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Chapter 157 Disclosure

After hearing this, Ah Hus face changed terribly and he touched the vase on one side unwittingly.


The vase fell to the ground and broke apart.

Oh, boy!

Ah Hu widely opened his eyes with horror.

“Whos that”

Leng Feng asked and gesticulated several men out to check.

At that time, Ah Hus body was stiff and numb.

The stairs were 20 meters away from him, and it was too late to run there.

Moreover, if the people inside found out him, he might lose his life!

Ah Hu saw the people inside slowly pulling back the door.

Seeing them about to come out, Ah Hu was nervous to suffocate.

Just at this critical juncture, suddenly, a palm pressed on his back, pushing him towards the office door.

Ah Hu turned back and found that it was Gu Chen he was looking for.

“What are you doing here” Leng Feng frowned slightly at the door and said.

“I have something to report to Lord Tang.” Gu Chen nodded and replied in a deep voice.

His words made Ah Hus nervousness slightly relieved.

Entering the office, Gu Chen nodded to Tang Zhan.

Tang Zhan looked at Ah Hu with a smile, which made the latters heart beat violently.

“Lord Tang, Ah Hu has just reported to me that Ning Xuan, Ze Long, and Zhao Feng were arrested in the police station.

Besides, there were some people from Dong Tianpeng, and…” Gu Chen looked at Leng Feng and said slowly, “A corpse suspected of being Leng Feng.”

“Oh Really” Leng Feng smiled slightly, glanced at Ah Hu, and asked, “How did you get the news”

“I…” Ah Hu pressed down his nervousness and said, “One of my friends is a police officer.

He knew I was following Zhao Feng, so…he told me about it.

As soon as I got the news, I called brother Gu Chen and he brought me up.”

After saying this sentence, Ah Hus face was a little anxious.

He looked at Tang Zhan and said, “Lord Tang, you have a lot of energy.

Please help brother Feng and others out!”

“Ha ha.” Leng Feng smiled faintly and said, “They have just been arrested for less than an hour.

The police must be busy searching.

You have got the news so fast.

Is it too strange Can you give me a specific explanation Whats the name of your friend”

Ah Hu showed a nervous expression after hearing this.

He felt some panic and was afraid that he would betray himself if Leng Feng asked a few more words.

Fortunately, the composed Gu Chen was beside him.

“Leng Feng.” Gu Chen gave a glance and cried.

Then he lit a cigarette and took a deep breath, spat out a cloud of smoke at Leng Feng.

At the same time, he said coldly, “You are taking the lead in this operation.

However, now Zhao Feng, Ning Xuan, and Ze Long have been arrested and a person resembling you has died Dont you think you have to give an explanation Why are you here and they are caught Huh Explain it ”

Although Gu Chen had his boundaries, he was also an insider who was vicious.

In Forever Harmony Association, he didnt give a damn to anyone but Tang Zhan.

A smoke column was floating in front of Leng Feng, making his eyebrows wrinkle slightly.

Leng Feng hated the taste of cigarettes, so he took a step back, and didnt explain anything to Gu Chen.

“All right.

All right.”

Tang Zhan was in a good mood and didnt want to make a fuss about it, so he clapped his hands and said, “Chen, you dont need to get irritated.

All this is my command.

The three of them will come out soon.

I will hold a meeting later to explain their affairs.

All right, you two can go down first.

I still have something to talk about with Leng Feng.”

“Well, then Ill wait for Lord Tang to hold a meeting.”

Gu Chen stared at Leng Feng, replied blandly and walked towards the outside with Ah Hu.

When they approached the door, Gu Chen paused his steps and said without his head looking back,

“Lord Tang, I think I should remind you that Zhao Feng and I have been fighting for you.

I think Lord Tang should not be too partial.”

Then Gu Chen and Ah Hu went out.

“Ha ha ha…” Tang Zhan smiled helplessly and said, “Feng, sit down.

Chen is always like this.

Dont take it seriously.”

“No, I wont.” Leng Feng shook his head slightly and said, “A man like him who often loses his temper is relatively unsuspicious.”

Gu Chens face sank as he went out with Ah Hu.

Gu Chen didnt say anything all the way to his office before he frowned and said, “What are you doing there Dont you know Lord Tangs temper ”

“Elder brother Chen, I know.

I just, just saw Leng Feng and went there due to fright.” Ah Hu explained with fear, and then he quickly said, “Elder brother Chen, I, I have heard something.”

“What is it”

“They said that the goods were returned safely, that Ning Xuan was General Hus subordinate, and that Ze Long was… Dong Tianpengs man.

Lord Tang wanted to take his head and threw it at Dong Tianpengs door, and they said…” Ah Hus expression flashed a trace of hesitation and complexity.

“Also said What Does Zhao Feng also have a problem “Gu Chen asked with a deep frown.

“They said…said elder brother Feng…is…” Ah Hus face became more and more bitter, and finally gnashed his teeth and said, “They said elder brother Feng is an undercover and would shoot him to death!”


Gu Chens face finally changed.

He suddenly stood up with his eyes showing some absence.

“He is an undercover Are you sure Seriously Who said that”

Gu Chen stared at Ah Hu and asked in a deep voice.

“Leng Feng did and then Lord Tang said, he would shoot elder brother Feng to death indiscriminately.” Ah Hu answered without reservation.


Gu Chen was momentarily agitated.

He paced back and forth in the office, lit a cigarette and sucked it up deeply.

After finishing a cigarette, he turned his eyes out of the window, threw the cigarette butt on the ground, and said slowly,

“Tell Zhao Feng to…escape and leave Hong Kong.

Okay, you can leave now.”

“Mmm.” Ah Hu nodded and went out with a complicated expression.


Gu Chen sighed softly.

Zhao Feng was his best friend in Forever Harmony Association.

Both of them appreciated each other because they had similar temper, character, and style in doing things.

He still remembered when Zhao Feng first entered Forever Harmony Association, they had a fight in the challenge arena.

Finally…they had a good fight.

That was when the friendship began.

However, hearing the news, Gu Chen knew that he couldnt help Zhao Feng any more.

After all, no one could save an undercover.

He could only pray that Zhao Feng would escape as soon as possible before Tang Zhan made any action.

Ah Hu left the headquarters in a hurry and returned to the branch of New Moon Bay.

As Zhao Fengs phone was still off, Ah Hu asked over a dozen close subordinates to guard the police station in disguise and to call him when Zhao Feng came out.

Ah Hu did not dare to go by himself.

He knew that since Tang Zhan had given orders, he must have arranged men at the gate of the police station.

It was useless for him to worry.

He could only wait here.

He didnt care about Zhao Fengs identity at all, even if he was undercover.

What he cared about was the person, not the identity.

During breakfast in Zhang Hans restaurant, the hostess and her colleagues who did the interview yesterday had come to line up early today.

She was very enthusiastic at breakfast and told Zhang Han that the program was well edited and would be broadcasted in a few days.

Zhang Han didnt care about fame and wealth, so he just nodded his head slightly.

This time, the hostess and her colleagues didnt feel angry at Zhang Hans indifference.

Instead, the hostess was very fond of Mengmeng who was playing on the first floor.

She repeatedly sighed that it was a pity they didnt record the little princess yesterday, otherwise it would certainly impress the audience.

At the same time, the hostess kept muttering that after the program was broadcast in a few days, the restaurant would gain a round of popularity, because after all, the program had a real Michelin food agents high evaluation!

After breakfast, the restaurant was quiet again.

However, on the other side, the police station was not quiet.

Zhao Feng, Ning Xuan, Ze Long, and several subordinates came out of the police station.

After all, nothing was found.

As victims, they had a guarantor, so they were released for free.

However, Zhao Feng was showing a bitter face, because his boss just communicated with him in the interrogation room.

The four bags of goods floating up from the sea were all…flour!

The real goods must have been Tang Zhans hand.

The boss gave him a new order to find out where the goods were.

When he was in the meditation, three commercial vehicles with black automotive film parked in front of them, and several people got off from the back seat and greeted and invited the three into the three vehicles respectively.

Then the vehicles left the police station in different directions.

Inside Zhao Fengs car, there were other four people besides him.

All were dressed in black suits and looked indifferent.

Zhao Feng could not help feeling alert.

“Im going to call Lord Tang.

Could anybody lend me your cell phone” Zhao Feng said.

“Oh, here.” The man at the co-drivers seat took a phone out of his pocket and threw it directly to Zhao Feng in the back seat.

Zhao Feng wrinkled his eyebrows slightly, picked up the phone and dialed Ah Hus cell phone number.

At the same time, he was watching the landscape along the road.

Instead of heading for the headquarters, the car entered a desolate Hutong (a type of narrow street or alley commonly associated with northern Chinese cities).

“Something is wrong!”

Zhao Fengs heart sank but remained calm.

When the phone was connected, he said, “Lord Tang!”

Ah Hus heart beat fast on the other side and as he heard Zhao Fengs words, he quickly said, “Elder brother Feng, Lord Tang has known your identity as an undercover.

Run rapidly and leave Hong Kong.

Besides, Lord Tang has also sent some persons to wipe out the restaurant.

If possible, please run away with the boss!”

Zhao Fengs pupil shrank.

Just then, the two men beside Zhao Feng reached out him with one hand and pulled out the gun from their waists.

Zhao Fengs eyes became cruel with his arms hitting both sides with a blow.

The two men knocked out directly with the heavy force.

Before the co-driver man could make any moves, Zhao Feng leaned forward and punched him on the head with his left hand.

Then Zhao Feng struck the driver on the neck with his elbow moving to the left.

At this moment, Zhao Feng had used all strength.

It only took two seconds to knock the four out.

After throwing them down, Zhao Feng stamped on the accelerator and rushed to Zhang Hans restaurant.

“Please, be safe!”

Zhao Fengs eyes were very deep and his brow wrinkled, murmuring with a somewhat anxious tone.



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