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“Haha, what do you want to bet on Do you have enough crystal stones” Mengmeng snorted and laughed.

“Well, as your senior, I wouldnt bully you.”

The man thought for a moment and said, “Lets bet on your success rate.

If it surpasses 10%, Ill forget you for what you just said.

I can even turn a blind eye to what you do when Im patrolling this area.

Whats more, you can win one hundred thousand crystal stones from me.

What do you think”

“Wow, one hundred thousand crystal stones!” Mengmeng suddenly screamed.

Hearing it, Nina had a slightly strange look on her face and shook her head resignedly.

Yue Xiaonao, however, was impatient and said directly, “Youre so poor.

Only one hundred thousand crystal stones.

When Mengmeng was betting with others, she never put less than one million crystal stones as stake.”

“A million Are you kidding me” The man frowned.

He had more than a million crystal stones in his bag as well because his family had asked him to give them to his tutor, Frank.

“You should bet on a million crystal stones.

If my success rate is higher than 10%, I win.

If not, I lose,” Mengmeng said.

“Are you serious”

The man frowned deeply.

He thought in his heart, “A million crystal stones isnt a small sum of money.

Can I bet with her At the academy, only tutors have a success rate of 10%, but there must be a reason behind her action.

She doesnt belong to the Pellet-refining Branch.

Could it be that she just said a big number to scare me away Or does she know how to refine pellets”

After thinking about it, Chen Diran picked the former one.

He couldnt help sneering in his heart.

“Youre too young to scare me away with a million crystal stones.

I have a million crystal stones now, so I can promise you verbally.

It doesnt matter if its higher than 10%.

No one here has heard our conversation, and her chance of winning is very low.”

Thinking of this, he felt relieved in his heart.

But he still hesitated for a moment before he narrowed his eyes and said slowly as if he had made a decision, “If you want to make such a fuss, I have a term.”

“What is it” Mengmeng asked.

“If you win, I wont tell others about your previous conversation.

You can do whatever you want here.

A million crystal stones are also yours.

But if you lose, in addition to a million crystal stones, you should be my attendant for one year,” Chen Diran said.

“Attendant” Nina raised her eyebrow.

“Please make it clear.

Dont define it vaguely.”

Although she knew that Mengmeng wouldnt lose, she wanted to figure out what he meant, because it decided what attitude they were going to take towards him.

She had held a positive feeling towards him and thought that he just wanted to make a joke with them and he meant “attendant” literally.

However, she had misread him.

“Then Ill make it clear.

I dont have a Cultivational Partner now,” Chen Diran said directly.

After thinking about it, he thought that he had said it too straightforwardly, so he added, “Youre still too young.

If you lose, be my attendant and we can keep in contact with each other.

Well decide other things later.”

“Haha.” Mengmeng snorted and said, “I can promise you in person.

Just bring it.

No more talking.”

Hearing Mengmengs words, Felina who had worn a gloomy face suddenly laughed.

It was so interesting.

She had said she could promise him in person.

Did it mean that her Dad would come to him

Senior Chen, please restrain your grief and embrace fate.

Seeing that someone on the opposite side glanced at her, Felina spread out her hands to show that she was watching the show.

“Well, you can start to refine pellets,” Chen Diran said.

“Keep your eyes wide open!” Mengmeng said fiercely.

However, she still looked very beautiful even with such a fierce look.

Then she turned her head and looked at the furnace.

What appeared in her mind were the scenes that her Dad had been teaching her.

At this moment, the thought in Mengmengs mind turned out to be: Why Why there is no one like Dad

She felt that many of the boys she had met werent manly or domineering.

The difference between her Dad and them was like the sky and earth.

How Zhang Hanyang was like in the eyes of Mengmeng and others

He was a ruthless man who would take action without saying a word.

He had killed Peacock King with one punch, destroyed the entire Tiger Talisman Royal Family, and killed Hu Tiandao in an imposing manner.

His current reputation was founded on the corpses of strong men.

Who wouldnt be afraid at the sight of him

He was famous to outsiders for his ferocity, but he was as gentle as water to his families.

This was the unique, powerful charm of his personality.

He deeply attracted a large number of people without using any means, forming a powerhouse today.

Even a business tycoon like Liu Qingfeng was loyal to him.

It could be imagined that when someones charm of personality reached a certain level, it could make the team very united.

Taking a deep breath, Mengmeng stopped thinking about other things.

She was focused on refining pellets.

Although she was skilled in it, she was still a little unfamiliar with it in Chen Dirans eyes.

“Im sure Ill win.” he thought.

An excited smile appeared on his lips.

He was looking forward to making this pretty little girl his attendant.

At that time, he could ask about her background, strength, and other information.

If she had a strong background, then this bet would be a joke.

If not, then sorry.

He had imagined it quite nicely, but the reality was harsh.

“The difficult part is coming.”

“Its very difficult to control when it comes to the Bright Leaf Flower.

The explosion often happens here.”

Chen Diran was looking forward to the explosion of Mengmengs furnace.

However, the moment Mengmeng was going to put the Bright Leaf Flower in it, she shattered it.

As a result, its energy quietened the violent energy of the spiritual herbs in the furnace.

She made it.

She succeeded in one attempt.


Six divine pellets flew out and were caught by Mengmeng.

“Once,” Mengmeng raised a finger and said, “Ill do it ten times to show you my success rate.

You can prepare your million crystal stones now.”

“Okay.” Chen Dirans eyes narrowed slightly.

She had succeeded in one try.

How lucky she had been!

The success rate averaged 5%, only five out of a hundred times, and one out of twenty times on average.

In other words, the little girl in front of him would fail the next nine times!

The eyes of the man in white lit up.

He was very excited as soon as he thought that he could make the top-quality girl in front of him his maid and he could do whatever he wanted to her if she didnt have a backer.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Mengmeng began to refine pellets for the second time.

With the Bright Leaf Flower shattered, its energy was absorbed into the furnace.


She still failed.

The third time began.

She failed again.


Chen Diran, the man in white, had already laughed.

His victory was imminent!

He had already seen the dawn of victory.

The fourth time, she failed.

The fifth time, she failed.

“I win.” he thought.

Chen Diran was about to burst into laughter, but he couldnt help saying, “You asked me to prepare the crystal stones, but you still have to lose.

As long as you can succeed for the second time, youll win.

Unfortunately, the success rate of divine pellet is low.”

“Humph!” Mengmeng snorted and continued.

This time, she was particularly concentrated.

Her big bright eyes were shining.

The flame was perfectly controlled.

She threw the Bright Leaf Flower into the furnace.

The sixth time, she succeeded!

When six pellets flew out, Chen Dirans face changed greatly.

“I… I lost

“How was this possible”

His heart gradually sank and his forehead was covered with cold sweat.


Nina, Yue Xiaonao, and Felina all let out a sigh of relief.

Seeing the several explosions, they had been really a little worried.

“You looked down on her.” Yue Xiaonao glared at Chen Diran.


Chen Dirans face darkened.

However, under the blow now, he didnt say anything but just looked at Mengmeng with an uncertain expression.

The seventh time, she succeeded.

The eighth, ninth, and tenth times, she succeeded!

She had six successes out of ten.

Her success rate of the divine pellet was now 60%.

This kind of genius would succeed at least thirty times out of one hundred.

It was too terrifying.

“How could I lose” he thought.

Chen Diran couldnt believe his own eyes, but the truth was right before him.

She had succeeded six times with a total of thirty-three medicinal pellets.

Generally speaking, people averaged about thirty pellets every ten times, but she had made it in just six times.

Her success rate and the number of pellets were considerable.


Chen Dirans heart seemed to skip a beat.


He sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

Could it be that she had mastered the improved method of refining pellets

Her success rate meant a large amount of wealth!

Even if it didnt, it would win fame.

If he told the dean, he would get a lot of rewards.

“Give me the money.” Mengmeng reached out her right hand.

Chen Dirans face froze.

He indeed had more than one million crystal stones in his Space Ring, but he wouldnt give them to her!

After thinking for a while, he quickly said, “I dont have so many crystal stones now.

I have to go back and fetch them.

According to what I said before, I would turn a deaf eye to what happens here.

As for the crystal stones, Ill get them now.”

After that, he turned around and left.

After taking five steps, Mengmeng said, “Your name is Chen Diran, and youre the disciple of the dean, Frank.

You owe me a million crystal stones.

Dont think of running away.

If you pay me back too late, lets just follow a compound interest.”

Chen Diran staggered.

“Compound interest

“It was really scary.”

He left without looking back.

“Humph!” Mengmeng curled her lips and snorted.

“Compound interest Mengmeng, you deserve to be Uncle Zhangs daughter,” Yue Xiaonao sighed and said, “even your style of doing things is so similar to him.

I remember that there were also several people who owe your Dad crystal stones.

Every once in a while, the interest compounds.”

“Humph, someone who provokes us deserves a lesson,” Mengmeng said, “my task of refining pellets has been completed.”

“Well have a try later.

If its not enough, can you help us refine a few more batches, Mengmeng” Yue Xiao asked.



They were chatting while Chen Diran, who had walked far away, became angrier and angrier.

“How could I lose


“Hen, they just have empty words.

Theres no way Ill give them the crystal stones.

“I have to inform the dean.

She must have mastered some methods to have such a high success rate.

“Thats right.

Hurry to tell the dean.”

Chen Diran quickened his pace, left the venue from the side, and walked into an empty classroom.

After casting the sound-proof cover, he immediately sent a video call to the dean.


About seven seconds later, the call was connected.


Franks figure appeared.

He was sitting in a chair, looking like he was in his office.

“What is it” Frank frowned slightly.

The atmosphere was a little gloomy.

He seemed to have been disturbed while doing something and thus felt dissatisfied.

“When should I give you the million crystal stones that I borrowed from you last time back” Chen Diran whispered with a flattering expression.

Hearing this, Frank had his face look much better.

He nodded slightly and said, “Well, send them to my office two hours later.”

Two hours

Stunned, Chen Diran took a careful look at the image in the projection.

It seemed that there were wisps of black hair floating on the side.

Oh, it turned out that he had something important to do.

Chen Diran hesitated and said, “Theres one more thing, Mr.


“Get straight to the point.”

“Today, I saw a new student who was very efficient in refining divine pellets.

She succeeded six times out of ten.

I think that she may have mastered some kind of little tricks to increase the success rate,” Chen Diran whispered.

“What did you say” Frank suddenly rose to his feet, a look of shock on his face.

“Six times out of ten”

“Its true.

I saw it with my own eyes.” Chen Diran took a deep breath and said, “I talked with a new student for a while and bet with her on whether her success rate could exceed 10%.

As a result, she reached a success rate of 60% in ten attempts.

I was frightened, wondering if there was something wrong with her refining methods.

So I hurried to inform you.”

“Good, very good.

You did a very good job.

Where are you Ill be there ten minutes later,” Frank said.

“Im at the venue.


Frank, shall I wait for you at the main entrance” Chen Diran asked.


After saying that, Frank hung up the call.

Chen Diran took a light breath, his eyes shining.

He had done something great this time.

“Ill delay the payment of the crystal stones I owe.” Chen Diran thought in his heart.

The most important thing was the attitude of the dean.

If he was very kind to the little girl, gave her a lot of rewards, and even accepted her as his disciple, he would then talk with the girl and pay her fewer crystal stones.

But he thought that it wouldnt be like this considering Franks personality.

He would figure out the methods used by his opponents to make himself more famous!

He attached great importance to his fame.

He was a master of pellet refining.

With fame, even if he went to other powerhouses in the future, he would still be treated well.

And maybe he could even go to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

So far, he had seemed to be selfless to have shown the pellet formulas of the academy to the public and even issued some in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

But the wonderful pellet formulas were held in his hands.

He wouldnt hand them over easily.

When Zhang Han had been studying pellet refining, he hadnt learned it well until a quite long time later.

That had been because the pellet formulas had been low-level.

Therefore, he had worked hard to study the Dao of plants and vegetation.

When his cultivation had reached a certain level, he had been able to understand all kinds of effects of the plants and vegetation and see through the pellet formula at a glance.

As for the pellet refining, Zhang Han had found many martial art heritages of predecessors in the secret realm with his powerful treasure-searching nose.

The more he got, the higher his cultivation.

About fifteen minutes later, an aircraft landed near the venue.


Frank,” Chen Diran said, cupping one hand in the other before his chest.

“Lead the way.” Frank gave the order.


As Chen Diran led the way in front, his paces were a little fast to keep up with Franks paces.

It could be seen that the dean was anxious to verify what he had said.

Finally, when they got close, Chen Diran cast a sound-proof cover voluntarily.


Frank, it was the girl who made the divine pellets just now.” Chen Diran looked at Mengmeng, coughed softly, and said, “Take out the pellets you just made and show them to Mr.


Show your way of making them to him several times.”

“Hmm Senior Chen, what are you talking about”

Hearing his commanding tone, Mengmeng was unhappy.

She was worthy of being Zi Yans daughter and was very good at acting.

She blinked her big eyes and asked innocently, “Divine pellets The pellets that I just made Show what”

Chen Diran, “…”

He was at a loss for words for a moment.

Seeing the dean frown his eyebrows, Chen Diran almost broke out in a cold sweat.

“Are you kidding me Did you forget our bet just now” Chen Diran took a deep breath and said, “if you say so, are we going to just forget what happened just now”

Mengmeng couldnt pretend anymore this time.

She snorted and said, “You wish.”

Seeing this, the dean, Frank, also knew what was going on.

He was silent for two seconds, and then he showed a smile that looked a little ugly on his face, saying, “Little girl, whats your success rate in refining divine pellets”

“Dont ask why.

If you ask, Ill say I learned it from a wonderful teacher,” Mengmeng replied.

The way she spoke made Frank feel a little confused.

After thinking for a while, he said, “Come with me.

Well talk to the tutors in front.”

“Why should I do it” Mengmeng asked.

“Because if its true, youll get one hundred credits.”

Did she need to ask the reason A dean couldnt give her an order

Frank was a little unhappy, but he didnt show it.

“Oh, Okay.” Mengmeng nodded slightly.

“Wait, were her friends.

We have to go with her,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“You wait here.” The dean still looked stern before Yue Xiaonao and the others.

“That wont do,” Yue Xiao said, “The senior student has bad intentions and were not familiar with you.

Of course we have to stand by and watch you.”

Frank frowned and looked straight at Yue Xiaonao, saying, “You show no respect to me.

Your basic credits are deducted as the punishment.”

“Do it if you like.

Sounds as if I care about it,” Yue Xiaonao replied carelessly.

“Well, then I wont go,” Mengmeng also said, “it seems to be a banquet with evil intentions.

Its boring.”

Most of the students who had come into contact with Frank were afraid of him.

He had never met any student who had been such calm and nonchalant.

Hearing their words, Frank had his face darken slightly.

A few seconds later, he opened his mouth and said, “I mean no harm.

Its good for you to know your future development.

Besides, you should show respect to the dean.

Forget about the credit thing I just said.

Except for you, everyone else can have fifty more credits.

You can go with me.”

He compromised.

But he was still a little angry.

He had done it to obtain the changes in the pellet formula.

It seemed that this was the only reason that he had shown the seldom-found patience.

It gave Chen Diran a feeling that the dean was tempting and deceiving little girls who werent experienced in the world.

Feeling a little strange, he was sneering inwardly.

“Shes still too young.

As long as we methods get her skill, shell have no use for it.

If she doesnt perform well at that time, her credits would be deducted into negative marks.”

If it were him, he would ask for some material prizes.

But the girls in front of him didnt.

They looked at each other, nodded, and agreed to go to the building.

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