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Chapter 1384 Of Different Races

The oldest elder of the Illusory Mansion waved his hand and said, “Lets not talk about that for now.

Lets try contacting them.”

“No matter what treasures they obtain, we must collectively distribute them according to what we discussed before.

The Human Clan is in decline and must unite.

We three great sects must lead by example.” Another elder spoke up.

“Of course.

If anyone dares destroy the overall profits, they will be punished severely without exception.

Its been many years since the three great sects have assumed the role of a judge,” someone spoke meaningfully.

Everyone knew it very well.

If the ones inside the city were demons or Exotic Beasts, they would think about how to kill them and get the treasures from them.

Since those people were humans, it would only be natural for them to hand over the treasures they had obtained.

“The three sects, particularly the senior executives, have too much of a sense of superiority.”

Someone shook his head in secret.

Some people were used to this, “the three sects represent the strongest ones of the Human Clan.

Theres nothing to say about it.

Its only natural that the others need to hand over the treasures they have since the three sects protect the humans.”

Everyone had different opinions on this matter.

They had all kinds of thoughts.

But there was no doubt that they thought there must be some precious treasure in the imperial city.

And those two must have also obtained something.

Handing over what they had was absolutely necessary.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Exotic Beasts were attacking the Bounded Domain.

The demons were mounting a large-scale assault.

Only the humans watched calmly as those who were well-versed in soul occult arts attempted to communicate with the people in the city.


“Hey, bro.

Is anyone there”

Yue Wuwei heard a lot of sound transmissions.

“Whats going on”

His face darkened.

“Is someone provoking me”

Someone said straightforwardly, “Come out now and hand over the treasures.

Well protect you two then.”

“Why is that person still cultivating Is he trying to get himself killed”


“What are these guys doing”

Yue Wuwei frowned slightly.

He was still suppressing the black phoenixs soul.

It had been quite a few days.

He was more or less exhausted.

Being disturbed like this suddenly made him annoyed.

Just as he was about to punish those people.


The crowd didnt expect that the Bounded Domain in front of them did not move in the slightest.

It was very solid.

But the dilapidated wall of the imperial city connected to the city gate in their direction collapsed with a loud crash.

Dust filled the air.

It blocked the sight of everyone.

Demon General Mu Lunze waved his hand.

The wind howled.

However, when the wind blew onto the Bounded Domain, it was immediately whittled away.

The wind did not blow away the ash.

So they ran out of their options.

They stood still and looked ahead.

The scene suddenly fell into silence.

Some people could even hear the sound of breathing beside them.

Within the imperial city, a gentle wind blew away the clouds.

The crowd saw what was in the city.

“Theres, theres someone here”

The faces of the ten thousand Demon Clan members turned deathly pale.

“When did they enter” Mu Lunzes face was darkened.

“Did the humans beat us to it”

“Someone actually entered first”

The Exotic Beast army was stunned as well.

Those who had higher status blinked.

“Oh my god! “Isnt that old man the Supreme Expert that flew above the Demonic God Temple rampantly

“This is just a small secret realm.

Why would he come here

“How could he do this

“This is crazy.

“He is fighting with a bunch of young brothers for treasures.


“Thats so not cool.


“No wonder the White Dog Clan and the Great Ape Clan did not come.

No wonder there is a group of humans with them there.

“Huh, those dogs and those big idiots didnt inform us.

How could they”

Those who knew didnt dare say anything, and those who didnt know about this roared.

More and more humans discovered what was happening.

“That person seems to be… Oh my!”

He stopped in time.

In just a few seconds, those protectors and elders received hundreds of sound transmissions.

“Hes the person who drew the sword!”

“The older one is the one who killed the City Lord of Hanchuan City, Protector Hong.”

“The mans name is Zhang Hanyang.”

Jinchuan had already known this.

At this time, he took advantage of the situation and snorted.

He said resentfully, “Good, very good.

Weve finally found them.

The people from the Myriad Mountains Palace would not be sacrificed in vain.

For the sects honor and dignity, I will definitely capture these people and severely punish them!”


The elder of the Illusory Mansion was dumbfounded.

“What sort of deep hatred is this”

The elder of the War Saint Abyss frowned.

“It seems that Jinchuan wants to keep all the treasures to himself.”

The leader of the demon group was Mu Lunze, the Devil General.

Ten thousand demons had come in, and more than 9,000 members were left now.

But they had never seen Zhang Han.

There were too many demons.

At this moment, the demons were displeased as well.

They regarded the treasures of the imperial city as theirs.

“The humans beat us to it

“It seems that we will only kill them.”


Mu Lunze suddenly laughed in a low voice.

He looked in the direction of the Human Clan as his killing intent became stronger.

“Dont move.”

“Wait for them to come out.”

The other two Demon Generals spoke up.

Some of the Exotic Beasts, like wild boars, were charging into the Bounded Domain ferociously.

Along with them were many upright Exotic Beasts.

The Human Clan did not move, and many of them contacted Yue Wuwei and Zhang Han.

The demons were stationary as well.

They watched with cold eyes and awaited a great war.

Mu Lunze even planned to slaughter not only the people here but also the other two races outside, with nearly 10,000 demons after they got out.

They would get great treasures and leave in victory.

This was his perfect plan.

“What should we do”

The elder of the Illusory Land said, “The Demon Clan seems to be ready to take action.

The Demonic God Temple is eyeing us covetously.

If we are attacked from both sides…”

As he spoke, he swallowed involuntarily.

Needless to say, they were the weakest among the three clans, and they would undoubtedly die.

“Who are you”

Suddenly, the elder of the War Saint Abyss said in a harsh voice, “Come out now and explain yourselves!”


Someone snorted coldly.

“It doesnt matter much if youre trying to deceive the Demon Clan and Exotic Beasts, but you even deceive your fellows.

You must be punished!”

They were putting on a show for the Demon Clan and Exotic Beasts.

However, it worked after they shouted, but they noticed that many clever Exotic Beasts and Demon Generals were looking at them as fools.

They couldnt go on anymore.

“Ill take my men out.

The White Dog Clan and the Great Ape Clan did not come in,” Jinchuan said.

“They are the big clans of the Demonic God Temple.

They have the right to speak there.

Ill communicate with them.”

“Will it work Can we split up our teams Once the battle starts…” The elder of the Illusory Mansion said worriedly.


Weve already cleared the back road.

It will take at most 15 minutes to go back and forth.

Besides, the situation there is unknown.

They wont take action,” Jinchuan said in a very confident tone.

He was actually quite disdainful.

“Who cares about your living

“Even if one of you dies, the Domain of Seven Desolations remains the same.”

Because Jinchuan was very persistent, no one stopped him.

He flew back quickly with more than 300 core subordinates.

During this period, some people said, “What do you Exotic Beasts want Behave yourselves.

Well go talk to the White Dog Clan and Giant Ape Clan about this.”

No one paid any attention to those people.

It didnt matter to the Exotic Beasts that a few hundred people were leaving.


Beside Jinchuan, a protector said in a low voice, “I dont know how long those two have been in the city.

I guess some good things have fallen into their hands.”


Jinchuans expression was indifferent.

He had received news a few days ago that those people had sneaked into the teams of white dogs and giant apes.

What did this mean

The ones in the imperial city had been there for several days.

It had been a few days.

How could there be any treasures left after they explored the city


Jinchuan sneered.

“No matter how many things they take, they need to hand them over.”

He could kill those people by the name of the Myriad Mountains Palace.

After all, someone in his team had killed several people from the sect before.

Regardless of whether it was a grudge or not, if he could obtain the treasures, wouldnt it be nice

Since he had the right reason to do it, the Illusory Mansion and the War Saint Abyss wouldnt say anything about it.

Jinchuan felt that the deaths of his subordinates were worth it.

The group flew forward at high speed.

A few minutes later, they arrived at the edge of the giant city.

“I heard that some humans took the wrong side.”

After they approached the white dogs and the others, Jinchuan said lightly, “Looks like its true.

Why would you join the Exotic Beasts Could it be that all of you look down on your human identities”

With questions and righteousness, he firmly believed that the other party would be rendered speechless.


Zhang Mu frowned slightly.

He really didnt know what to say.

With their leader gone, they had to think twice before they spoke.

No one wanted to cause trouble in the Domain of Seven Desolations.

Therefore, many people looked at Zi Yan.

She said in a low voice, “They came to make trouble, didnt they”

She had never seen such a scene before.

They were all confused on their way here.

“We are friends with the White Dog Clan and the Giant Ape Clan, and thats why we are here,” Zi Yan replied calmly.


It was as if Jinchuan found what she said ridiculous.

He laughed wildly and said, “Friends with Exotic Beasts Have you forgotten who you are There are no friends with different races in the Domain of Seven Desolations.

There are only humans, Exotic Beasts, and demons respectively here!”

At the end of his words, Jinchuans voice turned cold.

“As humans, you should take the side youre supposed to take.

Come with me now!”

“Theyve come with ill intent!”

Zi Yans pretty face darkened.


Damn you!”

Dahei jumped out of Mengmengs schoolbag, pointed at Jinchuan, and scolded, “Who are you”

This difficult question made Jinchuan narrow his eyes.

He was observing the other partys attitude.

“Whats their relationship

“If the giant apes and white dogs stop us, we cant do anything while therere only a few of us.”

However, to everyones surprise, a mini-ape talked instead of the white dogs and giant apes.

“Mind your words!”

A protector said coldly, “This is Elder Jinchuan of Myriad Mountains Palace.

Since youve met him, why dont you salute him now”

“Salute my ass,” Dahei scolded.

Little Hei thought for a moment and echoed coldly, “Idiot.”


Jinchuan and the others expressions changed slightly.

They were scolded by dogs and got irritated.

“Get away before we get angry.” Yuan Yi issued its warning.

The second king of the White Dog Clan slowly approached with many clansmen.

During this period, it said hoarsely, “I havent eaten a human for a long time.”

It was ready to fight.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.


Jinchuan laughed a bit and said, “Easy.

Im sure youll be interested in whats going on in there.

Those two are members of your team.

Right now, all three parties are bent on capturing them.

As humans, you…”

Seeing that the white dogs were too close to him, Jinchuan waved his hand and asked his men to retreat dozens of meters to keep a safe distance.

Then, he continued in a persuasive manner, “Were all humans.

Only we can protect you, understand The ones of different races have different intentions.

Why would you be with the beasts”

He seemed persuasive.

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