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“Well, why is this” Zhang Guangyou asked, confused about which realm Zhang Han was in.

“The disparity between the Elixir Realm and the Yuan Ying Realm was as big as a natural chasm.

That was Zhang Hans words.

But how could he kill people at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage so effortlessly

“What he said is different from what he did!

“What on earth is going on Has he been fooling me”

“Lets put it this way.”

Zhang Han adjusted his breathing for a few seconds and then answered with a smile, “For example, with 10 percent of my strength, I can make my supernatural power fully effective.

But 10 percent of their strength could only exercise one percent of their supernatural power.

Their conversion rate was much lower than mine, so their energy quickly ran out.”

As soon as he said that, Zhang Guangyou was enlightened.

“So thats how it is.”

In Zhang Guangyous eyes, Zhang Hans comprehension of supernatural power and secret skills had reached the peak of perfection.

His attainment had way surpassed others.

Thus, the method he used in casting those powers was much clever.

Truthfully, performing all those supernatural powers had also consumed a lot of Zhang Hans energy.

At this time, he also took out an energy-restoring pellet and swallowed it.

“I suppose that middle-aged man had obtained a high-level martial legacy not long ago.

The supernatural powers he displayed were quite good.

Unfortunately, he had just begun to comprehend them.”

Zhang Han said somewhat emotionally.

This was also the first real talent he had killed since his rebirth.

If the middle-aged man was not so greedy and acted with more caution, he might really grow into a great Tribulation Stage master in the future.

“I felt some of his power as well.

The big tripod he conjured up looked heavy and weathered, as though it were an antique from thousands of years ago.

That might not be correct.

But I found it very strange anyway,” Zhang Guangyou remarked.

He tried to recall the fight but found that he couldnt remember the appearance of the big tripod that he had seen before.

“The world is so big that there is no lacking of strange things.” Deep Flame sighed.


Everyone sighed with emotion and voiced their view.

Zhang Han did not respond to their comments.

Instead, he went straight to Mengmeng and Zi Yan, and said with a smile, “See As long as I decide to fight, it means I will definitely win.

Otherwise, I would have taken you on a flee.

Thus, next time, dont worry about me.

Nothing can happen to me.”

While speaking, Zhang Han caressed Mengmengs head.


Daddy is the strongest,” Mengmeng looked up and answered seriously.

“Uncle Zhang is indeed amazing,” Nina echoed.

“Hee-hee, of course.

Dont you know whose father he is” Mengmeng immediately became cocky.

“Dont be so smug.” Zi Yan gently pinched Mengmengs tender face.

“Ouch, you pinched my face red.”

Mengmeng quickly turned her face to the other side and gently rubbed it.

“Mummy, why are you always so violent”

Zi Yan was bereft of speech.

“Are you kidding me, girl”

“All right.”

Zhang Han laughed and said, “There are no more interesting things here.

Lets go to the swamp.”

As he spoke, he looked at Zi Yan, indicating that she should communicate with Tiny Tot through her mind force and let everyone ride it to the depths of the swamp.


Tiny Tot, who was sleeping soundly in the schoolbag, finally woke up when it heard Zi Yans and Mengmengs calling.

It climbed out of the schoolbag and revealed its real form.

Under Zhang Hans leadership, everyone went to stand on Tiny Tots back.

Riding on the roc, they floated toward the swamp.

When they approached the area covered by withered grass, many ghosts could be seen floating about.

As they went deeper and deeper into the swamp, the surface of water paddles appeared.

Yin Spirits were scattered around this place.

They were much fewer in number than ghosts.

As Tiny Tot was already full, it had lost interest in hunting those Yin Spirits.

Seeing that the Yin Spirits were getting closer toward it, it cast several streaks of black radiance, which swirled around its body.

At the sight of the black radiance, the Yin Spirits instantly fled and stayed at least a kilometer away.

“This swamp seems to be very large.”

Dong Chen looked around for a while and said, “The surroundings are quite foggy.

We cant see anything in the distance, nor can we sense anything with our soul sense.

Han, if we were not with you, should we back away in this situation”


Zhang Han nodded.

“When there is a place you cant see through or understand, dont explore it recklessly.

You can only go in there when youre prepared.

Of course, sometimes, you have to take risks.

In that case, you should have more defensive treasures at ready.

After all, one can never have enough ways to escape.”


Dong Chen sighed heavily and said, “After taking this journey, I finally realized the world is so big that anything is possible.

I feel Im too ignorant.”

“Dont say that.” Deep Flame shook his head repeatedly.

“I have the same feeling, too.

I thought I could overcome that negative feeling.

But after hearing your words, I really find it just heart-wrenching.”

“Yeah.” Zhang Mu looked at Zhang Han and laughed.

“I never thought that my grandson would be so excellent that I had to look up to him one day.

Im very gratified.

Ignorance is not the worst.

The worst part is to keep being ignorant.

Although we havent been in the Cultivation World for a long time, were all learning and making steady progress.

Besides, with Han being our teacher, we can familiarize ourselves with it very fast.”

Everyone present could roughly tell that the reason Zhang Han led them to “tour” this secret realm was that he wanted them to gain experience and broaden their horizons.

Whenever there was something they couldnt understand, he would give them a detailed explanation.

Even Wu Ming was a little emotional.

Except for him and the group who followed Zhang Han, the rest of the people who came here probably could only learn about the Sea Dragon Star Area at a very slow pace.

Those people could not even take a good rest.

However, he and the others could have fine food and sleep at night without worries.

“Well, as long as we follow Boss leadership, life is all good and theres nothing to worry about.”

Then, the others put away their sixth-tier treasures.

Only Instructor Liu carried his mace on his shoulder and slammed it hard with his right hand now and then.

With a whack, Instructor Liu proudly said, “It feels so good to be with Boss.

Hahaha, as our sixth-tier treasures are so sought-after here, Ill carry mine on my shoulder to make others jealous when we get out.”


Jiang Yanlans face darkened considerably.

Her eyes were full of murderous intent.

With the look in her eyes, she seemed to be saying, “What in the world are you showing off for”

“Umm, hahaha.”

Instructor Liu gave a hollow laugh and put away the mace “for the time being”.

Anyway, there were no outsiders here now.

Nobody could see his treasure, so he decided to wait until they were out.

“Instructor, your way of conduct as a husband is still to be improved.

Your status in your family seems too low.

Look at me.

I call all the shots in my family,” Ah Hu said casually, “When I tell Liu Jiaran to go west.

she absolutely doesnt dare to go east.

She always does whatever I tell her.



Zhao Feng waved his mobile phone from the side and said, “Although there is no network here, I have recorded a video of your speech.

I will show it to my sister-in-law when I get back.”

Ah Hu was startled.

He immediately caved in and begged, “Dont do that.

Brother Feng, Ive been friends with you for so many years.

Since when do you start to trick me”

“All Uncle Hu can do is brag.”

Mengmeng said disdainfully, “I saw it last time.

Uncle Hu, you upset Aunt Jiaran.

Then, at the gate, you knelt down and grabbed her leg, begging her for mercy.”


Hearing Mengmengs words, Zi Yan couldnt help but laugh out loud.

“Hey, youre really a good example.

Is this the kind of family status you talked about” Instructor Liu scoffed at him, “Bravo.

Even Boss achievement in this regard is less than one-third of yours.”


“Who are you talking about”

Jiang Yanlan kicked Instructor Liu right in the butt.

Instructor Liu laughed dryly.

Everyone then turned to look at Zhang Han.

“Why look at me” Zhang Han swallowed and said with seeming nonchalance.

“Yeah, why are you all staring at my husband My husband has the highest status in our family.

I listen to everything he says.

Isnt it so, honey” Zi Yan held Zhang Hans arm and blinked at him mischievously.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded immediately.

After thinking for two seconds, he said, “Under normal circumstances, I call the shots of important matters, while she handles the trivial ones.”

Zi Yan smiled and said, “As the saying goes, when the husband and wife are of the same mind, they have the power to cut the hardest metal.”

“So…” Zhang Han also smiled and added, “there has never been any important matter since we married.”

Zi Yans face suddenly froze.

Her right hand furtively reached for Zhang Hans waist.

At the sight of this, Nina looked a little baffled.

“They are so free and easy around one other.

“How could the subordinates joke about their superior

“Wouldnt Uncle Zhang get angry Dont forget that he is a Yuan Ying Realm master.

“This is odd.

But Mr.

Zhang is so handsome when he smiles.”

Although Nina had only spent a few days with Zhang Han, this Seventh Princess of the Elemental Elf Clan was already somewhat fascinated by Zhang Hans charming personality.

To put it bluntly, Zhang Han always gained more attention because of the remarkably strong strength he displayed.

When people started to pay more attention to him, they would soon discover the charm hidden beneath his cool appearance.

He was very easygoing with his own people.

Everyone could be casual, relaxed, and really be themselves around him.

But in the face of an enemy, Zhang Hans dignified attitude also held them in awe.

Most importantly, Nina had sensed that Uncle Zhang doted on Mengmeng and his wife very much.

“How could there be such a perfect man in the world”

Nina was a little puzzled.

In their Elf Clan, she had never seen any man like him.

Although the elves were all very graceful and courteous, most men elves had the biggest say at home.

They rarely asked for their spouses opinions on what they should do.

But after she saw how Zhang Han and Instructor Liu behaved, Nina put herself in their spouses shoes and found that she actually liked to be pampered like that.

“Nina, Nina What are you thinking so hard”

Mengmengs calling dragged Nina back to reality.

“Well, whats wrong, Mengmeng” Nina asked.

“Look ahead.

Theres a mass of black fog.”

Nina looked at the front.

In the area covered in white mist, there was a place shrouded by black fog that was several hundred meters wide.

Waves of some evil spirit were surging about there, as though a certain kind of monster was behind it.

“Whats that”

Zi Yan subconsciously lowered her voice and pointed to the front.

“Its actually a Black Evil Source!” Zhang Han sounded a little surprised.

“Whats the Black Evil Source” Dong Chen asked.

The others also stopped talking and pricked up their ears, waiting for the lecture.

“The Black Evil Source is a domain formed by the evil spirit that has been condensed to a certain extent,” Zhang Han replied.

“It took at least 300 years for this the Black Evil Source in front of us to take shape.

But its function is different from that of dark cultivation methods.

It can speed up a cultivators understanding of secret skills, supernatural powers, the cultivational realm, and his or her own body.”

“How important a role does comprehension play in cultivation” Zhang Guangyou asked, “Ive noticed that those Yuan Ying Realm cultivators all have some supernatural powers, dont they Is it that the further we get in cultivation, the more important comprehension is”

“Your idea is pretty accurate,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Ones comprehension can also change with the change of the realm one is in.

If one has a thorough comprehension, one can enter the higher realm just with some resources.

But without comprehension, one cant access the next real regardless of how many resources one uses.

If one tries to force ones way to the next realm, one may possibly implode and die.

In short, the right way is to make progress step by step.”

“So, are you saying the Black Evil Source lying ahead is actually a good place” Zhang Guangyou caught on fast.

“It should be the best treasure in this secret realm.” Zhang Han turned to look at Zhang Mu and said, “Grandpa, you are now at the peak of the Elixir Realm, and your foundation is relatively solid.

You can go to the Black Evil Source to gain some enlightenment.

When we get back, after a period of closed-door cultivation, you will be able to advance to the Yuan Ying Realm.”

“Advance… Advance to the Yuan Ying Realm” Zhang Mu was in a trance.

There was a time that he felt that the Yuan Ying Realm cultivators were all high and mighty existences.

In the Kunlun Immortal World, those Yuan Ying Realm cultivators were referred to as Grand Masters.

But now, only a short time after he joined Zhang Hans league, he was also about to enter the Yuan Ying Realm.

It felt like a dream.

He subconsciously glanced at Deep Flame.

Deep Flame jumped with fright.

“Brother Mu, dont even think about it, or I really cant continue to follow you guys.

Go, this is your opportunity.”

“Dad, dont stand on ceremony.” Zhang Guangyou laughed and said, “This is a place my son found for you.

What are you hesitating for”

Seeing Zhang Guangyous smugness, Zhang Mu couldnt help but correct him, “What do you have to do with this Its a gift from my grandson.”

Zhang Guangyou didnt know what to say.

“Okay, I shouldnt have said that.

“But, Dad, when have you become so impish

“Who keeps company with the wolf will learn to howl.

“I gotta remember to remind you not to hang out with Dong Chen all the time.

He is a bad influence.” Zhang Guangyou deliberated.

“It looks a little scary.

Can I really go there How should I go there” Zhang Mu asked with an excited look before he flew over to the black fog.

“Just step in there.

With me protecting you from here, there wont be a problem,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Hahaha, good!”

Zhang Mu laughed out loud and floated toward the Black Evil Source.

Watching his long gown fluttering in the wind, Dong Chen sighed with emotion.

“Immortal King Zhang is so natural and unrestrained.

Its so cool! The Zhang Clan has raised many talents.

Every generation, no, every other generation are all pretty mighty.”

Zhang Guangyou was totally speechless.

“Dong Chen, whats wrong with you”

After Zhang Mu entered the Black Evil Source, the others also began to chat.

Mengmeng held Ninas hand and went to the side.

The two girls were talking animatedly.

The atmosphere on the scene was getting more and more lively.

It was like they were going sightseeing.

At the same time, in the canyon outside the secret realm, the atmosphere was completely different.

It was getting more and more depressing.

Hu Zhiqiang was completely silent.

He was floating in the air surrounded by his mechanical troops.

His eyes were devoid of emotion.

Li Mu and Yi Hou were on the periphery of the mechanical troops.

It seemed that they didnt intend to get involved in this matter.

They just wanted to be onlookers.

Zhong An from the Silver-winged Hall and his group of people were also standing across from Li Mus party.

The other forces were basically all watching this from afar.

Who would get the sixth-tier treasures

This was all that they cared about.

Deep down, they even had a desire for something bad to happen to the two parties.

“Could it be that both of the parties will wear each other out and give us the opportunity to profit from this

“I do hope so.”

Doane and the other Yuan Ying Realm masters were standing beside Hu Zhiqiang.

They were the most powerful people on the scene.

On the other side stood the 15 Yuan Ying Realm masters who prepared to enter the secret realm.

They had been divided into three teams.

Two teams were still waiting for the first team to come out.

The four hours that could pass in the blink of an eye in daily times felt like eternity now.

Some on the second team checked the time now and then.

“Time is going really slow!”

As time ticked away at a snails pace, finally…

“Two hours have passed, but they havent come out yet!”

One of the 10 Yuan Ying Realm masters said, “Now, according to the rules, they should hand over their treasures when they come out.”

“Have they gotten into trouble” someone asked.


This remark immediately incurred many ridicules.

“How can those people inside get them in trouble If a Yuan Ying Realm cultivator goes in alone, he or she should have no problem coming out by now as long as he or she is a punctual person, not to mention that the five of them went in together.”

“Thats right.

How horrible can the secret realm on the west side of the river be anyway There are only some spirit beasts at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage inside.

They cant have been in any danger.”

“I say they are still looking for those people to get more treasures.”

“There is no excuse for that.

Those who dont follow the rules are our enemies.

The second team, go in.”

After some discussion, five minutes later, the second team entered the secret realm.

Hu Zhiqiang just looked on coldly from the side, not caring about what they did at all.

As the saying goes, when a mantis is trying to catch a cicada, a canary is behind it to make it the prey.

Hu Zhiqiang firmly believed that he was that canary.

If anyone dared to dissent from that, the fleet he brought here would teach them a good lesson.

Hu Zhiqiangs eyes swiveled to the sky.

“As the news has been passed on, the fleet stationed on the Dal Star must have taken action.

It only takes two hours to travel from the Dal Star here.

Maybe they will arrive soon.”

As the second team of five entered the secret realm, the last five people on the third team became kind of restless.

Half an hour later.

“Elder Nu and the others havent come out yet, have they What the heck are they doing”

“Are they being too greedy”

“Should we go in now as well”

“No rush,” The oldest old man among them suddenly said, “If we go in, well break the rules, and all we can get is some leftovers.”

“Fair point.

Lets just wait.”

They decided to keep waiting.

Finally, another one hours and a half passed.

“Why hasnt the second team come out either”

The five of them looked at one another with doubts and astonishment.

“Could it be that… the ten of them are in cahoots with one another”

“No matter what, the 15 of us made the rules together.

So many people here have witnessed it.

Thus, whoever breaks the rules must be punished.”

“Come on, its our turn to go in.”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The five quickly rushed into the secret realm.

Seeing this, the hundreds of people around started a hot discussion.

“None of those who went in has come back.

Looks like all of the masters are determined to get the sixth-tier treasures.”

“To get the treasures is just the first step.

The second step is to face Hu Zhiqiangs extortion.

Only after passing this second step can those treasures really belong to them.”

“There will definitely be a big fighter here.

Fifteen Yuan Ying Realm cultivators have united.

They are even larger in number than Hu Zhiqiangs party.”


Everyone had their own ideas.

The large forces present were also pondering over the situation.

Li Mus men were inside an energy cover that blocked out the soul sense.

Thus, they could express their views more freely.

“Yi Hou, the three teams have all gone in there.

By far, none of them has come out.

Do you think its possible that something has happened to them” Li Mu said with a grave face.

“I saw Zhang Hanyang before.

His momentum and temperament are quite mysterious.

He is an inscrutable master.

I cant see through him.

Could those people be no match for him”

“I dont think so.” Yi Hou frowned slightly.

“In the entire Sea Dragon Star Area, all the sect leaders are at the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage.

The old monsters at the Peak-Stage rarely show up.

Moreover, the big shots in high-end Star Areas seldom come to our remote Sea Dragon Star Area.

Thus, as to that Zhang Hanyang… Well, forget it.

I cant rule that possibility out.

If he were really a big shot, there would be a farce to watch.”

“Im also worried about that kind of possibility.” Li Mu took a deep breath and said, “He killed Hu Bin.

I was really scared at that time.

I could tell that if Zhang Hanyang wanted, he could easily kill me and all the others on the scene as well.”

“The key issue is that you havent seen through his strength.” Yi Hou shook his head and said, “If you cant see through him, it means that he may be more powerful than you think.

Lets wait and see.

After all, not everyone can own six-tier treasures.”

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