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“What should I do

“Oh, yes, I must complete the task Lord Moore has assigned to me.

“Its truly strange.

Do I really have to respectfully give my crystal stones with both hands to those who want them This cant be Lord Moores trick, can it

“But Lord Alwar… Bah… What should I do with Alwar

“From now on, I am Lord Karn.

“Hahaha, I am the Hall Chief!

“Hall Chief! Hahaha…”

For a moment, Karn was thrilled.

Glancing at the dying Alwar, he coughed softly and pressed the communication device in his hand.


“Send Alwar back to rest.

“From today on, I am the Hall Chief of the Central City.

“Gather all the branch leaders and have a meeting in an hour.

“What are you looking at Whats that look Do you think Im crazy I am not! Go make the arrangements.

Lord Moore himself has made me the Hall Chief!”


After getting reprimanded, his subordinates, who were dumbfounded, finally moved and hurriedly carried Alwar away.

They were a bit frightened.

“Could it be that Karn has schemed against the Hall Chief and beat him half-dead so that he could realize his daydream

“No, I have to report this to my superiors as soon as possible,” they thought.

They had just closed a deal today for 2 billion crystal stones and could never let Karn run away with them.

As subordinates, they were somewhat worried, because Karns mental state was simply too strange.

After layers of reports, they heard the exclamation of an elder.

“Its over!

“Karn is a rebel.

He crippled the Hall Chief and wants to replace him.”

However, his thought was too simple.

Before that elder could say anything, an order was quickly given.

It was from the core of the Snowfall Alliance.

“Karn is going to replace Alwar.”

It was really a blessing.

There was a stir within the core of the Snowfall Alliance.

Two hundred thousand top-grade crystal stones meant a lot to them.

It would allow them to buy more materials from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province and make a lot of money.

Zhang Han and his companions didnt care about all this.

Yue Wuwei thought for a long time, but he still couldnt figure out how the Lost Continent had anything to do with Zhang Han.

He was confused, so he stopped thinking about it.

They arrived at the building area.

It was a retro house on the Snowfall Star, which enabled them to enjoy a comfortable environment in the prosperous city.

On Earth, it was like a super luxurious mansion equipped with modern technology.

“Lets clean up the house first.

We will live here tonight.

If we can get our aircraft tomorrow, will we go to the Cloud Shadow Sky” Zi Yan glanced at Zhang Han.

The schedule of the trip was decided by Zhang Han.

As for Zhang Han, it was mainly up to Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

“Lets stroll around the underground Dwarf Kingdom tonight.”

Zhang Han smiled.

“Uh-huh, well go to see the dwarves in the evening.” Mengmeng was very interested in this aspect.

She went to tidy up her bedroom.

In fact, each bedroom was large.

The room was actually clean, but when it came to personal belongings such as the beddings and daily necessities, Zi Yan preferred to use what she had brought with her.

After they had tidied up their rooms, Karn was already waiting in the hall of the main residence, looking refreshed.

He was followed by a dozen people with food carts filled with specially prepared dishes.

While Zhang Han and his companions were dining, he was waiting silently in the yard, grinning from ear to ear.

“I am finally the Hall Chief!” he thought.

“My distinguished guests, please feel free to let me know if youre well-rested.

I will lead you guys to the underground city.

The King of Dwarves has already prepared to receive all of you.”

As Karn spoke, he couldnt help but feel a hint of astonishment deep inside.

The King of Dwarves was the core of the Snowfall Alliance and had a very high status.

Only Lord Moore could make him personally entertain guests.

“Were well-rested.”

Mengmeng looked at Zhang Han with her beautiful big eyes.

“Then lets go.”

Zhang Han smiled.

Everyone got up and walked out of the hall with Karn.

They quickly left the Central City in an aircraft and headed west.

After flying for about half an hour, they arrived at the foot of a snow mountain.

The air here was a bit cool.

At the foot of the mountain was a palace.

It was the entrance to the underground city.

On one side of the main hall was a platform of about 100 square meters.

After they all stepped on it, the ground began to descend under Karns control.

“Is this an elevator” they wondered.

However, the seabed could be seen through the surrounding crystal walls, and they could even see fish around.

Two minutes later, they were facing another hall, in which there stood more than a dozen dwarves.

They were roughly 1.3 meters tall, and their leader was dressed in gorgeous armor.

It was none other than the King of Dwarves.

“Welcome, my guests.”

The King of Dwarves was friendly.

He stepped forward and greeted them warmly, “My guests, please follow me.

Ill show you around our Dwarf Kingdom.”


Chen Chuan suddenly found that he was about the same height as the dwarf in front of him.

He felt so close to him.

Mengmeng blinked her big shining eyes and stared at the King of Dwarves.

She gradually merged the image with the story told by Zhang Han in her memory.

So this was what the King of Dwarves looked like.

Although he looked shorter, he was charming.

A while later, the King of Dwarves led the crowd out to a corridor.

From a distance, they saw that this underground kingdom was ablaze with lights.

There were many ornaments with night-luminescent pearls in every corner, as well as a lot of decorative lights.

This was a one-kilometer-long crystal corridor leading from the outer area to the inner part where the building area was located.

During their walk, the King of Dwarves introduced, “On the left is our forging base, which is used to build airships, aircraft, corvettes, and so on.

Of course, this includes forging spirit weapons too.

Compared with airships, we are more proficient in refining weapons, and that is the core base, so I cant take you there to have a look.

“On the right is the recreation area, including the arena and entertainment area.

Thats where we have most of our parties.

“And its our residential area ahead.

“In the residential area…”

The King of Dwarves spoke as he walked.

He looked proud of his kingdom.

The Dwarf Clan of the Snowfall Star was the core of the Snowfall Alliance.

Even in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province and the nearby Star Areas, the clan was famous.

Nonetheless, they didnt have much contact with the outside world.

Of course, there were specialized teams that went to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province for goods, and there would be their clansmen in the teams.

“The Thunder King is our pride.

Its facilities are perfect, but its power system and defense system cannot help it to cross the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

Our Sea Dragon Star Area is not far from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, but the horrible Blue Sand Wind Domain acts as a hindrance in between.

So it will take us a long way to get there by bypassing two Star Areas.

Thats why our Sea Dragon Star Area is isolated from more powerful civilizations and considered a wilderness.

“Weve been working hard to develop king-grade warships, but we havent been able to analyze the core technology.

The manufacturing process of king vessels is being guarded so well that we cant learn it.

Hmph, thats just a refusal to make progress.

I believe that one day, well be able to forge king vessels!

“This is the first time the Thunder King is being sold in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

“I didnt expect there to be 20 ships at a time.

Im very surprised.

“I never thought theyd agree to send three corvettes for free.”

There was some dissatisfaction in his tone.

The dwarves did not like to sell their products at reduced prices.

To them, it was a kind of disrespect to the equipment they made.

The King of Dwarves didnt like this kind of reception.

However, Moore came to him.

He had to listen to him, a guardian of the higher-ups of the alliance.

Although he was the ruler of the Dwarf Clan, he was not the ruler of the Snowfall Alliance.

The heads of the several powers in the alliance were all on equal footing with him.

There were a lot of young dwarves here, and they were quite hospitable.

A few children ran over to play with Mengmeng and the others for a while.

A little boy even blinked his clear eyes and looked at Mengmeng, saying, “Sister, well, Ill marry you one day.”

“Huh” Mengmeng was in a daze.


Zhang Hans face darkened and his aura surged.

He didnt show any respect for the King of Dwarves.

The little boy was so scared that he burst into tears.


Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhang Han grumpily.

“Hes just a child.

Its not a big deal.

Children just say what they like.”

After Zhang Han took the hint, he thought to himself stubbornly, “Anyway, I wont allow this to happen.”


Seeing this, Yue Wuwei stroked his beard and smiled.

He seemed to have thought of a way to deal with Zhang Han.

“Arent you crafty Arent you mysterious Arent you a badass

“Well, just you wait.

“When Im free, Ill have a son with Lisa.

Yes, its a son thats meant to woo your daughter.

“Lets see how you can still be arrogant.”

His idea was great, but the reality was harsh.

When he had a son, Zhang Hans strength had already surpassed his.

At that time, when Yue Wuwei thought about this idea once again, he couldnt help sighing, “Zhang Hanyang is a bastard!”

The crowd strolled around the underground city.

Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, Wang Xiaowu, Yun Feiyang, and the First Elder were all stunned.

They didnt expect the underground city to be so grand.

It was very luxurious and ornaments made of crystal stones, diamonds, and gold coins could be seen everywhere.

The dwarves, unlike what they had imagined, were dressed decently.

Many even wore suits and ties.

The underground Dwarf Kingdom had a population of several hundred thousand.

Dwarves could be seen everywhere.

The group even saw schools, hospitals, restaurants, and other modern places.

The system of the kingdom was perfect.

The King of Dwarves gave a brief introduction of each place except for the forging spot in the center.

They spent five hours having a rough tour.

In the end, Chen Chuan was sleepy and fell asleep on Chen Changqings back.

Many people were speechless when they saw this.

In such a mysterious and beautiful underground city, he actually fell asleep.

During this period, Mengmeng asked some questions.

For example, didnt this mean that there would be no sunlight in this underground city

The King of Dwarves answered her with action.

The residential area, as a whole, was elevated.

Ten minutes later, it appeared on the ground and happened to be located in the south of the mountain.

The scenery was beautiful and a new style was presented.

According to the customs here, the time of the reunion was equivalent to the New Year.

The residential area would be elevated to the ground to welcome the bright sunshine.

Every race had its own customs and rules, which made Mengmeng stunned.

The group didnt leave until midnight, accompanied by Karn.

During their break, in the base of the Snowfall Star, airships were transported to the space station at an extremely fast speed, and some people were constantly sorting out all kinds of aircraft.

The aircraft were all purchased by Zhang Han.

The preparations were in full swing.

That was because it was an order given by Moore, who was afraid of Zhang Han from the bottom of his heart.

Even in the place where he was cultivating in seclusion, his mind was in a mess.

“As long as those two people are on the Snowfall Star, I will never be at peace.

Quickly, go…”

Moore prayed silently.

The sky had yet to brighten.

Ten Thunder King main vessels finally appeared in the space base.

Seeing this, the people in the nearby fleets were dumbstruck.

“Ten Thunder King main vessels, tens of corvettes, and thousands of aircraft.

This is truly a large scale.”

“This fleet is practically invincible in the void of our Sea Dragon Star Area.”

“Its a pity that no force can afford it, and there is no absolute guarantee.

With tons of aircraft, one can also fight with such a fleet, but a heavy loss is inevitable.

If one has ten or so Thunder King main vessels, he or she can dominate the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

“Dont even bother thinking about it.

Its such a large fleet.

The Snowfall Alliance must be selling it to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Otherwise, who else can afford it Dont you see the blue one at the forefront Its called the Blue Butterfly.

Its the most expensive aircraft and worth 700,000 crystal stones.

Moreover, there are only ten such aircraft.

Its something that only the rich can use.

We can only admire it with our eyes.

This fleet is worth billions.

OMG, its really a large sum.

If I had that many crystal stones, I could go anywhere I wanted.”

“In your dreams.

Even if you had 200 more years, you wouldnt get 100 million crystal stones.

Stop dreaming.”

“The Thunder King main vessels are so cool.

The Blue Butterfly is beautiful.

Its a shame that its more suitable for women.

The Black-white Heron next to it is fabulous too.

I like it.

It costs 390,000 crystal stones.

I cant afford it.

Hey, the row of aircraft over there is luxurious.

I wonder who bought them.

Are the people from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province really so rich Only the forces of the Snowfall Alliance have been to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

If it werent for the Blue Sand Wind Domain, this place would not be far from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”

Many people sighed when they saw this.

They were jealous.

Most of the people present were unable to even afford those expensive aircraft.

They could only clench their teeth and buy the combat aircraft priced at tens of thousands of crystal stones.

When they suddenly saw this scene, they felt so jealous.

“Eh Wait! That seems to be Li Mu from the Cloud Shadow Sky”

In the space station, many people saw Li Mu.

Karn said goodbye to the group with a broad smile on his face.

Beside them was a high-end aircraft.

Through the special glass, many passengers in different aircraft that passed by saw them.

“Princess Nina of Elemental Elves! I know who they are.”

“Zhang Hanyang, and the mysterious elder.

Theyre unprecedentedly powerful.”

“The alliance of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family was defeated on the Roland Star, and Hu Yuan died in his first meeting with Zhang Hanyang.

According to the people present at that time, the scene was extremely terrifying.

Zhang Hanyang only gave them 10 breaths to escape.

Otherwise, they would be killed.

Hes simply a bloodthirsty demon.”

“The Tiger Talisman Royal Family has been making a lot of moves these days.

Besides, they allied themselves with a dozen forces.

I saw many fleets gathering with my own eyes.

Maybe they will make some big moves.”

“Thats right.

According to my sources, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family sent people to the Chaotic Region.

Could it be that they want to contact their reclusive Grand Master Rumor has it that the Tiger Talisman Royal Family has a super master at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage, but I dont know if thats true.

In short, I feel that its impossible for them to do nothing about it.

Theyre eager to win a few battles.”

“Pfft, Young Master Li and his companions got on the aircraft and flew to… What Its the Thunder King! Did the Cloud Shadow Sky buy the fleet”

The people in the several aircraft nearby were greatly shocked when they saw this.

“Whats going on” they wondered.


Someone immediately retorted, “The Cloud Shadow Sky is basically a sect of cultivators.

Their fleet is not as strong as that of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, and they cant afford something thats worth billions of crystal stones.”

“But they have already flown into the leading Thunder King.

I saw it with my own eyes! Wait! If its not the Cloud Shadow Sky, could it be… Zhang Hanyang”

“Could it be that he is a big shot from a high-end Star Area Billions of crystal stones How is that possible”


The crowd lost their voices.

If this large-scale fleet remained in the Sea Dragon Star Area, it would be a devastating blow to many forces.

Other than the Snowfall Alliance and a few other airship manufacturers, few could be a match for the fleet in front of them.

“The Tiger Talisman Royal Family and their allies planned to assemble their fleet, and Zhang Hanyang purchased such a large fleet, including 10 Thunder King main vessels, 60 top-notch corvettes.

The Thunder King alone poses a threat to the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

If ten such vessels work at the same time, they can destroy the ecology of a planet in an instant.”

“This is going to be fun.

Well, I have to tell the Hall Chief about this.

Its a matter of great importance.”

A few people who saw it had already taken out their communication devices to contact their Older Martial Brothers, masters, Hall Chiefs, and others.

On the other side, Karns face was filled with mixed emotions.

Originally, they had gifted Zhang Hanyang with Energy Stones, but he didnt expect the latter to be so rich, and that shocked him.

All the aircraft, main vessels, corvettes, and energy cabins were loaded with crystal stones.

And most of them were medium-grade crystal stones!

At least three million crystal stones in total.

What a large sum!

They were much more expensive than Energy Stones.

Nevertheless, the benefit was that the energy of crystal stones was pure, which was good for the maintenance of the fleet.

It was ideal for the fleet to be loaded with crystal stones at the first time.

Unfortunately, he had seen few people who could be so extravagant.

Even if he had seen some before, he had only seen them load their aircraft with crystal stones, not the main vessels.

“Is this the Thunder King Its so spacious inside.”

When the group boarded the Thunder King, they felt astonished.

The dozen of them were the only passengers on these main vessels and corvettes, so it would take them some time to take a look at the main vessels alone.

Everything was brand new and technologically advanced.

“Elder Sister Yan, Elder Sister Yan.”

Zhou Feis eyes lit up.

“The Thunder King is really cool.

If we use it to make sci-fi movies, we dont need any special effects.

Such a blockbuster will definitely amaze a lot of people.

We can contact the Sea Dragon Star Area and shoot a few films to have fun.

There are elves, dwarves, and so many cultivators.”

“What you said seems to make a lot of sense.”

Zi Yan began to ponder over her words.

A while later, she felt a little interested.

“Am I going to be a director and win another Oscar”

“Youll be the heroine.” Zhou Fei added, “You havent staged for a long time.

Its not a bad idea to shoot a movie.”

“The heroine No.” Zi Yan licked her red lips and said, “I dont want to shoot anymore.

Im OK with being a director.”

“Elder Sister Yan, filming will be childs play if youre going to be a director.

You can find anyone to be the protagonist.

Look, you have Dahei, Little Hei, Tiny Tot, spirit beasts, and strange beasts, and even those in the Sea Dragon Star Area are at your service.”

“What do you mean by filming”

Suddenly, a low voice came from Li Mu, who had a low presence.

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