them.

The twos expressions changed slightly.

“Forget it.

In for a penny in for a pound.

Theres no need to hesitate.”

Right Eagle sighed softly.

As a result, Left Eagle began to throw more powerful attacks.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang…”

Three minutes later, the outermost golden defense was shattered.


Yin Hao roared with laughter.

Then, he leaped forward to grab Mengmeng out of the net.


Another wave of thick energy fluctuation emerged and condensed into a cyan defensive cover that protected Mengmeng within a radius of 10 meters.


Left Eagle was astounded for a moment.

He yelled, “Another one”

He continued to attack.

Four minutes later, with a thump, the defensive cover was broken as well.

“Come here!”

Left Eagle cast his big hand made of energy and reached out for Mengmeng in the air.


Just as it was 10 meters away from Mengmeng, a crystal clear halo surrounded her.


After the hand made of energy slammed onto the halo, it only lasted for a breath before slowly dissipating.

“There is more”

“She has so many sixth-tier defensive treasures”

Left Eagles and Right Eagles pupils constricted with shock.

“Lets go back to the sect first!” Yin Hao shouted in a hurry.

He decided not to shatter Mengmengs defense here.

“As weve started on this, there is no turning back now.

Lets go!”

Right Eagle shouted and led the team to fly forward rapidly.

Mengmeng cast a nonchalant glance at those behind her and said, “Dont waste your energy.

I still have dozens of treasures with me.”

“Coo, coo.”

“Yes, Little Masters defense is super mighty.”

Tiny Tot nodded as if echoing what Mengmeng had just said.

It seemed to be an onlooker instead of a captive.

As a matter of fact, it appeared to be quite at ease.

Mengmeng paid no more attention to the abductors.

She fetched out a bag of potato chips and a glass of orange juice and started eating in an aboveboard manner.

After she had some snacks, the little girls eyes suddenly sparkled, and she showed a bright smile.

“My Daddy is coming.”


Left Eagle and Right Eagle were staggered by her words.

“What the hell is going on How come we got scared by a little girl”

“Youre deliberately mystifying things.”

Yin Hao snorted and said, “Uncle Right Eagles treasure can not only trap you but also seal your aura.

You little tricks wont work on us.”


Mengmeng couldnt help laughing at them again.

Then she went back to crunching the potato chips, ignoring them.

Seeing her aloof attitude, Left Eagle and Right Eagle started to have a bad feeling about this.

“Something is wrong.

“I can only hope nothing will happen.”

The Silver Star Sect could already be seen from afar.

At this time, people were leaving the sect one after another.

They were heading for various places, waiting for heaven-defying treasures to fall from the sky.

“Older Martial Brother Shi, I heard that you are the fastest cultivator in the world Is that true”

Shi Fenghou was making preparations for the outing as well.

More than a dozen disciples of the Silver Star Sect had gathered around him.

Half of them were men and half were women.

They were those who admired Shi Fenghou very much.

At the moment, they were talking.

“Yeah, I guess.

There is a dog that might be as fast as me,” Shi Fenghou replied in a muffled voice.

“How can a dog compare with Older Martial Brother Shi” A male disciple gave a dry laugh and said, “Older Martial Brothers speed is recognized as the fastest.

I heard that when you were in the inferior world a couple of years ago, even Zhang Hanyang couldnt catch up with you.”

“Dont compare me with him.” Shi Fenghou raised a brow.

After a pause, he eventually said, “I may not be able to outrun him.”

“Older Martial Brother Shi,” a female disciple came forward and said with a smile.

“At that time, in the inferior world, the Wind Snow School established by the Third Prince was the strongest force.

You were one of the best there.

After you came to the Wind Snow Temple, you became an outstanding disciple of the younger generation in a few years.

You are really amazing.”

“Thats nothing.”

Shi Fenghou didnt want to discuss this subject.

After all, the Wind Snow School and the Wind Snow Temple had all been destroyed.

There was no point in mentioning the time he spent at these places anymore.

“Older Martial Brother Shi, youre really strong.” Suddenly, a fat disciple flattered him.

“Maybe its because you were too noble and powerful to slum it in the Wind Snow Temple that your strong vibe made it perish.”


Shi Fenghous face darkened.

He immediately darted a harsh look at that disciple.

“Is he looking for trouble”

“Ah, Im sorry, I shouldnt have said that.” A trace of cunning flashed across the eyes of the fat disciple.

Putting on a perturbed look, he continued, “The downfalls of the Wind Snow School and the Wind Snow Temple have nothing to do with Older Martial Brother Shi.

They brought it on themselves.

No matter how powerful Older Martial Brother Shi is, he cant have influence over an entire sect.”

What he was implicating was that though Shi Fenghou was quite famous and strong, now he had joined the Silver Star Sect, he still had to start from scratch and pay his dues.

“Fatty, what are you talking about” The female disciple next to Shi Fenghou questioned, “Arent you going to cultivate with Older Martial Brother Dong But why pick a fight here Do you have too much leisure time to spend”

“Of course not.” The fat disciple chuckled and said, “As someone who survived the destruction of the Wind Snow School and the Wind Snow Temple, Older Martial Brother Shi must have had a lot of experience.

Im just here to pick his brains.”

Shi Fenghous countenance suddenly changed.

His eyes were full of shock and disbelief.

Then, his face darkened.

Seeing that, the fat disciple thought that his words had finally sunk in.

Thus, he continued, “In case our sect encounters any terrible enemy, shouldnt we all ask Older Martial Brother Shi for advice on escaping”


Shi Fenghou swallowed and withdrew his gaze.

His lips moved but no voice came out.

Finally, he let out half of a cold laugh and said, “You dont need to ask me for advice.

You can figure this out yourself!”


Shi Fenghou suddenly zoomed to the side and covered about 3 kilometers in an instant.

“Older Martial Brother Shi, we are a team.

Wait for us!” that female disciple shouted anxiously after him.

She scowled at the fat disciple and then took the lead to fly after him.

“Older Martial Brother Shi, why running away That man taunted you just because he has Older Martial Brother Dong to back him up.

Humph, when we meet him outside the sect, we gotta teach him a lesson.”

“No need.” Shi Fenghous face was rather stiff.

Looking at the figures flying towards him from the east, he immediately started to curse in his head.


“Why did they catch her and bring her here

“Do they think that their lifespans are too long Are they all tired of living

“They cant do anything right.

How dare they lay a finger on her This sect is doomed.

“Ive finally found a place to settle down.

But now…”

“Older Martial Brother Shi, what are you looking at”

The dozen people around him seemed to have noticed that something was wrong.

They could tell that from Shi Fenghous pale face.

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