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Chapter 1400 Turbulence

The energy of the Great Demon Embodiment was constantly gathering.

After it condensed into a stable energy ball, Zhang Hans task would be completed, and his soul could return to his body.

At the same time, he could also sense transformations occurring in his Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

This was real Body Cultivation.

But he didnt pay attention to it.

There were fewer and fewer people outside, and the platform was almost empty.

Where did they go

No one could give him an answer to that question.

It could be said that Zhang Han was in a bad mood at this time.

His surging viciousness was impossible to suppress.

After this demonic cultivation, his bloodlust even grew stronger imperceptibly.

It indirectly affected his murderous intent, which became even more decisive and straightforward.

But no matter how emotional he was, he unavoidably needed to settle this matter.

Only by figuring out a solution could he do it.

Right at this moment, a shadow hidden in the corner outside the hall let out a very low evil laugh.

“That Supreme Expert has left, and the terror disappeared.

The Demon Corpse is right before my eyes.

He wants to get it, but did he ask for my permission”


A streak of black light flashed past.

“What is this”

Only three people were left standing on the platform.

While they were in a daze, only two of them were left, one of whom was Chu Qingyi.

When she found the trace of black energy, she was shocked.

The sword light appeared, but it only hit a dozen meters before slowly dissipating.

She watched helplessly as the black stream of light disappeared into the mountain ahead.


She wanted to shout loudly.

But before she could say the word “master”, she was suppressed by a kind of stunning energy.

Within the Great Demon Embodiment.

“This feels great.”

Inside the embodiment, the Demonic God said in comfort, “The Demon Corpse is mine!”


He quickly flew to the center of the energy gathering.

It was as though the interior of the embodiment was an energy storm and its heart was the center of the storm.

He sensed that the soul of the man above was assimilating the embodiments power at its heart at full speed.


In the end, the Demonic God was the most powerful being among the Demon Clan in the past thousands of years.

He was infinitely close to the Tribulation Stage First Tier and was powerful.

He had made it into the Tribulation Stage.

At this moment, he concealed his figure and made no sound.

He hid from Zhang Han, who was completely focused.

He flew carefully all the way and finally came to the back of Zhang Han.

He couldnt see Zhang Han with his soul will at first, but Zhang Hans illusory soul appeared in the Demonic Gods eyes.

He was facing the heart and controlling everything with all his strength.

“Not the best time yet.”

The Demonic God was very experienced.

After observing the situation, he decided to wait for the best opportunity to deliver a fatal blow.

“Hes condensing his soul to assimilate energy and refine the embodiment”

The Demonic God pondered for a moment.

“Ill kill him the moment he succeeds and his soul instantly relaxes.

It just so happens that after he finishes assimilating the embodiment, I can devour the energy directly and become an eternal Demonic God.

Tsk, tsk…”

He was secretly observing.

If Yue Wuwei was here, he would definitely be able to sense it and even kill this Demonic God with a wave of his hand.

Even if he was not here, usually, Zhang Han would also set up all kinds of defenses.

Unfortunately, that didnt happen.

Zhang Han did not realize that there was the Demonic God from the Domain of Seven Desolations hiding behind him.




Zhang Han made his final control.

The infinite energy within the Great Demon Embodiment coalesced into a clump, forming a new heart for the Demon Corpse that seemed capable of beating.

But the other parts of the Great Demon Embodiment had turned into boulders.

Only a ball of energy in its heart was flowing, and the Great Demons Nascent Soul inside was also divided and reorganized.

Like falling rain and stars, the duplication would form here.

“I made it.”

Zhang Han was a little tired.

This was a big project.

At this moment, his soul was about to return to his body.

He was thinking about how to find his family.

The instant his soul relaxed, a bright light suddenly lit up behind him, accompanied by a sinister smile.

“Tsk, tsk, die!”


A wisp of darkness descended and turned into a sharp sword that slashed down from above.


Zhang Hans soul was destroyed by the powerful energy.

The Demonic Gods phantom slowly emerged, and he looked disdainful.

“How dare a nobody like you attempt to touch the powerful Demon Corpse

“It would only be MINE.

“When I return to the world…”

The Demonic Gods phantom spoke in excitement as he walked toward the spot where the energies gathered.

He was about to start a new era.

He wanted to retrieve the success before him.

But before he could finish his words-


A voice suddenly came from behind him.

“Its actually a hidden rat.”

The black energy continued to gather.

Zhang Hans spirit appeared, but it was much more illusory.

At the same time, there was a mark on his forehead.

His face was gloomy as if he was born with it.

His eyes were pitch-black, and even his lips were black.

At this time, he said in a low voice, “I fell into your trap, but you cannot kill me no matter what.”

“What Why arent you dead” The Demonic Gods phantoms pupils constricted.

He was somewhat dumbfounded but he was extremely vigilant.

He had already begun preparing the next attack plan.

But in the end, he had no chance to make a move.


“Did you ask why”


Zhang Hans figure flashed and instantly came in front of the Demonic Gods phantom.

At close range, he saw Zhang Hans strange face.

The Demonic Gods phantom suddenly panicked.

He heard the terrifying voice.

“The reason is that I have the final say here.”


Countless wisps of black energy appeared and the Demonic Gods phantom lost control.

“No, no, no!”

The Demonic God finally realized that the most terrifying one was the man in front of him.

“Since you like the Demon Corpse so much, then Ill let you experience it.


Zhang Han laughed devilishly.

Under the control of his will, the Demonic Gods phantom suddenly approached the energy sphere.

When he made contact with it-


As the Demonic Gods phantom was devoured, his power was assimilated.

“Am I going to be eaten”

This was the Demonic Gods final thought.

He could not resist.

He could only look on helplessly as he was slowly devoured.

The Great Demon Embodiment disappeared.

The surroundings of the energy sphere once more returned to normal.

Zhang Han murmured in a low voice, “If not here.”

He did not continue.

“If I werent in the Domain of Seven Desolations, I would have died from that blow just now.

“Unfortunately, there are no ifs but only results!

“And the result is that I have successfully refined a Great Demon Duplication.”

However, the damage to the soul was too severe.

When he returned to his Original Body, his spiritual body constantly flickered like a flickering candle flame, alternating between bright and dark.


His soul returned to his body.

He felt that the Immortal Body of the Five Elements was more solidified and still growing.

The Immortal Body in perfect shape had finally begun its crazy growth.

Zhang Han slowly raised one hand.

“Why is it that I cant control it”

He stood up for a good three seconds before taking a difficult step forward.

His movements were much more clumsy than those of zombies.

He moved forward until he stood on the peak, walked to the edge of the cliff, and looked down.

Only a single figure remained in the entire palace.

It was Chu Qingyi.

“They all disappeared”

Zhang Hans soul was in a trance.

His body swayed as he fell.

He kept falling from the sky, and the speed of gravity made his body break the sound barrier.


Chu Qingyis expression changed again and she tried her best to catch him.

However, the Demonic Gods suppression of her was not over yet.

Under her anxious gaze-


A loud sound echoed in the hall.

Zhang Hans body fell to the ground and he stopped breathing.


“Master, wake up!”

Chu Qingyi yelled.

But her effort was in vain.

From dozens of meters away, she couldnt feel anything from him, even his breathing.

Chu Qingyi waited an entire quarter before she could finally move.

She flashed to Zhang Hans side.

After observing his situation, she was slightly relieved.

His heartbeat was slow, but he was very strong and healthy.

Naturally, she couldnt tell that his soul was injured.

After thinking for a while, she waved her hand and took out her petal hanging basket.

Then, she controlled Zhang Hans body and made it float to the basket.

He was lying as if he was asleep.

Chu Qingyi stood to the side and didnt move for a long time.

When the Great Demon Embodiment was assimilated, the entire Domain of Seven Desolations was plunged into utter darkness for eleven days, where one couldnt even see the fingers.

The wind howled, the earth shook, and the mountains swayed as if the world was about to be destroyed.

Fortunately, on the twelfth day, it calmed down peacefully, and the sun shone brightly again.

Everyone saw hope, hope for survival.

At the same time, one thing was gradually spread and acknowledged among the Demon Clan, Human Clan, and Exotic Beasts.

They called these eleven days the dark era.

It was eleven days ruled by darkness.

Similarly, there was a place full of despair.

That was the tip of the continent in the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The One-horned White Horse and the other ancient demonic beasts were all here.

But they all disappeared in groups.

In the end, not a single ancient demonic beast was left.

“Bug Clans main nest.”


A huge shadow stood on the continent.

The Original Body of the Sixth Mind was here in person.

That was what happened after he designated Voice-transmitting Technique to Zhang Han.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Violent muffled sounds spread in all directions.

One-fifth of the crystal wall that spread across the entire continent had already been destroyed.


“My Original Body can kill you with a wave of my hand.”

Sixth Mind flashed with radiance, his expression haughty.

“Now, Ill eliminate you completely here in the Blue Sand Wind Domain.”


The crystal wall collapsed, and countless Bug Clan armies swept over.

If Yue Wuwei was here, he would definitely find that every soldier of the Bug Clan had the strength in the Middle-Stage Mastery Realm.

There were tens of thousands of them, densely packed and extremely terrifying.

However, as the Bug Clan armies arrived, they were surrounded by a blinding light that looked like a rising sun.

Countless bugs died under the light.

“Break now!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The entire continent shattered.

This place was filled with Cosmos Formations.

The entire Star Map consisted of thousands of main stars.

At this moment, they all exploded.

These main stars were placed everywhere in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

After the explosion, the chaotic energy of endless space began to sweep across the entire province.

Many people on the nearby planets disappeared massively.

Those who were unlucky were killed by the space turbulence.

Those who were lucky were teleported to other regions, while those who were even luckier were teleported to places far, far away.

However, this was merely the beginning.

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