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Chapter 1103 Sect Leader Li Was Dumbfounded

“You dont have to know that.”

Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “I do have a history with the Cloud Shadow Sky.

But its not like what you think.”

“Then you mean…”

Li Hao was dazed for a moment.

“He has a history with us But its not like what I imagined.

What is it then”

No matter how hard he tried, he could never guess that Zhang Han was once a disciple of the Cloud Shadow Sky, and it was also because of Zhang Han that the Cloud Shadow Sky thrived back then.

Zhang Han didnt say anything more.

With his hands clasped behind his back, he raised his head slightly and looked at the lines on the stone wall.

“What the first part shows is the Ethereal Sword Technique.

Its incomplete.

With this, your disciples have learned a little bit of the basics of this technique.

Your disciples comprehension ability isnt bad.”

Zhang Han only took three steps forward, but his aura suddenly changed.

Though he might not look like an immortal, he still gave off an otherworldly vibe.

At this moment, it was as if there was nothing but him and this stone wall in the entire world.

The others seemed to have become spectators.


Li Haos expression changed slightly.

“I havent demonstrated this secret technique yet.

How could you say that its an incomplete version”

The Ethereal Sword Technique carved in the stone was indeed incomplete.

But most of it had been well preserved.

In addition, Li Hao himself had perfected it, so most of the disciples of the Cloud Shadow Sky could learn the gist of it.

“But Zhang Hanyang said that my disciples have only learned a little bit of the basics!

“Could it be that hed seen the complete Ethereal Sword Technique”

“Part of my past is connected with the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Since Im here today, of course, I ought to leave something behind,” Zhang Han said in a carrying voice.

His eyes gleamed with bright light as he waved his sleeve.


The formation Li Hao had left on the first pattern on the stone wall suddenly went out of his control.

The pattern began to glow brightly.

Li Hao was rendered bemused at once.

“Whats going on I didnt do anything.

But why did it automatically switch to the comprehending mode”

The lines on the stone wall continuously shone.

They glimmered according to a mysterious order.

Li Hao felt as if he had turned into a delicate little girl, whose clothes were being taken off one by one in front of those people.

“Oh my god! I feel so exposed!”

Li Hao was slightly dumbstruck.

Fortunately, this phenomenon didnt last long.

After the brilliance circulated for two seconds, it slowly dissipated.


Li Hao noticed that the control over the formation in front of him had returned to his hands.

He calmed down and tried to feel the formation.

However, his pupils rapidly contracted, for what he sensed was a brand new Ethereal Sword Technique.

“This, this is…”

“The complete Ethereal Sword Technique!

“Am I dreaming”

Li Hao fell into a dazed state.

But then, the second pattern attracted his attention.

Just like before, the formation went out of his control for two seconds.

Then, the patterns lit up.

After the light dissipated, he observed again.


“The complete version”

Next, this same thing happened to the third pattern, the fourth pattern, and the rest.

After the ninth pattern was changed, the phenomenon disappeared.

This scene stunned Li Hao.

He suddenly realized that the eighth pattern and the ninth pattern were exactly the Ethereal Moving Technique and the Ethereal Illusion Technique!

“First we got one of the three greatest secret techniques.

Now, we have the eight legendary secret techniques.

Heavens, is our Cloud Shadow Sky going to rise to the top

“These are the martial arts heritage of our predecessors!”


Li Hao was so excited that his hands started to tremble.

Right now, he was at a total loss.

“Who is Zhang Han on earth”

“Father, why not let Senior Zhang have a look”

Li Mu, who had been chatting with Liu Qingfeng on the side, glanced at the stone wall but didnt notice anything funny.

He thought that it was his father who changed the lines on the stone wall.

Yue Wuwei was the only one who screwed up his eyes and cast a few glances at Zhang Han.

He then turned to look at the stone wall again.

His deep gaze seemed able to see the essence of this pattern through the hidden lines.


Yue Wuweis expression altered slightly.

“This kid…is really something.”

He was a little impressed.

“How come Zhang Han even knows these secret techniques”

Now, these secret techniques had been completed, many disciples of the Cloud Shadow Sky would have something to study for years.

Their strengths would then increase step by step, which would influence the Cloud Shadow Skys rise that would occur in several years.

“This, this…”

After Li Hao came to his senses, he looked at Zhang Han with an excited but complex look in his eyes.

He cupped his hands and said, “I cant bear such great kindness.

Zhang Hanyang, what should I do to repay your grace”


Li, who was standing on the side, pursed her lips.

She wanted to say something but couldnt get her words out.


Mengmengs big shining eyes quickly blinked a few times.

She understood that her father seemed to have done something to the stone wall just now.

Zi Yan was well aware of what just happened.

Zhang Han had perfected those secret skills and gave the Cloud Shadow Sky two other secret skills, the Ethereal Moving Technique, and the Ethereal Illusion Technique.

On the way here, when they were resting, Zhang Han and Zi Yan talked about the Cloud Shadow Sky while lying in bed in each others arms.

Zi Yan knew that Zhang Han had been reborn, so she asked him about what had happened in the Cloud Shadow Sky in his previous life.

The stories Zhang Han told her were very interesting and fascinating.

When telling the story, Zhang Hans profile and that reminiscent look flickering in his eyes held Zi Yan spellbound.

Thus, Zi Yans long legs began to move back and forth.

The palm she put on his chest began to become restless.

A moment later, the storytelling stopped abruptly, which was then replaced by Zi Yans sweet moans.

Noticing Li Haos expression, Zi Yan thought for a moment and said with a smile, “Dont mention it, Sect Leader Li.

My husband knows some seniors in the Cloud Shadow Sky.

They used to be on good terms.

Thats why Han knows so much about those lost techniques.

What he did is as easy as lifting a finger.

Whats more, youve already made my father and the others very happy with the fine wine youve prepared.

Now Hans family is happy, he is happy, too.

Thus, dont think that you owe us anything.”

“What about me Daddy, Im happy.

Are you happy then” Mengmeng tugged at Zhang Hans palm and asked.

Although she knew the answer, she still liked to hear Zhang Han say it himself.

“Yes, I am.”

Zhang Han nodded cooperatively.

He stroked Mengmengs head, then looked at Li Hao and said with a smile, “Sect Leader Li, you really dont have to be bothered by this.”

“Alright, although it is not difficult not to,” Li Hao laughed wryly.

He then sighed and ask, “Im very curious about the relationship between you and the seniors of the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Can you tell me about it”

“Maybe you will know when you see them in the future.” Zhang Han flashed a mysterious smile at him.

He knew that Li Hao wouldnt be able to guess the truth even if he racked his brains.

“This… This is truly unexpected.” Li Hao looked at the stone wall.

As if he had obtained a supreme treasure, even his expression became all cautious.

Just now, he showed it to everyone mainly because he wanted Zhang Han to see it.

But now, he no longer wanted to exhibit it anymore.

“Well…” Li Hao scratched his head and said, “Im a very experienced cultivator.

But now, even I am a little overwhelmed.

I dont know what to say.

Anyway, thank you.

I wont forget your kindness.

How about this Zhang Hanyang, are you interested in being a Guardian Elder or a Grand Elder of the Cloud Shadow Sky”

What he said meant that he hoped that the Cloud Shadow Sky could stay on the same boat with Zhang Hanyang.

Offering Zhang Han a position in the sect was more of a repayment.

At the end of the day, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family and its allies were still a threat.

Zhang Hanyang and the others were going to travel in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Thus, they might more or less have some trouble on the way.

If the Cloud Shadow Sky took Zhang Hans side, the scale of the competition would be larger.

Nevertheless, Li Hao had the confidence to side with Zhang Han.

He was not afraid of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Not long ago, Hu Tianshan summoned all the allies together and planned on making a move.

Li Hao was clearly aware of this.

Nowadays, which sect didnt have a few spies in other forces

“Being an elder Id rather not.”

Zhang Han shook his head and refused.

In fact, the current Cloud Shadow Sky had little to do with Zhang Han.

He thought it was normal for him to give it some help when he liked to.

But he had no intention of becoming a member of it.


Li Hao sighed softly.

He was a little hesitant.

He didnt know what he should do now.

At this moment, he was kind of at a loss.

The issue was that he didnt know what Zhang Hanyang and his people liked.

Fortunately, Mengmeng was with them.

The little girl looked around and said, “This place isnt fun.

Sect Leader Li, didnt you just say youd take us to some fun places”

“Thats right.” Li Hao coughed softly and looked at the lady beside him.

“There are a few scenic places nearby.

Ill take you there,” Mrs.

Li said with a smile.

“Then well have to trouble you.”

“Its no trouble at all.

Dont stand on ceremony, my dear friends.

Lets go.”

After the soundproof cover disappeared, Mrs.

Li called everyone over to see the views elsewhere.

Their first stop was this steep but uniquely spectacular mountain peak.

They leisurely climbed the mountain and watched the beautiful scenery.

It was a very good experience.

When everyone left, Li Mu stayed behind.

He asked furtively, “Dad, what did you talk to Senior Zhang and the others about just now”

“Look to the right.”

Li Hao did not say much but chortled.

Li Mu turned around to check.

The nine patterns on the stone wall were shining brightly.

All kinds of mysterious and profound auras swept over his face.

The lines glinted according to a certain rule.

Seeing this, Li Mu was stupefied.

“All of these are complete secret skills.

“Zhang Hanyang gave them to us.

“He knows the seniors of our Cloudy Shadow Sky.

Thus, he bestowed the martial arts heritage of our predecessors upon us.

This is a huge matter for our Cloudy Shadow Sky.”

Li Hao sighed repeatedly with emotion.

“He even gave us the Ethereal Moving Technique and the Ethereal Illusion Technique! I wasnt willing to learn the Ethereal Sword Technique before.

But now, it seems interesting.

Haha, I gotta try to see if I can comprehend the Ethereal Battle Technique.” Li Mus eyes lit up.

His thirst for cultivation grew intense.

“Eh The Dragon Shadow isnt among these patterns!”

Li Mu was very interested in the Ethereal Battle Technique.

But he was more eager to learn the three greatest secret skills.

But that would prove how high the potential of a cultivators comprehension ability was.

“The Dragon Shadow”

Li Hao looked up at the mountain.

At halfway up the mountain, Zhang Han and others were strolling among the grass, trees, and rocks, heading for the peak.

Slowly, Li Hao then said, “I dont know that skill.

If you want to learn it, go ask Zhang Han.

Son, learning the Dragon Shadow is not easy.

You still have a long way to go.

Do work hard.”

Li Mu felt speechless.

Li Mus aura weakened at once.

He sighed and said, “The point is that Mengmeng doesnt like me at all.

She doesnt want to play with me.”

“Ah” Li Hao was stunned.

He couldnt understand where his son was getting at.

“As long as I can become friends with Mengmeng, I can make Senior Zhang teach me the Dragon Shadow right away.

Alas, its a pity that I am not a girl.” Li Mu then sighed deeply.

Li Haos face darkened.

“As my son, you were a bit heartless to say that! I was this close to spanking you!”

“Go to our sect and tell Qingyan and the other top nine disciples to come here and study the secret skills again.”

“Dont you have a communication device with you What do you need me to tell them in person” asked Li Mu, puzzled.

“Dont ask questions.

Just do what youre told to.”

In the end, Li Mu went off to pass on the order.

He made it back in less than an hour.

When they arrived at the foot of the mountain, Mengmeng and the others were on their way down the mountain.

A while ago, they enjoyed the special scenery of the Cloud Shadow Sky from the top of the peak.

The countless clouds floated around, which seemed to have formed a battle array.

Layer upon layer, the clouds made an extremely beautiful picture.

Chen Chuan pestered Mengmeng into taking photos with him again.

Mengmeng, however, dragged Zhang Han to take photos with her.

The family of three had taken at least 40 photos together.

As the most popular girl, Mengmeng also took pictures with her grandparents.

She stood between them and smiled happily.

Most of the trip was spent on taking photos.


Li now understood that the special charm of traveling was taking photos.

Zi Yan said, “The scenery is really beautiful.”

Zhang Han replied, “The woman in it is more beautiful.”

Mengmeng asked, “Who is more beautiful, Mummy or me”

Zhang Han fell silent.

He would not walk into the trap.

The group went down the mountain and set off for another scenic spot.

That place was called the Water in the Wind.

In a canyon, the wind was not strong but rather gentle.

Yet, the water was extremely light.

Actually, it was not ordinary water.

When there were breezes, drops of water would fly to the air, glinting in the sunlight.

All kinds of such natural wonders dazzled everyone.

As the sky gradually darkened, the group returned to their residences.

Without exception, they all started to play games.

After entering their respective Game Capsule, they soon found that their first mission failed.

They couldnt build a stronghold.

Thus, they all ran to Mengmengs New Moon City in disgrace.

At first glance, there were many people inside.

Outsiders had to pay the game currency to enter the city.

Without money, they were not allowed to enter.

However, there was also a benefit of staying in the city.

When the tide of Bone Demons swept over, the city would also be in danger.

At that time, City Lord would assign guarding missions to those staying in the city.

Sometimes, they could make a small profit by completing the missions.

The Bone Demons were a race cursed by the dark power.

They were a single clan with several kings.

But there was a mighty demon, who was their head.

It was very powerful.

But it had been basically dormant.

When the Bone Demons heads woke up, they would go out to hunt on a large scale.

Zhang Han also played this game, the Bone Demon World, for a while.

The games design was quite exquisite.

The scenes in the game were in compliance with reality to a large extent.

However, Zhang Han and the others were on the periphery of that world and were not familiar with the important places.

As for the core of the Bone Demons, even the designers of this game might not know about it.

On the second day, everyone went to watch the Inner-door Entrance Exam that was held every five years.

This exam included all kinds of assessment methods.

It was a test of ones comprehensive strength.

Of course, there were exceptions.

A few 13 or 14-year-old disciples who were very talented had been directly accepted as disciples by some protectors.

A grand event was bustling with noise and excitement.

Mengmeng, Nina, and the others had been enjoying themselves in the Bone Demon World these days.

They played that game for a long time every day.

They watched the exam in the morning.

Then, they went back to play the game in the afternoon.

Li Hao provided them with great food for each meal.

They enjoyed the delicious food and played games to their hearts content.

They felt as relaxed as they were on a holiday.

Just like that, they began their short visit in the Cloud Shadow Sky.

A week later.

“Daddy, we can only travel for more than half a month.”

During breakfast, Mengmeng fiddled with her mobile phone.

After a while, she raised her head and said in a resigned tone, “Time flies.

My summer vacation is coming to an end.”

“Haha, do you want to stay here and have fun forever” Zhang Han asked with a smile.


Zi Yan shot him a warning look.

Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “Well, Mengmeng, listen.

Going to school is actually also kind of fun.

Youll finish junior high, then go to senior high and college.

In junior high, youre still naive.

When youre in senior high school, youll work hard and seek joy amidst your toil.

In college, youll have a leisure life and meet new people and gain new experiences.

Many people who havent made it to college long for the life in college very much.

I think you should at least finish college.”

“But thats too far in the future.

Ill only be in the second year of junior high when the next term starts.” Mengmeng pouted.

She already couldnt wait to go to college.

Many college students hoped that they could fall in love with someone, experience the feeling of skipping classes or failing a subject or two in college.

But Mengmeng didnt want that.

Zhang Han thought that Mengmeng could go anywhere for college in the future.

After all, he could buy a few houses near the college and move there.

Those college boys were hungry for pretty girls.

Since Mengmeng was so gorgeous, Zhang Han felt he had to watch over her.

“Gotta say, Im really far-sighted.”

Zhang Han glanced at Mengmeng and smiled proudly.

Why was he so proud

It was because he brought Mengmeng to the martial arts world and the Cultivation World.

Her horizon had been constantly expanding.

After their first visit to the Lost Continent, Mengmeng complained several times on their way back.

“School is boring.

Can I skip grades My classmates dont know anything.

But if I dont play with them, then I wont have anyone to play with.”


Zi Yan refused directly.

She insisted that Mengmeng had to receive her education in the prescribed order.

Anyway, she did not want her to be a prodigy.

Mengmeng was discouraged.

As soon as Zi Yan made the decision, Zhang Han would not dare to object.

Thus, the matter was left unsettled.

Even Mengmeng had no idea that Zhang Han often felt elated because of this.

This was the right way.

He must let his little girl experience more.

This way, she would keep redefining the meaning of the word “outstanding”.

In fact, what affected Mengmeng the most was her loving family.

Zhang Han and Zi Yans love and their daily habits had shaped Mengmengs personality and outlook.

Teachers often said that children needed their parents company the most.

The relationship between their parents and the details of the life they lived could offer the children the best education.

That did make sense.

“You dont think school is fun”

Yue Xiaonao curled her lips and said, “That Bei Jinnan in our class is just a kid, but he likes to act cool.

Plus, Xiaowu is a very silly guy.

See, school is fun, too.”

“Well, fair point.” After thinking for a while, Mengmeng seemed to have recalled something funny and giggled.

“Hey, Princess Mengmeng, if you want to go out to play, how about I show you around the Cloud Star Area first” Li Mu came over with a flattering look on his face.

Judging by his expression, he seemed even willing to lick Mengmengs boots.

He had no choice.

Mengmeng was the one he had wanted to please the most.

He had also been working hard on it.


“We have Nina leading the way.

What are you doing here” Mengmeng replied in confusion.

Li Mu didnt know what to say.

He turned his head to look at Nina and winked at her, as though saying, “Nina, give me a chance to shine.”

“This is also my first time in the Cloud Star Area.

I know some fun places here.

But Ive never been to those places,” Nina smiled and said truthfully.

Upon hearing those words, Li Mu felt extremely comfortable.

He praised inwardly, “Nice answer.”

“It doesnt matter.

I have Woodenhead.

Just tell it where we want to go and it will take us there,” Mengmeng said casually.


Li Mu almost choked on his saliva.

“I havent offended Mengmeng, have I”

What he didnt know was that when Mengmeng turned around, there was a hint of cunning in her bright eyes.

Seeing her expression, Zhang Han smirked.

“My little girl just likes to pull others legs when she has nothing to do.”

“Are we going out to play” Mu Xue got up and stretched with ease.

“Its time to go out for a walk.”

“Where are we going” Liu Jiaran asked.

“Its still morning.”

Li Mu cleared his throat and said, “We can visit several planets.

Those planets are not very far away from one another.

Each journey will only take one or two hours.

Do you want to go shopping There is a very interesting place in the Cloud Star Area.

I think we can go there first.”

“Where is it” Mengmeng looked over her shoulder and asked.

Seeing the little girl looking his way, Li Mu suddenly turned on his charm.

With a graceful smile, he said, “The Dragon Horse Star! That star is on the edge of the Cloud Star Area.

It is a place where Dragon Horse races are held.

You can also ride Dragon Horses.

There are also quite a lot of entertainment facilities there.

Its a star for everyone to have fun.

In the nearby star areas, the Dragon Horse Star is the only one that offers nothing but recreational activities.”

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