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Chapter 1212 Carrying out a Level A Mission for the First Time


Zhang Han was taken aback.

He quickly placed his right hand on Zi Yans plump breast and said, “Let me check.”

“I still cant examine her dantian.

I dont see anything wrong with her hands, either.”

As for Tiny Tot, after it came back, Zi Yan sent it out.

At this moment, it was sleeping in Mengmengs bedroom.

Feeling that Zhang Han was touching her sensitive parts, Zi Yan pouted and complained, “Are you examining my body or taking advantage of me”

“How can you put it that way Im touching you openly.” Zhang Han sniggered.

“Honey, do you already have no rivals in the God Transformation Realm” Zi Yan asked.

“In the past, a cultivator at the peak of the God Transformation Realm could put up a fight against me.

But I got the Seven-star Sword.

Now, I can kill an ordinary cultivator at the peak of the God Transformation Realm with just one sword strike,” Zhang Han said, “only those in the God Transformation Realm who are remarkably talented, blessed, and have exceeded the level they are can fight me.”

“Youre amazing,” Zi Yan complimented.

“Dear, you told me last time that the Seven-star Sword was yours in the first place.

How were you like when you had the Seven-star Sword Tell me about it.”

“Ah, okay.” Zhang Han chuckled and said, “The Seven-star Sword was made of the Colorful Star Stone, which was a natural Profound-grade treasure.

I got it in the Dark Wing Astral Domain.

At that time, I was in the Integration Realm.

I entered a secret realm with millions of people.

Unexpectedly, that secret realm was filled with perils.

There were incalculable space cracks and space turbulence, which made it easy for people to get lost.

I explored that secret realm with great difficulty and eventually obtained the Colorful Starry Sky Stone.

According to the statistics provided by later generations, about 3,700,000 people went into that secret realm at that time, but no more than 4,000 people made it out.

Later, I found an Immortal Master who specialized in forging weapons, who forged the Seven-star Sword with the Colorful Starry Sky Stone for me.

In those days, I traveled around the world under the title of Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord.”

“Treasure-loaded…” Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

“I forgot that you used to have a dogs nose.”

“What dogs nose”

Zhang Han patted Zi Yans butt and said, “Thats the Treasure-sniffing Nose.

Its very powerful.

Ive given it to Little Hei.

Now, Little Hei is also very powerful.

Itll be a dog good at treasure hunting.”

“How many women have you dated in the Cultivation World at that time” Zi Yan suddenly asked.

“What Women”

Zhang Han put on a serious face and said, “What are you talking about The answer is absolutely zero.

I had no date at all.”

“Humph, thats impossible.

You were so excellent.

How could you have not been with any women Tell me.

I wont get jealous,” Zi Yan said.

But Zhang Han knew that if he told Zi Yan a number other than zero, she would definitely be in a sour mood at once.

“Well, this is the way with women.”

Zhang Han found this both maddening and funny.

He said, “I really didnt date any women in that life.

Over those 500 years, I hardly had any friends.

In addition to cultivation, I spent almost all my time searching for treasures.

Its no exaggeration to say that I had treasures in the Sea Dragon Star Area, on the Earth, as well as in the Domain of Seven Desolations.

In fact, this is no coincidence.

One may find my treasures in all parts of the Cultivation World.

At that time, I had so many treasures that even the number of treasures a whole Astral Domain had might not exceed mine, let alone a wealthy country.

Ive forgotten how many treasures I had exactly.

As my collection of treasures grew, My title changed from Treasure-loaded Taoist to Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord, to Treasure Immortal, and finally to Han Yang Immortal.

Gaining all those treasures and improving my strength were all that I did during the 500 hundred years.

I had no time to date women at all.”


Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

Then, she added, “I was just curious.

Youd better tell the truth.

If one day I suddenly ran into your descendant…”

“You think too much.

It seems that you havent learned your lesson yet.” Zhang Han swiftly turned over.

The two had another crazy ride.

After that, Zi Yan lay limply in Zhang Hans arms.

This time, she even had no strength to move a finger.

After a while, she fell into a sound sleep.

While Zi Yan was sleeping, Zhang Han quietly cultivated the Great Void Thunder Scripture.

He recited the scripture silently.


As the mysterious ringing sounds continued, the Thunderbolt Mark in Zhang Hans soul sense sea flickered brightly for an entire quarter-hour.


Zhang Han opened his eyes and exhaled deeply.

After resting for minutes, he turned to look at the beauty in his arms.

Zi Yan was sleeping soundly.

Her eyes seemed to be moving.

Zhang Han looked at her long eyelashes, straight nose, and sexy lips.

“She is sleeping like a baby.”

Zhang Han smiled and closed his eyes to rest.

It was not until four oclock in the afternoon that Zi Yan woke up.

When she opened her eyes, Zhang Han opened his eyes at the same time.

“What time is it, honey”

“Its four oclock.”

“Ive slept for so long!” Zi Yan was still in a daze.

She stretched herself and said, “Its all your fault.”

Zhang Han was speechless.

“Im a little hungry.

I want to eat something delicious,” Zi Yan said lazily.

“What do you want to eat”

“Hot pot.”


Ill make the preparation now.”

Zhang Han didnt want to get out of bed.

Thus, while staying in bed, he took out various ingredients from his Space Ring and made them fly directly to the dining table on the balcony on the top floor.

That was how he prepared the meal.

“How about we invite Mom, Dad, Lili, and the others over to have dinner with us” Zi Yan asked.

It seemed that they hadnt had a meal together for several days.


Zhang Han smiled and said, “Get up.

Ill tell them to come here.”


Zi Yan sat up, stretched herself, looked back, and said coquettishly, “Dont peek at me!”

Then, she went to take a shower and change clothes.

After Zi Yan was ready, Zhang Han spread his soul sense in all directions.

Less than half an hour later, Zhang Guangyou, Rong Jiali, Zhang Li, Liang Hao, and Mengmeng all came over.

The hot pot was ready on the balcony filled with flowers on the third floor.

“Mengmeng, hows your mission going” Zhang Han handed the little girl a glass of juice and asked with a smile.

“Its going very smoothly.”

Mengmeng said spiritedly, “Well soon become a Level A law enforcement team.

Tomorrow, well go to complete a Level A mission.

In a few days, we will reach Level S.”

“Thats very impressive,” Chen Chuan said proudly.

“Mengmeng is really awesome.

Those missions are no challenge to her.”

“Stop buttering her up.” Yue Xiaonao glared at Chen Chuan.

“I was merely telling the truth,” Chen Chuan said seriously.

Although he cared little about how others thought of him, he was very determined to endear himself to Mengmeng.

The girls present, namely Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Felina, were all quite powerful.

But Chen Chuan knew clearly that his parents tended to only listen to Mengmeng.

They allowed him to visit the Sea Dragon Star Area for the first time only because Mengmeng asked them to.

“You are at Level A so soon! Bravo!” Zhang Han said beamingly.

“Daddy, why are you so idle today” Mengmeng asked.

“I cant cultivate all the time.

We all need to strike a balance between work and rest.”

Hearing Zhang Hans words, Liang Hao slightly shook his head.

“Bro, do you think Ill buy that Youre cunning.

People should all strike a balance between work and rest By doing this, youre already able to kill God Transformation Realm cultivators without effort.

But when we do the same, were still not getting anywhere.”

“This is an industrial planet.

But unlike the air on Earth, the air here is surprisingly fresh,” Zhang Guangyou looked around and said.

“Its because when the development of science and technology reaches a certain extent, industrial activities will no longer take a toll on the environment,” Nina explained.

“Factories that may have an impact on the environment are placed on barren planets.

After decades or a century, they probably have to be relocated to new planets so that people can harness the heavy pollution.

In a few years, the ecological environment on the old planets will recover.”

“This is the city with advanced science and technology.”

Zhang Guangyou savored his wine while listening to the others chat.

Everyone enjoyed the delicious dinner.

After dusk, the two moons slowly rose from left and right, which created a view that could only be seen on the Dragon Base Star.

The Mount Double Moon was an excellent place to admire the moons.

About an hour later, the moon in the east set, and the moon in the west rose.

The environment on this planet was similar to that on Earth.

Yet, the sky here at night was dotted with stars, which were of different shapes and sizes.

At night, several students stepped out of the Game Capsules.

They gathered together and looked at the projected image.

“Were already at Level A.

Its time to pick a mission,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“Lets check the missions.

There doesnt seem to be many Level A members on the law enforcement team.”

After saying that, Mengmeng switched the image to the page of the Mission Hall.

There were three minutes to go before new missions were released.

Level A missions were not released at any given moment but every few hours.

This was because there were not many Level A missions.

In silence, Mengmeng and the others waited for three minutes.


Seven missions appeared on the page.

But in the blink of an eye, six of them were taken.

“Shoot, theres only one left!”

“Take it, quick! Or itll be others.”

Yue Xiaonao and Chen Chuan both yelled excitedly.


Without batting her big eyes, Mengmeng reacted quickly.

She didnt even check the content of the mission before she took it.

“Thankfully, I got it.

Why were the others so fast” Mengmeng muttered in confusion.

“Lets see what the mission is,” said Nina.


Mengmeng opened the mission page.

The information about the mission popped up like the character introduction in computer games.

There was a picture of a young boy.

He looked to be 16 or 17 years old.

In the picture, he had long hair, regular facial features, and was wearing cloth garments.

Besides, he was holding a small stick in his right hand, which looked like a flute.

Mission Level: A.

Mission Requirement: Capture him.

Targets Name: Qin Changxiao.

Targets File: He lives in Chaos City.

The level of his strength is unknown.

When the mission starts, the system will search and provide his exact whereabouts and offer some tips.

“Has this boy committed a crime” Yue Xiaonao curled her lips and said, “hes violated the law at such a young age.

Alright, tomorrow, well head to Chaos City to arrest him.”

“The level of his strength is unknown.

I suppose he is not an ordinary cultivator,” Nina mused for a moment and said, “no matter what, since its a Level A mission, we must be careful tomorrow.

Chaos City is a lawless place with people of every sort.”

“Nina, how do you know so much” Chen Chuan asked curiously.

“Ive checked all the cities on the Dragon Base Star,” Nina replied beamingly.


Nina, youre amazing,” Chen Chuan said with a broad smile.

As he spoke, he subconsciously reached out to grab Ninas hand.


Somebody whacked his hand.

Chen Chuan looked at Mengmeng with a wronged face.

“Men and women should keep a distance, understand” Then, Mengmeng snorted and headed back to her room.

“Im going to cultivate,” she looked back and called.

“Im going back to cultivate, too.

Tomorrow, Ill catch that bad guy.” Chen Chuan ran clumsily to his villa.

Nina smiled and walked toward the villa where she and Felina lived.

They cultivated for a whole night.

Early the next morning, Mengmeng and the others had breakfast cooked by Zhang Han.

After that, they took the Blue Butterfly to Chaos City to complete their mission.

Chen Chuan looked at the screen and exclaimed, “Is that Chaos City up ahead Its so large and kind of shabby.”

The Chaos City in the distance covered a very large area.

From the looks of the city walls and the buildings, this area looked like an old district.

When the Tiger Talisman Royal Family was still in power, this place was already in chaos.

The backers of the forces ruling Chaos City were also the higher-ups of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

As time passed, even the Tiger Talisman Royal Family no longer paid much attention to this place.

Gradually, this place became a popular gathering place among the underground forces.

As Nina said, people of every sort could be seen here.

Other than those cultivators, the people living here were all poverty-stricken.

They didnt have to pay any taxes for living here.

They only had to work to earn a living like those in slums.

The major forces in Chaos City had also handed in their letter of submission to Liu Qingfeng.

Chaos City was connected to the Spirit Beast Mountains.

Although its existence brought in many disadvantages, it also provided some benefits.

It could maintain the balance on the Spirit Beast Mountains and defend against the impact of Beast Tides.

Therefore, Liu Qingfeng decided to let Chaos City stay here for the time being.

The arrival of the Blue Butterfly turned many heads.

In the market on the periphery of the city, many people looked up.

“Theyve come to patrol the city”

They seemed to be accustomed to this and werent bothered at all.

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