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“Whats that huge beast that swallowed it”

“I didnt see it clearly.

It was horrible.

Its howls even made my soul tremble in fear.”

Gu Kun stared unblinkingly at the place where the Golden-winged Eagle disappeared as if he had yet to come back to his senses.

This blow had come too suddenly.

But Mengmeng was not so surprised.

With her big shining eyes blinking, she was dazed for just seconds.

Then, she put the schoolbag forward and reached out her hands to pick up Tiny Tot.

She looked Tiny Tot up and down before asking.

“Tiny Tot, you chewed that thing up.

Your teeth didnt get hurt, right”

While speaking, Mengmeng spread Tiny Tots mouth open with her hands and looked inside.

Her words amused Zi Yan, who compressed her lips to hold back her laughter.

Zhang Han pulled a wry face.

Chen Changqing and the others looked at each other.

They all found this quite funny.

The atmosphere suddenly became light and cheerful.

“Tiny Tot just ate the Starry Sky Beast Gu Kun had raised for many years.

Yet, the question Mengmeng asked first was if Tiny Tots teeth got hurt.

“Puff! How hurtful this must be to Gu Kun!”


Overwhelmed by rage, Gu Kun immediately coughed up a mouthful of blood.

He could no longer feel the aura of the Golden-winged Eagle.

“It died!

“Its truly gone forever.

“That thing swallowed my Golden-winged Eagle in one bite!

“It is too unreasonable!”

“I have the Warlord Mecha.

The enemies dont have any cultivator at the God Transformation Realm Peak-Stage, so they cant destroy my mecha in a short time.

“I also have the Dragon Shadowless Skill! If I have to retreat, I can escape unscathed.

Yes, fight and kill them all!”

Gu Kun contemplated for a few seconds.

Then, he roared, “Come on! Kill them! Kill them all!”

Gu Kun went crazy.

His eyes reddened with fury, and a close-fitting mecha appeared, wrapping his body in.

Armed with the mecha, Gu Kun pelted toward Zhang Han at an extremely fast speed.

“Honey, swat him,” Zhang Han said softly.


Zi Yan was in a daze at first.

A moment later, Zhang Hans words sank in.

She realized that Zhang Han was asking her to strike.

“There was strange brilliance in my palm not long ago.

Is Han asking me to test if that has changed my power”

Zi Yan decided to listen to Zhang Han.

She held her right hand slightly up.

“Sea Moon Fan!” Zi Yan called in her head.


A giant fan over 2,000 feet long appeared in the void and bore down on Gu Kuns group.

The Sea Moon Fan looked just the same as before.

Although it was mighty, Gu Kun and his men managed to defend against it.

The Sea Moon Fan merely made them slow down for a moment.

“Kill!” Gu Kun bellowed angrily.

The death of the Golden-winged Eagle pained him so much that he couldnt breathe.

At this time, there was only one thought in his mind, which was to wipe out the other party.

Of course, Gu Kun was also on guard.

Just in case, he had put on his powerful defensive mecha.

But Gu Kun and his followers had no idea that the situation they were about to face would be really dreadful.

“The Fan of Sea and Moon!

“Sea Moon Fan!

“Sea Moon Fan!”

Zi Yan easily conjured up several Sea Moon Fans.

Even though the giant fans werent life-threatening to Gu Kun and his men, they made it difficult for them to move forward.

At this point, Tricia, Elder Doman, and the others felt a little dizzy from watching the battle.

“Zi Yan is this strong”

Zi Yans great mighty was a surprise to them.

Elder Doman and some others had thought that Zi Yan was an ordinary woman.

They didnt expect that this incredibly beautiful woman could possess such power.

But they felt that although Zi Yans strikes carried formidable energy, her overall strength was not particularly strong.

They estimated that she was perhaps in the Yuan Ying Realm.

“Whats going on”

“We cant forge ahead.”

“Its been a minute, but I didnt move one step forward.

Instead, I was forced to take 13 steps backward.”

Many of Gu Kuns men could not advance at all.

In the face of the blows launched by the Sea Moon Fans, they began to doubt everything they had learned in life.

“Is this an attack How can she strike nonstop This is too unreasonable!”

However, there were still several powerful cultivators, such as Gu Kun, who had managed to move forward dozens of meters.

They were getting closer and closer.

Through the metal helmet of the mecha, one seemed to be able to see Gu Kuns ferocious expression and bloodthirsty eyes.

While watching the battle, Zhang Han was lost in thought.

“Why did Zi Yans palm glow last time”

“Honey, it doesnt seem to work.

There is no light coming from my palm,” Zi Yan commented nonchalantly while waving her hand to launch more Sea Moon Fans.

“Cultivation is too complex.

It really puzzles me.”

“Does it have anything to do with your mood Were you a little angry when you attacked that idiot” Zhang Han asked hesitantly.


Zi Yan burst into a peal of undue laughter during the battle.

Her compressed lips curved into a smile.

The Sea Moon Fan she conjured up was still as powerful as before.

After thinking for a while, she said, “I think I was a little angry at that time.”

“Then, why dont you try being angry now”

“How can I do that” Zi Yan was stunned.

“Well, I am quite happy now.

How can I suddenly get angry”

“Dont forget you are an actress!” Zhang Han rubbed his forehead and said with resignation.

The two chatted like there was no one around them.

Seeing that, Gu Kun felt he couldnt be more furious.

“Kill! I will kill all of you!”

“That woman can launch attacks very frequently.

But her attacks cant even harm my mecha, so how could she stop me”

After hearing Zhang Hans words, Zi Yan remembered that she was also an actress.

“Okay, Ill give it a try,” she answered seriously.

Immediately, her beautiful face changed.

Her eyes became sharp.

Her beautiful teeth were clenched.

Her brows were furrowed.

She looked both cute and fierce.

Zhang Han was bewildered.

Zi Yan continued to launch the normal Sea and Moon Fans with a look of “Im trying my best to be angry”.

This rendered Zhang Han nonplussed.

Eventually, Zhang Han couldnt help but remind Zi Yan, “I didnt mean you needed to put on an angry look.

You should try to get your temper up.”


Zi Yan immediately gave up on the angry look.

She blinked quickly and said helplessly, “Get my temper up How can I do that”

“Yan, show your best acting skills,” Zhou Fei said.

Zi Yan took a moment to adjust her mentality.

Then, with a solemn look on her face, she said, “Let me try again.”

Zi Yan was, after all, an excellent actress.

In just three seconds, she slowed down her breathing and put on a cool expression.

However, she raised her eyebrows slightly, and there seemed to be anger in her beautiful eyes.

At this moment—


Zi Yans entire right hand was shining with silver brilliance that looked like moonlight.

“Sea Moon Fan!”

As Zi Yan put her palm down this time, the whole world seemed to become still.

Next, a 200-foot-long Sea Moon Fan emitting faint silver light materialized.



Gu Kun instantly sensed that his life was in danger.

He steered the mecha in the attempt to escape.

This kind of attack was completely beyond his understanding.

He realized that because he had found that the mecha was no longer responding to his control.

It was as if the crystal stones in the energy cabin of the mecha were shivering in fear.

After overcoming the shock, Gu Kun waved his hand and launched dozens of defensive shields.

However, the much smaller Sea Moon Fan cut through his defense as easily as a knife cutting tofu.

The Sea Moon Fan instantly landed on Gu Kun.


The Sea Moon Fan slowly dissipated.

When the silver brilliance disappeared, it also brought Gu Kun the Holy Son with it.

Just like that, the big shot who could do whatever he wanted in the Small Sky Dragon Region was killed in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Zhang Han was not surprised at all.

The way he saw it, Gu Kun and his men were already doomed when they came here.

“I guessed right!”

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “This has something to do with your mood.

Since ancient times, heroes get angry when their women are wronged.

But my woman is more amazing.

When you get angry, your strikes are dozens of times stronger.

Last time, when I went to pick you up, I sensed the aura of the Heaven-sealing Stones energy.

I suppose that it was because you shattered the seventh-tier Heaven-sealing Stone that I was able to tear apart the sealed space with no effort.”

“Eh Well, that explains it.”

Zi Yan looked enlightened.

“At that time, Yin Ze was very aggressive.

I tried to clout him.

But that clout didnt kill him.

It turned out that the clout had hit a thing called the Heaven-sealing Stone.”

As the two of them spoke, those on the Gu Kuns team were thrown into chaos.

“Holy Son!”

“Kill them! Avenge Holy Son!” someone shouted at the top of his voice.

But the weird part was that while shouting those words, that man quickly retreated.

Some greenhorns on the team believed his words and charged forward in groups.

The clever ones were all escaping, while the dumb ones were rushing over.

“Thunderbolt Crocodile!”

Zhang Han didnt even turn his head to look at the attackers.

He raised his left hand slightly and launched the Thunderbolt Crocodile!


A giant thunderbolt turned into the head of an ancient crocodile.

It opened its huge mouth and swallowed the dozens of people in front of it.


Elder Doman exclaimed, “How mighty he is!”

As waves of astonishment surged in his chest, Elder Doman muttered, “A thunder method.

His method of controlling thunder has such power.

This is truly marvelous.”

The elders beside him, as well as Olien, the King of Elves, were all dumbfounded.

The few people that had fled earlier were even more horror-stricken.


“Dont! Wait for us!”

“Dammit! If you dare board the king vessels and get away without us, Ill kill you when I get back!”

All of a sudden, everyone noticed that waves of energy were coming from the three king vessels.

However, the next second—

“Kaboom! Kaboom! Kaboom!”

The main energy cabins of the three king vessels exploded simultaneously.


Those in the dozens of aircraft and the people flying in the void were stupefied by this.

“This is impossible!”

“Are they cutting off all means of retreat”

“Idiots! What a bunch of idiots! Why did the energy cabins explode Could it be that… something has gone awry”

When those people were still in shock and disbelief, Zhang Han smiled and raised his left hand slightly.

“With the Seven-star Sword in hand, I found it a piece of cake to deal with these low-ranking cultivators.”

Earlier, after activating the Seven-star Sword, Zhang Han broke the protective layer of the king vessels with the power of the cosmos.

He came to the outside of the energy cabins of the king vessels and extracted a small number of crystal stones stored in the hilt of the Seven-star Sword to set up formations.

For Zhang Han, it was as easy as taking a walk in the park.

Chen Changqing and the others sort of felt that their pride was hurt by Zhang Hans comment.

“Only you think its a piece of cake!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

A streak of light whistled past.

The Seven-star Sword seemed to have become Deaths sickle.

As the aircraft flew forward, they exploded one after another.

Even with defensive powers all activated, the fleeing cultivators were unable to stop the Seven-star Sword from reaping their lives.

In the space of a few seconds, the void in this area seemed to have become serene again.

If it werent for the fact that the three king vessels were still on fire, everyone would have thought that it was just a dream.

They all saw a streak of light flash past, flying toward the three king vessels.

At this time, the people on the Dark Elf Clans king vessel could only watch the remaining opponents be killed by the life-taking flying sword.

“This sword-controlling skill is really powerful.” Doman turned to look at Zhang Han.

There was a hint of admiration in his tone.

He didnt find Zhang Hanyang extraordinary before.

After coming to the Sea Dragon Star Area, he also heard about Zhang Hanyangs deeds.

However, when Doman met Zhang Hanyang, he felt this man had no imposing aura.

Instead, he seemed ordinary and easy-going.

Who would have thought that he could be so incredibly powerful when he fought

Just this sword-controlling skill alone made Doman feel that he was too inferior to bear comparison.

“This is not the kind of sword-controlling skill relying on soul sense! This is a real sword-controlling skill!” Oliens pupils contracted slightly, and he thought to himself, “How terrifying! It would really be a terrible thing to be Zhang Hanyangs enemy.

It is the first time that Ive seen such a formidable and special person during my years of exploration in the Cultivation World.”

“Its truly… a piece of cake to him.”

Chen Changqing grinned.

He felt that Zhang Han had become much stronger again.

When Zhang Han battled before, Chen Changqing could sometimes read a trace of seriousness in his eyes.

But this time, Zhang Han was completely relaxed and didnt pay much attention to the opponents.

What did this prove

It had proven that Zhang Hans strength had far exceeded that of his enemies.

“Xiaofeng, take some people to check on the three king vessels.

Tell the Snowfall Alliance to send some members here to repair the energy cabins.

The damage should not be serious.

The operating system may need to be replaced,” Zhang Han said.


Zhao Fengs eyes lit up slightly.

He looked around but found that there was no one he could command.

After thinking about it, he went to the three king vessels on his own.

Zhao Feng briefly checked the king vessels.

Then, with the small amount of energy in the auxiliary energy cabins, he steered the three king vessels to slowly land on the surface of the planet below.

He also contacted the Snowfall Alliance.

When the Snowfall Alliance heard that this matter concerned Zhang Hanyang, they immediately called the King of Dwarves.

“What To repair king vessels How big is the damage Just the energy cabins are damaged Thats okay.

We can fix them within five days.

“Changing new systems isnt a problem, either.

To repair king vessel, we need to mainly use high-end materials.”

After inquiring about the approximate damage, the King of Dwarves immediately sent people to go to Roland Star.

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