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“Thank you, Elder Yue.” Headmaster Shan cupped his hands with a hint of joy on his face.

After that, he turned his head and said to one of his subordinates, “Ill be leaving for a few days.

Please take care of the academy.”

“But arent you going to arrange the training for the Dragon Ranking Competition Without you here, when the lord of Zhenlong Faction come…” A subordinate hesitated as he spoke.

Hearing this, Headmaster Shan frowned slightly and said in a slightly dissatisfied tone, “People from Zhenlong Faction are not your ancestors.

There is no need to worship them with excessive respect.

If they are willing to watch the ceremony, let them enjoy it.

If not, you dont have to worry about it.

Just arrange everything by the normal procedures.”

“Yes,” the two subordinates replied.

Headmaster Shan explored the way, and Zhang Han treated him nicely.

Seeing this, the others who had watched the battle swarmed forward.

“Loshanwu.” Someone laughed and said, “Youre indeed a man of vision.

Zhang Hanyang is mighty.

He won an overwhelming victory over Hu Tiandao.

I admire him!”

“Nice to meet you, Zhang Hanyang.

My name is Ke Guangmeng.

Ive heard a lot about you, and Ive been fascinated by you for a long time.

Its my honor to meet you and see your battle today.

Youre worthy of your reputation!”

“Back then, you killed Peacock King and Iron Armor Dragon in a domineering mean.

From time to time, I just couldnt help recollecting your superb performance.”

“You devastated Hu Tiandao with great ease.

Thats fantastic! Truly awesome!”

“Im Hong Hu.

I have a good-looking daughter.

If youd like to meet her, I think…”

Hong Hu suddenly felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere.

He turned his head and saw a gorgeous beauty.

Her fierce eyes stared straight at him as she asked, “What do you want to do”


Zhao Feng, Mu Xue, and others gasped.

There seemed to be a sudden rush of water.

It was Hong Hu who broke out in a cold sweat.

“Oh, gosh! Thats so scary.”

“Ahem… I think she could be your disciple.

Yes, thats it.” Hong Hu said in an embarrassed tone and looked quite awkward.

All these people had said something.

At least they had greeted Zhang Hanyang and made a friendly impression on Zhang Hanyang, an extremely daunting master.

It would be best if they could get along well with him.

At least they shouldnt become enemies.

“All right, lets go.” Yue Wuwei said, waved his hand, and his small boat appeared.

Seeing his boat become bigger, a few people present were greatly shocked.

It was a magic treasure for roaming the cosmos.

It was an authentic precious treasure that there were only a few in the entire Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Generally speaking, only those high-status people of the four great sects in the Astral Domain could have such a treasure.

“Everyone, goodbye.” Headmaster Shan got on the boat and cupped his hands to everyone.

“Zhang Hanyang, next time you come to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, you must come to visit our family,” Loshanwu said with a smile.

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Mengmeng, when you come, Ill take you to have fun,” Lorry said with a bright smile.

“Okay,” Mengmeng replied in a crisp voice.

“Xiaonao, Nina, Felina, Chen Chuan, Uncle Zhang, Aunt Zi, bye.

See you next time.” Lorry said goodbye to everyone.

After saying goodbyes, they set off under everyones gaze.


Yue Wuweis ship flew fast into the starry sky and soon vanished.


An old man on the scene sighed softly and said, “I thought that Zhang Hanyang would definitely lose this battle.

After all, he came from the Sea Dragon Star Area to fight against the 100,000 elites of the Star-shooting House in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

To my surprise, he won! He actually found the ancient demonic beast.

What an extraordinary person!”

“He not only won the battle against 100,000 people but also killed Hu Tiandao.

That Hu Tiandao! Even now, I cant believe it.”

“Hu Tiandao is dead.

The Star-shooting House…”

As soon as a man said this, the expressions of several people present suddenly froze.

They looked into each others eyes, and some seemed to notice the cunning light in each others eyes.

Oh, there was definitely something going to happen.

All those present remained silent for two seconds.

Then, they spoke up again, and no one ever brought up the matter of the Star-shooting House.

“I dont know the cause of this matter.

Why would Zhang Hanyang fight with the Star-shooting House” Someone asked.

“You still dont know” A person in the know replied, “It was because of Lu Shuihan, the new elder of the Star-shooting House.

Ha, I feel this matter is quite funny.

Lu Shuihan has trapped the whole sect.”

“But it is also related to Hu Tiandaos choice and attitude.

He looked down on the people from the Star Area.

You all have witnessed his attitude that day.”

“Yes, to be exact, the cause is the conflict between several young people.

It wasnt supposed to be upgraded as a deep grudge.

Unfortunately, it got much messier.

Lu Shuihan sought revenge for the smallest grievance and blew up Zhang Hanyangs spaceship.

Since he was full of killing intent, its reasonable for Zhang Hanyang to fight against the sect.”

“Haha.” At this time, Loshanwu chuckled.

He looked at the people around him who had a good relationship with him and said calmly, “I have known Zhang Hanyang for a longer time.

What kind of person is he He is a man who has gained true freedom.

He never acts scrupulously with scruples.

He can do whatever he wants.

Of course, you dont have to worry.

He feels at peace with the world.

Nevertheless, if anyone might bring harm to the ones he cares about, he wont tolerate it.

In other words, he cares a lot about his family members, especially his daughter.

For her, he will become a ruthless killer from hell.

He dotes on his child very much.”

“Is that so In that case, when I return, I have to remind the younger generation of the clan.” Someone said.

The others also nodded.

“Zhang Hanyang killed Hu Tiandao, the head of Star-shooting House, and in passing, finished Nan Long, the First Elder.

There is no doubt that this matter will cause a huge stir in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

The crisis of Star-shooting House is coming.

It will be a cake for us, but I suggest that we should understand the proper limits when sharing it.

Dont make it an ugly scene.

The ancient demonic beasts are still watching us covetously.

Besides, the Dragon Ranking Competition is about to begin.

With those people from Zhenlong Faction, we should be careful when acting.” An experienced master on the scene said.

His words made everyone know what they wanted to fight for.

They had already thought about it.

“Everyone, Ill take my leave first.”

“Im leaving, too.

Go back and seize territory.”


Soon, the crowd dispersed as everyone would fly back to their forces on their king vessels.

In their eyes, the Star-shooting House without Hu Tiandao was nothing worth mentioning.

But only a few people could participate in the cake sharing.

After all, a lean camel is bigger than a horse.

Though the Star-shooting House had suffered a severe blow, some forces here were still inferior to it.

It took a long time for a large sect to consolidate its foundation.

They returned to the Dragon Base Star in Sea Dragon Star Area.

After a meeting with Liu Qingfeng, they learned about the current situation.

Ever since those ancient demonic beasts and Tiny Tot carried out the throne-ascending ceremony, they felt quite secure when they came out to handle things.

There were even two ancient demonic beasts coming to the Dragon Base Star.

They turned into humans and found two families, claiming to challenge their competent martial artists.

The two ancient demonic beasts were merely in the Yuan Ying Realm.

They could be considered the lowest level of existence in the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

After asking around, the two ancient demonic beasts found no one to fight against them, so they had no choice but to leave.

“Because of the large-scale disturbance brought by the ancient demonic beasts, the number of people in the Sea Central Star Area has increased several times, and the local situation has become more stable.

As for the Heavenly Group, various places have almost been built up, and some will be completed in a few days.”

Liu Qingfeng said, “Because of the sweeping action of the ancient demonic beasts, the pace of improvement of the group has improved a lot.

The main base of the Lost Continent and the recreational planet, Dal Star, have made great progress.”

“The various branches have been carrying out everything in an orderly manner.

A lot of crystals in several Star Areas nearby are turned out.”

“We have sufficient crystal stones.

In a few days, we will prepare for the affairs of the Heavenly water bank.”


Liu Qingfengs plan was very detailed.

When everyone heard this, their expressions changed slightly.

“Are we going to open a bank”

Somehow, opening a bank in the Cultivation World always made people feel weird.

But according to the development of the banks in the secure world, the investment was highly profitable.

Through various means, Liu Qingfeng collected a great many crystal stones in advance to support the banks.

However, the population of the Sea Dragon Star Area was huge, so if anything went wrong, it would be normal for them to go bankrupt at any time.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area, there were other companies except for the Heavenly Group.

It was just that it played a leading role.

The Snowfall Alliance also produced the Snowfall Group.

They had several branches, mainly engaged in the spaceship business and other businesses.

It was the same with the Sea Spa Alliance.

Anyway, with the success of one business mode, many others would rush to copy.

Judging from the current situation, it wouldnt be long before the Sea Dragon Star Area became a place with lots of companies.

They chatted for a while.

Because of the opening of the bank, Sun Ming and many senior executives who were proficient in business couldnt go back this time.

They planned to continue working for some time and then return to the earth during the Spring Festival, having a good rest.

While chatting, everyone enjoyed a grand dinner party on the beautiful night of the Dragon Base Star.

At the dinner party, Liu Qingfeng expressed a lot of thoughts.

All of this was about business.

Headmaster Shan was frequently stunned when he heard that.

There were so many flexible ways to run businesses!

It was mind-blowing for him.

At the end of the banquet, Zhang Han and the others boarded a king vessel.

With a spaceship, Yue Wuwei preferred not to use his boat.

Three days later, they arrived at the bottom of the Screen Waterfall.

“Its too shocking.”

Headmaster Shan squinted his eyes and looked at the huge waterfall in front of him.

He exclaimed, “After hundreds of years, I still feel extremely shocked when I see such a scene again.

This kind of place is like a place that can only be found in the world of immortals.

I have been to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven several times, but I have never seen such a wonderful place.”

His intoxicated look told others that such a superlative scene should only exist in heaven.

There were the Screen Waterfall, Clear Stream, silver sea, Boundless Sea, and ancient mines.

As soon as they arrived, they took the aircraft and left.

Yue Wuwei looked at Mengmeng with a smile and asked, “What do you think of controlling the pearl representing the Saint Warrior Planet for the first time”

“Its okay.

Quite simple,” Mengmeng replied casually.

“Simple We almost bumped into the space station of the Lost Continent.” Yue Xiaonao found it funny and smirked.

“Hmph.” Mengmeng snorted and said, “Its very simple.

Theres a shadow who taught me all the way.”

“Shadow” Yue Wuwei was stunned.

Seeing this, Zhang Han thought for a while and secretly transmitted a voice message to Yue Wuwei.

“When my daughter broke through to the Elixir Realm, the mind of your mysterious master appeared.

I had a chat with him.”

“What did you talk about” Yue Wuwei asked him by the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

“Nothing specific, just a few simple words.

But he said a bunch of nonsense.”

Speaking of this, Zhang Han had some complaints.

The Ninth Mind was obviously very active and wanted to chat with others.

Zhang Han listened to him for a long time but barely heard something useful.

“But weve talked about the identity problem.

The first one is the Third Mind.

What we saw at the bottom of the Northernmost Sea was the Eighth Mind.

When my daughter broke through the realm, the Ninth Mind appeared.

There are nine minds in total.

It seems that the Eldest Mind has the greatest right to speak.

The Ninth Mind, the mysterious old master, is the youngest.

They are nine minds named according to their ages.”

Zhang Han told them the general information.

After hearing this, Yue Wuwei remained silent for a long time.

“I missed it.”

Suddenly, Yue Wuwei sighed softly.

“If I were there, I would be able to feel the supreme style of the master.”

However, his look amused Zhang Han a little.

It could also be seen that Yue Wuwei admired and respected the mysterious master very much.

“The ancient mine is still the same.”

Headmaster Shan was observing the surroundings in an aircraft.

“The people and the cities there might have changed many times.”

He was riding Zhao Fengs aircraft with Ah Hu and the others.

After hearing what he said, Zhao Feng smiled and said, “For the earth, it has been such a long time since you lived there.

Time has brought drastic changes to the world.

When you see the secular world, you must be greatly shocked.”

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