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Three male students who were passing by instantly stiffened.

Next, their eyes widened with amazement.

Then, they started to feel a bit dizzy.

They were stunned to see Mengmeng making such a cute face.

Hearing her throw kisses at her phone, they felt as if a cat was scratching their hearts.

It was not until Mengmeng went away that they tore their eyes from her and looked at each other.

“Li, I feel like Im in love.”

“Fuck off.

Im in love with Zhang Yumeng.

How could she fall for a boy like you”

“Of course, she wont.

I wonder which lucky dog will land her.”

“Lucky dog”

“Yeah, dont all the pretty girls end up being with lucky dogs”

“She stole my heart with the kisses she just threw.”

It was safe to say that many boys in this school had a crush on Mengmeng.

Nina had also had a lot of pursuers.

Yue Xiaonao, however, barely had any, because she often beat up her male classmates.

Two female students came over with a letter and said, “Nina, this is a letter for you from He Di of our class.”

“Well, thank you.”

Nina took the letter.

The envelope was beautifully designed.

But she threw it into the bin when she got back to the classroom.

It was a good habit she had learned from Mengmeng.

No matter how many love letters the boys wrote to her, Nina would not date any of them.

“Mengmeng, Nina, Xiaonao, you are here!” Bei Jinnan ran over with his two buddies to greet them.

“Beibei,” Yue Xiaonao said, “we are leaving soon.”

“Huh Youre leaving What for” Bei Jinnan was stunned.

“The world outside is big.

We have to go out and have a look,” Yue Xiaonao hummed and said, “We will probably only come back when there are exams.

We wont be in school at other times.”

“Really” Bei Jinnans face turned stiff.

“Oh, Im heartbroken.”

He felt that his world had become a little darker.

If these three were gone, Bei Jinnan didnt know who he could play with.

The most important thing was that he had finally gotten close to them.

Yet, before he even began to pursue Nina, they were planning to leave school.

“Mengmeng, youll stop taking classes in school” Li Muen asked.

She was startled by this.

Seeing her good friends sad face, Mengmeng thought about it and said, “Muen, you can ask your parents if they are willing to… hang out with us, such as going out to fight the evil and uphold justice.”

Li Kai must have understood what Mengmeng meant after hearing the phrase “fight the evil and uphold justice”.

Now, Mengmeng also knew that not everyone yearned for the life of a martial artist.

If one entered the martial arts world, one would have to deal with many disputes.

Life in the Cultivation World was even more complicated.

Many people preferred to live a peaceful life, such as Wang Yihans parent, Wang Jiawen, whom Mengmeng had not seen for a long time.


Ill call my dad now.”

Li Muen went out to make the phone call.

Minutes later, she came back.

“My dad has agreed, but he still wants to discuss this with my mom and grandparents.”

Another three minutes later, Li Muen received her dads call and became a little dispirited.

“My mother and grandparents dont agree.”

“Its okay.” Seeing Li Muens depressed face, Mengmeng said, “Anyway, we will come back when there are exams.

We wont be out all the time.

Maybe we will take classes for a while after we come back from every trip.”

“I heard you talk about this the moment I came to the classroom.” Bai Yilin hurried into the classroom, looked at Mengmeng, and said, “You make it sound like youre leaving in a moment.

Youd better study hard first.

Its still uncertain when you will leave.”

“Did my mummy call you” Mengmeng asked in bemusement.


As you requested just now… these are the textbooks for the three of you, including the textbooks for the second term of the second grade and the two terms of third grade.” Bai Yilin patted dozens of books he was holding and said, “I also brought you exercise books and some test papers for the senior high school entrance examination.

You have to learn all of these.

Haha, it will probably take a long time.”

Bai Yilin had obtained all the books in such a short time.

He seemed very efficient.

However, in fact, he didnt do anything.

The headmaster sent these books and papers over in person.

“Are you really leaving”

The students in the classroom instantly burst into an uproar.

“Dont worry too much about this.” Bai Yilin looked at everyone and said, “Zhang Yumeng, Nina, and Yue Xiaonao are going to continue with their education in an unusual way.

They are exceptional cases.

As for you, the rest of the class, you should work hard to study.

Oh, by the way, if you want them to stay, try taking first place in class.

It will be best if you can banish the three from the top five.

Then, they will definitely have to stay in school.”

“Thats too difficult! Boo-hoo…”

The student who used to always rank second in exams now could only rank third.

He was also a straight-A student.

Now, when he heard Bai Yilins words and saw his encouraging expression, he immediately had an emotional breakdown and burst into tears.

Nevertheless, the three girls still had to go to school for the time being at the very least.

Yet, since Zi Yan had given her consent, Mengmeng knew that they were not far away from the days of semi-free self-study.

That afternoon, Mengmeng happily talked with Zi Yan on the phone and learned about some rules Zi Yan set for her.

Zi Yans request was still the same.

As long as Mengmeng could stay among the top three, she could go on the outings if the circumstances allowed.

This goal was too easy for Mengmeng to fulfill.

At noon, Yue Wuwei and Zhang Han arrived at the edge of the Northernmost Sea.

“Masters will lies here to suppress this sea.”

Yue Wuwei watched the surging waves of the Northernmost Sea with emotion in his eyes.

He said slowly, “Its not easy to get the approval of my masters will.

You may have to go through some trials.

Last time, although you didnt succeed, I feel that it may have something to do with your choice.

This time, if you succeed, the Northernmost Sea will become even more terrifying.

If Masters will dissipates, the suppression over the Northernmost Sea will gradually weaken.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that there are more than just strange beasts with the power of the God Transformation Realm here.”

“Are there beasts in the Void-refining Realm, the Integration Realm, or the Mastery Realm Well, even if there are some at the Tribulation Stage, suppressing them is a piece of cake to your master.”

Unexpectedly, Zhang Han was not shocked at all.

Instead, he said calmly, “I suppose your masters will only serve as a deterrent.

More importantly, its here to prevent some foreign threats from invading.

The Northernmost Sea has its own rules.

Otherwise, those strange beasts in the God Transformation Realm would have run amok and the world would have been in chaos.”

That was just Zhang Hans guess.

However, Yue Wuweis face darkened when he heard it.

He snorted and said, “Im the butler of the Saint Warrior Planet.

Why are you explaining things to me now Dont interrupt me when Im talking anymore.

Otherwise, you will have to go down there by yourself.”

“Haha.” Zhang Han chuckled.

Seeing Zhang Hans attitude, Yue Wuwei knew he couldnt do anything about it.

“The place were going to is the Heart of the Northernmost Sea.

Its the shallowest part of the Northernmost Sea and the hub of the entire water area on the Saint Warrior Planet.

The other parts are too deep to reach.

Lets go.

Words wont help.

To get what you want, you have to get Masters approval first.”

After saying that, Yue Wuwei waved his hand casually.


A vortex suddenly appeared among the rolling waves of the Northernmost Sea.

It was not very large.

It looked like a cave with a diameter of five meters.

One by one, staircases were formed.

The inside of the vortex was quiet.

The staircases seemed fixed, while the outside was covered with surging waves.

This kind of contrast gave the vortex a touch of mystery.

Even Zhang Hans eyes became a little serious.

Yue Wuweis master was certainly not easy to deal with.

Zhang Han was a reincarnated person.

Regardless of the reason why he had reincarnated, he was, after all, considered one of the most powerful ones among those at the ninth-tier of the Tribulation Stage.

Few people in the world could possibly be his match.

However, at last, Zhang Han failed to open the Heaven Road to go to the higher world.

Therefore, he didnt make further progress in cultivation.

Zhang Han also felt unease, because he was going to meet the powerful mysterious master who was even mighty in the higher world.

However, as an experienced cultivator, Zhang Han didnt lose his cool.

“Lets go.”

Yue Wuwei and Zhang Han jumped into the vortex and walked in the water passage.

They followed the staircases down step by step.

The water of the Northernmost Sea was of the same color from top to bottom.

Even though they had gone thousands of meters deep, the water was still the same as the grey sky reflected by the surface of the sea.

Here, Zhang Han could probe the area within three miles with his soul sense.

Lords of the Sea, which were strange beasts, occasionally zoomed past.

Some were preying.

Some were swimming.

The others were resting.

They had not reached the depths of the sea, yet they had seen no less than 10 such strange beasts.

They went down continuously.

Even with Zhang Hans strong soul sense, the range of his detection began to shrink.

He could only observe the area with nine miles, seven miles, five miles…

According to Zhang Hans perception, when he went down 50,000 miles, his soul sense was confined to the water passageway and could not continue probing.

This passageway seemed to be leading to somewhere very deep.

Zhang Han didnt ask where the destination was and just followed Yue Wuwei in silence.

Yue Wuwei didnt speak for a quite while.

Later, he turned to look at Zhang Han and said, “Why havent you asked how long it will take for us to get there”

“Eh” Zhang Han shook his head.

“Im not interested in the answer.”

“Fine.” Yue Wuwei stroked his beard and said, “Weve just covered half of the journey.

Masters will is in the shallowest place, which is 300,000 miles away from the surface of the sea.

Whichever direction we go down from, the distance is the same.”

“Oh, okay.”

Zhang Han nodded slightly and said, “So, there may be an Immortal Formation in the Northernmost Sea.”

“Immortal Formation” Yue Wuwei was stunned.

“Maybe, or maybe not.

Masters will is stronger than any Immortal Formation.”

“If there is an Immortal Formation, it has something to do with the whole world.

Perhaps its suppressing something,” Zhang Han glanced at Yue Wuwei and added.

“Suppressing something…”

Yue Wuweis face froze for a moment.

Then, he fell into deep thought.

After a while, Yue Wuwei said, “How could I not know about this Wait, no, I didnt ask you this.

Why did you start to explain things to me again Youre telling me that there is an Immortal Formation suppressing something.

I think youre getting better and better at fooling people.”

Yue Wuwei was alarmed inwardly.

“Even I got fooled by Zhang Han, didnt I He is really scary.”

Zhang Han merely smiled and didnt say anything.

That was indeed his groundless guess.

However, even if he wanted to deceive others, he must know a bit about the truth.

Otherwise, how could the others be deceived

The two continued to go down to the depths of the sea.

Finally, when they advanced nearly 300,000 miles, a huge stone pillar came into their view.

It was unknown how deep the pillar reached.

Its height was unknown.

It just stood there alone, as though it was keeping the entire Northernmost Sea under control.


They had reached the end of the passageway.

Ahead of them was a cliff, where the water was divided into different layers.

The area within a radius of several thousand meters around that pillar was completely empty.

As they looked forward, a black and blue bridge made of water slowly came into being and reached the platform on the other side of the water.

“Cross this water bridge and reach the platform.

Thats pretty much the whole journey,” Yue Wuwei said.

Therefore, Zhang Han traveled forward.

“Zhang Han.”

Just as Zhang Han was about to set foot on the water bridge, Yue Wuwei shouted, “Go get it.”


Zhang Han turned around to look at Yue Wuwei.

A smile was shown on his face.

He was exuding confidence.

As soon as Zhang Han took the first step on the water bridge—


The entire water bridge trembled.

Water curtains rose and floated in the air.

The water bridge seemed to be flowing as well.

Wisps of incomparably abstruse aura were emerging.

When Zhang Han took the second step, it was as if he was walking subconsciously.


The water curtains drifting in the air turned into a thin, white mist and spread out.

“This… this is what Master prepared for him”

Yue Wuweis pupils contracted in amazement.

He had been here before.

But no unusual phenomenon occurred during his visits.

However, the moment Zhang Han stepped on the water bridge, strange signs appeared one after another, which somewhat astonished Yue Wuwei.

But this was just the beginning.

Zhang Han took the third step!

In an instant, the white light became brighter and brighter.

Then, Zhang Han took more steps forward…

When Zhang Han came to the middle of the water bridge, what lay ahead of him was boundless white light.

Even Yue Wuwei felt as if he were in a white, empty world.

In this world, there were no rules or suppression.

Yue Wuwei couldnt detect any even though he tried to.

His mind was all blank.

At some point, Yue Wuwei seemed to have seen a huge figure in the white mist ahead.

The figure appeared to be wearing white clothes.

He raised his head slightly to look at the sky.

Although this figures expression could not be seen, Yue Wuwei felt this figure was a little bit sad, but he didnt know why.


With Yue Wuwei watching, Zhang Han also moved.

He seemed to have come to his senses.

He slowly raised his head to look at the huge figure before him.

But how come Zhang Han and that figure looked up at a similar angle

All of a sudden, Zhang Han spoke, “Who are you exactly”

His tone was calm and emotionless.

But in truth, Zhang Han had a lot of emotions welling up inside.

It was because this mysterious masters lonely figure was too similar to his old self.

Zhang Han still remembered that every time he explored a secret realm or finished a battle, whether with difficulty or not, whether he was unscathed, seriously injured, or on the verge of death, he would look up at the sky, as if he wanted to see through the overlaid space to see the bright moon!

Unfortunately, the unique moon didnt exist in the Cultivation World.

“This old master must be also a man with a history.”

Zhang Han sighed in his heart and resonated with the shadow in front of him.


The erratic white shadow said one word and then stopped talking, as if he was lost in thought.

“Master! Im Wuwei!” Yue Wuwei suddenly called out.


The white shadow uttered another word in his ethereal voice, as if Yue Wuweis call had brought him back to reality.

Without turning around, he said, “We are of the same kind.”

Yue Wuwei knew that this remark was made for Zhang Han.

“Is the higher world the world of immortals”

“The world of immortals Maybe its more appropriate to call it the higher world,” the white shadow said flatly.

“The Cultivation World is the road that leads human beings to immortality.

The so-called higher world is generally divided into six domains, namely the Immortal Domain, God Domain, Demon Domain, Devil Domain, Spirit Domain, and Human Domain.

There are also good and evil there.

Immortals are just one of the kinds of creatures living there.

There is nothing special about them.”

Zhang Han was surprised that he had sensed a hint of disdain toward the so-called Immortal Domain from this white figures tone.

“Technically, the Cultivation World should have been called the Domain-cultivating World.”

The white-clothed figure paused.

Moments later, he said, “Little fellow, are you here to persuade me to be your master”

Zhang Han was caught off guard by this question.

He coughed softly and said, “Er, no.

I dont want that yet.”

The more difficult it was to obtain something, the more precious one would find it was.

Thus, how could Zhang Han pick his master recklessly Even if he wanted to be apprenticed by this figure, he needed to see him in the flesh.

Moreover, Zhang Han wanted to ask him about what this figure did to him during the trial last time.

“Whats your name” Zhang Han asked.

Zhang Han had asked a crucial question.

Yue Wuwei immediately fixed his eyes on the white shadow.

“Im about to know Masters name!”

“You can call me…”

“Yes! Hes telling us his name!”

However, after a long time, the white figure still didnt finish his sentence.

“My name should be…”

Finally, the white figure was about to say his name.

Yue Wuwei was thrilled.

Yet, the white figure broke off again.

Zhang Han didnt worry about courtesy and asked bluntly, “Have you forgotten your name”

“No, its just that my case is special.

Never mind, just call me lord.”

“Well, do the six domains you mentioned refer to human cultivation or the essence of human beings” Zhang Han asked.

“Its just an undecided definition.”

“My wife is from the higher world, right Which domain does she belong to”

“Your wife… Your wife belongs to the Spirit Domain.”

“Will she recover the memories before the awakening”

“Maybe, maybe not.

Its up to you.”

“Up to me” Zhang Han was stunned.


“Well, its about time.”

The white-clothed figure suddenly said, “Youve come here for the so-called Elemental Sources.

Ill gift you 20 Elemental Sources, four for each of the five categories.”

“How many Elemental Sources do you have” Zhang Han probed curiously.

“This mysterious lord is definitely rich.”

“I only have 20.

Some things are predestined.

You will understand that in the future.”


As soon as these words came out, the drifting white shadow suddenly dispersed.

In the place where he stood were 20 Elemental Sources.

“The Dark Departure Fire, Towering Jade Tree… These are all Sources of the third tier.”

Zhang Han sighed with emotion and stretched out his right hand.


All kinds of seals were conjured up, sealing the Elemental Sources in all parts of his body.

He would then go back and refine these Elemental Sources.

It would take some time to fully refine the 20 different kinds of Elemental Sources.

“Alas, this conversation didnt solve any mysteries either.” Yue Wuwei looked around and felt a little helpless.

After Zhang Han put away the Elemental Sources, he flew back to the passageway and said, “When did you first meet him”

“It was more than a thousand years ago.

At that time, I was not… Eh Are you fishing information from me” Yue Wuwei stopped halfway through answering the question.

“Whats there to fish” Zhang Han was amused.

“Lets go.

Youve reaped all the benefits.

You got 20 kinds of Sources.

Thats exactly what you want.

How many days will it take you to refine them I say itll take at least two years,” Yue Wuwei said.

“Two years” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Absorbing Elemental Sources involves the body, the meridians, the dantian, and the soul sense sea.

The first time you absorbed some, you did it very fast.

But this time, there are more than 20 kinds to absorb.

After your first try, absorbing each kind of Elemental Source will be more and more time-consuming.

You would be quite efficient if you were to finish the absorption in just two years.” Yue Wuwei stroked his beard, acting like an immortal.

He even looked up at the sky to imitate his master.

But he did not have that desolate aura at all.

“Who are you mimicking” Zhang Han found Yue Wuwei very funny.

“I just noticed that your posture was quite similar to Masters,” Yue Wuwei said in amazement.

He even looked Zhang Han up and down.

“That posture shows that were both men with a history,” Zhang Han said after thinking for a while.

“What history could you have” Yue Wuweis expression changed slightly.

“Why dont you take a guess”

“Screw you.”

Yue Wuwei quit probing.

The two of them went straight up to the surface of the sea.

Zhang Han had thought this visit would take two or three days.

However, to his surprise, the whole process turned out to be just simple.

It was so simple that Zhang Han felt as if the mysterious lord was deliberately waiting for him, ready to give him the Elemental Sources.

“My cultivation has been going smoothly.

Is it because Zi Yan has brought me great fortune Now, Mengmeng is the Heavenly Lord, and Zi Yan has a mysterious identity.

I got a Ten Inches Dantian the first time I had sex with Zi Yan.

Since then, my way of cultivation has been without a hitch.”

On the way up along the passageway, Zhang Han was in a trance.

Finally, he patted his forehead and said, “I see.”

“What has dawned on you” Yue Wuwei was shocked by Zhang Hans abrupt remark.

But what Zhang Han said next was more surprising.

“In short, its all my wifes credit.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“My wife has made me the luckiest man!”

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