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Chapter 1383 Beating Others to It


The instant the Bounded Domain shattered.

“Enter the city!”

Under the order of Mu Lunze, the demon troop marched along the main street.

The weapons and treasures that were still intact along the way were put away by his subordinates.


Humans and Exotic Beasts headed for the imperial city from the other two main streets.

“Shall we go” Yuan Yi looked at Zhang Mu.

“Elder Yue said that the treasures in there are trivial.

There is still a crisis,” Zhang Mu said.

“How serious of a crisis is it” asked the second king of the White Dog Clan.

“Its quite serious anyway.

Even Elder Yue cant get away from it now,” Zhang Guangyou said.


The second king of the White Dog Clan was shocked.

“Hes a Supreme Expert, and even he cant get away from it”

“They are inside the imperial city.”

Mu Xue roughly explained, “The intact buildings on both sides of the street are all dangerous…”

Yuan Yi and the second king of the White Dog Clan looked at each other and then looked at the Exotic Beast army ahead.

They had a good relationship with some of the Exotic Beasts, and they wanted to remind them, but after thinking about it, they didnt say it.

There were many treasures inside the city, so it was useless to say anything at this time.

Those Exotic Beasts would know the danger after suffering a little.

“Hmm They arent following”

Jinchuan, the Myriad Mountains Palace Elder, noticed the situation behind him.

He couldnt help but grow cautious.

“Did they sense that there was danger within the giant city”

“The man who drew the sword and the expert who took action are not on the team.”

“Are they elsewhere, or have they long since entered the city to explore”

“We still need to be careful and follow the main force.”

Jinchuan secretly designated Voice-transmitting Technique to his subordinates as well as several protectors and supervisors.

“Take your men to the back of the team and be careful of the situation ahead.”

Humans were selfish by nature.

However, it was rare for someone to be selfish to this degree.

They kept moving forward.

“So many spirit weapons!”

“Were getting super rich this time!”

The 1,000 rogue teams that came in were in groups of three or five.

They gathered together and began to madly grab the various treasures on the ground.

It was safe here while following the main force, and they could also get treasures.

It was simply amazing.

The members of the three sects saw this.

Several elders frowned.

One of them said, “Keep the teams in order.

Tell them that they need to hand over the treasures theyve obtained, and well distribute them accordingly according to their contributions.”

All of the elders instantly voiced their approval.

The thousands of people in the rogue teams were unwilling to accept this, and some of them were even pissed.

But there was nothing they could do.

After all, the three sects were the most powerful.

“All the treasures obtained before will belong to you.” A long-haired elder, who was an elder of the Illusion Mansion, said, “Next, the teams will move together.

Its not safe here.

Dont think that youll be absolutely safe just because you have many people around.

Lets move forward.”

Hearing his words, those people felt much better.

Just now, they had thought that they wouldnt be able to get anything, which made them very upset.

Now that they could get some for themselves, they would hand the rest over, and the elders would distribute all the treasures according to everyones contributions.

The crowd could still get some treasures, which was what they were willing to accept.

After all, it would be disadvantageous to their safety if they were to fall into chaos.

“Theyre getting in.

Will it affect Masters business” Mu Xue asked worriedly.

“He has Elder Yue with him.

He will inform us in advance if he needs us.

Dont worry,” Zhao Feng said firmly.

A few years ago, soon after Zhang Han arrived in Xiangjiang, he began to take him as his master.

So he knew his master very well.

He knew that Zhang Han would sometimes be fierce, but as Mengmeng grew up, he became more easygoing.

He cared about his family as well as Mengmeng and his wife.

Therefore, he would put his safety first.

It was precisely because of this that everyone felt more at ease.

However, the White Dog Clan and the Ape Clan got a bit uneasy.

After the Exotic Beasts entered the city, there were still many clans outside.

When they saw the motionless giant apes and white dogs, they couldnt help but ridicule them.


You were so noisy before.

Why are you so haggard now”

“You didnt help in the attack.

Youre here to just watch the fun, arent you”

They didnt say anything excessive, but those Exotic Beasts were also confident that they could also fight for the great opportunity without the white dogs and the giant apes.

They didnt need weapons, and they advanced faster.

They were also the first team that encountered attacks.


Suddenly, a Rhinoceros-Horned Pigs eyes lit up and it charged straight at a house ahead.


After it rushed into the house, it was killed.

There were even many Exotic Beasts that charged toward the intact houses.

“Crap, theres an attack!”

“Black Wolf Spiders, do something!”

An Exotic Beast cried out.

After dozens of Black Wolf Spiders unleashed their spiritual-wipe supernatural power, a ripple-like pattern spread out.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The fluctuations were very intense and reached those houses.

It was as if something was under attack, or perhaps there were cries of some creature.


Under many peoples gazes, several houses nearby collapsed.

Several faint phantoms floated in the air and then vanished.

“What… whats going on”

The pythons controlled the gravel to fly up.

They saw that the only thing remaining of the Rhinoceros-Horned Pig that rushed into the house was its skeleton as if its flesh had been devoured by something.

Not even its inner pellet had any energy left.

It was the same for the other Exotic Beasts.

“Damn it!”

“There are some special Yin soul creatures here.”

“This place is still far from the imperial city.

Those creatures are hidden in perfectly intact houses.

Up ahead, there are too many of those houses.”

“Hiss, I can feel it,” a Black Wolf Spider said in a low, hoarse voice.

“There are a lot, a lot of them ahead.”

“Can we deal with them” asked an Exotic Beast.

“Itll be difficult.”

“Lets take a different path.”

In the end, after a discussion, the leaders of the various races decided to take a different main street.

Just as they finished their discussion, the Demon Clan team encountered similar situations as well.

A few Deep-sea Beast Demons responsible for charging forward unconsciously made a turn and entered a house before they were killed.

“How dare a mere Yin soul make trouble”

Mu Lunzes eyes turned cold.




Many Blood Demons used supernatural power and displayed Blood Curse.

They led the way ahead.

The dark Yin Spirits in the houses on both sides were constantly annihilated.

The strength of demons was evident.

However, they were just on the periphery.

It was not difficult to kill those Yin Spirits.

The humans were the ones who last encountered this situation.

“What are you doing”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The people in the front couldnt hear them at all as they quickly flew to the houses on the side.

The people behind hurriedly stopped them.

But they failed to stop three of them.

“Therere Yin soul creatures.

Cast a spell to eliminate them!”

An elder in the group shouted.

The hundred people at the head of the team cast their spells at the same time.

After killing a few dark Yin Spirits, they saw that their teammates had all died in the house.

“Theyre dead so soon They couldnt defend themselves at all”

Many people were shocked.

They felt a chill run down their spines.

“Its horrifying.”

“So horrifying.”

The people at the front were frightened.

They also became more cautious.

“Set up the Military Formation.”

“Move forward!”

Under the elders commands, they killed the Yin Spirits while moving forward.

The speed of the three squads had slowed down.

They could clearly see that the imperial city wasnt too far away.

If it was outside, they would probably have arrived in just a few minutes.

But now, an hour had passed, and they had only advanced a fifth of their journey.

“Its getting harder and harder to kill those Yin Spirits.”

Some people even discovered that fact.

“They are getting stronger.”

“It seems that there are also horrible creatures in the imperial city.”

“Could it be that black phoenix”

“Since there is a great horror, it means that there will be great opportunities.

There must be great treasures in the imperial city!”

The treasures were tempting.

Everyone continued forward, and the situation they encountered grew even more severe.

But it couldnt stop them.

“Brat, are you still not done”

Yue Wuwei stared at the surroundings.

There was only ten percent energy left in the inner pellet.

Zhang Hans surroundings became even weirder.

There seemed to be a kind of black energy strip that lingered within three meters of him.

At the same time, Zhang Hans aura was somewhat erratic.

From the beginning to the present, Yue Wuwei had heard more than a dozen muffled sounds.

Sometimes when he looked at Zhang Hans face, he found that it was pale.

He didnt know what was going on.

In fact, Zhang Han was quite suffering.

“This is so unexpected.

“I cant believe the Immortal Body of the Five Elements would contend with the Great Demons Nascent Soul and the Heavenly Devil Sacred Dharma.”

“How could this be”

Zhang Han was also a little confused.

“The Immortal Body of the Five Elements was cultivated step by step by the Athanasia Demon Gong.

“The Heavenly Devil Sacred Dharma is in the same category, so why would it go against the Immortal Body”

After thinking about it, Zhang Han suddenly understood.

The Immortal Body of the Five Elements should be at the later stage of Body Refinement.

He didnt have any soul sense, which led to his current situation.

“Its quite troublesome.”

“Its better to make them coexist than break them apart.

“I just need to learn the introductory chapters of the Heavenly Devil Sacred Dharma.

I cant continue absorbing.

Ill just stabilize the technique and then itll be finished.”

Zhang Han began the last part by consolidating his energy.

It seemed simple, but in fact, he had to find a way to balance the changes without affecting the Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

If there was no reaction and the Immortal Body and the Heavenly Devil Sacred Dharma lived in harmony, he would finish what he needed to do very fast.

During this process.

After undergoing countless trials and tribulations, the army of the three races finally arrived at the imperial city.

“Damn it! Theres still a Bounded Domain here!”

“And it is very stable.”

“Keep attacking!”

After they made a decision, the crowd was about to attack the city, but someone saw the scene inside through a crack in the city wall.


“Theres someone inside.

They are stealing the gem up there!”

“What did you say” Myriad Mountains Palaces Elder Jinchuan frowned.

With a flash, he arrived at the very front, looking forward through the crack.

He saw Zhang Han cultivating and Yue Wuwei, who was protecting the former.

“There really is someone!”

“Someone got here first”

“Attack the Bounded Domain now!”

“Its useless.

They must have taken all the treasures inside!”

“We must catch them!”

The atmosphere on Jinchuans side changed a little.

“Lets wait and see whats going on first,” another elder said.

“The demons and Exotic Beasts have already begun to attack the Bounded Domain.

They havent found out whats going on in the city yet.

We can try to contact those people inside.

Were all humans.

If there are any treasures, we can decide how to deal with them later.”

His meaning was very clear.

He wanted a share.

“Well also need to make things clear.”

One of Jinchuans subordinates said coldly, “The Demon Clan and the Demonic God Temple came here together with us.

This is a very important place.

Those people are making trouble here.

Not to even mention getting a reward or a punishment, this matter will only be settled after we discuss it.”

The three great sects were the highest authorities in the Human Clan, so that man spoke with great confidence.

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