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Chapter 146 A Battle of Giving Likes

The emergence of the 16 songs in succession lifted billows in the Entertainment Circle.

Some media companies and popular singers could keep calm and waited the other day.

But now they were completely unable to sit still.

Almost everyone knew that Hanyang was bound to have fine songs.

If they acquired one, they would get tremendous attention and gained popularity, which brought only good results.

As a result, A-list popular singers also began to leave messages on Zhang Hans Weibo.

The arrangements of popular singers were embodied.

The instance they sent out their messages, a lot of fans gave their likes one after another.

Except for the previous message of Xue Qian, all other messages were overwhelmed for a moment.

The hot posts were ranked according to the number of their likes.

The number of likes of those popular singers messages rose up quickly and came out in front.

However, this was just a beginning.

Liu Yiwei, an Ultra-popular singer, had left a message on Zhang Hans Weibo an hour ago.

When he opened Weibo and found that he ranked sixth, he nodded and said,

“Not bad, perhaps Hanyang will notice my message.

What Wait! How come Dachao, Lu Weisi, and Luo Luo gained more likes than me Im not amazed at Lu Weisis and Luo Luos likes, but why does Dachao overtake me How can I let this thing happen

Liu Yiwei arched an eyebrow.

He did have a hard time with Dachao.

Under such circumstances, he was extremely unwilling to let Dachao outstrip him, not to mention the number of his likes was heavily outnumbered by Dachaos.

So he went back to his page and issued a message: My dear fans, please go to Mr.

Hanyangs Weibo to give me some comments and likes.

Thank you.

Liu Yiwei had over 50 million Weibo followers.

As soon as his message came out, many fans saw it and quickly came to Zhang Hans Weibo.

When they caught sight of the ranking of likes, they all failed to control themselves,

“What the **, Dachao ranks fourth Brothers, please help me up! Overtake him!”

“We cant fall behind him.

Go, go, go!”

“Once Liu Yiweis fans go out to battle, well put all to rout.


“Beat the people ahead of us down.”


The number of Li Yiweis likes exceeded 500,000 in just one hour and came to the third place.

Although Dachao still occupied the second place, the number of his likes was very close to the one behind.

When Dachao hesitated, it was already overtaken.

When he found Liu Yiweis message a few minutes ago, he sneered, “Exceed me Its impossible, little boy.”

So he went back to his page and issued a message: My dear siblings, please come to Hanyangs Weibo in a hurry to give me some comments and likes.

Dachao had more than 48 million follows on Weibo.

After seeing his message, his fans also took actions in large quantities.

When they found that the number of Liu Yiweis likes had outstripped Dachaos, they all became averse,

“What the **! We cant be defeated by Liu Yiweis fans!”

“Brothers, hurry up.”

“Dregs of Li Yiweis fans, feel the terror!”

So the fans of the two parties started to flood the screen and their numbers were almost the same.

Liu Yiwei took the lead one moment and Dachao took the lead the next.

The numbers of likes increased quickly and exceeded one million in a short time.

Shortly afterward, Lu Weisi and Luo Luo, who took the lead before, also found the condition.

They both went back to their pages, encouraging fans to give them likes.

Hardly had the fans of the two people come when they began to complain,

“Liu Yiweis fans are fighting against Dachaos fans”

“Damn it.

Our idol ranked third just now, but it has been overtaken now!”

“What the **.


Our Beauty Luo ranked third!”

Liu Yiweis fans and Dachaos fans fought against each other, which motivated others.

The numbers of likes were growing rapidly.

Under these circumstances, Xue Qian, whose likes ranked first, felt somewhat dangerous.

The number of his likes was 1.5 million, while the following two messages were going to gain more than 1.3 million likes.

“Eh Did these two people fight against each other again So… let me join in the fun.” Xue Qian laughed in front of the computer, finding it was exciting.

So he went back to his page and issued a message:

Everyone, please go to Mr.

Hanyangs Weibo to give me likes.

The first position is to be robbed, do you agree

The answer, of course, was a long series of “No”.

Xue Qians fans all came to watch at Weibo.

After seeing this, they realized that a battle was taking place here.

They could not help leaving messages one after another,

“The enemies are fierce.

We should hold on to the first position!”

“How fierce they are.


Dont say much.



At first, only Li Yiweis fans and Dachaos fans fought with each other by giving likes.

But gradually, all the A-list and B-list singers called on their fans.

The numbers of likes of their messages were also growing rapidly.

As time went on, some singers who despised some others began to fight and did not want others to take the lead.

As this battle became more and more intensive, more and more people paid attention to Hanyangs Weibo.

They all knew that there was an unprecedented grand battle of giving likes going on quietly.

It seemed to have turned into a war of giving likes.

Those A-list singers desired for more likes, which not only helped them occupy a position at the top but also showed their popularity.

They were all popular singers and no one wanted to be defeated by others.

Their battle did make Zhang Hans followers of Weibo increased at an extremely high speed.

The number exceeded 10 million in the first two hours.

After five hours, the number outnumbered 30 million.

But it had not slowed down.

He seemed to be a super Internet influencer with these concerns, which made people who worked for Weibo operation green-eyed.

They gave Hanyang best.

They had about 10 million followers after they had been working hard for several years.

But Hanyang, gained 30 million followers in just a few days.

Moreover, considering its speed of growth, the number would probably overtake 50 million at night!

This battle of giving likes was sustained.

As A-list singers joined in one after another, the ranking list of likes had been changing all the time.

Those sings at B-list and below, whose messages had been at the top before, found it difficult to seek out their messages after a day.

Witnessing this battle, each of them gave a gasp of surprise,

“This is really an appalling war.”

Seeing so many likes and comments ahead, these people were extremely envious and hoped to catch up with them someday.

However… this battle of giving likes had not been over yet.

The appearance of many A-list sings escalated the war.

But when the seniors left messages, this battle peaked, reaching fever pitch.

Liu Amao, who was in his fifties and had released many excellent songs, was a very popular singer in China and even in the world.

He came to Zhang Hans Weibo, leaving his message,

“Hello, Hanyang.

The new is indeed superseding the old and youth is to be regarded with respect.

Im delighted to listen to your songs.

My junior asked me for help, so I come here to ask you a song.

Its very kind of you to accede to my request.”

As soon as he appeared, all the people were astonished.

Almost all the fans of other singers came to give him likes so that Hanyang could see his message.

Therefore, the number of his likes exceeded 10 million in less than one hour and occupied the first place.

Simultaneously, a small number of old ultra-popular singers in different places of China, who had retired, also left messages because their students or juniors asked them for help.

Their messages made the rankings change constantly.

In the end, the top five positions were occupied by old singers.

Even Xue Qian, who gained more than 10 million likes, failed to keep pace with them and ranked sixth.

This battle of giving likes lasted from noon to midnight until it subsided.

In the meantime, an interesting event made the headlines, causing more and more people to watch it on Weibo.

As for Zhang Han, he accompanied with Mengmeng as usual and did not even opened Weibo.

He was not interested in these things.

The next morning.

They returned to the restaurant from the Yunyin Garden and finished breakfast.

Zhang Han got free when Mengmeng was watching cartoons.

He walked to the computer counter to turn on the computer at will.

After logging in Weibo, Zhang Han was slightly surprised,

“50 million followers More than 10 million messages”

“These guys…”

Zhang Han was a bit speechless.

With so many comments, the unknown songwriters messages were overwhelmed.

So he had to choose among those with so many likes.

Zhang Han, therefore, looked from the messages with most likes.

“What are they doing here” Zhang Han directly ignored Liu Amao and other four old singers.

They had released all their songs, so Zhang Han had nothing to give them.

As he looked down, he found some singers whose classic songs had not all been issued.

So Zhang Han made a large-scale choice.

It took him two hours to choose 34 people, of whom 30 were famous singers and 4 were found among the latest messages by Zhang Han casually.

34 songs plus the previous 16 songs equaled 50 songs.

Zhang Han thought these songs were enough for him to listen to together with some previous euphonious music.

So he posted a message on his Weibo: No more messages.

These words gave countless people imagination.

They all guessed what he thought.

However, the truth was that Zhang Han did not want to take the trouble to write songs.


This guy…”

Liu Amao and other four famous seniors smiled painfully.

They had not expected that Hanyang did not show due respect for them though they asked him for help.

He even gave C-list singers songs.

Were they too old to get songs

As a saying went: You become arrogant because of my weakness!

At this time, although they were a little dissatisfied, they didnt say anything.

After all, whether he gave a song or not all depended on his inclination.

They would not take revenge if they did not obtain songs.

However, the people who got the songs all felt delighted, and even some of them got awards from the company.

It was Hanyangs songs that would bring a lot of popularity to them.

Especially after the battle of giving likes on Weibo, they would gain a lot.

Zhang Han produced 34 songs in two days.

After the songs were released on the third day, they were hyped by all the companies which got the songs.

On the fifth day, a strange phenomenon appeared on the lists of major music software.

The top 50 of the new song list, scoring list, hot song list and so on were all occupied by the songs with high scores.

The songwriter was the same person:




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