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Chapter 156 A Genius Escape Plan

There were not many people on board the boat.

Zhao Feng, Ning Xuan, Ze Long, and the substitute of Leng Feng were still in the same cabin.

They had traveled all the way and were tired and exhausted, sitting in their chairs with their eyes closed.

“Ill go to the bathroom,” Ze Long said, got up and went out.

Arriving at the bathroom, Ze Long did not go to the toilet but washed his face with cold water.

He raised his head, looking at himself through the mirror with a somewhat nervous way, and mumbled to the vague face in the mirror,

“After this case, you will enjoy all the splendor and wealth.

Leave Hong Kong and live and work in peace and contentment!”

After saying these words, he made a hideous look, took out a mini locator and pressed it down.

Then he threw it in the trash can, turned around and left the bathroom.

At the same time, Zhao Feng in the room also lowered his head.

He took out a mini cell phone from his pocket unwittingly, entered a message on it and sent it out.

However, in the humble cabin at the end, the real Leng Feng looked at the red flashing screen and leaked out a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

“All of them have taken actions, right”

“It seems that…the show is going to begin.”

Leng Feng closed the laptop, stood up and looked at the six security guards and said, “Change your clothes.”

After saying that, including Leng Feng himself, all put on a set of diving equipment.

After putting on the clothes, Leng Feng glanced at the time, waiting for about five minutes before spitting out a few words,


Among them, besides the two personal security guards beside Leng Feng, the other four were each holding a package.

If looking closely, one would find these four packages were exactly the same as the packages containing 200 kilograms of ice products in Zhao Fengs room.

They walked out of the cabin and quietly came to the stern.

Each put on an oxygen mask, made a gesture of jumping down and then jumped into the sea one after another.

At this time, the ship was already near the coast and they could see the scenery of the south of Hong Kong from a distance.


More than a dozen speedboats came from the front.

The personnel in the bow looked at them from a distance and found that the speedboats were equipped with alarm lights.

They were startled and cried out quickly,

“The coast guards are here!”

Hearing this, all the crew members on board moved and ran outside the cabin shouting, “Coast guards, there are coast guards.”


Ning Xuan changed her expression and stood up immediately.

“Coast guards What shall we do” Ze Long also got a fright, staring his eyes and said.

Zhao Feng stood up too.

His expression showed sternness but he said nothing.

“Dont panic.” The substitute of Leng Feng got up unhurriedly and said, “Take the parcels and follow me.”

The three gave him strange looks, took the four packages, walked out of the cabin and walked to the back of the ship.

They came to the end of the boat.

At one corner, there were four discus throwers, which had coiled ropes with hooks at the ends.

The substitute of Leng Feng hung four hooks on the four packages respectively, and then said in a low voice,

“Throw down the parcels and discuses.”

“Throw them down Are you sure” Ning Xuan frowned slightly.

“How can we find them if we throw them down” Ze long sank his voice and asked.

Although the sea water here was only about 30 meters, it was difficult to find them if they sank to the bottom of the sea.

Even Zhao Feng looked at the substitute in an absent way and did not know his thoughts and intention.


Facing the looks of the three people, the substitute of Leng Feng smiled softly and said, “There is some oxide in the packages.

After you throw them down, the oxide inside will start to work and as the buoyancy rises, it will pull the ropes on the rollers and the packages will rise to the surface in about two hours.”

Hearing the substitutes words, the threes eyes flickered.

“Elder brother Leng Feng, its such a good idea.

Lets throw them down!” Ning Xuan laughed and took the lead in throwing her bag and discus into the sea.

Zhao Feng and Ze Long looked at each other and threw their parcels and discuses too.

“Ill go take a look at the bow.”

Zhao Feng said the words and walked towards the bow with vigorous strides.

After a few steps, he ran up.

At the same time, he took out his mobile phone and entered the information editing page.

When passing by the captains cabin, he hurried in to look at the coordinates, input information, sent it, and then threw the mobile phone into the sea nearby.

He took a deep breath, walked to the bow and saw a dozen more police boats approaching.

“Zhao Feng, why are you running so fast”

A minute later, the substitute of Leng Feng, Ning Xuan, and Ze Long came to the bow.

Ning Xuan stared at Zhao Feng and said.

“Im here to check up.” Zhao Fengs eyes narrowed slightly, looking at the police boats coming from the front, and his brow wrinkled up.

He felt some doubt but said nothing.

The police boats were somewhat suspicious.

Were there any problems

Zhao Feng was alert in his mind.

Soon, the yachts sailed near, and one of them gave out a cry,

“Stop the ship for inspection.”

Then two police boats came up and a line of over 10 people boarded their boat.

Seeing their police uniforms, Zhao Feng showed a stern look.

He pulled “Leng Feng” a few steps back and stood at the edge of the hatch.

Zhao Feng felt these people were very suspicious.

If they werent the coast guards, he could pull Leng Feng back to the cabin in the first place in case of a fight.

However, he didnt notice that as people dressed in police uniforms boarded the ship, “Leng Feng” breathed out a long sigh of relief and his body relaxed totally.

“Put your hands up!”

One long-faced man went up to the front with a pistol and shouted.

The ships staff honestly raised their hands.

However, Ning Xuan and Ze Long were also very smart.

Seeing Zhao Fengs action, they also gathered together to the side.

“Who is the leader” Cried the long face holding a gun.

“I am!” The substitute of Leng Feng suddenly opened his mouth.

He stepped forward and said, “I am Leng Feng, the leader here.”

“Oh So you are Leng Feng” The long-faced man pointed his gun at “Leng Feng”.

“Yes, I am.

We are not far from the shore.

Why dont you check when we arrive at the coast I can even go to the police station with you to make a statement,” “Leng Feng” said somewhat hurriedly.

The substitute was originally captured by Tang Zhans subordinate.

He was scared to death all the way and finally saw some hope when he saw the police.

However, because Zhao Feng and others were behind him, he did not dare to say clearly, only expecting to be taken to the police station.

However, he never expected that these people were not policemen at all.

At this time, Zhao Feng stared at the man with a long face and suddenly remembered seeing him somewhere before.

His heartbeat sped up and shouted,

“No, he works for Dong Tianpeng!”

Before Zhao Feng finished his words, the long-faced man sneered, looking at the substitute and said,

“No statement needed.

It is enough to make sure that you are here.”

After saying this, he pulled the trigger.


The substitute of Leng Feng was burst head along the gunshot.

Zhao Fengs face changed greatly.

He pulled out his gun instantly, fired several shots at the long-faced man and rushed to the stern.

Ning Xuan and Ze Long followed closely behind and exchanged fires with the “coast guards” several times.

As the enemies were wearing bulletproof vests, they did not continue to fight.

Instead, they jumped into the sea.

Over a dozen subordinates of the long-faced man ran to the side of the boat and fired at the sea several times.

“All right.

Forget about them.

Search the boat!” The long-faced man said coldly.

They ignored the sailing staff and began to search for one cabin after another.

Ten minutes later.

“Not in this cabin!”

“Not in this one neither!”

“No findings!”

“No findings How is that possible Search again more carefully!” The long-faced man frowned and said, and then he stepped towards the substitute of Leng Feng and crouched down to take off his hat.

After seeing his whole face, the long-faced mans frowning brows relaxed.

“This really is Leng Feng.

The goods must be on board!” The long face man walked back to the cabin and said loudly,

“Give it a thorough search.

Find the goods even by digging to a depth of three feet!”

After another ten minutes, his men came out of several cabins in turn and gave a unanimous answer, “No.”

“It is impossible.

Search again!” The long-faced man said coldly.

At this time, a rapid voice from outside the cabin spread,

“Elder brother.

The police are coming!”


The long-faced man walked out at a brisk pace.

His face changed when he saw a dozen real police boats and nearly ten helicopters approaching fast.


The long face gnashed his teeth, shouted angrily, and then cried, “Lets go!”

Along his shouts, they threw the alarm lights and some simple stickers of the yachts into the sea, even the substitute of Leng Feng was thrown off without extra trouble.

The long-faced man and others returned to their speedboats and drove forward unhurriedly.

When the police boats arrived, the police controlled all boats to dock.

All men including Zhao Feng, Ning Xuan, and Ze Long as well as the floating corpse of the substitute, were all brought back to the police station.

The officers on the police boats escorted them away, while the helicopters patrolled the area back and forth, waiting for the cargo to float up from the bottom.

At the same time, a few kilometers away from the sparsely populated shore, the real Leng Feng with the real ice goods on a pickup truck, slowly headed for the headquarters of Forever Harmony Association of the Southern District.

All the moves were in his expectation.

He wanted to escape under the nose of several forces.

Obviously, he had succeeded!

FHA headquarters was a single building with more than ten floors.

It was called Forever Harmony Association.

This was the largest night show and diversified entertainment venue in the Southern District.

Ah Hu, Zhao Fengs immediate subordinate, was walking down from the 13th floor.

He had just turned in the management fee collected from New Moon Bay this month.

He would go to the 11th floor to find Gu Chen to inquire about the news of Zhao Feng.

Gu Chen was also Tang Zhans subordinate who had a good relationship with Zhao Feng and who was fairly upright.

Ah Hu respected him very much.

Only when he passed the 12th floor, he saw seven people rushing up the lower stairs.

Ah Hu changed his look slightly after seeing the person in lead, and he quickly hid on the half between the 12th and 13th floor.

“Leng Feng Why was he here”

Ah Hu hesitated a moment and followed them slowly when they entered the 12th floor.

Arriving at Tang Zhans office, he found that the door was not closed and there was a gap, from which he vaguely heard some dialogue that struck him with amazement.

“The goods are all here, not a bit less.”

“Hahaha, good, good.

There is nothing you Leng Feng cant finish! Good job!”

“Lord Tang, it has been confirmed that Ning Xuan is under General Hu; Ze Long belongs to Dong Tianpeng and Zhao Feng is an undercover.”

“Well…then keep Ning Xuan first.

Ze Long… cut off his head and send it to Dong Tianpengs house.

As for Zhao Feng…shot him to death.

Oh, by the way, wipe out the small restaurant in New Moon Bay.”



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