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“Gee, Second Grandpa, dont treat me as a kid,” A boy of 15 or 16 years old snorted and said, “Im just going there to have fun.”

“Second Uncle, dont worry.

Ill be with them,” the middle-aged man standing next to Lorry said with a smile.

He was Lorrys father, Loshanwu.

He had the aura of a superior, but he seemed very easygoing.

“I know youre reliable, but I cant stop worrying about Lotao.

Hes too naughty.” The old man shook his head.

“Dont worry, Second Grandpa.

Ill keep an eye on him.” Lorry promised.

“Lets set off.

Itll take days for us to reach the Sea Dragon Star Area,” said the beautiful woman to Lorrys left with a smile.

If one studied her carefully, one would sense that this beautiful womans aura was still weak.

She was Lorrys mother, Dong Xiang.

After Lorry returned some time ago, she immediately started cultivation in seclusion to refine the Supreme Soul-gathering Pellet.

Her hard work paid off.

On the third day of her cultivation, she finally succeeded.

She treated her mothers illness that even famous pellet-refining masters in the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province could not treat.

This amazed a lot of people.

Many pellet refining masters came over to ask Lorry how she did it.

But Lorry didnt say much.

She only told them that she had received pointers from a senior and refined the Supreme Soul-gathering Pellet.

No one asked about the formula of the pellet.

Even if they asked, Lorry wouldnt tell them.

But they all felt this pellet was amazing as soon as they heard its name.

That was perhaps because they had already learned that this pellet had cured Dong Xiang.

Thus, when they heard the name, they immediately felt impressed.

Normally, they wouldnt have cared about what the name of a pellet was.

Lorry did not provide the answer to those visitors that kept coming over.

But she had told everything to her Second Grandpa, a high-position member of the Lo Family, who was standing in front of her at the moment.

She had also given them a rough account of the situation in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Therefore, these people had known something about Zhang Han.

They knew he was very rich.

When he just entered the Sea Dragon Star Area, he had some disputes with a local force called Tiger Talisman Royal Family over some trivial matters.

Also, Zhang Han and his group were very special.

They had a cultivator at least at the God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage.

After hearing these pieces of information, the members of the Lo Family pondered for a long time but couldnt figure anything out.

Dong Xiang recovered from her injuries not long ago.

She had been in secluded cultivation for some time.

Yesterday, she just ended the secluded cultivation.

After some deliberation, she decided that she should thank Zhang Han in person for saving her life.

Therefore, Loshanwu arranged this trip.

They decided to set off immediately.

The next day, three king vessels were ready for sail.

Most of the people from their branch knew that they were going to visit Dong Xiangs life savior and thank him.

The Lo Family was not very large as a whole.

Still, there were some branches and factions in the family.

At this time, the branch led by Lorrys second grandfather was here to see them off.

After bidding farewell, the three king vessels jumped into the secondary space within 10 seconds and headed for the Blue Sand Wind Domain at an extremely fast speed.

This Blue Sand Wind Domain had separated the Heavenly Dragon Star Province from many other Star Areas nearby.

The environment there was too harsh.

Only king vessels could travel across it.

Of three king vessels, two were the large steel behemoths in the shape of a giant snake that Lorry rode last time.

However, the one in the lead was like a disc.

It was very large.

The two on its sides were the kind that Lorry used to ride.

This model was called Flying Snake.

Inside the disc-shaped king vessel in the middle.

“Lorry, think again.

Is there anything they may like Im going to pick some gifts for them to express our gratitude,” said Loshanwu.

“I cant think of much.

I… I was with Senior Zhang and the others for a really short period.

I spent most of that time refining pellets.

The secret skill Senior Zhang taught me is also very powerful.

Why not ask Uncle Loron He stayed with them for days then.” Lorry then shifted her eyes toward Loron.

“Ahem, I was with them.

They asked me many questions about the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Ive already told you everything I knew about them before.” Loron spread his hands helplessly.

“There is nothing they fancy in particular” Loshanwu murmured.

“Then Ill just pick these cultivation resources.”

“They dont seem to be short of cultivation resources.

The spiritual herbs Senior Zhang displayed with a casual wave of his hand were all fifth-tier,” said Lorry.


Looking at the Space Ring in his palm, Loshanwu showed an undecided look on his face.

But then, he added some treasures.

“Hey, isnt the Sea Dragon Star Area poor No matter how rich they are, their wealth cant compare with ours,” said Lotao, who was sitting on the side and playing computer games.

“Thats not necessarily true,” Lorry said, “Lotao, you can play to your hearts content when we get there.

However, Ill definitely beat you up if you dont behave yourself when we meet Senior Zhang and the others.”

“Uncle, didnt you hear her She said she would beat me up.”

Loshanwu didnt know what to say.

“Oh right!”

Loron suddenly said, “There is something you can do.

If you do it well, Zhang Hanyang will certainly appreciate it.”

“What is it” Loshanwu asked.

“Zhang Hanyang has a daughter named Zhang Yumeng.

He pampers his daughter very much and cares a lot about her.

The same goes with his wife.

Compared with thanking Zhang Hanyang with expensive gifts, I think its better to find a way to give his wife and daughter something they like.” Loron suggested.

“Oh, I already knew all of this.

Lorrys told me about it, so I have prepared many gifts for them,” Loshanwu said with a smile, “one of those is a Beauty-enhancing Flower that can retain ones youth for decades.

Its a fifth-tier spirit treasure.

I specially exchanged for it from the Earth Dragon King.”

As soon as he said that, Lorry and Loron were both stunned.

“Whats wrong” Loshanwu thought that he had picked the wrong gift, so he doubtfully asked.

“A Beauty-enhancing Flower is something that no woman will refuse, right”

“It seems, it seems that she doesnt need to enhance her beauty anymore.” After a while, Loron said in a muffled voice, “Zhang Hanyangs wife is called Zi Yan.

Her Taoism title is Moon Empress.

Her strength is unfathomable, but I heard that she is very mighty.

As for her appearance, well, she is already extremely beautiful.

She doesnt need a Beauty-enhancing Flower at all.”


Loshanwu felt speechless.

A while later, he said, “Half a loaf is better than no bread.

Even if she doesnt need it, maybe someone else will.”

“Mengmeng is also easy to get along with.

She is very enthusiastic.

Ive prepared gifts for her as well,” said Lorry.


We must think them properly this time,” Loshanwu said, looking a bit emotional.

On the one hand, he sincerely wanted to thank Zhang Han.

On the other hand, he also hoped to make friends with such a powerful pellet refining master.

The group chatted casually.

They didnt bring too many people with them this time.

There were only about a hundred people in total on the three king vessels.

While they were trying to figure out what gifts to give, their destination, the Sea Dragon Star Area, had been engulfed by an incomparably tense atmosphere.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…”

One after another, spaceships set out and jumped into the secondary space.

At the same time, many pieces of news spread out.

“The Cloud Shadow Skys main force has set off to conquer the Sea Central Star Area.

I saw them.

Their vibe was highly formidable.

It was as if they wouldnt return unless they bathed the entire Tiger Talisman Royal Family in blood.”

“The Silver-winged Hall has also sent out troops commanded by their eight branch leaders.

Its said that their chief has also gone over to supervise the battle.

It seems that although the Tiger Talisman Royal Family has been domineering and acting of wanton aggression all these years, they will still pay for what they have done with the lives of their members.”

“The Taiyi Sacred Sect has dispatched a large army to the Sea Central Star Area.”

“The sect leader of the Triple Sect has led the army in person to fight in the Sea Central Star Area.

He said that he would avenge his sons death this time.”

“Good heavens! Theyre all going to fight! With so many forces armies bearing down on their borders, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family is truly in trouble!”

“That may not be the case!” Even though most people no longer believed the Tiger Talisman Royal Family could win, a few people still voiced their opposite views.

“You have no idea how strong the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys trump card is.”

“Those not in the upper echelons wont understand this.

Even though the Tiger Talisman Royal Family has retreated to the Sea Central Star Area, they will turn the tides the moment their reinforcements arrive.”

Many high-position people who had learned about the families in the Chaotic Region spoke out one after another.

Upon hearing their words, the others suddenly realized that sometimes, the deemed advantage was just an illusion.

It was still hard to say which side would win this battle.

But everyone knew that there was no way to stop this battle.

The Cloud Shadow Sky and its allies had cut off all means of retreat.

They had decided to take the risk.

Even if they did not have the support of the Guang family, they would still strive to take down the Tiger Talisman Royal Family first.

In the eyes of the Neutral Forces, this was undoubtedly a foolish move.

Many high-position officials of the Neutral Forces were discussing this.

“Whats Sect Leader Li Haos trump card on earth Their backer is merely the Guang family on the North Ice Star, and their relationship is not particularly firm.

If the Guang family is facing the threats of the other families, heh, even a fool knows that they will quit supporting the Cloud Shadow Sky.

I wonder who has given Li Hao such confidence.”

“I guess its Zhang Hanyangs group.

Isnt it said that theres an old man in the God Transformation Realm”

“It seems that you dont know how powerful the families in the Chaotic Region really are.

Each of these families has more than one or two people in the God Transformation Realm.”

“Thats right.

Those in the Chaotic Region are the real magnates of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

To the Sea Dragon Star Area, their attitude is the law.

It is something that cannot be disobeyed.”

“The Tiger God has not appeared yet.

Only Hu Tianshan has fought the battles.

What does this show The Tiger God is still composed.

He knows that no matter how many battles the Cloud Shadow Sky has won, it cant get the support of the Chaotic Region.”

“But theres one thing that everyone has guessed wrong.

Maybe even the Tiger God didnt expect that the Cloud Shadow Sky would be so decisive.

Its been only a few days since the last battle.

However, theyve already launched the full-scale attack.

Do they plan to act first and report afterward Maybe the Cloud Shadow Skys alliance is gambling as well.

After all, if the Tiger Talisman Royal Family wins, with their ambitions, they will sweep off their enemies in the Sea Dragon Star Area and dominate the entire Star Area.

But the Cloud Shadow Sky Academy wont.

Thus, these people… are gambling.

If those in the Chaotic Region cant make a move in time, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family may really suffer a calamity.

Well, unfortunately, its impossible for the Cloud Shadow Sky to win the battle in just a few days.”

Regarding this matter, many people had different opinions.

However, they all knew that although the Cloud Shadow Sky seemed to have a 70 or even 80 percent chance of winning, the real figure was only about 30 percent or less.

However, no one knew that three main vessels had left the Chaotic Region for the Sea Central Star Area.

Under the attention of all parties, the forces of Cloud Shadow Skys alliance traveled to the Sea Central Star Area together.

Their spaceships were as many as trees in a forest.

Even though the clown had ruthlessly robbed them several times, their fleet was still large, for the base of their spaceships was huge.

In the sky, hundreds of spaceships of the Cloud Shadow Skys alliance flew into the Sea Central Star Area, quickly approaching the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys territory.

The battlefield stretched across nine planets.

The nine planets were the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys last line of defense.

Once it was broken through, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family would face disaster right away.

The nine planets were not far away from one another.

The largest among them was the Eagle Wing Star in the middle.

From the top angle, this planet was shaped like a giant eagle spreading its wings, so it was called the Eagle Wing Star.

Above it was a continent.

This was the main battlefield.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family was clearly ready for the battle, too.

Numerous spaceships started the first round of battle.

Flames covered the sky.

One could even see a red mecha at the front of the spaceships.

It was Hu Tianshan!

In the cosmic void of the Eagle Wing Star, he slowly lifted his long broadsword and pointed it to the front.

In an instant, flames of war flew everywhere!

In the fleet battle, most of the ones that were being destroyed were aircraft controlled by the intelligent system.

There were tens of millions of combat aircraft, disrupt aircraft, and the like.

Sometimes, corvettes would also be destroyed.

But a few seconds before the explosion, almost all the people inside would escape.

They would ride aircraft and drift in the void, looking for an appropriate time to return to the Eagle Wing Star.

The battle line stretched out as far as one could see.

But the two sides had one thing in common.

People fighting on both sides were all paying attention to the Eagle Wing Star.

If they won on the Eagle Wing Star, they would win the battle.

If they lost here, they would lose the battle.

Confronting Hu Tianshan head-on, many of the Cloud Shadow Skys alliance were actually somewhat nervous.

Before the start of the war, Hu Tianshans fame had spread across the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Everybody knew he was a very strong fighter.

But after the war started, the masses were shocked to know that they had actually underestimated him.

Hu Tianshan was almost invincible in battles.

Victory would descend wherever he was.

At this moment, being Hu Tianshans enemy, how could they not feel nervous

After several hours of bombardment, finally, the numerous transport spaceship and aircraft of the Cloud Shadow Skys alliance assembled into an army and bore down on the surface of the Eagle Wing Star.

The landing was not smooth at all.

It was full of bumps.

Their aircraft exploded every now and then.

However, no matter how hard the enemy fired, the army seemed utterly unstoppable.

They flew over like pouring rain.

In just a few minutes, an enormous army had been formed.

Its scale was still growing.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family had also been prepared.

There was a small, black mass on the surface of the Eagle Wing Star, which was the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys army.

Looking at the scene below in a daze, Instructor Liu exclaimed.

“A war of this scale is truly spectacular.”

“This should be the grandest and most tragic scene in this war in the Sea Dragon Star Area.” Jiang Yanlan said slowly, “Its dozens of times larger than the war we participated in before.

This is a collision of two powerful forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Its really terrifying.”

“Han, can we still participate in a battle of this level” Zhang Guangyous face paled a little.

He was a bit frightened.

Looking from space, the two armies were really enormous.

It was no exaggeration to say that the two armies were like two boundless seas about to collide.

Those who had never undergone such a battle before would more or less be scared.

“When the scene calms down, you can go down there and fight.

Dont go too deep.

With the treasures I gave you and your current experience, youll be fine.” Zhang Han answered.

“Daddy,” Mengmeng tugged at Zhang Hans hand and said, “I feel a little dizzy looking at the spaceships below.

When can the war end”

The little girl did not think the war is soul-stirring, thrilling, or exciting.

Instead, she felt that she enjoyed her first tour in the Sea Dragon Star Area better.

Now, she had been in the Sea Dragon Star Area for almost a month.

But most of the time, she had been cooped up in the spaceship watching battles.

After watching many such battles, one would indeed feel physically and mentally exhausted.

Even the emotions of Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and others were more or less affected.

“Very soon.

This war will be over after this battle.”

Zhang Han stroked Mengmengs head and said, “When its over, this place will be peaceful again.

Then, Daddy will take you to visit the places we havent been to yet.”

“Okay,” Mengmeng replied in a sweet voice.

“Mengmeng, you can take a rest with Xiaonao,” Zi Yan said, compressing her red lips.

“Well, okay.

Nina, are you going down to fight again this time” Mengmeng looked over her shoulder and asked.

Nina seemed undecided.

She glanced at Mo Wen and thought for a moment before saying.

“No, Im not.

Shall we go to another room to take a break”

“Lets go.

Maybe the battle will be over when we go back in a while.” Yue Xiaonao then grabbed the twos hands and led them into a room.

After the three girls left, all the people present fell silent again.

They just stared at the scene in front of them.

The ground battle on the Eagle Wing Star soon took place.

When the two armies collided with each other, a battle line radiating brilliant light was formed.

The violent atmosphere on the entire Eagle Wing Star seemed to have spread to the void of the universe.

The spaceships fired much less frequently.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Familys fleet voluntarily retreated some distance.

The spaceships here were all they had.

Maybe the battle in the void would have been much more intense if the clown had not shown up.

But now, many of the spaceships had been robbed.

Now, most of the spaceships on both sides were basically used for transportation.

Each party only had a small number of spaceships carrying firing equipment and even mecha.

Therefore, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family voluntarily gave up on the battle in the void.

The main battle was going on on the Eagle Wing Star below.

In fact, the large troops on the ground had even reserved an area for Cloud Shadow Skys force to land so that they could fight them head-on.

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

The Cloud Shadow Skys spaceships quickly left for a node planet to transport more fighters here.

The numbers of their fighters were so large that the spaceships couldnt take them here all at once.

This also worked favorably to the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Theyd long been prepared for this.

On the whole, there were more people on the Cloud Shadow Skys side.

But on the Eagle Wing Star, the main battlefield, they were one-third less in number.

This was the same on the other eight planets.

After all, the number of spaceships the Cloud Shadow Sky had was very limited.

That was something they couldnt change.

The good news was that the round trip only took two hours.

Thus, this wouldnt give the Tiger Talisman Royal Family a great advantage.

“The battle is on.”

“Its magnificent.”

“Just wait and see.

The final battle has begun.”

Near the Eagle Wing Star, three isolated spaceships were floating in the void.

“Holy cow! What a huge planet!” After seeing the Eagle Wing Star, Su Beimu was a little stunned.

“How could it be this big”

“Keep your voice down.” Yan Chen reminded him in resignation.

“Why does he act like a bumpkin He should keep his shock to himself, but he just has to say it out loud.”

“Is this the battle that decides the outcome” Ye Longyuan was overly amazed.

“Older Martial Sister, which side do you think will win this battle”

“Its hard to say,” Chu Qingyi replied indifferently.

She didnt seem interested in this battle, for it had nothing to do with her.

She didnt care about which side would win or lose.

“How brutal!”

Ye Longyuans tone was full of shock.

“The battlefield is many times larger.

The previous battles we saw on those planets are far inferior to this one.

Oh, I even have goosebumps.

It seems that both sides have a chance to win.

I wonder if Zhang Hanyang will strike this time.”

“He wont,” Yan Chen said with certainty, “hes not interested in war at all.”

“Thats right,” Su Beimu echoed.

“Given Zhang Hanyangs temper, he will probably say… hed rather spend the time with his wife and daughter.”

“Hes been accompanying his family every day.

Wont he grow tired of it” Chu Qingyi suddenly asked.

“No, he wont,” Ye Longyuan said, “I dont know about the others, but Im sure he will never grow sick of it.

We all know that Zhang Hanyang is a stay-at-home dad whose job is babysitting.

He wont fight unless there is a huge dispute to resolve.”


Yan Chen suddenly let out a soft cry of surprise.

He then said, “Zhang Hanyang is a full-time dad.

Then how could he have gradually climbed to such a level Everyone on Earth now knows about him.

Logically speaking, even if he was a troublemaker, he couldnt have possibly caused so much trouble.”


Su Beimu suddenly laughed.

“Beauty is sometimes a bane.

Moon Empresss gorgeous appearance alone already attracts infinite trouble.”

“That makes sense.” Yan Chen seemed to have thought of something.

He shook his head and said, “You got a point.

Su Beimu, if the woman you love, who is an incredibly enchanting beauty, has to put you through infinite trouble, would you still marry her”

“Why are you asking me this” Su Beimu was taken aback.

“Its just a thought.”

“I dont know,” Su Beimu answered.

“Youre boring,” Yan Chen said.

He also pondered over this question himself.

Chu Qingyi, however, glanced at Ye Longyuan and asked with a smile, “What would you do in that case”

“What” Ye Longyuan asked.

“Whats your answer to that question he asked” Chu Qingyi pointed at Yan Chen.

“Older Martial Sister, you are talking about that Hahaha.” Ye Longyuan laughed and shook his head.

“I wouldnt mind that.”


“Older Martial Sister, there is something you dont know about me,” Ye Longyuan touched his chin and said slowly, “I dont care if the woman I marry is beautiful or not.

As the saying goes, beautiful women are a source of trouble.

Thus, how good-looking my wife is doesnt matter.

Ahem, the key is that I like trouble, especially the infinite kind.”

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