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Shi Fenghou turned into a streak of light and soared into the sky.

His expression was calm, not flustered at all.

“Ill go kill him!”

Shi Fenghou, who came and went without a trace, deeply enraged the Real Kings of the other side.

One of the Real Kings, who was relatively fast, chased after Shi Fenghou with a broadsword in his hand.

But no matter how hard he tried to speed up, he couldnt catch him.


Shi Fenghous constant sneers made his hackles rise.

“Except for Zhang Hanyang, who in the world can stop me”

Shi Fenghou looked down at the Real King as if looking at a humble ant.

The Real Kings dignity had been trampled upon.

Yet, he was unable to catch Shi Fenghou, who was like an Internet troll that would disappear immediately after making a snarky remark online.

Although Shi Fenghou could run away, the others couldnt.

In the continuous battles occurring in the encirclement, the casualties were rising faster and faster.


Both sides were suffering losses, but not at the same pace.

What surprised Lord Liu was that the other side soon made way for his force on their own initiative.

“Lets go!”

Lord Liu and his force quickly retreated.

After getting out of the encirclement, they looked back to check.

They now only had about 20,000 fighters.

In such a short battle, they had lost 10,000 of their people.

What about the enemy They lost 5000 at most.

The most important thing was that Lord Lius confidence was marred by the humiliating escape.

“Lord Liu, this game has just begun.

Dont die too soon.”

The Real King leading the opposite troop even made such a remark.

Lord Lius face stiffened.

He wheeled around and stared at the other party.

Yet, he gritted his teeth and said nothing.

Then, he walked away with a flick of his sleeve.

Had the other party not made way for them, Lord Liu reckoned that it would already be thankful if around 15,000 people managed to escape.

Now, they had to keep the losses to the minimum.

After all, they were the weakest party.


Sect Leader Mu sighed.

War was indeed cruel.

Mu Xue was also silent.

Zhao Feng and the others also had no words.

Their first battle had turned out to be such a setback, which made them feel very bad.


When they were about to arrive at their base, Zhao Feng exhaled deeply and said with emotion, “This is a real battle.

When we followed Master on all the adventures, we never lost a battle.

For a long time, weve become pampered.

Its not good to take victory for granted.

Even though Master is not here, we have to win this war.

This defeat has served as a warning for us.”

Hearing this, Mu Xue looked stunned and said softly, “Yes, when Master was around, we were never defeated by anyone.

But as soon as we left Master, we suffered a setback.

However, I believe we will win in the end.”

“Yes, we will.”

Sect Leader Mu suddenly laughed.

He could feel these young people were growing more mature.

“Honing gives a sharp edge to a sword, and bitter cold adds keen fragrance to plum blossom.

How could they become great figures without experiencing hardships”

“Changqing, youre back, too”

On the way back to the main peak, Mu Xue was slightly taken aback when she caught the sight of Chen Changqing.

“Yeah, we ran back in a fluster.” Chen Changqings expression was a little strange.

He touched his forehead and sighed.

“We were ambushed on our way.

It was Lord Bei Huais men.

Two-thirds of our people have died.

Only 10,000 made it back.”

“We were also waylaid.” Zhao Feng said, “Tens of thousands of Lord Zhen Hais men encircled us.

We also lost 10,000 fighters.”

Then, both of them fell silent.

They headed forward for dozens of meters.

“Instructor Liu, Jiang Yanlan, how were things at your side” Mu Xue asked when she saw them.

“Dont mention it.” Jiang Yanlan said in frustration, “When we arrived at the border, we came across many murderous formations.

The opposite side had more than 20,000 people.

With the help of the formations, we lost 8000 people.”

They went back to the main peak.

Lord Nan Shan, Lord Dong Gu, Zhang Mu, and Deep Flame were sitting on the edge of the cliff in silence.

About an hour later, everyone returned and reported the number of people they had lost.

“This is a hefty defeat!”

Lord Dong Gu said bitterly, “We lost 100,000 people in just a few hours”

“They seem to be determined to wear away our strength,” Lord Nan Shan said with a livid face.

“The other two parties lost less than 50,000 people.

Thats to say, they each lost 25,000 people, which is no big deal to them.

But we lost 100,000 people, leaving only 200,000 people with us.

Were now back to square one.” Lord Dong Gu felt that a headache was on the way.

“Ive had enough.

How about I lead the force to the north and fight as far as we can”

“Dont be impulsive.” Lord Nan Shan said somewhat irritably, “Lets wait and see how things will develop.

Dont they want more territories Just give some to them.

At worst, well just stay put and hide here.

I dont think they will directly wipe us out.”

“The most urgent task now is to guarantee the safety of this place.

Many of us know how to set up formations.

Lets put more formations here first.

On no account can we lose our last land.” Zhang Mu said in a heavy voice, “I suggest that we should make progress step by step and set up layers of formations in safe places.”

“Thats the only way.”

Lord Nan Shan nodded.

Thus, the strategy changed from conquering the Mountain Nan Domain to seeking development at a slow pace.

After the first crushing defeat, many people understood that war was harsh.

“If Han were here, how would he fight against the enemies”

Zhang Guangyou, who was at the rear, began to brood.

He could not think of a way to fight the battle for the time being.

The disparity in strength was simply too great.

“If Master were here, he would certainly have many ways to deal with the situation,” Jiang Yanlan scratched her forehead and remarked.

“But the point is that Han cant possibly be there.”

Dong Chen inhaled slightly and said, “If he were here, with his knowledge of formations… Well, forget it.

Its no use bringing this up.

Since Hans not here, we can have a real trial.

I think its good.”

“It doesnt matter if we lose.

But we cant lose too badly,” Ah Hu said in a muffled voice.

He was rubbing his right arm.

There was a bone-revealing wound there.

After applying for some medicine, the wound was healing rapidly.

Talented as they were, they still found this kind of war very challenging.

Just like that, their life as fighters in the Kings Domain began.

On the very first day, one-third of the 300,000 people had died.

It was a heavy blow to them.

When Zhang Han heard the news, he was also a little dismayed.

“Their people died too fast, didnt they”

Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei were sitting in a pavilion on Mount New Moon, drinking tea.

After hearing the news, they looked at each other speechlessly.

“Yeah, its a little too fast.” Yue Wuwei said pensively, “If it goes on like this, Lord Nan Shans force will be finished off sooner or later.”

“If they survive in a desperate situation, maybe they will gain more.” Zhang Han suddenly chuckled and said, “Even if they are going to lose, the days they hold on before losing will also be a kind of trial for them.”


Yue Wuwei looked at Zhang Han and said with a chortle, “Well, your calm and collected manner kind of reminds me of my master.”

“Speak of that mysterious master of yours…”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and asked, “What kind of person is he on earth”

“Hes otherwordly and elegant.

Its as if nothing in the world can perturb him.

Hes handsome, peerlessly dignified, and superior to the whole world.

Hes invincible, the most remarkable legend, and a free soul that travels around the world,” Yue Wuwei said with a gratified look.

It was as if he was complimenting himself.

“Why do I feel that youre talking about a young man” Zhang Han was amazed.

Then, he said in amusement, “As you look quite old, your master must be elderly as well.”

“Who said that” Yue Wuwei scowled at him and said, “Master is handsome, though I havent seen his good self yet.”

“Huh Havent you seen him before” Zhang Han slightly narrowed his eyes.

“I have, but its never been captured in my memory.

Its as if the moment I turned around, all the memories about his appearance just disappeared.” Yue Wuwei suddenly sighed and said, “I dont know why exactly.

Every time I tried to follow Masters footsteps, I failed to catch up with him.

There are many secrets on the Saint Warrior Planet that even I dont know about.

But you have a chance to know, for Mengmeng is now the Heavenly Lord.

For her, to solve many of those secrets is just a matter of time.”

“Its getting more and more mysterious.” Zhang Han curled his lips.

He also felt a little absurd.

He was curious about that mysterious master.

The cultivation method he had been practicing was also left by that mysterious master.

But most of the supernatural powers were gained through his comprehension.

“Hows your practice of the cultivation method going” Yue Wuwei asked casually.

“I mean the one that Master gave you.”

“That method is remarkable and powerful,” Zhang Han said, “and it suits me very well.”

“How long will it take you to break through to the Yuan Ying Realm” Yue Wuwei asked again, “Hurry up and cultivate.

I figure you will soon go to the Sea Dragon Star Area to have fun.

You are only in the Elixir Realm.

There are some things there that will be a little knotty for you to handle.

But if you reach the Yuan Ying Realm, you can do whatever you want in the vast Sea Dragon Star Area.”

“There is no rush.”

Zhang Han suddenly fixed his eyes on Yue Wuwei and asked with a smile, “As long as youre with us, well encounter no problem in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Even if we go to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province…”


Before Zhang Han could finish his words, Yue Wuwei coughed softly and said, “Why are you always curious about my strength Youll know it when the time comes.

Humph, Im gonna turn in.

Ill send my daughter here tomorrow morning so she can go to school with Mengmeng.”

Then, without giving Zhang Han a chance to speak, he conjured up a Space Portal out of thin air and departed.

“This old brat…”

Zhang Han shook his head and went back to his room.

He was also wondering how long the people in the Kings Domain could hold up and if they could win in the end.

What worried him the most was that those people were not good at this kind of strategy-oriented attack.

Early the next morning.

Yue Wuwei and his family came over and had breakfast with them.

After that, Zhang Han drove the two girls to the First Middle School.

“There are so many people my age…”

Yue Xiaonao knew what a school was like.

But when she saw students filing into the campus one after another, she still found it very novel.

“Theyre, of course, at our age,” Mengmeng said.

“The older ones are all in senior high or college.”

“What grade are we in now” Yue Xiaonao asked curiously.

“Were in Class Eight, Grade One.

Its the second semester,” Mengmeng said kindly.

“You havent attended the first semester, so there is a lot of knowledge you havent learned yet.

Im not sure if you can catch up with the others.

If you find the subjects too hard, I can try to teach you.”

“Hey, no need.

Studying is simple.” Yue Xiaonao casually waved Mengmengs offer aside.

She was extremely confident.

“Daddy, were going to school now.

Dont forget to come and pick us up on time in the afternoon.” Mengmeng ran to the drivers seat, leaned in, and kissed Zhang Han on the cheek.


Yue Xiaonao immediately covered her eyes with both hands and said, “Mengmeng, how old are you How can you still kiss your dad Its too bashful!”

“So what” Mengmeng snorted and said, “I can kiss my dad whenever I want.”

“Then do as you please.” Yue Xiaonao dropped her hands, looked around, then ran to the campus with Mengmengs hand in hers.

Zhang Han shook his head with a smile, started the car, and slowly drove away.

With the improvement of Mengmengs strength, the treasures she carried, and Yue Wuweis protection, Zhang Han no longer felt it necessary to station his people in the school every day to watch over the little girl.

Mengmeng had grown up after all.

When they entered the classroom, Bai Yilin was already there, waiting.

“Zhang Yumeng, youre here.”

Seeing them come in, Bai Yilin said with a smile, “Is this the new member of our class, Yue Xiaonao”

“Yes,” Mengmeng replied.


Bai Yilin clapped his hands and said, “Everyone, quiet.

Let me introduce a new classmate to you.

Well, Id better let her introduce herself.

Come on.”

Under the teachers instruction, Yue Xiaonao walked up to the podium and looked around.

She had no stage fright at all.

In a loud and clear voice, she said, “My name is Yue Xiaonao.

Im Mengmengs friend.

I heard that school is fun, so I came.

From now on, Ill take good care of you.”

Bai Yilin was bemused.

He looked a little dumbstruck and embarrassed.

“Whats going on

“This girl doesnt play by the rules.”

“Well… Lets applaud our new classmate, Yue Xiaonao.”

As Bai Yilin spoke, he murmured with emotion inwardly, “It seems that this is a rather unruly girl.”

Ones words could reveal a lot about ones personality.

Bai Yilin was kind of mortified when he heard that the girl promised she got her classmates back on her very first day in school.

None of the students he met in his school life had such an imposing manner.

Mengmeng, however, found it understandable.

“After all, Xiaonao grew up in the Kings Domain.

She has lived like a princess for many years.

Thus, her habits have long become well-seated.”


As for Bei Jinnan and the other students, they happened to dislike ordinary self-introductions.

Upon hearing Yue Xiaonaos words, their interest was piqued, and they all applauded with great enthusiasm.


Laughing happily, Yue Xiaoxi stepped off the podium and looked at the back of the room several times.

“Eh Where will I sit”

“Here.” Bai Yilin lightly coughed and pointed to a desk in the first row near the podium.


Yue Xiaonao was instantly stunned.

“Uh I dont want to sit here.

Ill sit next to Mengmeng so that we can look after each other.”

Bai Yilin didnt know what to say.

“Do you think this is a battlefield You said you wanted to sit with Mengmeng so you could look after each other I bet you just want to chat with her in class.

How can I allow that”

Mengmeng was a top student in the class.

As her teacher, Bai Yilin wouldnt allow anything to hinder Mengmeng from her study.

This proposal made Bai Yilin even more concerned.

He said, “Yue Xiaonao, umm… in our class, students seats are allocated according to their grades.

Only the top 10 students have the right to choose a new seat.

Youve just joined our class, so sit here first.

Its good for you to concentrate on lectures since its close to the blackboard.

Theres an exam in half a month.

If you become top 10, you can switch seats then, okay”

Negotiation worked very well on Yue Xiaonao.

“All right.”

Yue Xiaonao nodded and took the special seat in the first row near the podium.

In truth, like all the other teachers in the world, the teachers in the advanced class of the First Middle School favor students with good grades.

Yue Xiaonao, a transfer student, was able to join the advanced class directly.

That fact alone already explained a lot.

Moreover, in this school, the students were all teenagers.

Many teachers preferred to resolve disputes with students through negotiation.

They hoped to persuade and guide them by virtue.

Bai Yilin was of this kind.

Seeing that Yue Xiaonao obediently took the seat, everyone started with the morning self-study session.

At first, Bai Yilin thought that Yue Xiaonao, the new student would also be smart in class.

But he found that she just sat in her seat playing with her little toys during the first class.

When he gave her warning gazes, she was not scared at all.

Instead, she even boldly met his eyes several times.

Her eyes were clearly saying, “Why are you looking at me”

In this regard, Bai Yilin thought to himself that the new girl might not be a top student.

When class was over, Yue Xiaonao instantly livened up.

She sat in the class and watched Bei Jinnan and the others chatting with Mengmeng.

Soon, she blended in.

“Class starts so soon”

After a 10-minute break, the bell rang again.

But Yue Xiaonao still wanted to chat.

With the arrival of the teacher, silence fell in the classroom.

The only sound that could be heard was the teacher giving a lecture on the podium.

Yue Xiaonao looked ahead at the blackboard and tried to listen to the lecture for a few minutes.

But she found it simply boring.

“Mengmeng, what are you doing”

Yue Xiaonao could perform the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

Her voice soon sounded in Mengmengs ears.


Mengmeng was slightly stunned.

She hadnt learned the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique yet.

Therefore, she wrote a note and flicked it at Yue Xiaonao.

The note turned into an almost imperceptible jet of light and landed on Yue Xiaonaos palm.

“Im studying.

We gotta pay attention to the lecture in class.”

“Mengmeng, attending classes is so boring.

Why dont we go out and play”

“No, we have to study.”

“Gee, Im so bored.

Mengmeng, why dont you chat with me for a while You dont know how to use the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique I can teach you.”

“Listen carefully in class.

Hurry up and study.”

“Im not interested in the lecture.

I cant understand a word of what hes saying.


Just like that, Yue Xiaonao talked to Mengmeng with the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique every other minute.



Because of this, Mengmeng couldnt focus anymore.

She took a deep breath and scribbled some words on a new note.

“Yue Xiaonao! I need to study.

If you disturb me again, I will be angry.”

“Youll get angry because I spend time chatting with you Youre too petty.”

Mengmeng wrote back, “I wont play with you anymore.”

Yue Xiaonao was rendered speechless.

She couldnt understand why Mengmeng was angry.

“Is it just because I talked to her”

That question baffled her throughout the second half of the class.

After class, she did not go to talk to Mengmeng at the beginning.

But seeing that Mengmeng also ignored her, Yue Xiaonao could not help feeling a little anxious.

After thinking for a few minutes, she ran to Mengmengs side and sat down.

“Fine, I shouldnt have disturbed you.

Dont be angry, okay”

When Yue Wuwei and Lisa “saw” this, they were both astonished.

“So there are times that our daughter has to admit defeat, haha.” Yue Wuwei laughed, then said, “Keep good men company and one shall be of the number.

Now that Xiaonao is friends with Mengmeng, I reckon she will become more docile.”

“Dont you know why she is so disobedient” Lisa said flatly.

“I know, I know.” Yue Wuwei quickly smiled apologetically and said, “I was just too busy with my work before.

Dont worry.

From now on, Ill be a house husband like Zhang Hanyang, satisfied”

“Its too late.”

“No, its not.”


After all, they were husband and wife.

Although they were not the sweet couple as Zhang Han and Zi Yan were, they still had a warm and romantic life.

Now that Yue Xiaonao had taken the initiative to apologize, Mengmeng couldnt stay angry anymore.

She pouted slightly and whispered to Yue Xiaonao, “Well, I forgive you.

Xiaonao, this place is different from the Kings Domain.

We have to listen carefully in class.

We cant talk, use mobile phones, or play games.

Its because a students job is to pay attention in class.

Not talking in class is a way to show our respect for the teachers.”

“Well, I see,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“But I know nothing.

The lecture was gobbledegook to me.

It was so boring.

Mengmeng, if it werent for you, I wouldnt have come.”

“You, you dont know anything yet, but you can learn.

Its very simple.

You are so smart.

I bet you can grasp the content of the textbooks with a glance.

Moreover, if you do well in exams, your parents will reward you.

Every time I get good grades, my parents will reward me,” Mengmeng said seriously.

“Is that so I can get rewards” Yue Xiaonao became interested.

“Whats more, if you get good grades, teachers will like you, and other classmates will admire you.

Anyway, there are a lot of benefits,” Mengmeng said.

“Okay, Ill give it a try.

Tonight, Ill ask my dad if he has any reward for me.” Yue Xiaonao nodded.

However, in the second class, which was English, Yue Xiaonao felt a little lightheaded with all those foreign words buzzing in her ears.

But she listened attentively.

Soon, she realized that she had accurately memorized all the things the teacher said in this class.

She then split her mind into two and began to flip through the textbook.

When she was absorbed in learning, she didnt feel the flow of time.

Then, as if in a short moment, the class was over.

“Oh, so thats what taking a class is all about.

It feels okay.”

Once she began to focus on studying, it would not be so boring.

Like that, Yue Xiaonaos school life commenced.

Seeing this, Yue Wuwei was quite gratified.

With emotion, he kept whispering in his head, “Its true that keep good men company, and one shall be of the number.”

Also, he was puzzled by how Mengmeng, who was raised by Zi Yan and Zhang Han, could turn out to be so smart and sensible.

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