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A large number of aircraft left and arrived at the king vessel in the space station.


A few seconds later, it jumped into the secondary space and left for the next target.

In the residence of the Miluo Clan, all the people present were stunned and dispirited.

Patriarch Miluo, who was furious, looked at the square-faced middle-aged man and said, “You! What a stupid good-for-nothing! You couldnt even do such a thing well, leading to the great loss of crystal stones.

Can you bear the responsibility”

“Why is it my fault I told you a long time ago that we cant afford to offend the Heavenly Bank, but you didnt listen.

They have so many means, and I cant defend against everything.”

“How dare you argue with me”

“Go to hell, you old bastard…”

A fight was on between the members of the clan.

The Miluo Clan was just one of the numerous targets in the clearing action.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area, there were many clans or small sects and forces which repudiated their debts.

The great forces did not join them.

They were more afraid of the Heavenly Group, and they also felt ashamed to do such a thing.

In the beginning, the clearing action warned the world.

Sixteen small sects and nine clans were destroyed.

When they went to the next target, they found that the borrower had already returned all the crystal stones.

Subsequently, asking for repayment seemed to be much simpler.

It only took them seven days.

Almost all the borrowers who repudiated their debts returned the crystal stones.

There were some people who were really out of pocket and could not afford to repay the loan.

After submitting a series of information and evidence, they proved that they really lost the crystal stones.

The Heavenly Bank gave them another chance and extended their repayment with extremely low interest.

Only then did the entire Sea Dragon Star Area know that the Heavenly Bank was dealing with malicious default on the loans.

If someone really lost the crystal stones, the Heavenly Bank was still very human.

This action warned those who were ready to repudiate their debts.

The following day, Zhang Hanyangs words quietly spread.

“If such a thing happens again, kill them all!”


It frightened many people.

Another day later, Liu Qingfeng came up with new policies, including more strict loan patterns and lower interest rates.

This was the combination of tough action and gentle treasures that Liu Qingfeng looked forward to.

After taking the entire Sea Dragon Star Area as a game of chess, he found that there seemed to be no pressure from the outside world.

Now, they just needed to look away from the Blue Sand Wind Domain and pay attention to the Domain of Seven Desolations which had become a chaotic region.

In fact, Zhang Han did not say anything.

It was Liu Qingfeng who was playing tricks and asking some people of the security group to take action outside.

That was convincing enough.

On a sunny day, the group of people in the Mount Double Moons gathered together again.

“I just got the news.

“The enrollment of new students in the Dragnet Academy will begin.

The number of new students is over thirty thousand.

“Headmaster Shan sent a message that his men are near the Blue Sand Wind Domain and asked if we would go there.

If we set off now, we should be able to see those students enrolling in the academy.

Its very lively.”

Zhao Feng told them all the news.

“Since you want to go, lets go.” Zhang Han smiled.

Headmaster Shan was really a capable person.

He had been engaged in education in the Cultivation World for hundreds of years, and he could always get right to the point.

Some elder ones like Zhang Mu and You Huo, and some younger ones like Chen Chuan were all attracted.

Of course, it also proved that the Dragnet Academy was excellent and attractive enough.

“Lets go.

Lets go to the Dragnet Academy!” Chen Chuan exclaimed while raising his hand.

Nina and Felina almost stayed with Zhang Han and his fellows all the time.

Olien and Tricia would go there in a while.

At the same time, they were preparing for the finals of the Dragon List.

After chatting with Liu Qingfeng for a few minutes, they got on a king vessel.

It jumped into the secondary space, headed for the Blue Sand Wind Domain, and met with Headmaster Shans men.

Then, they went to the Dragnet Academy together.

It would take them a total of about ten days.

On the way, they talked about the reason for going to the Dragnet Academy.

Zhang Guangyou asked with a smile, “Granddaughter, why are you going to the Dragnet Academy”

“Me” Mengmeng blinked her big, bright eyes and explained, “Its said that the Dragnet Academy is very good.

Its the largest academy in Heavenly Dragon Star Province, and its also the landmark and the center of Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Besides, we will be very free there.

We can choose to stay in the academy or hang out for fun.

So, we want to go there.”

“Aha.” Zhang Guangyou laughed and looked at Chen Chuan.

“Whats your reason, kid You gave out a few of your loudest screams.”

“I, I have to join them.

Ill follow Sister Mengmeng wherever she goes,” Chen Chuan replied.

He had a principle of following Sister Mengmeng for feast and fun.

“Duh, Im not willing to take you with me.” Mengmeng rolled her eyes.

“What about you, Nina” Rong Jiali asked with a smile.

“After hearing about the Dragnet Academy, Ive always been anxious to visit it and experience the culture there.

I can also learn about the cultivation.

Its very attractive to me,” said Nina, after thinking for a moment.

“Me too,” Felina agreed.

“Its the same.

Our main purpose is to travel,” Yue Xiaonao replied in an indifferent tone.

Such a sense of ease and relaxation made Yue Wuwei speechless for a while.

“Its almost time for the finals of the Dragon List, but shes still so relaxed.

Does she really think its easy to reach a higher cultivation level”

Yue Wuwei shook his head helplessly.

She was still too young and liked to play.

Cultivation was not something that could be accomplished overnight.

Yue Wuwei did not worry about Yue Xiaonao.

He did not care if she just wanted to play.

But he had to remind her of the rankings in the Dark Dragon List in advance, for fear that the failure to get the expected ranking would make her feel depressed.

After ten days, they arrived at an azure planet.

“Huh This planet looks like the Earth.”

“This planet looks a little smaller than the Earth, but they share a similar ratio of the ocean area to the land area.

The ocean covers a large area.

Is there only a piece of land I dont know if theres any landmass on the other side of the planet.”

“The space station is so big.”

Judging from its color and appearance, it was somewhat similar to the Earth, but it was smaller in size and only had a piece of land.

It was the famous Dragnet Star, where the Dragnet Academy was located.

One of Headmaster Shans men connected the signal to them and said, “Everyone, follow my aircraft.

We can go down directly.”

Several aircraft followed him down.

At the same time, the man said, “Well, the Dragnet Star is equivalent to the Main Sect or the Inner Sect.

There are some bases that are used to test the new batch of academies.

“The area percentage of the ocean is 80%, and the percentage of the land is 20%.

There are two pieces of land.

“The Dragnet Academy is located in the bigger one and has been spread all over the piece of land.

It takes a few hours to fly from the south to the north by aircraft.

“On the other side of the planet, there is the other piece of land, accounting for a quarter of the area of the main land.

It is called the Demonic Beast Continent.

It is said that at the beginning, Headmaster Shan moved all the spirit beasts there.

Later, in order to train the disciples of the sects, more than a hundred forces in Heavenly Dragon Star Province jointly captured a lot of demonic beasts and put them on the Demonic Beast Continent.

“We can see the size of the eight branches from above.

The round area in the middle is for teachers and directors.

The other areas surround it and form a circle.

“Every area has matt ground vehicles, which can run across the continent within only a dozen minutes.

Many students will take the matt ground vehicles when they leave one branch for another branch.

This is a high-tech product coming from the Astral Domain, made of greatly valuable materials.

Until now, we Heavenly Dragon Star Province has not been able to understand the technology.

Its very remarkable.

“The Dragnet Academy has been established for hundreds of years.

Also, in Heavenly Dragon Star Province, it interacts with the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven the most…”

The man told everyone about the common knowledge about the Dragnet Academy, including its culture and history.

Zhang Han and others also looked at the pictures in the camera.

The area below was very large.

One of its branches could be comparable to the total area of several provinces in Hua nation.

There were high peaks, rivers, plains, mountains, and all kinds of halls, martial arts practice fields, residences, modern buildings, and antique buildings.

The history of the centuries-old academy was seen by everyone.

It could even be seen that many aircraft were wandering in the mountain forest.

Battles were under way in the rings of some martial arts practice fields.

They saw pictures full of vitality.

“There are more than 300,000 students in the academy all year round.

“It is the largest student group in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

“Thats just the number of regular students.

The total number of registered students is about a million.

“There are many students who do their tasks outside and seldom come to the Dragnet Star.

There are many graduates every year, and the academy will introduce them to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

The Dragnet Academy had cultivated quite a few people with an outstanding talent for the Astral Domain.

Some of them have already gotten advanced there.

They are very powerful.

“The manor ahead is where Headmaster Shan lives.

He is waiting for you.”

After landing, they could see that the manor where Headmaster Shan lived was located on the back of a small mountain.

There was a green grassland for a few horses, cattle, sheep and other spirit beasts.

There was also a fish pond, a thatched cottage, and also some modern buildings.

At this time, Headmaster Shan was on the viewing platform on the grassland.

There were several tables on it, and his men were serving warm and tasty dishes.

“Aha, Ive been waiting for you for a long time!”

Headmaster Shan grinned from ear to ear.

“The dishes and wine are ready.

Lets eat and talk.”

“Youre too polite, Headmaster Shan,” Zhang Mu said with a smile.

“You even get the dishes and wine ready.

This…” You Huo shook his head.

He felt that such treatment was not usual.

On the way here, they also simply checked the information about Headmaster Shan.

According to the thoughts of most people in Heavenly Dragon Star Province, Headmaster Shan was reserved, and he was known as the Cool Headmaster.

But in their minds, Headmaster Shan was so kind and amiable.

“Please have a seat.”

After everyone sat still, Headmaster Shan picked up a glass of wine and said, “Welcome to the Dragnet Academy.”


They expressed their thanks and drank the wine together.

The drinks for these kids were specially prepared by Headmaster Shan.

There were different kinds of dishes, and they were all top-grade delicacies on the Dragnet Star.

Headmaster Shan had spent a lot of effort collecting the dishes for them.

“It is the time for the enrollment of new students in the Dragnet Academy tomorrow.

There will be an entrance ceremony.

I can go through the procedures for you today.

Later on, you can choose the residence as you like.

There are many distinctive buildings.”

After having several drinks, Headmaster Shan came to the point.

“Thanks, Headmaster Shan.”

“By the way, Zhang Hanyang, well, do you want to be the dean, vice dean, or the head of the department, director, or mentor You can choose as you like,” said Headmaster Shan.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone looked at Zhang Han.

This was the purpose of Headmaster Shan.

He wanted Zhang Han to teach students.

“I havent been a mentor.” Zhang Han could not help laughing.

“I dont like to waste too much time.”

“Thats easy.

You can choose a subject involving fewer students.” Headmaster Shan seemed to have already prepared for this question.

He said, “In the Pellet-refining Branch, there is a department of Vegetation.

There are fewer people who study the basic knowledge of vegetation.

Generally speaking, people who can be admitted to the Pellet-refining Branch have already learned the basic knowledge.

What do you think of the course of Basis of Vegetation”

“The knowledge of vegetation…” Zhang Han shook his head and said, “Youre wrong.

The knowledge of vegetation is the foundation for the refining of pellets, which is the most basic and solid part.

It should be the most important part.

I wont go to the Pellet-refining Branch.

I can be a teacher for the time being for the course of Conversion and Application of Illusions in the Department of Illusions in the Spirit Branch.”

“Huh” Headmaster Shan was stunned.

Five seconds later, he said with a bitter smile, “It seems that you have done your research before coming here.

There are very few people in the Department of Illusions, because the Dragnet Academy is not the best one at illusions.

In Heavenly Dragon Star Province, there is a great sect of illusions called the Seven Illusions Sect.

Although it does not have many disciples, it has a Grand Master who is in the Void-refining Realm and proficient in illusions.

It is very powerful and has a lot of martial arts heritage of predecessors as well as a lot of secret methods of illusions.

Those who want to learn illusions will go to the Seven Illusions Sect.

Therefore, in our Dragnet Academy, the course of illusions is not popular.

Almost all the students in the Department of Illusions actually major in other subjects, and they come to the Department of Illusions just because they are interested in it or want to learn about it.

Even, there are only fewer people studying the Conversion and Application of Illusions.”

“So it saves us a lot of time and trouble.

We often need to leave.” Zhang Han smiled.

Seeing the complicated expression on Headmaster Shans face, he was amused.

Headmaster Shan desperately wanted him to go to the Pellet-refining Branch, but he could not have his wish accomplished.

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