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Chapter 1293 Crazy Attacks

Headmaster Shan was silent for a moment.

“You found it”

“No, but something has happened.” The branch president smiled bitterly.

“I just passed by No.

376 underground parking lot of the Illusions Department and saw that a group of students almost got into a fight.

Zhang Yumeng was on one side.”

“What” The headmasters voice was much louder.

He asked a little anxiously, “Is she Okay Is she hurt Is she angry Did she cry”


The branch presidents heart seemed to skip a beat.

The headmasters feelings could be gauged by his tone.

He was such a level-headed man.

“Shes not hurt.

Shes fine, but a little angry.

She didnt cry,” the branch president immediately replied.

“What should I do now”

“Thats good.

Thats good.” Headmaster Shan breathed a sigh of relief.

“What is going on”

“I guess they have some strife.

Isnt a big deal,” said the branch president.

“Thats good,” Headmaster Shan said, “and what does Zhang Yumeng want”

“She wants the other side to apologize or she would make it a fight of her Dads.

She asked me to back off and leave.”

“We cant let it happen!” Headmaster Shan said, “Look, let them use their own means to settle it.

You secretly observe the situation.

There are four students on their side, right”


“Thats enough.

Zhang Yumeng is very powerful, along with a Dark Elf in the God Transformation Realm, and an Elemental Elf approaching the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage.

They have just come to the academy for a few days.

Take care of them.

Zhang Hanyang is a good man.

He cleared the 100th floor on eight lists.

If hes willing to teach, the students and the tutors will benefit a lot from it,” Headmaster Shan said.

“I know.

I know how to do it.


Shan, is Zhang Hanyang the tutor of Class Nine of the Illusions Department”


“Got it.”

After a few simple words, they hung up the call.

The branch president was a little nervous.

A man who had cleared the 100th floor on eight lists.

His comprehension was too terrifying.


Shan had taken a lot of effort to have him here.

They couldnt let him leave due to a trivial matter.

“As for your stifle,” the branch president said calmly, “youre lucky.

I have something urgent to handle, so I cant waste too much time on you.

You should be rational when dealing with emotions.

Zhang Yumeng, youre on the right side.

How do you want to deal with it”

Su Ya and the others looked uneasy because of his last sentence.

Su Ya felt a little regretful, but she was unreconciled to lose to them like this.

Yue Xiaonao said, “Arent we going to deal with it in the Central Combat Ring Go now.


President, youre too busy to worry about us.”

She wasnt strong now, but she had a lot of treasures, especially those that could consume the others energy.

It was also Yue Wuweis idea.

At the same time, he had given some high-grade spirit treasures to Yue Xiaonao that had improved her strength a lot.

“What about you Also going to fight in the Central Combat Ring” The branch president looked at Su Ya and the others.

“Yes, its our wish,” Su Ya nodded and said.

“Its in line with the rules of the academy.

You can solve your problem there.

Im in a good mood today.

No action would be taken against the decorations damaged by you,” the branch president said and turned back to the aircraft.

Before leaving, he suddenly stopped and turned to look at Gao Chen.

“Whats your name”

“Im… Im Gao Chen.”

“Gao Chen Ill keep it in mind.

If you dare to harass others again, youll be expelled from the academy!” The presidents voice was a little cold.


With Gao Chens face turned pale, he quickly nodded and said, “I know it.

No next time.”

He wanted to cry but lacked the tears.

He didnt offend anyone now.

Fortunately, there was no punishment against him this time.

Under everyones gazes, the president returned to the aircraft.

Then he ordered his two men, “Follow them.

If they fight in the Central Combat Ring, control the energy of the ring and let them have an outcome.

Fighting will help them vent their anger.”


After that, the two men left the aircraft while the president quickly left.

He really had something to attend to.

After the presidents intervention, Su Ya regained her rationality, but she was still unconvinced.

Mengmeng and her friends were naturally not afraid of the other side.

“See you in the Central Combat Ring.”

Su Ya said, “Itll be a group fight.

Well apologize to you if we lose.

If you lose, scold Gao Chen viciously.”

“We wont lose.” Mengmeng snorted.

“You have one in the God Transformation Realm.

Ill also find someone in it to help us,” Su Ya said.

“Who told you we only have one Thats not necessarily true.” Nina shook her head slightly.

She had just informed Lorry.

Lorry was a known gorgeous girl in Grade Two of the Pellet-refining Branch.

She was good at pellet refining and had a wide network of connections.

Everyone got in the matt ground vehicles.

A dozen students including Gao Chen followed them silently.

They didnt dare to say anything, but Mengmeng and the others were talking about it.

They thought that they were so lucky that made it just in time when the branch president had important things to do.

If he had time, it would be troublesome.

What they didnt know was that only a few people knew the truth about some things.

Su Ya and a dozen girls didnt speak much along the way.

The atmosphere between them was dreary.

However, Mengmeng and her friends made their atmosphere livelier.

Felina was thinking about how to beat the other side up.

People felt that her ideas were ridiculous.

“Cut off their eyebrows and hair Is it okay Its impossible unless Nina has them under her control,” Yue Xiaonao said wickedly, “and medicinal pellets that could recover up powers are the key.

Theyll be fine after taking them.”

“Thats right.

We got the pellets.

But its not necessary.

Just give them a good lesson.” Nina agreed.

“Thats it.” Mengmeng also nodded.

Their gazes toward the other side werent friendly anymore and were full of wicked thoughts.

They were intended to punish them.

However, they wouldnt cause a big fuss.

They made this decision after they had seen the attitude of Su Ya and the others in silence.

After calming down, a few of them had wanted to say something several times but had stopped on second thought.

Of course, it was also because Mengmeng and her three friends were kind.

But in the current situation, Su Ya wanted to win.

Mengmeng and the other three students didnt want to lose.

More than that, they also wanted to teach them a lesson.

Gao Chen was following them, feeling like crying.

He was totally screwed now.

Even the branch president had told him that he would be kicked out of the academy if he dared to provoke others hereafter.

He didnt have the guts to pick up girls anymore.

He followed them to see what was going to happen.

Soon, the dreary atmosphere in Su Yas team gradually dissipated.

Some of her friends began to look at Mengmeng and her friends.

The atmosphere was all set for a showdown.

“Kids, if you lose later, dont cry.” When they were about to arrive, a fat girl couldnt help but say.

“With you”

Yue Xiaonao snorted and said, “If it werent for the branch president, you would have been beaten up.”

“Its different in the Central Combat Ring.

Weve also found someone in Grade Two,” Su Ya said.

“Sounds like we didnt call for help.

We also have more friends than you.” Nina snorted with a laugh.

Even Headmaster Shan at the Dragnet Academy was on their side.

She couldnt even think of the possibility of them winning.

“Then lets wait and see.”

Su Ya frowned.

“Well, dont make a big fuss.

Su Yas brother, Su Qiang, is a very powerful Grade-Two student.

Well, why dont you consider burying the hatchet” Gao Chen couldnt help but say from behind.

“Youre not qualified to speak here.

Shut up!” Su Ya said angrily.

Even now, Gao Chen was still siding with them.

Su Ya had no expectations for him.

She suddenly found that she felt increasingly displeased while looking at him.

Her disappointment and sadness were replaced by indignation.

“Were here.”

“The Central Combat Ring!”

The matt ground vehicles had arrived at the station.

With a cold face, Su Ya took the lead and went out.

As soon as they walked out of the station, they saw a lot of people in the square.

There were about twenty or thirty people.

Most of them were boys, with a small number of girls.

The man in the lead was dressed in black and looked a bit like Su Ya.

When he saw the scene in front of him, he laughed.

“Ya, who offended you Oh, are they Theyre all new students.

Too young to be taught a good lesson.

Well go easy on them.”

As soon as he finished speaking, several students in Grade Two laughed and said, “Just a few little girls.

I thought they were big figures.”

“They look pretty.”

“I dont think theres any point! Theyre new here but act quite arrogant.

It seems that our senior students should teach them a lesson.”

“Tsk, tsk.

Just a few little girls.

We dont even have to strike.”

Someone even made a teasing sound.

Under the gazes of the crowd, the four little girls didnt panic at all, but even sneered.

“Lets go.

The fight is about to begin.

Considering you only have four people, the four of us will fight with you,” Su Yas brother said.

“Ya, what degree do you want”

He was asking what degree of punishment the other side should take.

Hearing that, Su Ya didnt say anything.

She kept silent and walked to the huge Central Combat Ring with them

The ring was located in a city.

It had many arenas, including outdoor ones and indoor ones.

Different realms used different arenas.

People in the Elixir Realm and the God Transformation could fight here.

And even someone in the Void-refining Realm could fight in a tailor-made arena.

When they were walking to the gate of the city, Su Yas brother was still saying, “Lets say some rules for this fight.

First, losers pay the crystal stones for using the arena.

Second, why dont we add more bets into it”

“Haha, what bets do you want” Mengmeng said in a disdainful tone.

“You look quite confident.” Su Qiang laughed.

His friends also laughed.

“Young school girl, you say how much you want to play.

Well take you on.”

“Heres the thing.

You can just say a number.”

“You look like you have a lot of crystal stones.

You may not know that Su Qiangs family is conducting business and possesses a strong wealth.

You havent even heard of this, yet you dare to come to fight.

Youre really too young.”

“Theyre just ignorant.”

“You think too highly of yourself.

Were going to have a fight, not a quarrel.

Its annoying for men to talk a lot,” Felina said coldly.

“Ouch, you have a bad temper.” Su Qiangs friends teased her.

“Why do people always want to give me money” Mengmeng smiled and said, “Look, one top-grade crystal is equivalent to 10,000 low-grade ones.

How much were going to bet decides on how many top-grade crystal stones I have.”

“One, two, three…”


The eyes of Su Qiang and others lit up.

Betting was completely in line with the rules of the academy just like fighting in the Central Combat Ring.

Many students in Grade Two who wanted to give freshmen a lesson chose the fight in the Central Combat Ring.

A lot of freshmen had lost their crystal stones because of it.

If they could earn the crystal stones and at the same time teach the pretty junior girls a lesson, why not That was their thought at the moment.

However, as the number of crystal stones increased, they began to panic.

“100, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000.”

Seeing this, Su Qiang on the opposite side had beads of sweat appear on his forehead.

Mengmeng stopped taking the stones out, for fear of scaring them away.

“3,000 top-grade crystal stones equal to 30 million low-grade crystal stones.

OK, thats all.” Mengmeng snorted.

“No rush.

Take mine with yours,” Yue Xiaonao said, “I have 30 million.

We have 60 million in total.”


As soon as he said that, some people were frightened.

“60 million crystal stones”

Even with their knowledge, they couldnt help but gasp now.

60 million crystal stones were like small fry to them.

It was equivalent to half a years worth of the Su familys net profits.

“If we win, my cultivation resource…”

Boom! Boom!

Su Qiang clearly felt that his heart was beating faster.

Yes, he was excited.

If he won those crystal stones, the benefits would be extensive.

Su Ya and her friends didnt dare to speak recklessly now.

The first reason was that someone who had 60 million crystal stones must have influential backing.

The second was that they were worried that if they asked the other side to give up on this duel gamble, Brother Su Qiang would be unhappy.

This female group was centered on Su Ya, and Su Qiang was their backer.

Looking at Su Qiangs greedy eyes, they all obediently shut their mouths.

“Are you sure” Su Qiang looked straight at Mengmeng and asked.

“Do you think its too little” Mengmeng was calm.

She blinked her eyes and said innocently, “Then 200 million crystal stones.

Ill bet 20,000 top-grade crystal stones.”

“What did you say 200 million Are you kidding” Su Qiangs expression changed slightly.

If the wager was 200 million, he needed time to reflect.

First of all, he couldnt take out that much money.

Second, he should remain vigilant against the little girl who could take out 200 million crystal stones.

Just as he was hesitating about how to say, Mengmengs innocent face changed, and she said with contempt, “Youre so poor.

You cant even produce 200 million.

60 million is enough for you”

Su Qiang, “…”

He pondered for a while.

Now that they were a large group, he believed that if they tried to borrow money from others, along with that he got from his family, they could scrape together 60 million.

“The 60 million crystal stones bet is it.

How bold of you to gamble with Grade-Two students.

Treat the 60 million as paying for a lesson.”

Right at this moment, a cold, sharp voice came from not far away.

“60 million Go with my 40 million and youll have 100 million in total!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Many people present turned to look at where the voice came from.

At the sight of the person coming to them, Su Qiang and the others narrowed their eyes.


It was Lorry coming.

Her appearance surprised Su Qiang and the others.

What was she She was the belle in Grade Two of the Pellet-refining Branch.

She was tremendously talented and had a good relationship with the dean, several tutors, the branch president, and even the headmaster.

And the key was that she was the apple of the eye of the Lo family.

She had status, power, and connections.

She wasnt an enemy Su Qiang could afford to make.

“Lorry, what are you doing here” Su Qiang took a deep breath, cupped his hands, and said.

“What do you mean by that I know you always bully the new students, but you should leave my friend alone.” With a cold face, Lorry walked to them and looked at Mengmeng and the others, asking, “Youre OK”


Were preparing for the fight,” Mengmeng said.

“How much will you put as the stake 60 million or 100 million”

“We quit.

Since youre Lorrys friends, then just let this slide,” Su Qiang hurriedly said.

He put on a very magnanimous air as if he had forgiven them.

“Haha, you wish.” Mengmeng retorted unhappily.

“You say the matter is settled, then the matter is settled Who do you think you are Since were already in the ring, you must fight with us.

If not, well fight you here.”

“Thats right.

You say its a fight of our Dads strengths, or crystal stones, or connections,” said Yue Xiaonao.

“A word of advice, follow what they said,” Nina said, “otherwise when they call their parents here, youll either die or become disabled.”


At this moment, even Lorry was a little afraid.

She thought for a moment and said, “Lets not call Uncle Zhang and the others.

I can deal with them.”

Su Qiang and others felt that they were put in an awkward predicament now.

Su Ya and the rest of the girls didnt dare to speak.

They didnt expect that these new students would have such a powerful background.

Even someone like Lorry was their helper.

Moreover, it sounded like their parents were also very powerful.

It seemed that they kicked a steel plate.

“What do you want” Su Qiang asked.

“Isnt it a fight Lets fight,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“We have five people, and you can send five as well.”

“Okay, as you wish.

They should be in the same realm,” Su Qiang said.

He had no intention of winning now.

However, if both sides were in the same realm, they wouldnt lose very badly.

But he was wrong.

He and one of his friends were faced up against Lorry and Felina.

As for the other three girls, Su Yas realm was the same as Ninas, and the other two girls opponents were Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao.

“Can we make any move on the ring” Yue Xiaonao asked.

“Of course.

Whether its a treasure or a secret method,” Su Qiang said.

“Where are your crystal stones Take them out,” Felina said mockingly.

“No more betting on crystal stones.

I dont have that many.”

At this moment, Su Qiang felt a little pissed.

They had too many crystal stones.

He couldnt afford to offend them.

Imagining it quite nicely, he intended to admit defeat after fighting for several minutes.

However, as soon as the fight began, the prettiest girl used various moves and pushed Su Ya who was in the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage to the ground and start trashing her.

“You and your stupid mouth!”

“Someone like you wants to settle this matter” Felina stared at Su Qiang.

Her crazy attacks made Su Qiang retreat over and over again.

Lorry easily pinned one of Su Qiangs friends down.

He wanted to help them, but he couldnt.

Nina had an easy job.

She was fighting against a girl in the Elixir Realm.

So did Yue Xiaonao.

She didnt need to use her full power too.

She took out a stack of talismans and threw one after another to the five people in front of her.

The attacks contained in the talismans made them feel suffocated.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

“I didnt bother anyone.” Su Qiang was almost beaten to tears.

Outside the ring, Su Qiang and Su Yas friends were stunned.

The muscles on Gao Chens face couldnt help trembling and he murmured, “Theyre too strong.

Mom is right.

The more beautiful a woman is, the more dangerous she is.”

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