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Chapter 1364 Theres No Need to Come with This Little Strength


Jeffrey and his family were shocked.

Mengmeng and the girls got up and slowly floated in the air.

“What a bunch of scum.” Mengmeng said coldly, “A fish rots from the head.”

“Who, who, who are you” The old man was shocked because he could not see through the cultivation level of those girls in front of him.

Although he was in the Earth Realm, there were still many martial artists more powerful than him in the martial arts world.

He was filled with dread before, and now that he finally had a chance to rise to prominence, he felt a bit more at ease.

However, he had never imagined that things would develop in this way.

“Remember, Im Zhang Yumeng of Mount New Moon, and Ill eradicate evil for the people!” Mengmeng snorted while some kind of light began to flicker.


The old mans heart seemed to miss a beat when he thought of the horrible Mount New Moon, the current holy land of martial arts in the martial arts world.

“Youre from Mount New Moon.

You…” The old mans face was pale.

“You dont need to ask about my identity.

Zhang Hanyang is my father.”

Mengmengs eyes suddenly lit up with fire.


A large ball of flame formed in front of her and rushed over like a hot knife through butter.

Under the pressure of the oppressive might, those people found it difficult to move at all.

It was impossible to dodge.


They displayed their defensive moves, which disintegrated in an instant.

The flames fluttered past like a gentle breeze.

It came gently and left gently.

When it disappeared, those people were nowhere to be seen.


There were sirens on the island with dozens of people coming over.


A fire rose from Mengmengs right hand, and a long whip slowly took shape.

“Let me do it.”

With a wave of her hand, Felina ordered a black cloud to press down on the shore.

Those people were killed.

“Dead All dead”

Jeffrey couldnt believe his eyes.

“Am I dreaming”

He sincerely hoped that he was dreaming.

“I wanted to spare your life.” Yue Xiaonao said in disgust, “But you are just too despicable.”

She grabbed forward with her palm.

Jeffreys body was lifted up into the air and slammed into the sea.


An enormous wave that was more than ten meters high rose from the surface of the calm sea.

At the same time, Jeffrey was dead as well.

In this area, other than the few dumbfounded people driving the ship, there were no other people alive.

All the members of Jeffreys family were dead.

“Soul Suppressing Spell.”

“Soul Calming Spell.”

Nina cast two spells in a row to erase the memory of several sailors, which hurt their souls.

Then, she cast the Soul Calming Spell to let them fall asleep on the yacht.

“You are so devious.” Mengmeng looked at Felina.

“All of those people got killed in an instant.”

“I was upholding justice,” Felina replied grumpily.

“Why didnt you leave a few for us” Yue Xiaonao said in a dissatisfied tone.

Felina curled her lips and then became silent again.

“I should just shut up.”

“Lets go up and take a look,” said Nina.

“Lets go.”

Mengmeng took the lead in flying over.

The girls flew very fast.

If the people of the martial arts world saw this, they would be shocked.

“How could they be so capable at such a young age”

Only the ones in the God Realm could fly.

“Theyre so young, but theyre much stronger than Zhang Hanyang at that time.”

However, after learning of the girls identities, many people would likely sigh with sorrow.

” Plant trees for your heirs.”

Zhang Hanyang had made his name famous, and his daughter had a much higher starting point.

It was like the saying – “all roads lead to Rome.” However, some people were born in Rome and had much greater advantages.

The island was not small, but for the girls, it was still small.

While flying above, they saw the colorful cloud cluster in the middle of the island.

“Its the entrance to the Relic.”

Mengmeng took out the Heavenly Pearl and detected the surroundings.

“The energy level is very high, much higher than that of five worldlets combined.

There must be some good stuff inside.”

“But how do we get in” Yue Xiaonao asked.

“This Relic is not mature yet.” Mengmeng said, “I dont know how to go in.”

“Why dont we call Uncle Zhang over to have a look” Yue Xiaonao asked.


Hold on a second,” Mengmeng said as she waved her right hand.

A light gate appeared.

Mengmeng went straight into it.

She traveled through space and returned to Mount New Moon.

Seeing this scene, Felina and the others exchanged glances.

“Thats impressive!” Yue Xiaonao muttered.

“Im so envious.” Nina touched her forehead.

“So powerful,” Felina marveled.

On Mount New Moon.

Mengmeng ran to Zhang Han and said, “Dad! I found something huge!”

“What did you find” Zhang Han smiled and said, “That Level S Relic”


The energy there is super high, a hundred times higher than that of five worldlets combined,” Mengmeng said while gesturing with her hand.

“That high” Zhang Hans eyes became serious.

Since it reached that level, it meant that it was indeed extraordinary.

“Shall we go and have a look” Mengmeng looked around before she took a glass of juice from the table.

She took a few sips and then asked, “Where is Mummy”

“She went to watch a fashion show.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Lets go and have a look.”


Mengmeng opened the light gate again.

Zhang Han accompanied Mengmeng and the two of them entered the gate.

It could be seen that as the Heavenly Lord, Mengmeng could do whatever she wanted.

She had started to show the might of the Heavenly Lord, but this was just the beginning.

She possessed absolute authority in the Heavenly Land.

Merely, her power of control had only just begun.

In the blink of an eye, they arrived above the island.

“Uncle Zhang.”

Nina and the other two girls greeted him one after another.


Zhang Han nodded slightly and looked down.

He glanced around.

“It seems that everyone here has been punished” Zhang Han said.


All of them were dealt with by Felina,” Mengmeng said.

“I only made my move after Mengmeng made hers,” Felina explained.

She was just helping out.


Very good,” Zhang Han said casually.

After taking a closer look, he was shocked.

“There is a Heaven-earth Formation here.”

“Where is it I cant tell.” Mengmeng was a little curious.


When Zhang Hans will appeared, it was like a flat dome, pressing downward.

At the same time, he said, “What we saw was just an illusion.

The real environment is not like this.”


A loud noise appeared out of thin air, but the environment below didnt change at all.


Zhang Han raised his eyebrows slightly.

A punch fell from the sky.


A small mountain peak below was smashed to pieces.

But after a few seconds, it returned to its original shape again.

“Its not easy to deal with.”

Zhang Han started pondering.

This was a kind of Heaven-earth Formation he had never seen before.

He even doubted if it was actually the Heaven-earth Formation.

This situation was caused by Sir Mysteriouss will.

Mengmeng blinked her big bright eyes and asked, “Is that Level S Relic real or fake”

“Its not necessarily true, but Im sure that theres something in it,” Zhang Han replied.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhang Han stretched out his palm.

Tens of thousands of crystal stones appeared and formed a Heaven-earth Formation.

They crashed downward.

The fluctuations were extremely intense.

It was as if a giant storm was brewing here.

However, after 30 seconds, the formation dissipated and the scene below was restored a few seconds later.

Zhang Han took out the crystal stones again.

He used them to form a formation and smashed it down.

It still didnt work.

He tried more than a dozen times.

Seeing so many crystal stones being used, Felina curled her lips, feeling a bit of heartache.

“So many crystal stones…”


Zhang Han shook his head and said, “If we want to go in, we have to try for a while.

Mengmeng, you can also have a try.”

“Huh How should I do it If you cant succeed, theres no way that Ill make it work,” Mengmeng said.

“Use the Heavenly Pearl.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Sense carefully and see if you can open the space below.”


Ill give it a try.”

Mengmeng flipped her palm upward, and the Heavenly Pearl appeared.

There was a faint light in her eyes.

Energy flowed rhythmically, and the space below seemed to be trembling.

Would they finally be able to see its real appearance

“That doesnt seem to work.”

She tried for a few minutes.

Mengmeng pouted and said, “Is the pearl fake It wouldnt work.”

Zhang Han was a bit speechless.

In fact, because Mengmengs strength was relatively low, her level of control was also very low.

Not only here, but also in many places, Mengmeng couldnt sense or control the pearl.

However, it seemed that because of Mengmengs words-


A sigh sounded from all directions.

It was extremely ethereal.

“Come in.”

As soon as the speaker finished speaking, the stars moved and two rays of light covered Zhang Han and Mengmeng.

Then, the two of them disappeared.


“Where are they Where did they go”

Yue Xiaonao and the other two were confused.

On Zhang Hans side, the picture changed.

He and Mengmeng were standing at the foot of a huge mountain.

Behind them was a plain that stretched as far as the eye could see, giving one the feeling that they couldnt reach its end.

The lawn was more than a dozen centimeters high and neat.

The peaks on both sides overlapped with each other, and it was impossible to see the end of them.

There was only a single mountain, and it was unknown how far horizontally it was.

There was a huge stone platform in front of Mengmeng and her father, which looked like a flight of steps.

But each step was more than ten meters high, which didnt seem to be for ordinary people.

“You came a bit early.”

A voice suddenly appeared in front of him.

A familiar ball of light slowly appeared.

Was it one of Sir Mysteriouss Minds

“Which Mind are you” Zhang Han asked directly.

However, Sir Mysterious did not pay attention to Zhang Hans words.

He seemed to be looking at Mengmeng and said with a smile, “Little princess, I dont know how my Ninth Brother taught you.

You couldve come in easily, but you didnt succeed.”

“Thats his problem.

Ive mastered everything he taught me,” Mengmeng said seriously.

“Hahaha!” A burst of laughter rang out from up ahead.

It was real happiness.

It seemed that he liked Mengmeng very much.

Zhang Han also stopped talking.

In the face of Old Masters Mind, he couldnt do anything.

“This place is called the Land of Gods Meteorite.”

The figure in the ball of light slowly said, “Has there ever been a god who perished here Let me tell you the answer.

Its positive.

You came here too early.

You cant do anything here with your little strength.”

“Its good that we found this place.” Zhang Han said, “Since we took the initiative to find it, it means that the time is almost up.”

“Is it Well,” the figure of light said in a gentle voice, “You have separated the Thunderbolt Mark and the Thunder Tower.

It looks like you are condensing a Thunder Body a little earlier than the schedule.

In that case, you have already come into contact with a few Minds.”

“Dont you know that” Zhang Han asked.

“Could it be that these minds arent related to each other”

“Im just a wisp of mind, and the main mind is still sleeping.” A voice came out of the light, which sighed softly.

“The Land of Gods Meteorite is involved with relatively high-level stuff, so with your strength as a God Transformation cultivator, you have no chance to get anything.

There are 999 steps in total.

Oh, by the way, there is a Space Ring on the 99th step, which is for the little princess, and she has to get it by herself.”

“Your main mind is asleep…”

Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “The main nest of the Bug Clan has appeared in the Blue Sand Wind Domain.”


The ball of light shook violently a few times.

“Do you mean the main nest of the Bug Clan”


Its quite troublesome.

The Sixth Mind told me this information,” Zhang Han replied.

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